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  • June 18, 2024

    INTRODUCTION The world is surely moving into more shaking and great revival. As we do, many people are wondering how to pray.   IFA   (Intercessors for America) has released the following outstanding article  to help us do so. As always, this cutting-edge ministry is giving us biblical, practical, and prophetic (discerning the times) insights. It is our privilege to share it with you today. The article gives 6 principles/heart conditions necessary for revival, followed by specific prayer points.  I will read the 6 principles, and the prayer points are here for you in the written version of the post, and on the link to IFA’s article. _________________________________________________________________________ Prayer Points for Revival Revivals are concentrated periods of intense and often widespread ministry by the Holy Spirit. They have occurred throughout history, perhaps dating back to the days when Israel was in Egypt. Revivals come in many forms and for various reasons, but they always fall into two categories: 1. Movements of spiritual renewal and reformation among God’s people; 2. An outpouring of conviction among unbelievers, leading to repentance from sin and the conversions of many. Intercessors play a vital role in the ignition and spread of any revival. Part “special-ops” teams and part “watchmen on the wall,” intercessors pray for revival to come and that it would be protected from distractions and distortions once it does come. During the revival of 1949 on the Hebrides islands, evangelist Duncan Campbell observed that intercessors were engaged in “travailing prayer,” which is described as prayer  “in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you!”  (Galatians 4:19). This kind of praying is burdened, focused, pressing, and agonized, to a depth common among revivals but unfamiliar to today’s comfort-and-entertainment-obsessed church culture. God seeks intercessors who are willing to travail in prayer. Is He calling you? We are at a crucial point this year. Outpourings of spiritual renewal have come to Asbury University and have spread from there to numerous other colleges and universities, Christian and secular. How can we, God’s appointed intercessors, fan the flames of revival so that they sweep across America and the world? God has the power to stir up spiritual fervor in people’s hearts (see Ezra 1:1,5). So the key is to pray that God would stir up in people the heart conditions for revival that He has laid out in the Bible. When Solomon dedicated the temple he had built and God’s glory filled it, the Lord spoke directly to him in a dream at night. His words to the king describe the heart conditions to which He responds with revival. “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place.”  (2 Chronicles 7:13–15) 1. Desperation God’s shutting up the heavens or commanding locusts to devour the land are examples of the shakings He allows when His people forsake Him, neglect Him, or rebel against Him. As Mario Murillo says: “Before a great awakening, there must be a rude awakening.” Adversity greater than human self-sufficiency can handle will bring us to the end of ourselves and make us realize our need for God. It is the first step toward people’s getting right with Him. Despair brings about the other heart conditions to which God responds. Prayer Points: Pray Psalm 139:23–24: Before you pray for holy desperation in others, ask the Lord to reveal any trace of being too comfortable, self-sufficient, and independent in your own heart. Pray according to Proverbs 9:1, that America’s moral slide, both inside and outside the Church, will fill God’s people with holy fear and a burning desire to seek Him. Pray through James 5:4–6 and Revelation 3:15–20 for the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and burden our hearts against any worldliness and lukewarm condition in the Church. Pray through the prophecy and promise of Zechariah 14:13–16 for the growing instability in the U.S. to bring about a godly fear in our nation that will direct hearts to return to God and worship Him. 2. Humility The realization that we are very limited and have sinned against God by trying to go it alone and by doing what is right in our own eyes leads us to humble ourselves. Humility is a precursor to seeking His forgiveness and restoration. It implies an admission of guilt and a confession of sin in holy fear of the chastisement we deserve. Humility also means intentional dependence on God and obedience to His precepts and purposes for us. It is the heart condition necessary to pray and seek His face with a pure heart and the right motive. Prayer Points: Consider the contrast of heart conditions in Jeremiah 17:7–10 and ask the Lord to reveal any trace of pride, rebellion, and disobedience in your heart. Pray through John 16:8 for the Holy Spirit to visit His Church and our nation with conviction of sin. Pray in the spirit of James 4:6 for that conviction to bring us to humility before God and to the realization that we have offended Him, that we need Him, and that we must embrace and submit to His design for our lives. Pray that, according to 2 Corinthians 10:5, the barriers of pride and self-sufficiency and the false notions of success would be destroyed. 3. Prayerfulness A heart that is humble before God expresses itself to Him in prayer. Prayerlessness is one of the biggest diseases plaguing the Church today. Prayerless hearts beget prayerless homes, and prayerless homes produce prayerless churches. On the other hand, a prayerful heart is attuned to God and eager to commune with Him nonstop. God’s desire for us is simple: Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18). Prayerfulness must be central in our lives and in His Church, and seeking the Lord in prayer is key to a nation that pledges to be “one nation under God.” After all, He created people for worship. He wants sinful people to return to worshipping Him, and He has made a way for them to do so. A prayerful heart desires to worship God and to commune with Him. Prayer Points: Pray through 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and Romans 8:26–27 for your own prayer life first — that the Holy Spirit would invigorate it and help you listen to what He wants you to pray. Pray through Colossians 4:2 for a new and deeper devotion to prayer in the Church that seeks and welcomes spiritual renewal and revival. Pray that this prayer movement will reflect Acts 1:14 and unite us with a shared desire to see God move in our midst. Pray through 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 and Philippians 4:6 for believers to desire and pursue a life of unceasing prayer rooted in worship and thanksgiving. Pray through Psalm 145:18 for prayer to return to public life in America in the conviction that it is God’s will for people to pray, and that He is near to all who call upon Him in truth. 4. Hunger for God A desire, hunger, or thirst for God leads to us seeking His face. And seeking God’s face implies two things: urgency and awe. When we seek, we leave no stone unturned to find what we desperately want. And what we want fills us with awe, because it is the face of God — the mightiest, most glorious, and holiest Being in the universe. God desires that we seek His face more than His hand. When we seek His hand, we are after what He can do for us. It’s like a friend you only hear from when he needs something. But when we seek God’s face, we make it clear that we want the delight of His presence. We want to know His character. We seek Him because we love Him for Who He is. As it turns out, when you seek only His hand, you miss out on His face. But when you seek first His face, you get His hand also. According to Acts 17:26-28, a desire for His presence and a delight in Who He is are conditions of heart that are precious to God. Prayer Points: Pray the Psalmist’s prayer in Psalm 119:36 that God would ignite a stronger hunger for Him. Pray through Revelation 2:4,5a that a hunger for God and a passion for His glory would return to the Church. Pray that, according to Jeremiah 24:7, the masses seeking reassurance and joy elsewhere will hunger for God and seek Him. Pray that, like the first New Testament revival in Acts 2:42–47, the expressions of hunger and thirst for the presence of God in these current student revivals will be lasting and contagious and lead people inside and outside the Church to seek His face. Pray for the Church to embody 2 Timothy 2:2, ready to help seekers find the face of God and come into a strong daily relationship with Him. 5. Repentance Humility, prayer, and seeking God lead to repentance: a deliberate 180-degree turn away from the life we were living and toward the life that God desires for us. Repentance is the precursor to salvation for an unbeliever. God forgives a repentant heart. Repentance leads to a more ardent pursuit of holiness within a believer. Repentance is a heart condition that motivates and empowers us to fight sin daily and to desire holiness as a way of life (see Philippians 2:13). Prayer Points: Do you desire holiness? Pray through 2 Corinthians 7:1 that God would shine His light on you and intensify your pursuit of holiness and purity. Pray in the words of Hebrews 12:14 for a renewed and sustained desire in the Church to pursue unity and holiness. Pray according to 2 Corinthians 7:10 for conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit to lead to genuine repentance. Pray for the Church to embrace Colossians 4:4–6 and Romans 6:11–12, boldly but lovingly speaking to unbelievers about sin and its consequences, and teaching people to reckon themselves dead to sin and alive to Christ. Pray through Philippians 2:15–16 for holiness in God’s people to attract unbelievers to Christ. 6. Joy Humility, prayer, seeking God, and repentance are the conditions God places on accepting prayer and bringing forgiveness and healing to hearts, lives, and lands. Revivals are often marked by intense grief over sin and guilt, followed by immense relief and joy at the assurance of forgiveness and restoration. God’s desire is for people to be brought into intimacy with Him so they can experience true joy, which comes from knowing Him (see Psalm 126:5). Prayer Points: Search your heart to see if you have lost faith in God’s promise of forgiveness and healing, and pray through Psalm 51:10–12 for that faith to be restored and strengthened. Pray for the realization in His people of Isaiah 51:10, that real joy for the redeemed comes from knowing and walking with Jesus. Pray for unbelievers’ hearts to be opened to God’s call in Isaiah 55:1–3 to find joy in knowing God, and to pursue that through humility, prayer, seeking His face, and earnest repentance. Pray according to Galatians 5:13–15 that joy will supplant judgment, criticism, and negativity in the Church. The Intercessors God Seeks Revival is welcomed into the Church and in the land by intercessors who are seized by the plain and often ugly facts behind our need for God. Our IFA headlines remind us daily of those plain facts. Intercessors, a travailing prayer for God to move in revival is not something we can manufacture. It is brought about in us by the Holy Spirit, Who prays in us and through us. We must be willing and available, we must face battles against the Enemy and our flesh, and we must seek God’s help to travail, persevere, and prevail in prayer. Seek Him today and ask Him if He is calling you to continue in urgent and desperate prayer until revival sweeps our land. Will you fan the flames of revival? Pray with me: Father, we come to You today, partnering with and agreeing with IFA and millions of people throughout the world for Your present help in a time of trouble. We are, as the teaching states, desperate for this help. We humble ourselves before You, asking for Your grace, cleansing, and healing. We do repent for the prayerlessness of the church, but we are also grateful for the millions of people around the world who are praying. A great symphony of prayer goes up daily around the world, moving Your heart and releasing Your power. Angels are being sent to work with the church and breakthroughs have and will continue to occur. We continue to cry out: Send revival!!! We know we are asking these things, not just for ourselves, but for You; You desire to do them, but have determined to work through humans on earth. When we partner with You, asking in faith according to Your will, You hear and answer those prayers. We do so today in Jesus’ name: send revival to the earth! Our decree: We decree that a willing church is rising up to partner with God on the earth. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s post was taken from Intercessors For America ( ) and used with permission.

