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  • August 15, 2022

    Over the past couple of years, we have shared hundreds of Give Him 15 posts. They have come from God’s mandate to equip the Ekklesia so we can pray for America more effectively. From time to time, we will be sharing our most requested posts. Some will be strategic teachings, key parts of America’s prophetic history, important concepts we are learning as the Ekklesia, and occasionally, even prophetic dreams Dutch feels we need to keep in remembrance. Thank you for being part of the GH15 family. Continue praying for America and enjoy these great teachings. The DSM Staff Agreeing with the Cloud of Witnesses My journey regarding the Appeal to Heaven flag began as I spoke to the student body of a Bible institute in 2001. I was concerned that the institute was not walking in the fullness of what its founder, Gordon Lindsay, had established. To be clear, it was not an issue of sin; the school was not in an apostate state. The institute was full of good administrators, faculty, and students who loved Jesus. I simply realized that, just as happens to all of us from time to time, the school was experiencing less than what God intended it to experience and needed a stronger connection to its roots. In response to this burden, I chose to replace one of my teaching sessions with a prayer meeting. As I led the student body in intercession, I heard the Lord whisper a phrase to me, “You need to agree in prayer with Gordon Lindsay.” That startled me; Lindsay had died nearly 30 years earlier. “Lord,” I said, “is that really You speaking? He isn’t here; he’s in heaven.” In retrospect, it’s comical to try and explain something to the Lord, but I felt I needed to state the obvious. “He’s dead, Lord,” I reiterated. The response was simple, “Well, his prayers are not dead.” That really impacted me. If you had asked if I believed Gordon Lindsay’s prayers had died with him, I would have said “no,” yet I had never given the concept any real thought. Holy Spirit continued, “Until this generation comes into agreement with what he asked me to do, I can’t answer his prayer.” This greatly impacted me, as I realized God hadn’t said, “I won’t.” He had clearly said that without this generation’s agreement with Lindsay, “I can’t” answer his prayers and do what I promised him. I began to ponder Hebrews 11, remembering the heroes of faith listed there along with some of their amazing exploits. Interestingly, however, the passage is also clear that some of those faith-heroes did not see the fulfillment of their promises. This has always seemed somewhat contradictory to me. When God searched history to accent greater lives of faith, He chose to list some that did NOT receive the fulfillment of their God-given promises. These people went to the grave with unrealized promises from God, yet they had truly believed, even making it into the great Hall of Faith. Clearly, they weren’t deficient in their walk of faith; why then did they die without seeing the promises fulfilled? The last two verses of Hebrews 11 give us the amazing answer; they did not receive the fulfillment of their promises because God wouldn’t allow them to be “complete” without us. That is incredible! We, today, are a continuation of these individuals’ callings and assignments. The Greek word translated “complete” also means “to finish; to mature; to reach the intended goal.” Think about the ramifications of this: without us, God can’t finish what He began through those saints; what He started through them cannot mature or reach its intended goal until we grab the baton and run our leg of the race. That is mind-blowing! God gave these individuals promises, but He often didn’t give them timelines. He did not tell them He would bring the fulfillment into their lifetimes, although I’m sure most of them expected Him to do so. The eternal God, who transcends time, speaks promises that are sometimes more reflective of His nature and relationship with time than ours. At times, He makes promises to people, knowing full well He will deliver on those promises through their children, grandchildren, or spiritual descendants. I wonder what I may be finishing for some pastor or teacher from a few decades ago? Or perhaps for even some flag-waving patriot warrior? The generations are far more interconnected than most of us realize. In God’s mind, accomplishing something through our descendants is the same as doing it through us. Our comparatively shortsighted approach assumes every promise He makes will take place momentarily, or at the very least before we die! Meanwhile, God feels no pressure and understands that if He fulfills His promises through our offspring (natural or spiritual), the accomplishments were for us, as well as for them. Conversely, the opposite is also true. The actions and accomplishments of individuals in former generations are sometimes credited to those who follow. Hebrews 7:9 states that the descendants of Levi paid tithes through their great, great grandfather Abraham. I wonder what blessing we’re experiencing today that someone else paid for! There is an aspect of our spiritual walk that stretches beyond the boundaries of our window on earth. We can connect spiritually with past events before, and we can affect future happenings through our actions today. But Holy Spirit wasn’t finished instructing me in this prayer session. He was about to use a seven-word