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The Full Measure of Jesus

This week I am honoring the godly heritage my siblings and I were given, by posting GH15s written by several of my family members. I wrote Monday’s post, yesterday’s was written by my niece, Rachel Shafer (Tim’s and Carol‘s daughter). Today’s post was written by my brother, Tim Sheets, known and loved by many. His messages are always so encouraging. Tomorrow I will be sharing a post written by one of my daughters.

I trust that these family posts will inspire you to believe in the importance of generational synergy and legacy. Give thanks today for a natural or spiritual parent who has passed on to you heavenly treasures.

Tim says:

“An incredible promise was given by the prophet Joel and repeated by Peter on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2). This promise was of a worldwide outpouring of heavenly power upon all flesh. This deluge began at Pentecost and continues to be poured out, wave after wave. Another is beginning. A Jesus movement greater than any in our past is going to sweep through the nations, saving many, transforming cultures and impacting governments.

To facilitate this, God has planned great change this year. In 2023, we will see a glorious church further emerge, rising and standing by her King. In Ephesians 5, Paul wrote an amazing, hope-filled verse concerning the glorious church that would one day be seen on planet Earth. Holy Spirit has been preparing the true New Testament church for this promise and plan, which is part of reaping the ripened harvest. I believe this process is going to accelerate toward fulfillment in greater ways this year.

“The maturing Ekklesia will be a church that stands for the Word of God, follows truth and walks in His ways. A church that rises above a liberal, progressive, hybrid gospel will be seen, one filled with born again heirs doing the same works as Jesus. This church will unashamedly stand and embrace covenant relationship with the King at levels we have never seen.

“Centuries of Holy Spirit training and teachings are coming to maturity. Christ’s anointing will bring out the best of His bride, His body. The King is going to dress His bride in dazzling garments and put upon her radiant holiness, then present her in glorious beauty without stain or wrinkle. I believe we are moving into an era when the King will present His glorious Ekklesia to the world in remarkable ways.

“This presentation will shock many who look at the church as weak, irrelevant and nonessential. Sadly, in some ways this description has been true, but Holy Spirit has been working consistently to build a true church, an Ekklesia, that the gates of hell will not overcome (Matthew 16:18-19). The King promised He would present this church in power and glory. In 2023, I believe the church of Jesus Christ will rise into much greater influence and be seen standing by her King. Like Esther, she will see nations transformed, Hamans overcome, and laws reversed.

“The word ‘church,’ of course, is the Greek word ekklesia and is used 113 times in the New Testament.(1) Whenever you see the word ‘church’ in Scripture, it is this word. An ekklesia was a governing body. Biblically, it references a ruling and reigning church, Christ’s body that extends His spiritual Kingdom rule into the natural realm. This is accomplished by preaching the Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom, which transforms hearts and minds, and also by the church using its voice and actions to influence laws, conduct, and government. Jesus says in Matthew 28:19 that His church will actually disciple nations.

“In Ephesians 5, Paul uses a metaphor saying that Christ is the ‘head’ of the church and the church is His ‘body.’ Much of what we call church today is not something Jesus is heading up. He is not heading or overseeing anything that is an antithesis of God’s Word. Sadly, many churches today are nominal, meaning ‘in name only.’ The true fulfillment of Ekklesia is the Christ-built church, not the religious, man-built church.

“In Ephesians 1:23 Paul says the full measure of Jesus lives in His body, His Ekklesia. We are being prepared to manifest this and the result will be mind blowing. The coming days will absolutely be the greatest in church history. We will demonstrate, not a quarter or half measure of Christ, but a full measure!

“This eliminates man-built churches. Christ does not intend to manifest in full measure in any institution that compromises His Word or promotes a leadership filled with iniquity. Holy Spirit has been preparing us to take the complete Jesus into the earth.

“Recently, Holy Spirit said to me, ‘The world will see a much bolder New Testament church in 2023. It will see very aggressive Ekklesias moving into their territories, declaring God’s Word and refusing to back down from it. For the world will now see a very bold King - Jesus. They will now see His Kingdom rising in greater glory and prominence. The world’s definition of who Jesus is will not define Him or confine Him. Yes, He is the loving King, the caring King, the forgiving King. But He is also the King who will not wink at sin, pride, rebellion, iniquity, or lawlessness. He will not be the passive King who shrugs at covenant breaking or idol worship. He will not take a backseat to Baal. He will not allow Lucifer to have his way.

“‘The world will now see a mighty King who handles conflicts very well. It will see the King’s Kingdom grow, expand, and prosper. It will now see a bold, aggressive Godhead that declares ownership of the earth, that declares changes will be made. The King will use His Ekklesias and angel armies to assist those changes. A new wind is blowing - feel the changes in the wind. See the God-happenings. Planned outpourings are riding the new winds. Kingdom movements are riding the winds. Prophecies and prayers are riding upon the winds. Angel armies are riding the winds. Changes are riding the wind. The heirs and joint heirs will be “wind-riders.” The Ekklesias will become wind farms, generating power from the wind to expand Christ’s Kingdom.’