  • June 17, 2024

    Get Back Up! I was riding high, literally. Around 200 feet high, as a matter of fact, parasailing in Acapulco. It was in the early 1980’s, back when I had more guts than brains. Ceci and I were on the last day of a short vacation in this tourist hot spot. I had been watching others parasail the entire time we were there, seeing boats pull individuals from off the beach, high into the air, and across the beautiful water. Airborne adrenaline junkies would soar effortlessly for 10 minutes, enjoying their freedom from the bonds of the earth. Then, amazingly, the boat would make a quick turn and the “skyrider” would be whipped back over the beach. To the amazement and cheers of us less-adventurous spectators, they would land softly on the sand…and accept everyone’s applause. They didn't even get their feet wet! Incredible. As a young man I had often wanted to parachute. Actually, I had wondered what it would be like, is closer to the truth. But I was smart enough not to try it before getting married. Ceci then asked me not to, which became my face-saving excuse not to jump out of an airplane. Maybe parasailing would satisfy my curiosity,  I thought as I watched. Logic prevailed, however, and I decided I wasn’t quite THAT curious. Then Ceci spoke up. “That looks pretty awesome.” As you may know, young males have an overwhelming need to impress the ladies in their lives, demonstrating fearlessness and their ability to rise above any challenge. “Aw, it doesn’t look that difficult,” I replied in my best matter-of-fact, any-guy-could-do-it tone. “Nothing to it, really. All you do is get a running start on the beach and the boat does the rest. I’d do it, but you probably wouldn’t want me to. Besides, it’s not worth the money.” To my absolute horror, she responded excitedly, “Oh, I wouldn't mind. In fact, I’d love to see you do it; and it’s not really that expensive. Give it a try!” “Oh, my God,” I cried in my mind, “get me out of this!!!” “Get yourself out of it,” I heard inwardly, “you got yourself into it.” Thinking quickly, I said, “Oh, I know you’re just saying that for me, dear. I realize you would be terrified if I did it, but thanks for thinking of me. I won’t put you through the stress.” "No, really, I want you to. It would make a great picture and, besides, what could go wrong? Go for it!” I felt trapped. Foolishly, I replied, “Yeah, what could go wrong? Okay.” There are times in a man’s life when the thing to do is fake an injury, come up with an unexplainable headache, or maybe even - God forbid - humble himself, admit he’s an egotistical male and repent. But I decided to save face, and prove my manhood. Now, with God’s sense of justice and humor, do you really think He was going to allow that?! As I stated, this was the final day of our stay. Actually, it was the last morning. We had checked out of our room and would be leaving for the airport in an hour or so. Therefore, I was not wearing my swimming trunks, but was dressed in travel clothes, right down to my watch. I mentioned this to Ceci in one final attempt at escape. “It’ll be fine,” she stated. “After all, you don’t even touch the water.” I should have known this experience didn't always go as planned when they made me sign that release form! I was the first customer of the day. Takeoff was fairly routine and within seconds I was 200 feet high, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the water and beach. Being the first patron of the day, they began by pulling me along the shore, only 50 or so yards out, using me as advertisement. And I was actually enjoying it! This really was easy, a real high (pun intended). People along the beach were waving at me, cheering me on. I was the center of attention; Ceci was so proud. I, of course, waved back in a not-too-demonstrative, this-is no-big-deal sort of way. Just being my cool self. Then… You knew it was coming. Why else would I tell this story? Suddenly, I had the strange sensation that the water was coming closer. A second later I KNEW it was getting closer. Another second and I hit the water with a huge splash, tangled in ropes and a parasail! It’s a dream, a BAD dream. This is impossible , I thought. Realizing that I had never tasted salt water in a dream, the revelation that it wasn’t a dream and was very possible came quickly. I swam to the boat, which had experienced engine failure, and was pulled aboard. Now I truly was cool - wet and cold. (Actually, the water right around me was warm for just a few seconds. Not sure why.) The driver of the boat finally got it restarted and we drove back to the launch point. Of course, the boat couldn’t get all the way onto the beach, so I jumped out, did my best “it’s no big deal, in fact, it was kinda fun” swagger, as I waded back onto the beach. Then I shouted, “That was awesome!” It worked - everyone was fooled, even Ceci. To this day I don’t think she knows the anger, embarrassment, and humiliation I actually felt. Guys can hide this stuff. I changed clothes in the men’s room, headed to the airport, and flew home with another made memory. Believe it or not, I began one of the chapters in my book, Intercessory Prayer, with this story. “A spoonful of sugar…” as they say. Rough Landings Today, I’m using it simply to bring some laughter and state the obvious: things don’t always end up as we planned. Engines fail, the landing isn’t always as expected, and yes, we get wet. When this occurs, we must get back in the boat - like even the great apostle, Peter, had to do - and determine not to give up. Faith does not equate to a life without failures, but to a life that grabs the Master’s hand, gets back in the boat, changes clothes, and keeps moving forward. You won’t win every battle, but if you get up, learn from the setback and keep moving forward, you will win the war. Press on, my friend. Press on. Pray with me: Father, we pray today for those who have experienced hard landings. Some even now are struggling to get up. Put the right person or people in their path to help them up. Bring the right understanding to motivate and guide them onward. Encourage them. For those who may be wavering in their faith, resurrect hope, restore that faith, and reawaken a dreaming heart. And as we watch this sick world wander around in the darkness, when it looks like evil is winning and justice is losing, remind them of Your power and promises. Remind them of Christ’s victory, and of His willingness to save and heal this sick world. Remind them of past revivals and awakenings. Pick them up and urge them forward. We declare today that we ARE overcomers. We ARE more than conquerors through our Savior who loves us. The Greater One DOES live within us. The former and latter rains ARE coming, bringing a harvest of such magnitude that the plowman WILL overtake the reaper. And yes, America SHALL be saved! We ask and decree this in the name of He who still walks on water. Amen. Our decree: We decree that at the Master’s instruction, we WILL get out of the boat. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Portions of today’s post were taken from my book, Intercessory Prayer .

  • June 14, 2024

    Don't Underestimate Its Importance As a follower of Christ, my allegiance is to Him and His Kingdom above all else. I am also, however, a patriotic American, devoted to this nation which He raised up to trumpet the gospel (“good news”) to all the world. That He did so is both historically accurate and a sacred trust. John Quincy Adams, the sixth U.S. President and son of John and Abigail Adams, said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this–it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the precepts of Christianity.”(1) In 1837, at the age of 69, in delivering a Fourth of July speech at Newburyport, Massachusetts, Adams said: “Why is it that, next to the birthday of the Savior of the world, your most joyous and most venerated festival returns on this day (the Fourth of July)? Is it not that, in the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior? That it forms a leading event in the progress of the Gospel dispensation? Is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity?”(2) Do not accept anyone’s revision of America’s history; do not be moved by ridiculous accusations against patriotism and love of country; and do not accept the heretical and ludicrous arguments that God would never raise up a nation for the primary purpose of trumpeting the gospel. Today is Flag Day in the United States, celebrated on June 14th each year to commemorate the adoption of the American flag. Our flag holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans as a symbol of freedom, democracy, and unity. Today provides an opportunity for Americans to boldly display their patriotism. The flag has played a significant role throughout American history, flying proudly during times of war, strife, and triumph. It is a symbol that unites Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs, representing the shared ideals and aspirations of the nation. The Stars and Stripes remind us of the values and principles the nation was founded upon, including liberty, justice, and equality for all. The origins of Flag Day can be traced back to the late 19th century when a schoolteacher named Bernard J. Cigrand first proposed the idea of celebrating the flag’s adoption. He organized the first formal observance of Flag Day in 1885 at Stony Hill School in Wisconsin, where students celebrated the flag’s birthday with patriotic activities and ceremonies. Over the years, the observance of Flag Day gained popularity, and in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed June 14th as Flag Day.(3) On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States. Its design consisted of thirteen alternating red and white stripes representing the original thirteen colonies, along with a blue field in the upper left corner containing thirteen white stars arranged in a circle to symbolize a new constellation.(4) On Flag Day, Americans across the country celebrate by displaying the flag at homes, schools, government buildings, and businesses. Many communities hold parades, ceremonies, and other events to honor the flag and show their patriotism. It is a day for Americans to reflect on the history and symbolism of the American flag and remember the sacrifices made by those who have defended it. For many of us, it is also a day to recommit to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Today, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, given below; I have. And I invite you to watch the moving video of Johnny Cash sharing the Ragged Old Flag. Fox presented this video ahead of Superbowl LVII; a Tribute to America. You can click on this link. Pray with me: Father, today we recommit to Your great cause of creating a family for Yourself. We know this is why humans were created. As many of us sang in Sunday School, “Red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in [Your] sight.” All people in the world are loved equally by You. In the context of this great cause, I, as an American, recommit myself to the primary purpose for which You formed this nation. Restore us fully to this destiny. May the emerging revival create the greatest passion ever possessed in America to sound forth Your good news! May this cause become a holy obsession, a consuming passion, the zeal of Yeshua Himself! Let nothing stop this! Amen. Our decree: The gospel will go forth from these shores, not only to this land, but to all the nations of the earth. (stated by Robert Hunt at Cape Henry, 1607) The Pledge of Allegiance “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Take some time a watch that video right now. The Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash. Click on the link below to watch the full video. __________________________________ Ibid. Ibid.

