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January 31, 2021

Let’s Dream a Little

What will Operation Redeem All, part of a Third Great Awakening, look like? Let’s dream a little:

  • The presence of God will be incredibly strong in our lives and gatherings. His manifest presence will be so real; this alone will draw people to salvation. Worship will go for hours, even days, as people become lost in His overwhelming presence. Token worship times of 15-20 minutes will not be tolerated in places that are experiencing this outpouring. People will have tasted of Him and nothing else will satisfy.

  • Gimmicks will no longer be needed. Programs will still have their place but will not be the main draw or attraction.

  • Bite-sized messages of 10 to 15 minutes will also not be enough. People will be hungry to learn God’s word and ways. Bible reading and study will be in vogue again. This, alone, will deal with much deception and humanistic thinking in America. People will suddenly care what God says and thinks. A biblical worldview will begin to be desired.

  • The fullness of Christ’s anointings will be manifested: the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching giftings of Jesus will function at their highest potential levels. This will enable the church to fully manifest Him. Christ will be clearly seen among the nations.

  • Salvations will occur by the millions. The numerical growth of the body of Christ will be explosive. Every stratum of society, every age group, all classes of people, and every race will be part of this harvest. Divisions and prejudices will be overcome by the love of God. Campuses and universities will be on fire with revival. Classes will be interrupted, events will be canceled and students will gather by the thousands to worship. Teachers and professors, too, will be impacted by this.

  • Deliverance will be dramatic. People will be freed from oppression, immorality, gender confusion, hatred, anger, rejection, eating disorders, mental disorders, fear, drugs, and more.

  • Miracles - signs and wonders - will be prevalent, pointing people to Jesus. Extraordinary miracles will take place. Creative miracles will be seen. Incurable diseases will be healed.

  • Crime will diminish. Violence will decrease. Entire gangs will be saved. Drug dealers will be born again. Pornography will decrease. Poverty will lessen. Love will abound.

  • Government officials will be transformed. God will be honored in many government places. Laws will change, life will be honored and our Christian heritage will be celebrated. America will once again celebrate her role of exporting the gospel to all nations. The church will disciple entire nations; Kingdom principles will transform them from poverty to blessing, hunger to provision, and disease to health. Curses will lift.

America has not seen a revival the likes of which is coming. Nor have other nations, for this will take place around the world. Do not be so disappointed by the past season that you cannot move into the new. Our faith is not in individuals, political parties, the resources of people, our government, or other institutions. Our faith is in God. Reject any doctrine or theology that doesn’t have Jesus winning. Believe that He can bring this revival - declare it out of your mouth, daily. Add a bullet or two of your own to my list of what revival will look like. Believe He loves people enough to do this! Believe that the greatest campaign of Holy Spirit in the history of the world is now beginning! And choose to be a participant.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21 NASB)

A prayer you can pray:

Almighty God, we praise You for Your great love and grace. We thank You for Jesus and for Holy Spirit. We know we are moving into Operation Redeem All. We thank You for this. We believe You are working even now to begin this great outpouring of Your incredible Holy Spirit. It is going to be wonderful beyond our wildest dreams.

We prepare our hearts for this now. We are excited about it. We long for this amazing level of Your presence. We love to be with You. We love to talk to You, commune with You, dream with You, and partner with You. We thank You for the gifts of Your Spirit and we open our hearts to be used by You in these wonderful ways.

We pray for worldwide revival. We ask for a billion or more souls to come to You in this great outpouring. We ask for transformation, healing, deliverance from hunger, disease, and death. Pour out Your life all around the world. And we now decree that this shall be so! Nothing will stop it! We pray and decree these things in the mighty name of Jesus...Amen.


The greatest outpouring of Holy Spirit earth has ever seen is now beginning.


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