“Clearly God has plans that are now coming together. This is a year we will ride the wind. The Ekklesias are being anointed, angel armies are being added to the conflict, and the true church will rise in great power and authority. Strongholds will be demolished, natural and spiritual thrones will be overcome. A glorious church will continue to rise and mature until the true Jesus will be seen speaking and acting through her. This is a year of change and victory.”

Pray with me:

Lord, we rise and decree what we hear You saying into this nation and world. We declare our faith and confidence in You, the One who always sees the future clearly. We ask You to restore destiny and release life. Shift cycles in the spirit realm that affect the natural realm. We declare, in the name of King Jesus, that we will stand as Your Ekklesia, allowing You to speak and act through us. We declare that You will rise through Your Ekklesia. You will rise through angel armies and You will remove principalities from their thrones. Arrogant leaders who promote murder, evil and oppression will be removed. In Jesus Name, we ask You to remove them and install those who are humble.

We declare that principalities and powers of darkness ruling territories will be brought down in the Name of Jesus. You said You would breathe upon historic cycles in nations to change and shift them this year. Bring this change and shift things, in Jesus Name. Nothing can confine You. Release the full measure of Christ our warrior King. Move in ways we have been decreeing for years. To You be all the glory and honor. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the glorious church will begin to emerge, rise and stand by her King, and that a full measure of Jesus will be presented to the world!

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim at

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1. Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, ref. no. 1577.

God’s Got This

Never underestimate the importance of legacy and generational vision. My sister (Deana), brother (Tim), and I were raised by parents who knew the Lord. Both sets of grandparents did, as well. My maternal grandmother was blinded by eye surgery while a young mom, but I never once heard her complain. Every night before going to bed, she knelt and prayed for all of her children and grandchildren, individually. My mom continued this tradition. Only God knows what I owe to those prayers.

This week I am honoring our godly heritage by posting GH15s written by several family members. I wrote yesterday’s post, today’s is from my niece, Rachel Shafer (Tim’s and Carol’s daughter). I hope these “family posts” inspire you to believe in the power of generational synergy and legacy. And if you don’t enjoy the benefit of a godly heritage, perhaps you can begin one. Rachel shares:

“There is a war being waged for control of the hearts and minds of our children. Every day, kids of all ages are bombarded with satan’s lies that war against their God-given identities and destinies. Many of our schools and universities are openly teaching demon doctrines (see 1 Timothy 4:1). Traditional sexual identity is being redefined, gender confusion has been declared normal, and the definitions of “woman” and “mother” are being defiled. Our children’s minds are being attacked daily with nonsense and deception.

“If the scenarios rampant in today’s culture are confusing to we adults, can you imagine what they are doing to our children? We must change this! Our children need to be emboldened and empowered by knowing who they are in Christ. They must realize their purpose and identity is found in God. As the Lord told Moses during the Exodus: ‘Teach My Word to your children. Explain My ways to them. Talk about them in your homes. Go over My sayings with them as you’re walking along life’s pathways. Then they will have good success.’ (Paraphrase of Deuteronomy 11:18-21 and Joshua 1:8)

“The wise King Solomon put it succinctly in Proverbs 22:6 (NCV), ‘Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it.’ We must point our kids in the right direction; the tried and true direction is God’s way.

“My and my dad’s new book, God’s Got This, contains Spirit-led biblical decrees and devotions that will release breakthrough and victory over both young and old. Through this book, you and your family will identify areas under attack and be equipped with the necessary weapons of decree to defeat the enemy. It will mature and equip kids of all ages, inspiring them to live a Spirit-filled life.

God’s Got This is comprised of two sections, one geared for the elementary years and the other for teens into adulthood. All ages will glean wisdom and truth from this book! It is filled with powerful short devotionals, faith-filled decrees and customized prophetic declarations.

“Here are some excerpts from our book God’s Got This: Power Decrees to Overcome Problems, Step Into Purpose, and Receive Promises.


“When you were younger you may have been afraid of the dark or thunderstorms or being alone. If any of those fears happened, you probably went to your parents’ room or maybe to a sibling’s. Fear is a very real and powerful emotion. As you have gotten a little older, you may have different fears: fear of the unknown, your future or what others think of you. The list could be quite long. The Bible has much to say about fear and being afraid.

“1 John 4:18 says you can be tormented by your fear, but God’s love takes the torment away. When you became a Christian, you received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is God. That means God is with you wherever you are. God knows you will have moments of being fearful. That is why Scriptures say over and over again ‘Do not be afraid.’