  • June 13, 2024

    Blockades and Sieges Yesterday, I gave an overview of the watchman concept of intercessory prayer. In doing so, I shared where the concept began in Scripture, three different Hebrew words that are used to reference watchmen, and several definitions of these words. There is another facet to this type of prayer, however, that I now want us to consider. In 1988, I had the thought, which I knew was from Holy Spirit, “Study the watchman concept.” I already know about watchmen, was my immediate thought. I had studied the subject, taught on it, and was very familiar with the concept. Yet, I had the immediate and strong impression that I was missing something. There was more. I obeyed Holy Spirit’s prompting and, indeed, there was more to the subject than I had seen. I discovered that the watchman concept is not just defensive, protective prayer; there is also an offensive or aggressive aspect to it. I found that the Hebrew words for watchmen are also translated “to lay siege,”(1) “spy,”(2) and “ambush”(3 ), in order to conquer cities or people (see Judges 1:24; 2 Samuel 11:16; Isaiah 1:8; Jeremiah 4:17; Psalm 56:6; 71:10). The reason these words are used in this manner is because all of the actions involve watching. When I saw this, I heard Holy Spirit say the following: “I am about to release revelation to the praying church that will enable them to deliver individuals, cities, regions, and nations for Me. New strategies and concepts will emerge, discernment of satan's strongholds will be given, and sieges will begin that will eventually break his hold over people and places. “This will be a broad work, with strategies and actions coming from many different ministries. I will give part of a plan to one person or ministry, while simultaneously imparting another part to others. At times, they will not even realize they’re part of a larger scheme. But I will orchestrate the efforts in order to lay sieges in the spirit realm, cutting off satan's ‘supply lines’ - iniquities that give him access; I’ll close his entry points and remove that which has enabled him to hold places in captivity. Through the watchman anointing, My intercessors will discern from Me and lay a prayer siege to cities and nations.” In 1988 there was very little known and spoken of regarding prayer walking, prayer journeys, spiritual mapping, identificational repentance, reconciliation ceremonies between races and people groups, territorial spirits, etc. I am sure understanding of them existed in a few people’s thinking, but most of the body of Christ had never heard of them. And I am relatively certain that some of these concepts did not exist at all. At the time, I knew of only a couple of ministries that existed primarily for prayer purposes, and it was hard to find books and teachings on intercession. Since then, however, literally millions of believers around the world have come to understand and embrace these and other aspects of prayer, learning to pray more effectively. The learning curve in the recent prayer movement has shot up exponentially. Dozens of prayer ministries have been launched, thousands of prayer groups have formed, and millions of believers are praying effectively. Dr. C. Peter Wagner, one of the leaders and fathers of this movement in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, once happily stated, “The prayer movement around the world is out of control.” Certainly, we have not yet “arrived” in our understanding of prayer - there is more to learn - but we are moving forward at a rapid pace. And the understanding we have gained, generating all of this activity is part of the watchman anointing God released to the church at the end of the 1980s. Currently, one of our great challenges is remaining cognizant of the fact that prayer sieges for cities and nations can take years, even decades, to accomplish their purposes. Perseverance is required. We must remember that the prayers released are being used to dismantle centuries-old, sometimes millennia-old strongholds of darkness. Also millions of hearts and minds - traditions, cultural paradigms, religious beliefs, including doctrines in the church - must be changed. Revivals and outpourings do not occur simply because God “finally decides” to send them; they occur when the actions of people and conditions in a region allow it. And those conditions are created through prayer. God waited for the “fullness of time” to send Jesus. (Galatians 4:4) I am sharing this teaching to encourage believers here and around the world that your prayers are accomplishing much. They are absolutely shaping history. Blockades (another meaning of natsar, one of the Hebrew words for watchman) have now been placed in the spiritual realm against satan’s activities. Sieges are in place and accomplishing their purposes. Even the coming shaking, the discipline that will be a part of America’s salvation, has been generated through our prayers. This is all working together to produce history’s greatest harvest. DO NOT STOP! Pray with me: Father, millions of people around the world are praying, asking You for an outpouring of Holy Spirit that will save a billion or more people. Thank You for orchestrating this amazing growth and revelation. We are asking You today to encourage and strengthen this great army. Some are in difficult places and circumstances; many are persecuted for their faith. Give them tenacious hearts that refuse to quit until they see the fruit they desire. May they have a deep assurance from You that their prayers will produce eternal life for many, many people. We also ask You to increase the understanding of believers around the world to even greater levels. We want to be the “people who are willing in the day of Your power” (Psalm 110). Enable us to pray more effectively, to operate in Christ’s authority at higher levels, and release Holy Spirit’s power with greater force. Give us even wiser, more effective strategies for our regions and nations. May the prayer sieges become even more powerful, shutting off every supply line of satan’s kingdom. Jesus, Lord of the harvest, Builder of the overcoming church, King over the nations, accomplish Your great plan. The Father “so loved the world” that He sent You; You so loved the world that You came. Now, in Your great love, pour out the former and latter rains simultaneously! Reap! Gather! Save! We ask all this in Your great name, Yeshua. Our decree: We decree that heaven’s blockade is in place, and satan’s supply lines in regions and nations are being cut off. His rule over them is ending. Today’s post was taken in part from my books Watchman Prayer and Intercessory Prayer. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Spiros Zodhiates, Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible - New Amerian Standard, rev. ed. (Chattanooga, TN: AMG Publishers, 1990), p. 1752. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990) ref. no.  6822. Zodhiates, Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible, p. 1787.

  • June 12, 2024

    God’s Secret Service Agents “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1Peter 5:8 NASB) “With every prayer and request, pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be alert with all perseverance and every request for all the saints.” (Ephesians 6:18 NASB) The King James Version uses the word “watching” instead of the phrase “be alert” in Ephesians 6:18. Both translations are good. We are called to be alert in prayer, watching for our family, friends, leaders, cities, and nations. Today and tomorrow, I want to talk about the concept of intercessory watchmen, with tomorrow’s post being a unique aspect of this important subject. If ever there was a time when this understanding was necessary, today is one of them. In Scripture, the term “watchmen” comes from the Old Testament and describes what we would today call “sentries,” “guards,” or “lookouts.” These individuals were responsible for protecting vineyards or fields (crops) from thieves and animals, and cities from invading forces. Those watching crops were stationed on rocks, buildings, or towers to provide a better range of vision. Towers or outposts in the fields usually had sleeping quarters because it was necessary to keep watch day and night during harvest. The watchmen would take shifts - one working, one sleeping - and thereby watch 24 hours a day. Watchmen were also posted on the city walls where they functioned as sentries. From the walls, they watched for two things: messengers and enemies. They watched for messengers in order to inform the gatekeepers when to open the city gates, and more importantly, when not to. In those days, “runners” were used to carry messages from city to city, and when a known messenger was approaching, the watchmen would alert the gatekeepers that it was safe to open the gate. The watchmen on the city walls also looked for enemy soldiers. When they saw potential danger, they sounded an alarm, either by a shout or a trumpet blast. Soldiers could then prepare themselves for battle and defend the city: “For thus the Lord says to me, ‘Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees. When he sees riders, horsemen in pairs, a train of donkeys, a train of camels, let him pay close attention, very close attention.’ Then the lookout called, ‘O Lord, I stand continually by day on the watchtower, and I am stationed every night at my guard post.’” (Isaiah 21:6-8) Three Hebrew words are translated as “watchman” in Scripture: natsar,(1) shamar,(2) and tsaphah.(3) In a broad sense, they all mean to guard or protect by watching over. They can also have the connotation of hiding or concealing something. Watchmen hide people in the secret place of the Most High through their prayers (see Psalm 91). Another interesting meaning of tsaphah is “to lean forward and peer into the distance.” The connection to prayer should be obvious. The watchman looks ahead, into the future – “peering into the distance” – to foresee the attacks of the enemy. He or she is proactive, not reactive. This is prophetic intercession. The Law of First Mention The first mention of one of these words in Scripture is in Genesis 2:15: “Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” Theologians have what is known as “the law of first mention.” This refers to the general rule that the first time a major subject is mentioned in the Bible, it is “introduced”; significant facts are given concerning it, just as we might do when introducing a person. For example, the first mention of the serpent, satan, is in Genesis 3:1: “Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, ‘Indeed, has God said, "You shall not eat from any tree of the garden”?’” It is easy to see this law at work here, as the verse speaks of satan’s subtlety or craftiness. When God introduces satan, He informs us of one of the most important things we must remember about him: He is far more dangerous to us as the crafty serpent than as a roaring lion. The first mention of a watchman in Scripture was Adam in Genesis 2:15, and introduces us to one of our primary responsibilities as watchmen: Keep the serpent out of our “gardens”! Guard or protect from the subtle attacks of the serpent that which God has entrusted to our care. Keep him out of your garden: your home, family, church, city, nation! KEEP HIM OUT! Expanded Meanings Here are several ways these 3 words for watchman are used in Scripture. These uses will help expand our understanding of what it means to be watchmen: Keep/Keeper - This is by far the most frequent usage of these words— at least 250 times. Watchmen keep things, places, and individuals safe, ensuring against loss, theft, or damage. They keep things intact and in possession. Guard/Bodyguard - Watchmen shield or guard individuals and places, protecting them from danger and harm. They are the secret service agents of the Kingdom. Doorkeeper/Gatekeeper - Watchmen have the ability, through prayer, to determine who or what comes into their homes, families, churches, cities, etc. As sentries, they discern by the Spirit what to allow in and, through prayer, open and close the doors (Isaiah 22:22). They pray IN the work of Holy Spirit and REJECT the works of darkness, keeping the serpent out. Preserve/Preserver - Watchmen preserve, keeping things from ruin and destruction. They preserve lives, anointings, moves of God, and a host of other things by covering them in prayer. Pay Attention - Watchmen must be alert and always paying attention. In Scripture, we are compared to soldiers; as good sentries, God tells us to “pay attention!" Observe/Behold - Don't just look - see! Discern. Be observant. Watchmen observe what others fail to see. We can observe much in the place of prayer, often even before it happens! Beware - Watchmen must be vigilant, aware, and on the alert. First Peter 5:8 warns us to be of sober spirit, watching for the devouring lion. When we see him at work, we must enforce Calvary’s victory - stop him! Jesus saw satan’s attack coming against Peter and prayed that his faith would survive the test. The prayer was effective! (Luke 22:31-32). Protect - In the same sense as guarding and keeping, watchmen protect, building walls or boundaries of protection from the attacks of the devil. Maintain - Watchmen maintain things for the Lord and for people. They are the maintenance crew. Though often not those who set vision, build ministries, or oversee congregations, intercessors maintain them, keeping things working well and preventing breakdowns. Watchmen help maintain the anointing, unity, health, purity, truth, and many other important things in the church. Ask Holy Spirit to sharpen your skills as watchmen, and to increase your anointings in this important activity. He will do so. Tomorrow, we will look at another little-known and very important aspect of this type of prayer. Pray with me: Father, we are painfully aware that the devourer was allowed great access to America. The church was not alert, was ignorant of the power and principles of prayer, and did not function as the gatekeepers of our nation. The result has been that he who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy has been doing so almost at will. He has devoured families, elements of our government, our schools, and even many of our churches. We ask for Your forgiveness, cleansing, and supernatural ability to reverse this. Increase revelation in the body of Christ regarding this amazing force we call prayer. Awaken believers to the fact that we are literally partners with You, authorized to teach Your Kingdom principles, release Your power, and extend Your mercy. And increase our understanding of watchmen intercession, revealing what it means to be shields, sentries, gatekeepers, preservers and maintainers. We take up this mantle now and cover our families, homes, possessions, leaders, cities, and nations. We ask for supernatural protection over the minds and bodies of our children. We ask for protection over our leaders and their families. And we ask for protection over our nation - except You keep the city the watchman wakes in vain. (Psalm 127:1) Our decree: We decree with the Psalmist, David: the Lord is our light and salvation; we will fear no evil! (see Psalms 23 and 27) Today’s post was taken from my book Intercessory Prayer. Click on the link below to watch the full video. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 5341. Ibid., ref. no. 8104. Ibid., ref. no. 6822.