sentence to rock my finite human mind. These seven words stretched my thinking yet again, and have resonated in me ever since: He said to me, “I need the synergy of the ages.” “You need WHAT?” I immediately responded. It is obvious by now that this prayer time was wreaking havoc on my preconceived concepts and paradigms! A 13-year journey was beginning with a series of theological brainteasers that, fortunately, were making me think outside of my God-limiting boxes. What is the synergy of the ages? I quietly wondered. Synergy is a fascinating concept. Basically, it is a multiplication of power or effect through a combined effort. In almost all cases in the physical world, one plus one equals two. But not when people work together. When two or more people combine their efforts and strengths, power is multiplied - not just added. God so loves unity and agreement that He created a phenomenon through which power multiplies if we will simply work together! Synergy, however, not only operates in the natural realm, it also exists in the spirit realm. Prayer is one example. Spiritual synergy takes place when two or more agree in prayer. The result is that through multiplied power, much more is accomplished than would have been had we prayed alone. Leviticus 26:8 teaches us about this power of multiplication, “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before your sword.” Spiritually, that’s powerful; mathematically, however, it makes no sense. Think about it - if five of us can chase a hundred, that means each of us is responsible for twenty. At that rate, a hundred should chase two thousand, not ten thousand. But something unusual and supernatural takes place through agreement: synergy. When we agree in prayer, power grows exponentially. Synergy also occurs when generations connect. Honoring our parents increases our years on earth (Ephesians 6:1-2) while disconnecting from them brings curses (Malachi 4:6). Spiritual mantles, another word for callings and giftings, multiply in effectiveness through generational synergy (2 Kings 2:9). God’s plan is always for the present generation to build on the strengths of the previous. This is the synergy of the ages - multiplied power and fruitfulness through generational agreement and honor. In Al Sander’s book Crisis in Morality! he compares descendants of an atheist, Max Jukes, to the offspring of a well-known preacher of that same era, Jonathan Edwards: Max Jukes...married an ungodly girl and among their descendants were 310 who died as paupers, 150 as criminals, 7 as murders, 100 as drunkards and more than half of the women were prostitutes. Jonathan Edwards...lived at the same time and married a godly girl [Sarah Pierpont]. An investigation was made of 1,394 known descendants of theirs. Of these descendants, 13 became college presidents, 65 college professors, 3 United States senators, 30 judges, 100 lawyers, 60 physicians, 75 army and navy officers, 100 preachers and missionaries, 60 authors of prominence, one a vice-president of the United States, 80 became public officials...and 295 college graduates, among whom were governors of states and ministers to foreign countries. Could any testimony more powerfully make my point? Success, favor, and blessing can multiply down through the generations. But due to our ignorance in this area, we unknowingly break the generational storyline God is writing. When Holy Spirit spoke to me that day, I was already aware of synergistic prayer. I knew I could agree in prayer with the person next to me, and power would be multiplied. I just didn’t know I could agree with the generation behind me! Generational synergy - the synergy of the ages - was nowhere on my radar. Once God had awakened me to the principle; however, He wasn’t about to stop with a Bible institute. Before He was finished, Holy Spirit would challenge me to reach back to our nation’s founders, agreeing with what He had birthed through them. And when He did, a forgotten flag would be an important part of the process. I’ll describe that notable introduction soon. “Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. This testimony of faith is what previous generations were commended for” (Hebrews 11:1-2 TPT). Pray with me: Father, as we contemplate the importance of an old flag and how You are using it today, we marvel at Your unusual ways. A part of understanding the flag is understanding how much You honor those who have gone before us. And also how much You require us to connect with and continue their legacy. We thank You for fathers and mothers in the faith, and in the natural. We thank You for the price paid by those who came before us. And as we do so, we turn our attention to America. The great cloud of witnesses includes people who pioneered freedom and liberty for us here. We know they made mistakes, and part of our history is evil. But we also know this can be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and believe much of it has been. And as we now look forward, we ask for revelation of this incredible concept You call “the synergy of the ages.” As we embrace and honor those who have gone before us, we ask for a multiplying of Your power today. Let that translate into the fullness of Your purpose for America: being an incredibly powerful voice of the gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the earth. And we boldly declare that no effort of darkness will stop this. America will fully turn back to You, and You will accomplish through her all that You intended in this hour. We pray and declare these things in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen Our decree: We decree that the synergy of the ages is producing powerful and wonderful fruit in America today. Portions of today’s post were taken from my book An Appeal to Heaven. Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • August 12, 2022