“God reminds you again and again that He is always with you. Think about the situations that make you afraid and picture yourself facing those situations with God. The reality is you do not face those situations alone and God is greater than your fears.

“My Decrees:

  • I decree that I do not walk in fear. It has no hold on me.

  • I decree that even if it looks like or feels like I am surrounded, I am surrounded with Your love and Your power.

  • I shake off every lie and the torment of fear and declare that in You I have victory, and it is Your perfect love that drives away fear.

  • You are always faithful and You watch over Your Word to perform it.

  • Thank You for being more than enough. Thank You that Your angels are with me!


“Who am I? It is a question that is eventually asked by everyone. Identity is a clearly defined definition of self. As a Christian, your identity is understood by your relationship with Jesus. It is important to know what the Bible says about your identity in Christ and not allow society, peers, achievements, or failures to define who you are.

“Part of your identity is wrapped up in the story of your life. Things that happen to you help shape and form the essence of who you are. As one who believes in Jesus, trust that He is helping write your story. Place the pen in his hands and see the wonderful things He has planned for you.

“The Scriptures clearly explain that you were created in the image of God. You were given your identity so that God could be seen in you. You are to reflect His character so the world can know who He is. Your identity in Christ helps define your values, priorities, passions and purpose.

“My Decrees:

  • I decree that God uniquely designed me with characteristics to shape my identity in Him in order for me to walk out my destiny which He has prepared.

  • I decree that I will not be influenced by current culture as to who I am, but that I will be defined by who God says I am, according to His Word.

  • I decree the passions and purpose that God placed in me were written before I was even born. They are part of His design for my life and who I am to be.

  • I decree that angelic assistance will help bring to pass all God has ordained for my life.

  • Thank You, God, for continuing to write my story.

“God’s Got This is filled with 180 devotions and over 700 decrees to speak over yourself and others in every season of life. It covers a wide range of topics, from how to handle difficult circumstances, to knowing our spiritual authority in Christ. When you decree God’s truth, your mind is renewed and you become rooted in a healthy, Bible-based identity. Let this book equip you with powerful truths and declarations to stand against the enemy’s lies, and to walk in the truth of your divine destiny!”

Pray with me:

Lord, we declare that our hope, trust, and faith are in You. We are thankful that our lives, as well as those of our children and their offspring are in Your mighty hands. We pray that the truths in this book will become firmly rooted in those who read it. We rebuke the enemy’s attack on our children and youth. We bind confusing and lying spirits, and pray for the release of truth and revelation.

We call forth the destiny of our kids, our teens, and our grown children - none shall be lost! They are not out of Your reach! Lord, we pray for an outpouring of Your Spirit on our sons, daughters and grandchildren. We decree a revival among our youth and declare a release of an awakening. Our children will sing Your songs, dream Your dreams and minister under the anointing of Your Holy Spirit. They will be mighty members of Your Kingdom. Hell will not stop this. We pray that they will walk out their God-given destiny and grow into Your promises for their lives.

We ask for transformative change to come into our education system. Give us leaders who will promote Your ways and values. In Jesus Name! Amen!

Our decree:

We decree that You will pour Your Spirit out on all flesh. Our sons and daughters will prophesy!

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God’s Got This was written by my niece Rachel Shafer along with her dad, Tim Sheets (my brother). It is available at their websites listed below or for pre-order on Amazon.

You can learn more about Rachel Shafer and order God’s Got This at

You can learn more about Tim Sheets and order this book at

The Flame of Passion

God loves wholeheartedness. Divided and lukewarm hearts, on the other hand, nauseate Him (see Revelation. 3:15 - 26). He refuses to tolerate indifference. The Almighty epitomizes passion and, to those who accept it, offers to share with them His passionate love of people. If we are going to turn America back to Him, we must be a people of extreme passion.

I love the definitions of these two words, “extreme” and “passion,” when applying them to the cause of Christ:

  • “The greatest possible degree of intensity” – that’s exactly what our cause requires.

  • “Beyond the norm” – right on. Status quo desire will never change America. The liberals, humanists, and antichrist forces in America have been far more passionate about their cause than have we, the body of Christ.

  • “The point farthest from the middle” – I love that! No middle ground.

  • “Intensely emotional” – you bet. Of all the accusations made toward me, I don’t want lack of intensity to be one of them.

Passionless Christianity is a contradiction. I’m certainly not setting the standard for passion and commitment - many believers convict me with their level of passion for Christ and His cause - but I’m working on mine. My goal is to always burn with extreme passion!

Pioneers are Cause-Minded

David had the kind of zealous love for God I’m speaking of. When listening to Goliath mock the Lord, he quickly reached his limit. “Who is this guy to curse the living God in the name of his false gods?“ David asked. Then he asked the poignant and loaded question, “Is there not a cause?“ (1 Samuel 17:29, KJV).