  • June 11, 2024

    A Healing Summit I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always understand why God does and doesn’t do some things. Yes, He wants us to understand His ways and the guiding principles of His Kingdom. That being said, we will often not know the many details the Lord factors into His decisions - timing, considerations regarding the future, behind-the-scenes actions and motives of people and nations, and a host of other things. God alone is all-knowing and all-wise. And, obviously, He does not feel obligated to always share with us the “why.” Trust will always be required in our walk with Him. Because of this, I certainly don’t know all the reasons why miracles are more prevalent in some seasons than in others, but they certainly are. In the late 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, miracles of healing were more common in America than they have been since. Toward the end of the 70s, this outpouring began to wane. Healings still occurred here in the U.S., but they typically resulted from intercession or through the faith of the recipient, not from the gifts of the Spirit. First of all, I should comment on what I mean by these three methods. Intercession is prayer by an individual or individuals on behalf of another. I have seen healings result from this. When I say “the faith of the recipient,” I am referring to a person personally asking in faith for their healing, and standing in that faith until they receive the promise. I have seen healings from this, as well. When referring to “the gifts of the Spirit,” I am referring to healings that occur through some of the gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. This would include the gift of faith, the working of miracles, and gifts of healing, all often accompanied by words of knowledge. These gifts of the Spirit operate as Holy Spirit determines or wills (verse 11), not at the will of the person being used to release them or the will of the recipient. When these gifts are in operation, there is often no faith required on the part of the recipient - they are “gifts.” I have seen unbelievers, agnostics, and even atheists healed when the gifts of the Spirit were being released. This is one of the reasons they are called “signs and wonders.” It is also why these gifts are often released when the gospel is preached. These gifts of the Spirit associated with healing and miracles were prevalent in America during the time frame mentioned above. Then, God determined this season would end. Why? My guess is that it was due in part to compromise in the church, compromise associated with sin, a watering down of the gospel, and a rejection of truth. I also believe it was due to the church’s failure in discipling the nation (Matthew 28), which allowed an overall turning away from God in our nation. The salvation preaching in an outpouring (Mark 16) must be accompanied by discipleship teaching (Matthew 28) in order to sustain and multiply the occurring change. When A Nation Turns From God Scripture clearly reveals that when a nation rejects God, it is also rejecting His mercy and grace. To continue pouring out His gifts and blessings at that time would reinforce sin and compromise rather than truth. Therefore, God is left with no choice but to create another season of cleansing and adjustments, which, when accomplished, allows His blessing once again. I believe we are coming into another of these seasons when God can bless us with revival. Much prayer, “identificational” repentance offered by many, adjustments in the thinking and lives of many in the church, and the desperation that will be caused by the shaking in our nation will work together to create a season in which God can send another wave of revival to America. That such a time is coming has been declared for several years by prophetic leaders, and I know of no revival in history that has not included the miraculous. For the past several months, I and a few others have prayed together weekly regarding the healings some of us need. While doing so, we realized God was using those prayer times for something bigger. We became convinced that it was time for this new season of signs and wonders to begin. Therefore, we are holding a Healing Summit in Ohio on August 30; many of you have heard my brother, Tim, speak of it. His church in Ohio will be hosting it. All of us on this prayer call will be participating. Zechariah 10:1 tells us that when it’s time for rain, we are to ask for it. In obedience, we are going to ask for another season of miracles in America (and the world) as part of the emerging revival. We will ask for healings and miracles to occur that very night, both for those present and those participating online. And we will ask that gifts of healing, along with the other gifts of the Spirit associated with miracles, be released to individuals in the body of Christ. We are suggesting that prayer for healing, miracles, and the release of these gifts also take place in homes and churches around the nation (and world) that evening. In no way do we want the focus to be on us and this gathering, but rather on the church at large. Congregations, house churches, home groups, and prayer groups are already saying they will worship with us, listen to the presentation, and then begin praying for individuals in their own settings. (Worship will continue being streamed for those wanting it; others will provide their own.) Some, especially individuals, will remain tuned in to the prayers for healing taking place in our gathering, asking for the anointing of Holy Spirit to be released to them. Everyone is encouraged to do as Holy Spirit leads them. We believe miracles will occur on this night, and this service will be part of launching a new season of signs and wonders. I would be remiss if I did not add that there are some churches and individuals who have already been pressing into this and seeing healings take place. To these forerunners, we say thank you - you have no doubt prepared the way for this season. Pray with me: Father, we know that Jesus took lashes and suffered greatly to provide healing for us. We are forever grateful. We are truly sorry that our humanness at times not only blocks Your blessings from flowing to us, but also keeps them from flowing through us. Thank You for correcting and realigning the church, allowing You to use us at greater levels, and for cleansing our nation. You are bringing about the humility and desperation so needed. Now we ask You for the rain of revival. As part of this, we ask for great signs and wonders, many of them. Bring extraordinary miracles produced at the right time to generate thousands, even millions, of conversions. Do this in America and also around the world, for we know this will be a worldwide revival. Lord, to the leper who said he knew You could heal him if You were willing, Your response was, “Of course I want you to be healed” (Mark 1:41 TPT); then You healed him. Do this for many in this hour. Release a mighty wave of healing power throughout the earth. Use it not only to end suffering, but to end spiritual blindness. Open the eyes of millions to the truth of the gospel through signs and wonders. Breathe on this night, August 30. Use it to bless people and glorify Christ, Father. And we ask all of this in Jesus’ name. Our decree: We decree that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, and another wave of them is being released to believers worldwide. I just want to mention that registration is required for the upcoming Healing Summit, and there is a small registration fee. When there is no fee, some register “just in case” they can come. Registration fills up, and many who want to come are told it is now full. Sadly, when some register and then do NOT come, there are empty seats that could have allowed hungry people to attend. When there is a registration fee, it helps produce accurate information regarding who is actually attending. Know that this Healing Summit will fill quickly, very quickly. But the service will be available online. You can register at Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • June 10, 2024