    The Reward is Coming I’m not sure if I have ever lived in a time when things are changing so fast - some good, and quite a lot, not so good. When this happens, it’s important not to get caught up in everything, allowing it to dictate how we live our lives and how we feel about things. We must remind ourselves that Holy Spirit working, even when we cannot see Him. There is more happening in the spirit realm than we know or even imagine. I wrote about God changing the times and seasons a while back, something I often refer to as the divine shift. In this context, I often reference chronos, the Greek word for general or chronological time, and kairos, strategic and opportune time. Though important to understand their spiritual application, the terms are not necessarily spiritual in nature; they simply refer to different phases of time. Chronos, typically much longer, is planting and tending to the seed; kairos is harvest season. Chronos is mundane, kairos is exciting. Chronos is the investment, kairos is the reward. As we persevere through difficult times (chronos), if we aren’t careful, a mindset can evolve that says life will always be this way. We might begin to believe that the kairos time is never coming. If we’re not careful, we lose our expectations, and our faith begins to waver. We’ve prayed so long, plowed so long, believed so long, and held on for so long that we begin to live with a “so long” mentality. Disillusionment then sets in, and our faith is gone. God wants to shift our mentality from becoming discouraged during these times to realizing the necessity of chronos seasons. We’re not losing or wasting time, we’re investing it. And if we do so faithfully, the shift will come. Knowing that we are cooperating with God and giving Him what He needs in order to bring the new, we can rejoice over, rather than despise, small beginnings. We won’t despair about praying for years with little apparent fruit. Our faith will be based only on the truth of God’s Word, unmoved by adversity or delays. When we are properly prepared and the time is right, God can shift seasons very quickly. Overnight, it seems, He transforms dry places into rivers, barrenness into fruitfulness, and makes a way where there was no way. At the right time, God causes the shift, and change occurs - chronos into kairos. Allow this truth to bring faith and encouragement into your situation. Allow it to shape your mentality and influence your faith. Let’s look at some biblical examples to help us see this concept more clearly. Abraham received a glorious promise from God that he would have a son through Sarah, and his descendants would be in number as the stars in the sky. He then moved into a 24-year chronos season of having to persevere and walk by faith. After this season, as recorded in Genesis 18:10, God appeared to him and said, in essence, that a divine shift was about to happen: “I will surely return to you at this time next year; and behold, Sarah your wife shall have a son.” (The word for “time” in this verse is eth, the Hebrew counterpart for the Greek word kairos - strategic or opportune time.) After so many years in the chronos season, Abraham and Sarah laughed cynically at this prospect. Abraham even tried to talk God into fulfilling His plans through Ishmael. But true to His word, God created the shift; He changed the times and the seasons. Abraham and Sarah moved from chronos to kairos. The new sprang forth from the old, and Isaac, the son of promise, was born. Another example can be seen in Abraham’s descendants. Israel was in a difficult chronos season of having to persevere and wait in Egypt. Suddenly, the shift sprang forth. When the time was right, God, in His great wisdom and power, changed the season! As a part of the process, Yahweh came to Moses, who had ended up in exile for his own 40-year chronos season. Holy Spirit told Moses that He was about to use him to shift things. Moses said essentially, “Shift them with somebody else, not me.” But God made it clear to Moses that he was the one who had been chosen to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt. God brought about the divine shift, both for Moses and the nation of Israel. In a sad turn of events, the Israelites weren’t able to believe in this kairos season, and lost it. The next generation, who would eventually go in and possess the land, had to wait through their own chronos period. God spoke to Joshua and said that in three days they were to go into the Promised Land. He was creating a divine shift. The wandering was over, and Yahweh moved the nation into a new phase. Saul, who became the apostle Paul, received a visitation from God on the road to Damascus. He then went into a routine chronos season where for 12 to 13 years, God was transforming him and bringing great revelation. When the time was right, Holy Spirit declared that Paul was to be separated to the work he was called to do (Acts 13). His chronos time became a kairos time as God released Paul into the fullness of his ministry. The