Through this rhetorical question, David was declaring, “The ramifications of this threat are bigger than just the nation of Israel; they’re more important than our lands, and even our lives. God’s reputation is at stake!” Perhaps this is why David actually ran to face the 9 1/2-foot-tall giant. Death was possible, yes, but David’s passion for God was stronger than his fear of death.

We must have Davids in our day who will run to face today’s spiritual giants. I believe passionate warriors such as this are on the increase. Though they will never constitute the majority, a remnant will be enough. God will empower them, just as He did David, and they will prevail.

Years later, David was still passionate after God. As the Ark of God’s presence (abandoned and ignored during Saul’s reign) was making its way to Jerusalem, David threw off his kingly robes, laying aside his royal pomp and dignity, and danced wildly. (see see 2 Samuel 6:14 and 1 Chronicles 15:29). He was celebrating the fact that God’s presence was returning to the nation. I love it!

David’s wife, Michal, however, not a worshiper and certainly not passionate about God, did not like his passion nor his humility. She actually mocked David’s zeal and lack of dignity. Michal and her prioritization of dignity over passion would be quite appropriate in most American worship services.

David’s response to Michal was, “You haven’t seen anything yet. I will be much more undignified than this!”

God‘s response to Michal’s spiritual indifference and disdain for David’s passion was much stronger. The Lord sentenced her to barrenness - He didn’t want her nature passed on. That’s pretty serious. Assuredly, God loves passion and loathes apathetic indifference.

A Prisoner of Love

The Apostle Paul demonstrated extreme passion. “The love of God controls us,“ he said, in describing his commitment to the cause of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:14). “Controls“ (Greek: sunecho) is a word actually meaning “to be a prisoner.” God‘s love had possessed Paul to the point that its hold was inescapable. Bound by love, he faced hunger, thirst, numerous beatings, imprisonment, and much more to reach people for Christ. The need for pleasure and comfort didn’t control Paul; passion for Christ’s cause had enslaved him.

The Founders of America had an extreme passion and were willing to die for the cause of freedom. “Give me liberty or give me death,” was more than a slick campaign speech. When Patrick Henry made this now-famous statement, he was stating unequivocally, “I am willing to die for this cause.” Look at his entire speech and you’ll see his unwavering passion for God and our nation.

Passionate Until Death!

John Adams was such a passionate pioneer of liberty that Thomas Jefferson referred to him as a “colossus of independence.“ Though the two of them didn’t always see eye-to-eye, their passion for America enabled them to put aside their differences, and they died as close friends – on the same day!

Most people aren’t aware that both Adams and Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1826! Incredibly, it was as though both men willed themselves to live until that landmark day. Their passion to see the survival of this holy “experiment“ - as many described America in that day - kept them alive until this milestone was reached. Adams, too weak to attend the national Fourth of July celebration, asked to be sat in a chair by his window in order to watch the festivities. While there, he drifted into unconsciousness and died later that night. Two of Adams’ last words before he graduated to heaven: “Independence forever.”(1)

Passionate in life; passionate in death.

Adams and our other Founders were God-honoring, pioneer-patriots with the steel of mind and heart to face perhaps the greatest empire in all of history. Like David, they asked the profound question, “Is there not a cause?” And they answered it with their lives.

That is the question we must ask today. Is Christ’s cause in America important enough to live - and die - for? There are now millions of young people in the United States who have had their opportunity to know Him stolen by ungodly educators, liberal politicians, legislating judges, and lukewarm preachers. Are not these young people worth our prayers and passion? How many more of them must die in gangs, school shootings, suicides, overdoses, drunken car accidents, and sex trafficking before the church of America has the courage and passion to stand up and shout, “Enough!”

How many more babies must be murdered in the womb of their mothers? How many more children will be raised in fatherless homes? When will enough be enough?

America has, indeed, lost her way. God is calling for a new generation of passionate pioneers to rise up and boldly declare, “Come hell or high water - persecution, mocking, or loss – we will experience revival and find the way back to God’s plan and purpose for America.”

Pray with me:

Father, You love passion, hunger, and wholeheartedness. You made it clear that You dislike lukewarmness and indifference. We want to be a people of passion, walking in the greatest possible degree of intensity regarding You and Your cause.

With passionate hearts, we cry out for revival. With passionate hearts, we cry out for a presence movement to sweep the earth. With passionate hearts, we ask You for the greatest harvest ever - by far - of people coming out of death into life. With passionate hearts, we ask You to set captives free, open prison doors, and heal the brokenhearted. With passionate hearts, we declare that America shall be saved, the earth will hear the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!

Our decree:

We declare that we will fan the flames of passion until we burn with the fire of revival.

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  1. Adams, John. July 4, 1826

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