    The Remnant Doesn’t Give Up “And Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all those who were selling and buying on the temple grounds, and He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves. And He said to them, ‘It is written: My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers’”  (Matthew 21:12-13, NASB; also in Mark 11:15-17 and Luke 19:45-46). What do you think would occur in the spirit realm over America, followed by breakthroughs in the natural realm, if even half of the churches in America obeyed Jesus’ command to be “A house of prayer”? Satan is nothing if not a cunning strategist. He somehow motivated the church - God’s change agent on earth - to ignore Christ’s words, the context of which was one of the only two violent acts He performed. Not coincidentally, the other violent act was also a cleansing of the temple, carried out at the beginning of His ministry (John 2:14-16). I should add that Luke tells us this last one occurred immediately after Christ wept uncontrollably over Jerusalem and announced its destruction (Luke 19:41-44). It seems logical that the two were related: the blindness of Jerusalem and its destruction were caused by religious blindness. This infuriated Him. How does He feel today? I can assure you that in churches across America this weekend, not even 1 or 2 minutes will be given to prayer for the lost, for this collapsing nation, for salvation to the nations of the earth, or for anything else! Most churches will have NONE. Let that sink in. If a church has any prayer in a given week, it is typically relegated to a handful of people in a backroom before the service, or a weeknight when most people are busy with work and family. Sundays are reserved for more important things like fellowship, a feel-good praise or singalong time, and the pastor’s weekly opportunity to preach. I know these and most other activities in churches are important, but EVERY activity of the typical church in America has been deemed more important than prayer. EVERY…SINGLE…ONE. To assess the fruit of this, don’t count the people in the pews - the Temple was filled with people when Christ wept, made His whip, overthrew tables, and scattered merchandise. We should look at the real fruit: God mocked by our government, the Bible scorned, a lukewarm church, murdered babies and mutilated kids, and a lost nation. What motivated the church to redefine success by size and happy congregants? The cunning strategist. And the piper, as the story warned, is now being paid. Because of God’s unending mercy and extravagant grace, it is not too late for recovery. “If I can find even a remnant,” He says, “that will cry out to Me, I’ll send a great revival and heal the land.” In the following great teaching, Dave Kubal of Intercessors For America brings us back to the basics, and to hope for change. Remember, a few days after Jesus wept and cleansed the temple, He went to the cross…and mercy triumphed over judgment. WHY WE SHOULD PRAY FOR AMERICA (written by Dave Kubal) “God above, we pray that You would wake up Your church. Put a burning passion in the heart of every believer to pray for this nation You’ve entrusted to us! “Do you ever wonder why you should pray for America? Have you asked yourself how your prayers can possibly make any difference if God is sovereign and does what He pleases anyway? “If that’s you, I want to encourage you today and show you why your prayers are important. “Here’s an important passage to consider: ‘The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s, but the earth He has given to the children of men’ (Psalm 115:16 NKJV). “Both heaven and earth belong to God. What’s interesting is that He has sovereignly chosen to entrust the earth’s stewardship to us. It’s as if He has made us His middle managers over the earth. Now, the earth still belongs to Him, and so does all it contains, as Psalm 24:1 (NKJV) states: ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein.’ But God has decided to delegate stewardship and dominion over His earth to people, His created beings made in His own image. “And God always respects our free will. “God didn’t make us as robots. He made us to have free will; in fact, the Bible says that wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And since the Spirit of the Lord is everywhere in heaven and earth, he gives us freedom and liberty to make our own choices (although, of course, there are consequences if we employ our free will to disobey Him). “Because God has entrusted stewardship of the earth to us, He waits to move on earth until we ask Him to do so. “God respects authority, and that includes the authority He has personally given us. So, if we want Him to move in the spheres He has entrusted to us, we have to ask Him to do that. We have to ask Him to move. And that is called ‘prayer.’ “This is one of the reasons prayer is so important, and it’s why we must pray for America. “If we want to see God move in America, we must pray for America, asking for His help. We see everywhere that we need His divine intervention. Although God is sovereign, He also allows human beings (the lost and the saved alike) to make their own choices - for good or for evil. “But God can turn the hearts of men. “‘The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes’ (Proverbs 21:1 NKJV). God can and will move when we pray, even at the national level. He will turn the hearts of kings to do His own will, even if they don’t know Him. In the Bible, God often used even pagan kings to do His will. He would call them, and they would come; he would scatter them, and they would leave. Although they didn’t know Him, they still found themselves yielding to His work in their hearts whenever He wanted them to do something. “And that’s why your prayers for America DO matter. “Your prayers for America move heaven, and they shake earth. Your prayers for America cause God to turn the hearts of kings toward righteousness and justice. Your prayers bring our Lord’s divine intervention into manifestation on the earth in every sphere about which you pray. “Intercessors For America was founded during times like today. Vietnam War protests and riots were occurring on campuses and elsewhere. The Vice President had resigned in disgrace, and then the Watergate scandal broke open. People had no confidence in the leadership of the nation. The Supreme Court mandated legal abortion. Christians were discouraged by lawlessness, corruption, and moral depravity of the nation. For 50 years, we have been praying, and we have seen many miraculous answers to prayer. “So we pray and keep praying: ‘And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart’ (Galatians 6:9 NKJV). “Let’s pray continuously and without quitting - as Jesus instructed the disciples to do in the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8. And even when we don’t see progress yet, let’s keep praying until we do. Don’t give up. God does hear your prayers for America. “And He’ll answer.”(1) Pray with me: Father, again we stand in the gap for America, including for the prayerless church, and ask for Your merciful cleansing. Whatever it takes - whatever - awaken the church, turn our nation back to You, and revive us with a third great awakening. Send revival! Send revival! Send revival! Save millions, restore our destiny, send the gospel from these shores to all the earth, and bring earth’s greatest harvest ever! As many fast and pray this week and next, use their obedience and petitions to bring signs and wonders, the power that confirms the gospel (Mark 16). Use these miracles to grab the attention of millions, then transform them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Perform miracles on campuses, in government buildings, in homes and hospitals, and on the streets. Show up!!! You, only You, are our hope. And we state strongly that in spite of the great desperation and grief we feel, our hope in You anchors us and sustains our faith. We believe You’re the Savior of the world and ARE coming to save; You’re the Healer and ARE coming to heal; You’re the deliverer and ARE coming to deliver. America shall be saved, and the harvest will be reaped. Our decree: With grateful hearts, we decree once again that God’s mercy triumphs over judgment. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Thanks again, Dave, for your bold words reminding us to pray for America. You can find out more about Intercessors for America at ________________________________ Dave Kubal, “Why We Should Pray For America” (Intercessors For America), Used with permission.

  • June 7, 2024

    From Dutch This week Ceci and I will be spending time with our amazing DSM staff for a time of staff enrichment. Since we have employees in 4 different states, we feel it’s important that we spend time together periodically, face to face. While away, I’ve asked 5 of my ministry friends to share with you. A few weeks ago, the TV program FLASHPOINT had my brother, Tim, and his daughter, Rachel Shafer on as guests. Today Rachel is our guest and will share a secret Holy Spirit showed her as she walked through a severe illness with her young son. The lessons God taught her will help each of us as we deal with our own impossible situations. ______________________________________________________________________________ Watch What God Will Do Recently, I was praying about a particular issue that has been in my prayers for quite some time. While I know that we are to keep praying and believing until we see breakthrough, I also know that we’re not to walk in worry. So, even though I have been praying for a certain thing for years, I can do that filled with faith and expectation. But I found myself in a cycle of saying things like, “God, I’m giving this to You. I know it’s in Your hands; You’re working this for good.” But shortly thereafter, I’d find myself dwelling on the issue again. So I asked the Lord, “Why do I keep thinking and worrying about this after I’ve prayed about it?” Right away, He said to me, “Because you keep taking it back.” That is not what I was expecting to hear! He continued speaking to me and said, “You need to quit taking back the worry; quit taking back the burden.” I didn’t realize that’s what I had been doing, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. I feel this is a much-needed reminder for all of us, especially as we have been hearing multiple words about heading into a fierce, spiritual warfare season. However, we have also heard the [prophetic] words, “But do not fear, do not be afraid; stay focused.” 1 Peter 5:7 (NKJV) says, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” The Apostle Peter wrote this letter late in his life to encourage those facing persecution for their faith. Following Jesus was becoming increasingly difficult and costly for the early church. Peter was no stranger to the trials these Christians were facing. He himself had been flogged, beaten, and thrown in prison multiple times. He wrote from his personal experience to encourage them that God would come through, and that He cared deeply for them. “Casting” used in 1 Peter 5:7 is the Greek word epiripto, a compound of the words epi and ripto.(1) “Epi” means upon, as on top of something.(2) “Ripto” means to hurl, throw, or cast, and it often means to violently throw or fling something with great force.(3) The only other place this word “epiripto” is used in the New Testament is in Luke 19:35 (KJV), where the Bible says, “They brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon.” In 1 Peter 5:7, we see the idea of the word “epiripto” which pictures the flinging of a garment, bag, or excess weight off the shoulders of a traveler and onto the back of some other beast, such as a donkey, camel, or horse. We are not designed to carry the burden of worry, fretting, and anxiety. This verse says to take that load and heave it with all your might. Fling it over onto the back of Jesus and let Him carry it for you! Just as Luke 19:35 says - they cast their garments upon the back of the donkey - now you need to cast your burdens over onto the Lord and let Him carry them for you. So how do we truly cast our cares and leave them there? Prayer is one way we can give our worries to God. Each time a concern comes up, give it straight to the One who is greater. Another way to cast your cares is to remind yourself of God's promises. Replace your worry with His Word. A third way is to take every thought captive. The mind is where the battle between fear and faith takes place. When doubt begins to creep in, refute it with the Word of God. I went through a time several years ago when I had to daily, sometimes even hourly, put this in practice. My youngest son had a severe stroke when he was six years old, and it was very touch and go for many weeks. We prayed day in and day out as he was lying in the hospital bed. One morning, the doctor came to us and said, “Your son is losing the fight, and we need him to win it.” I needed to refute those words with the Word of God. Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 31:24 (MSG), which says, “Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.” We decreed that verse multiple times a day until it happened. The King, our Healer, walked into the room, breathed life, and my son didn’t die. The Holy Spirit recently told me, “Watch and see what I will do. I am walking into the room.” The “room” does not necessarily mean a literal room with four walls, like my son’s hospital room. It could mean that, but I believe in this instance, He is saying, “I’m stepping into your situation; I’m walking with you and what is happening in your life.” He is walking into the room we have prepared for Him, filling the space you have created through your worship, prayers, and decrees. He’s saying, “Keep your eyes on me. Get my perspective. Keep your hopes up. Keep your faith up. Stand strong and believe.” I’m sensing we are stepping into this season where the door is open, and the King is coming through. He’s coming through for you and for your family. He’s coming through for the Ekklesia and for the sake of our nation and world. As I was praying about this, the Lord gave me a word to release: The Lord says: “While you have been waiting on things for months, years, even decades, I have been positioning you to see My glory. I have been positioning you for  breakthrough and for the miraculous. Where the enemy has been creating chaos, distraction, and setback, I am restoring and providing a supernatural takeback. A takeback of joy, peace, hope, and faith. Dreams, sickness in bodies, sickness in souls, broken marriages, and relationships are going to be restored, healed, and made whole. I am giving life, and life abundant. Things you thought would never change will change in this season. Mountains you thought would never move will be moved. Sickness and disease you thought impossible to heal will be healed by the power of My blood. My glory will be revealed in situations. It is manifesting even now. The weight of my glory is binding, breaking, shaking, revealing, and making things new. “I am stepping in to rearrange, recover, and restore. Just as the shout knocked down the walls at Jericho, your shout will cause the enemy to scatter and shatter. Watch and see. The mighty roar of the Lord is Your war cry. The sound of My roar sends the enemy running. The sound of My roar also calls prodigals home. It is the roaring sound of the Lion of Judah that breaks strongholds.” The King says, “You are stepping into a new day I have ordained, and there will be shouts of praise as miracles and victory begin to break out one after the other. Prepare the way for My glory,” says the Lord. “You have cried out, and I am stepping in. Watch and see what I will do. Stand and keep standing. For my glory has risen, and a new day has come.” Pray with me: Father, we thank You for this awesome reminder that the King of Kings is with us. Your presence surrounds us, and You make a way for us. We cast our cares and worries on You, God, knowing that You hold the power to work it for good. We decree the power of the living God is breaking into situations, circumstances, and lives. Transform and restore broken hearts, souls, and minds. Be exalted over us, this nation, and our land. Have Your way, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Our decree: We decree that the King of Glory is walking into the room, and when the King comes in, everything changes! Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s post was shared by Rachel Shafer and taken from her books Expect God and Come Home. You can learn more about her at James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 1977. Ibid., ref. no. 1909. Ibid., ref. no. 4496.