routine time wasn’t wasted. It was all part of the process of training and preparation for what God was planning to launch him into. Chronos shifted into kairos, and the world has never been the same since. Captain Ralph and his only crew member Shaun, had dropped off their passengers at the Northwest town of Poulsbo and were on their regular route back to Seattle. A fierce storm had developed, and as they reentered Puget Sound on the luxury yacht The Matchmaker, they heard an urgent radio transmission. Strong winds had tipped over a sailboat, sending a man and woman into the frigid waters of Puget Sound. The man had made it to shore, but the woman was missing. A helicopter and rescue boats were crisscrossing the area where the woman had fallen into the water, but after almost two hours, they were beginning to lose hope of finding her. It was doubtful she could still be alive after that much time in the icy cold waters. The Matchmaker was quite a ways from the rescue operation, but Captain Ralph realized their location was strategic. Having traversed the Sound many times, he was very familiar with its currents. He told Shaun that the woman would no longer be in the area of the capsized boat but by now, would have been carried by the strong current directly into their path. Because of the storm, it was impossible for any other boat to get to that area in time to try and save her. Recognizing they were this woman’s only opportunity for rescue, Captain Ralph and Shaun strained to see or hear anything that might help them find her in the midst of the storm. Suddenly they heard a faint noise that sounded like a bird. As Captain Ralph turned the boat so the lights of Seattle could illuminate the water, they saw the woman crying out to them for help. While Captain Ralph maneuvered the boat into position, Shawn pulled the desperate woman aboard. Collapsing at Shaun’s feet, she grasped his legs while thanking him again and again. Imagine her relief upon seeing The Matchmaker’s approach! She had been watching the rescue operation disappear farther and farther into the distance as the current swept her away. A routine journey became a strategic event, and a woman’s life was saved. We must be ready. Like Captain Ralph, God has prepared us for a specific kairos. He is using our trials to strengthen and train us. I remember when God caused the Iron Curtain in Europe to be destroyed in the early 1990s. People had prayed for decades to break down the oppression of Communist regimes that held millions of people in bondage. It didn’t look like this would ever happen. But suddenly, God changed the times and the seasons. He created the divine shift, and the face of Eastern Europe was changed - different governments, different leaders, and even different names of nations. God had the necessary wisdom and power to bring the divine shift very quickly. He can do the same for us. Persevere in the chronos - the routine. Kairos is coming! Pray with me: Father, we thank You for the times of planting, sowing, and working Your process of life. You do all things well. You know what is needed in the mundane, routine seasons when it looks like nothing is happening and we are faced with discouragement. You are working behind the scenes, under the ground. And just as there is seed time, there will be harvest!! Thank You for teaching us Your ways. We will not waver. You are shifting the time and season even now. Your heart is excited. You are expectant! And so are we! The God of all the earth is about to act! Nothing will stop this. Nothing. We pray for America, and we pray for the nations of the earth. We call forth change - change in governments, judicial systems, societies, individual lives, and yes, in the spiritual realm over entire nations. We now reach deep within to the fruit of endurance, long-suffering, and patience. We will NOT waver during this important time. When we have done all, we will stand, for America shall be saved. Our decree: The God who changes the times and seasons is preparing us for a great shift. Today’s post was taken from my book God’s Timing for Your Life (published by Baker Books). Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • August 11, 2022

    Fearless and Focused I am always interested when I find an article and statement regarding the Ekklesia. This, as many of you know, is Christ’s legislative arm on earth, translated “church” in Matthew 16. Our friend, Gina Gholston, sent me the following word she received from the Lord regarding His Ekklesia. “The purposes of God for our nation are absolutely not a lost cause. The moment of history we are in has not taken God by surprise. One may be tempted to look through the eyes of the flesh and conclude that America is too far gone, but such is not the case. Known of God from the foundation of the world has been the content and outcome of His righteous plan. He is not chasing the devil, as though satan is ahead and God has to catch up with and overcome him. God is not, nor has He ever been, behind, and He is not reacting to what hell is trying to accomplish. God is working His plan! “‘Through the finished work of the Cross, Jesus brought ‘many sons to glory’ (Hebrews 2:10). God has placed in these ‘many sons’ the Spirit of His Son, Jesus, who enables and empowers us to be His effective representatives in the world. He has strategically prepared and placed His sons and daughters in positions all across this nation and the