  • June 6, 2024

    From Dutch This week Ceci and I will be spending time with our amazing DSM staff for a time of staff enrichment. Since we have employees in 4 different states, we feel it’s important that we spend time together periodically, face to face. While away, I’ve asked 5 of my ministry friends to share with you. Today, our good friend Kelsey Bohlender is sharing about a subject that is dear to Ceci’s and my hearts. For several years, Kelsey has been an advocate for life, and currently directs a non-profit adoption agency in Kansas. She and her husband pastor a church in the Kansas City area. ______________________________________________________________________________ A Heart Like Jesus Welcome to Give Him15. I am Kelsey Bohlender and today, Dutch asked me to brief you on the state of the Life Movement post-Roe v. Wade.  It’s been almost two years since the Supreme Court victory for the sanctity of life moved the battle to the states. I live in Kansas City, the heart of America. From my porch, I can see the vast expanse of the Kansas sky in my backyard and the fields of Missouri across the street. As in the days of abolition, Kansas and Missouri find themselves on opposite sides in this battle.  Missouri became the first state to outlaw abortion after Roe. Next door in Kansas, Planned Parenthood took advantage of the failure of the “Value Them Both” amendment and erected a new abortion center in Kansas City, solidifying its position as a regional abortion destination. I direct a non-profit adoption agency founded as a prophetic statement to the value of life. Many thought the overturn of Roe would cause the number of adoption placements to rise; however, the opposite has occurred. Adoption numbers nationwide have taken a steep drop. No one agrees on why, and the data points are inconclusive, but some suspect it is due to the ease of medication abortions available via telehealth or even on a simple website. While adoptions have dramatically decreased, the abortion rate has increased in 2023, the first full year after the reversal of Roe. A reported 11% increase in abortion post-Roe makes today’s numbers the highest rate of abortion in the United States in the last decade (per Guttmacher Institute).(1) Planned Parenthood continues its mission, now stating that abortion is for all genders. Websites like “Plan C Pills” teach minors how to have an abortion without parental consent and give instructions on how to manage an abortion in the comfort of your own home. The reversal of Roe proved a staunch victory for pro-life contenders in America, but the opportunities that lie before the life movement are more complex and perhaps, more important than ever before. As friends of Jesus, we must continue pray, but we must also DO. Taking action extends the reach of our intercession, bringing answers into the tangible realm. While the adoption of babies has drastically decreased since Roe, there are still thousands of adoption-ready children in the mission field of the American foster care system. To be pro-life is to be radically pro-child, from the cute babies to the teenagers aging out of foster care without a family. My friend Lou Engle says, “The most prophetic thing you can do in this present age is to adopt a child.” By operating in the spirit of adoption (Romans 8), we mirror the gospel and display the manifest wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:10). True religion is to care for the fatherless (James 1:27), and the Lord wants the lonely set in families (Psalm 68:6). The Church becomes the answer to the life issue because adoption is a prophetic statement that we value children. What if we can actually repair the breach and restore the nation by the righteous act of adopting children? (Isaiah 58:12) We can easily talk ourselves into doing nothing. Age, busyness, family, and even involvement in ministry can be a roadblock to taking action. Opportunities to change history rarely come at convenient times and are often very costly. We can learn this from heroes like William Wilberforce, George Whitfield, Martin Luther King, Jr., and others who gave their all for the sake of life and freedom. As Lou Engle profoundly suggests, “Reason is the guillotine of faith.” Faith must guide our response in these opportune times. The opportunity to take action did not come conveniently for my friends Wallace and Rachel. Married for twenty years with three beautiful teenagers, they were busy managing a construction business, serving as itinerant ministers, and taking care of their family. Life was full with almost no margin. When they heard about a sibling group who needed an emergency home, reason (as well as many of their friends) told them to say “no.” Barely scraping by financially, they had no space in their lives or home to bring in more children. But something made them pause to consider their response. You see, Rachel’s mother is an intercessor. A native Hawaiian, Rachel’s mom, Kaulana, stepped up to write history when her own house was full. With three teenage daughters, her prayer life spawned an open-door policy for any in need, which meant that Wallace found a place at their table when his life hit a rough patch. One day, Kaulana’s mother, Kaina, the matriarchal grandmother, looked at Wallace and declared, “You are a part of our family,” before she suddenly passed away. That moment changed the trajectory of Wallace’s life. He was accepted into a family and had a place to call home. Fast forward to 2022, when Rachel joined daily prayer meetings at Zoe’s House Adoption Agency, making bold declarations for foster children and praying for God to open the homes of the church for all in need. Never did she anticipate becoming an answer to her own prayers, but one day as she intensely prayed from Psalm 68, Holy Spirit whispered to her, “The foster kids are the spoils; go get them.” The Lord had prepared Rachel and Wallace for the day they got a text to pray for a sibling group needing a family. Wallace will tell you his heart immediately said yes. “Because of what Rachel’s mom and grandma did for me, I always wanted to be open to making someone feel like I felt when they took me in,” Wallace shared. Rachel was more reasonable - she knew the text was very clear: these children didn’t need a bed for the night; they needed adoption. Rachel told Wallace, “Babe, this is FOREVER!” His response was, “But Rachel, these kids have never had a forever home.” The days after their initial “yes” were filled with their church springing into action, helping get their house ready to receive more children, bringing clothing and shoes, meals and coffee, and even money when the state system failed to send the promised subsidy. After a roller coaster of 18 months and the unwinding of trauma in the lives of the children, on May 10, 2024, the adoption of Jose and Grace was finalized, and their names were changed forever. In the courtroom, a social worker told them, “This doesn’t happen like this; families don’t say yes to a sibling group and then actually follow through to adoption.” Wallace and Rachel say the church family carried them over the finish line. When they didn’t have what they needed, the body of Christ came through. The church became the wrap-around care that empowered their yes. In the last scene of the movie Schindler’s List, Oskar Schindler quotes the Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a), “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” The movie depicts Schindler lamenting through sobs, saying, “I could’ve bought one more.” While the movie took creative license and there is no proof Schindler ever spoke those words, in reality, he saved over 1,000 Jews from the Nazi death camps by employing them at his factory in Poland. What if the legacy of the church becomes that we serve 1,000 children in foster care and help them find a way home? There are thousands more who need a family, but what if we could help 1,000 - could we begin to repair the foundations of America? To be successful, it will take families to adopt, and others to wrap around them, like friends did with Wallace and Rachel. The life movement has an opportunity before us. The problem will be families saying yes to adoption, not children to be adopted. The harvest is plentiful…will we make room at the table? Pray with me: We declare the release of the spirit of adoption so that the lonely may be set in families. Father, empower Your people to make room for the fatherless and open their hearts and homes to Your inheritance. Let light break forth in America as the Church rises to the opportunity to care for the children. Let there be light, and let there be LIFE!  In Jesus Name, amen. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s post was shared by our friend and adoption advocate, Kelsey Bohlender. Kelsey and her husband Randy have 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. You can find out more about Kelsey and how you can help adoptive families at Gibson, Candace and Maddow-Zimet, Isaac. Despite Bans, Number of Abortions in the United States Increased in 2023,  Guttmacher Institute (March 19, 2024).