world, and through them, He will work and accomplish His full intentions for all nations. “The Ekklesia that Jesus built, His church, His body, is now standing with readiness to move and work with and for Him. They are not distracted by works of darkness that have blinded the eyes of so many. Regardless of how things may appear in the world around us, these devoted warriors stand with confidence, knowing that God is faithful and will never violate His covenant nor alter the word that has gone out of His lips (Psalm 89:34). They are not leaning on their own understanding, but trusting in the Lord with all of their hearts, in all their ways they acknowledge God, and He is directing their paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). They are persuaded that Christ always causes them to triumph and that, through them, He will release the fragrance of the knowledge of Himself everywhere they go (2 Corinthians 2:14). They do not depend on their own might or strength, but are strong in the power of His might (see Ephesians 6:10); through God, they do valiantly as He goes before them to tread down every enemy (Psalm 60:12). God has awakened and positioned the Ekklesia with understanding and revelation for such a time as this. Through us, He will show Himself strong and make Himself known. “I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, ‘The boot heels of My marching army are creating a sound that is shifting the ground beneath them. The weightiness of My presence in them and on them is causing movement as they step in time to My rhythm. They are fearless and focused, moving by My Spirit, and the gates of hell will not prevail against them.’ “There is an unstoppable movement of the righteous, and through us, God will come and make things right again! We are not fighting against people. That must be understood. Our warfare is not with flesh and blood, but we are adequately and powerfully equipped to successfully extinguish every plot, scheme, and agenda of hell that has been launched in an attempt to overthrow God’s purposes for our lives and the existence of America. “The Lord says, ‘There is order coming out of the chaos. My order is being established. It is a transformation. In the transformation, much and many will shake, but what remains will be a foundation, and My glorious church will rise and build with authority and the backing of My power. There has been disorder, but now, I say, watch My order being established and My will being done. Watch and see as My glory comes.’ “I remember a short vision the Lord once gave me where I saw the page of a book being caught by a blast of wind. A page turned and revealed a new page. There I saw the entire chapter of Mark 11. I gasped! Then the vision ended. “I immediately opened my Bible and read Mark chapter 11. As I read those verses, I was heavily drawn to the first three words of verse 11: ‘And Jesus entered…’ The glory of God just seemed to surround me, and I felt a strong knowing that the King of glory is about to make a triumphant entrance—not for the church, not yet, but into the church and into the nations with an unavoidable awareness of His presence. And everything is about to change! “The King is here. The church and America are rising with a show-stopping declaration: ‘Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me’ (Micah 7:8 KJV). “Jesus is declaring and enforcing His verdicts through His surrendered Ekklesia. We are now rising with confidence that God is with us—Christ is in us—and His Spirit empowers us to be His effective representatives on the earth! He has put His words in our mouths. As His Ekklesia, we speak with His unmatched authority, and He watches over His words to perform and fulfill them with the backing of His might and the demonstration of His power! He works through us so the world will see and know that He alone, is God! We place our trust in Him. Besides Him, there is no savior, and in Him, there is no defeat! He has declared the future of this land, and He will save America. The King lives within us. Through us, He will work His plan, and no one and nothing can stop or reverse what He has come to do!” Pray with me: Lord, we are Your Ekklesia, filled with Your Spirit, and called to fulfill Your purposes for this time in history! We take our place on the timeline of Your plan with undaunted confidence and faith in You. Our eyes are focused on You. Our ears are attentive to Your leading, and our lives are devoted to You as vessels through which You can work. Show us Your glory. Be who You are! Do what You do! All-consuming Fire, consume us with Yourself. Burn off every hindrance. Clothe us with Your righteousness and stand us up as unmistakable, easily recognizable carriers of Your glory. May the weightiness of Your presence on us create a holy movement. We march to the rhythm of Holy Spirit as He guides us according to Your great wisdom and intentions. May we be carriers of Your spirit in undeniable demonstrations of Your transforming glory. In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen! Our decree: As Christ’s representatives, the Ekklesia stands with anointing and power to enforce His righteous verdict: America shall be saved! Portions of today’s post were taken from Gina’s book, Awakening the Church to Awaken a Nation. You can find out more about Gina here. Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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