  • June 5, 2024

    From Dutch This week Ceci and I will be spending time with our amazing DSM staff for a time of staff enrichment. Since we have employees in 4 different states, we feel it’s important that we spend time together periodically, face to face. While away, I’ve asked 5 of my ministry friends to share with you. Over the past few years, I’ve shared a number of dreams from our friend Gina Gholston. We felt it was time for you to hear from Gina herself. Today she reminds us how Holy Spirit is blowing on the embers of revival that are beginning to burn once again. _______________________________________________________________________________ The Continuation I recently had the honor of speaking at a conference in Evansville, Indiana. That gathering was so filled with the manifested glory of God that I cannot adequately articulate what transpired. There was no doubt that we experienced a true baptism of the fire of God. In the last session, as much as she was able under a heavy anointing, Becca Greenwood spoke of some of the powerful happenings that occurred in the Welsh Revival that took place in the early 1900s. It became obvious during the meeting that God was deliberately reminding us of these past stories in order to provoke us to a realization that, what He has done, He desires to do again, and even greater. That night, I was reminded of two dreams I’ve had in which God revealed a connection between the Welsh Revival and another outpouring of Holy Spirit that took place in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina around the turn of the 20th Century. The two dreams are too long and detailed for me to share in their entirety today, but I have included links from previous posts where Dutch spoke of those dreams. I encourage you to go back and read or listen to the posts of May 31, 2022 and June 2, 2022. In the dreams, a group of people and I had received a “revival mantle” that carried us from Wales to North Carolina. The first dream ended as the words “To Be Continued” were spelled out on the ground in front of us. Then, the following year, I had the second dream where God instructed us that it was now time to “use that mantle.” In that dream, many were being healed, saved, and renewed by the power of God that worked through us as we “used” that mantle, which represents the power and anointing of God demonstrated by Holy Spirit. The dreams did not imply that we were to go back and try to duplicate what was done during those past moves, but rather that by honoring what Holy Spirit did then, as well as the obedience of those God used, we can receive and continue on with the same power and anointing. When I consider the determination of those we read about in previous generations—how they encountered God and became gripped by Him and how that encounter changed the whole focus of their lives—I am provoked in my desire to know Him as they knew Him! I believe there is something deep inside our spiritual nature that identifies with our hunger to know the fullness of God. The seed of that same hunger has been planted inside each of us by our Creator. When the time comes for those seeds to be awakened, we are left with a decision. We must choose either to pursue the fruit of God’s intentions or to allow the seeds to lie dormant, their purpose unrealized. The time has come, and the Lord is stirring our remembrance. He is awakening us to an awareness of the power that we have inherited as the heirs of salvation. As in the dreams, we are being made aware that we have been given access not only to explore and be in awe of this “mantle” of power, but that God has called us to receive the mantle and carry on with His intended purposes. Besides the great Welsh revival, the other spiritual movement that God called to our attention in both dreams took place at a location known today as Fields of the Wood near Murphy, North Carolina. That movement started as a small group of men were gripped by Holy Spirit to go deeper in their revelation of Christ and His intentions for the Church. They began to regularly meet to pray and to study the book of Acts. This study stirred in them a definite knowing that, concerning the Scriptures, they had only seen in part, and that revelation stirred in them an insatiable desire to understand and experience all that God wanted to do in and through their lives. Eventually, the number of seekers grew, and they moved the meetings to a schoolhouse just across the state line in Camp Creek, North Carolina. There, over one hundred people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Miracles, signs, and wonders began to occur, and word of the outpouring spread like wildfire through the mountains, drawing people from near and far to come and encounter the Lord. That small group of early pioneers realized that the book of Acts was not a conclusion; it was the continuation of what Jesus began to do and teach. And the power that worked through those who came from that upper room encounter was the demonstration of the expectation of God for all of the Church for all times. That revelation provoked a desire in them to experience that same power for themselves. As heirs first learned of their inheritance, they latched hold of what belonged to them, and a vicious hunger for more of God was awakened. Once the revelation was received, there was no stopping their pursuit! They sought God, and He honored their sincere pursuit with another outpouring of Holy Ghost power. Embers that had lain dormant for many years had now been reignited, and the flames of revival began to spread with undeniable power and demonstration of the Spirit of God. The reignited flames of that Pentecostal fire set into motion a powerful movement that continued to touch the lives of thousands of people and to release a flood of revival all across America that eventually culminated in a crescendo of the manifested power of God being poured out in an old warehouse at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California, which eventually impacted the whole world, even to this day. The fire of God that was encountered on the day of Pentecost continued to grow as generations following became aware and active recipients of their spiritual inheritance. That same fire burned in Wales, in the early 20th century outpouring in Tennessee and North Carolina, and in every other great move of God throughout history. And it is still available for the Church today. The same Holy Spirit who empowered them to use the mantle for their time is the same Spirit in us, empowering us to do the same in our time. God has determined that “America shall be saved.” He has revealed that the salvation of this nation will come as the result of another great awakening. There is a clarion call echoing from the heart of God to the Church that the time has come for us to carry the mantle of revival so His transforming glory can be manifested once again in our time. And there is a company of awakened heirs who are arising with a determination to receive and reveal the power that has been passed to us. We are provoked with a fervent passion to carry the “mantle” of our spiritual inheritance and not allow it to be dormant and unused. As we humble ourselves to walk with Christ and follow the instruction of Holy Spirit, He will teach us to use the power. And the knowledge of the glory of God will spread as the evidence of His reality is seen in us and passed on through us to those around us…and even to those yet to come. Those who have gone before us received this inheritance and invested it wisely for their time. Now, as the recipients of that inheritance, we must do the same. It’s our time to carry that mantle! Let’s pray: Father, it’s not by our might or strength that we don this mantle with which we have been entrusted. We cannot do it on our own, but by Your Spirit, we can become vessels through which You can reveal Your glory. We are wholly devoted to You and to Your righteous cause. By the empowerment of Your Holy Spirit, we will carry and release this amazing anointing. We humble ourselves before You, and we each sincerely say, “All of me for all of You! Finish what You have started. We lift our eyes; Lord, hear our cry. Show us Your glory!” Amen! Our decree: We will carry the mantle of our powerful inheritance and see the glory of the Lord revealed in our time and throughout our nation. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s post was shared by Gina Gholston and is taken from her book Carry On. You can find out more about her at

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    From Dutch This week Ceci and I will be spending time with our amazing DSM staff for a time of staff enrichment. Since we have employees in 4 different states, we feel it’s important that we spend time together periodically, face to face. While away, I’ve asked 5 of my ministry friends to share with you. As one who studies revival and church history, today Larry Sparks encourages us about recent outbreaks of revivals that have occurred. Larry, a publisher with Destiny Image, shares with us how we can prepare for revival and awakening in America. _________________________________________________________________________ The River is Rising “The River of God is rising from trickle level to ankle-deep levels.” This statement shocked me. As a revivalist, I got excited, but as a church history researcher, I had to partner with the Holy Spirit to get some confirmation.  Needless to say, it’s not hype; open your eyes and behold what the Lord is doing across the Earth. At the time of this post, I had just returned from two weeks of ministry in the United Kingdom. Though the enemy would love to assign a demonic narrative over those beautiful nations, calling them hard, dark, and secular, that’s not what I saw. Day after day, we witnessed entire gatherings where the Holy Spirit invaded the room with His presence and power, leaving everyone undone. Something is stirring across the Earth. Worship leader and songwriter Martin Smith, prophesied in the 1990s with his song “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble,” announcing that a mighty River of God would be moving through the nations. As Dutch Sheets has taught, we are witnessing time catching up with the decree—what was prophesied in times past; we are stepping into its fulfillment right now.(1) The Trickle In 2023, we witnessed the unusual outpouring of Holy Spirit at Asbury University, along with multiple other Christian universities and church gatherings. There was an emphasis on gathering together for prayer, worship, and repentance. Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that what we observed in 2023 was an Acts 2:1 moment in time, where the people gathered together in one place and one accord; this would be followed by the inevitability of an “Acts 2:2” suddenly deluge where widespread outbreaks of the Spirit would unstoppably canvas the nations. While talking with leaders like Ché Ahn and Sid Roth about the phenomena experienced in 2023, we concluded we were watching the beginnings of a landscape-changing move of God, similarly to how Ezekiel’s river (Ezekiel 47) starts with a trickle but escalates and intensifies. Ankle Deep I have bold, good news for you: With the start of 2024, I believe we shifted from trickle level of revival to the next level, ankle deep (Ezekiel 47:3). We’ve stepped into another depth and dimension of what God is pouring out, and thus, we need to act and pray accordingly. 2024 began with the Passion Conference hosted by Louie Giglio at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The messages were bold, confronting lukewarm Christianity and provoking the 55,000 youth and young adults to give everything to follow Jesus.(2) A landmark moment was the worship team leading the entire stadium in the Michael W. Smith worship anthem, “Agnus Dei.” You can find it on YouTube.(3) It shifts from being a dynamic worship song to an indicator light of the next level of revival as the worship team leads from the floor, while on their faces. Young adults fall to their knees in worship. You can even hear the faint cries and groans of desperation (around 8/9 mins in). This is not hype; this is a cry for God to fulfill Isaiah 64:1—"tear open the Heavens and come down!” This large-scale measure of encounter is a sign that the river is rising. This broke something open for youth and young adults, as we started to witness gatherings springing up at secular universities, from Auburn University(4) to Florida State University (the number 2 party school in America)(5) to University of Tennessee(6) to University of Alabama.(7) Thousands of students gathered at each place, worshipping the Lord, praying, repenting of sin, giving their hearts completely to Jesus, and being water-baptized… in university fountains and horse troughs! Most recently, in May 2024, the largest U.S. baptism ever was held in California, where 12,000 people were immersed.(8) May the data and testimonies I shared encouragingly remind you that we are stepping into another depth of the River of God. Four Keys to Step into the Next Level of God’s River 1. Discern the Times. Dutch Sheets teaches that when you know what time it is, you know what to do. Scripture tells us to “ask for rain in the time of rain” (Zechariah 10:1). If we are seeing God move in this unusual way, pouring out His Spirit, we have a responsibility to ask for more. Every report I have provided thus far is prophetic reinforcement to let you know that we are living in days of outpouring and awakening. Every testimony of God’s activity is an indicator light clearly communicating what time it is in the Spirit. 2. Define the Terms. We are moving into an hour of awakening; this is different from revival. A quick review of terms: Renewal is when a believer who is already passionate about Jesus is refreshed by the Holy Spirit.  Revival is when the outpouring of the Spirit resurrects or revives a spiritually dying/dead church or believer. Awakening is another depth of the River altogether. This is when a move of God becomes geographical and impacts the land. Notice that many of the great moves of God throughout history did not have a church name in their title: The Welsh Revival, the Hebrides Revival, the Great Awakening. They shifted the spiritual landscapes of cities, territories, and even nations. I prophesy we are stepping into awakening, where revived believers will arise and become carriers of God’s revival fire wherever they go, causing entire territories to spiritually awaken to the activity of God. 3. Determine to Get a Bigger Vision. Your assignment is to read Acts 8:4-8 and Acts 9:32-43 until you get a vision of multitudes saved, many healed, notable miracles, resurrections from the dead, mass deliverances, and entire cities turning to the Lord. Remember, you will pray for what you can see with the eyes of faith. If you don’t have faith for cities, territories, or even nations to be transformed, you simply won’t pray into these realities. The Lord recently convicted me about this. He asked, “Larry, are you praying for revival?” Sure, I preach and lecture about moves of God and write books about revival, and encourage others to pray for outpouring, but I was not personally praying for the revival I preached about… because my vision was limited. I realized I needed eyes of faith to see the very real possibility of cities, territories, and even nations being spiritually “born in a day” in the thunder of awakening. Acts 8:8 says that there was “great joy in that city” because of the supernatural demonstration of Holy Spirit power through deliverance and healing. Imagine a city filled with joy. Can you see it: New York, London, San Francisco, Sydney, and Vegas – filled with joy. If it’s in Scripture, it’s possible, and if it’s possible, it’s legal grounds for fervent prayer and intercession. Continue to read Acts 9:32-34, and you will note that because of a notable miracle, “all who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him (Aeneas, who was healed) and turned to the Lord.” Let that little phrase provoke you: “all… turned to the Lord.” 4. Decide to Pray. Armed with Book-of-Acts level vision, it’s time to start praying some big, bold prayers. Why? It’s raining, so we ask for rain. The river is rising, so we continue to dive in head-first, wildly splashing in everything the Spirit of God is pouring out right now. Pray with me: Lord, give me eyes to see the possibility of a landscape-changing spiritual awakening in my city, in my state, and in my nation—in my day. Burn it in my heart – the vision of seeing mass salvations, mass deliverance, and mass miracles – so much so that entire territories would be filled with Your Presence and joy. Father, raise up watchmen of revival. Give us spiritual discernment and sensitivity to appropriately recognize the works of darkness, so we can resist them. But may our consuming drive be to eagerly look for Your movement, Your activity, Your outpourings, and Your glory rising. Our decree: We decree that the River of God is rising and that we are stepping into a whole new dimension and depth of awakening. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s post was contributed by Larry Sparks and taken from his book, Pentecostal Fire. You can find out more about Larry at His book can be found on Amazon. For an excellent presentation of this teaching, read Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation Second Edition by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce (2024, Destiny Image), pages 141-150. “Agnus Dei” performed by Passion Worship.

  • June 3, 2024

    From Dutch This week Ceci and I will be spending time with our amazing DSM staff for a time of staff enrichment. Since we have employees in four different states, we feel it’s important that we spend time together periodically, face-to-face. While away, I’ve asked 5 of my ministry friends to share with you. Today, you will hear from Sarasota Pastor Brian Gibbs. Brian is an anointed, on-fire pastor who will challenge us regarding our passion for Jesus. I was inspired listening to this teaching, and know you will be too. ___________________________________________________________________ Introduction It’s a great honor for me to be with you all once again today, as Dutch and Ceci are getting some much-needed time away for rest and refreshing. I thought it would be most appropriate to pray and speak a blessing over them together: Father God, together, we speak and release fresh oil from the Holy Spirit over Dutch and Ceci today—and their entire team. Envelop them and love them. May their time together be beautiful in every way. May it be refreshing—spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally and financially. We speak abundance over their ministry!  Lord, may this time together be filled with new experiences and filled with joy and romance. Thank you for their lives, their marriage, and for this ministry contending for revival, awakening, and reformation in this urgent hour. In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen! Today’s title is: Those Who Tremble At His WORD “This is what the Lord says, ‘Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where, then, is a house that you could build for Me? And where will My resting place be?  For all these things My hand has made, So all these things came into being [by and for Me],’ declares the Lord. ‘But to this one I will look [graciously], to him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who [reverently] trembles at My word and honors My commands.’” (Isaiah 66:1-2 Amplified Translation) God says that this is the person He’s going to look for: the one who’s humble, the one who’s contrite or broken, and trembles at the sound of His voice, and honors the Master’s command. This is who God Almighty is searching for. Who is that person? Is it you? Stop reading (or listening) for a moment and ask yourself: Do I match the description of the person to whom God is looking for? And here’s the part that really crushes me. It’s that last phrase: the one who “trembles at My word.” 2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (NKJV) Jeremiah, the mighty prophet, describes this trembling as a burning fire inside his bones. “Then I said, ‘I will not make mention of Him, nor speak any more in His name. But His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, and I could not.’” (Jeremiah 20:9 NKJV). The greatest thing in all the world is to hear the voice of God, as far as I am concerned. My heart stands at attention and also sings with joy when I hear His voice. I would rather hear God's voice in rebuke than anybody else's voice in flattery. Psalm 2:11 says, “Serve the Lord with fear (honor and reverence) and celebrate His rule with trembling” (NIV). That is awesome! Isaiah 66:5 says, “Hear the word of the Lord, You who tremble at His word” (NKJV). Again, Isaiah declared by the Holy Spirit, “But to this one I will look [graciously], To him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who [reverently] trembles at My word and honors My commands.” To tremble is: to revere, honor, hold with deep esteem and sacred respect, to be in awe, appreciate, cherish, value, and treasure. Cherish the voice of the Lord speaking to your heart from His Word each day—in the still, small voice, the inner witness of His Spirit, and in quality time with Him in prayer and worship. His voice can most certainly be audible as well. We must be people who honor His awesome Holy Spirit! Honor attracts the anointing of Holy Spirit. Humility sustains the anointing. Living clean and holy (a consecrated life) protects the anointing in our lives. If you do these things—you can be a man and a woman trusted to hear His voice and obey. And we must be these vessels of honor, His own special people, who are hearing from the Lord in this most critical and urgent hour. If we tremble at His word—this means, it is a manifestation of fearing Him. The fear (reverence) of the Lord is a gift. When we do this, we will obey Him instantly. We will not procrastinate, hesitate, or deviate from His Word. We won’t take what He is speaking to us casually. We’ll step forward and obey it. We’ll be alert in our spirit and follow His assignments with clear obedience. When we have the true fear of the Lord, we will obey Him, even when it doesn’t make sense. The generation we’re living in is so adamantly set on having everything explained to them before acting on anything. God asks for our obedience to be done by faith—not by having full understanding. Faith comes first; understanding comes later. In the famous words of Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix movie: “Your comprehension is not a prerequisite of your participation.” When we tremble at His word and grasp the true fear of God, we will obey Him, even when we don’t see the benefit. It is too common for Christians to expect a picture of the benefits before they decide to obey God. Our reward for acting in obedience should not be our motive. We should give, pray, be stretched, and sacrifice…getting in the presence of God because we love Him and because we fear (revere) Him! When we tremble at the word of God, we will obey Him to completion—just as Abraham did when walking with Isaac to the top of Mt. Moriah to offer Him up, even believing God would raise His promised son from the dead. Abraham trembled at God’s instruction and honored His word, which took him to a new dimension of revelation with the God of covenant (see Genesis 22). To become a voice for God, we must honor and cherish (holding in the highest regard) our relationship with Jesus and His Word as the ultimate authority in our lives. In a generation that venomously despises and mocks God and all that is sacred—we must tremble at His word to become carriers and burning messengers of His holy Word. John the Baptist said, “But the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled. He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:29–30 NKJV). John was a burning and shining lamp not because he passionately burned before the people, but because he stood before the burning One and was set ablaze with holy passion. John was the man who became a forerunner and the voice “preparing the way of the LORD”! John’s training and discipline were in the wilderness. The wilderness is a place where no one is exempt. It’s a place and time where there is pruning, shaping, sculpting, fashioning, disciplining, and rebuking. John was forged in the wilderness to tremble at the word of the Lord and become a trusted messenger. In Luke 1:80 (ESV), speaking of John, it says: “And the child continued to grow and become strong in spirit, and he lived in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance (or manifestation) to Israel.” John’s level of humility was not something he just came out of the womb possessing. He was just as human as you and I. Humility was forged in his heart through years spent in the wilderness, where he learned to hear and love the voice of God. He came to believe his identity was sure before heaven and chose a lifestyle of extravagant devotion and consecration. He courageously obeyed the call of God on his life by trumpeting a call of repentance to lost people and a nation. John did not seek to be great before men. His quest was to seek out the One whose greatness is beyond measure, and he was set on fire in that journey. John had a divine obsession that overpowered his humanity, indifference, natural pride, and ambition. If you are like me, and perhaps you are, your heart longs to make a real impact in this chaotic world. You long to put your hand to something of eternal significance. If that’s you—then go to Him. Spend quality time alone in the secret place with JESUS. Hear Him. He will set your heart on fire. Let Him give you a real message and commission to this generation. I’m not talking about a good sermon or a tweetable truth. I’m speaking of the reality of becoming so obsessed, so on fire for the glory of God, that you tremble and become a chosen messenger—a voice for GOD, not an echo, but a voice that penetrates the thick and gross darkness upon this prodigal nation. JESUS invites each of us to not just raise a torch, but become passionate for Him, a burning torch—a burning blazing man and woman of God who trembles at His word and honors His commands. And like John, He gives us a message of hope for a lost people, and the ultimate message that our King is coming again soon. Pray with me: Father God, we pray that our hearts will burn within us and tremble at Your word. May we be the people who honor Your commands. May we find and discover our voice when with You. May Your voice thunder through us. May Your roar of righteousness be released through us to bring hope, salvation, freedom, deliverance, victory, and life. God, You are pouring out Your Spirit just as You promised, and may Your­ sons­ and­ daughters­ prophesy. May Your young men see visions and Your old men dream dreams (see Joel 2:28). Pour out Your Spirit and thrust us into radical, unstoppable revival and national awakening! Shake our nation now, Spirit of the living God. Send us into the universities, the highest places of government, into the streets, into our cities, into our churches, our schools, and into the darkness. Let there be light! Let there be victory! In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Leonard Ravenhill said: “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity.” Our time is now, friends! Our decree: I will tremble at your holy Word, Lord JESUS. I will honor your commands. I will become a voice of righteousness for this generation. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Today’s GH15 was shared by Pastor Brian Gibbs. You can find out more about Brian, including his books and other resources, at

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