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April 13, 2023

I realize this post and the previous two are a little longer than usual, but I feel they are very important.

Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars - Part 3

For the past two days, we have been looking at a significant dream given to my friend, Dr. Greg Hood, a few months back. As I did yesterday, I’m including [in brackets] the part of the dream we have already discussed.

Summary: Thus far, we have seen that Christ is leading His Ekklesia into a spiritual battle to restore America’s covenant with Him, pictured by cedar trees. He called this battle: Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars. This covenant is linked to America’s purpose - partnering with Yeshua to take His gospel to all the world. There are several more important details you can see by looking at the previous two posts, Part 1 and Part 2.

[Parts 1 and 2 of the dream: “The dream started with Dutch and me (Greg) opening and walking through a gate leading to a long dirt road, canopied with willow trees. We walked for two miles under these willow trees. I knew it was two miles because there were wooden mile markers along the road. However, these markers looked different than those we see on a normal U.S. or State highway. This mile marker had the mile number 2, and underneath it was etched another number, 4352, and a crown.

“As we walked down this narrow dirt road, we could hear a wind blowing through the willow trees. The sound was like angels and people singing together. Somehow we knew this sound, though we could not make out the words. As we walked, we saw in the near distance a man sitting on a completely white horse. The horse was a very bright white. Its feet were moving slightly with the sound moving through the willow trees.

“As we approached the man, we were not sure if we wanted to walk any further, for the atmosphere had become very heavy. We could not make out the man’s face or appearance, but he was emanating an extremely bright light, had a sword on his side and a crown on his head. These two things we could clearly see.

“Dutch turned his head toward me very slowly, as if not wanting to draw attention from the man on the horse. Looking at me, he said, ‘We might die here, but we have to keep moving.’

“I (Greg) responded in a whisper, ‘I agree. We must press into this. I can see the road changes just past the man on the horse.’

“We continued to make our way down this dirt road with its canopy of willow trees. It was very difficult to continue because of the weight of the sound moving through the willow trees. (Yes, the sound had weight to it.) As we approached, the horseman moved his horse to the side of the road and, after we passed him, positioned himself just behind us, traveling down the dirt road with us. The overwhelming fear we once felt had turned into extremely bold confidence.

“As we continued walking, we noticed the road changing under our feet, from dirt to a paved road. Just before the road changed completely, the man on the white horse instructed us to stop and listen. He said, ‘Keep watching, and you will see all that is ahead of you, and even far off. Keep listening; my voice is guiding you. My voice will navigate you through this complicated and treacherous terrain. Keep moving, and you will take the land. The land ahead of you will look much different than it has before. This is your land.’ He then added, ‘You will not walk from here; you will ride.’

“I don’t know where they came from, but he presented each of us with a horse. As he did, we could see many other people approaching us, walking and leading horses. They were not coming from ahead of us but approached from within the willow trees. We knew many of them, as they were friends and co-laborers in ministry and life. There were also many that we did not know. Without hearing any order or command, we took the reins of our horses and mounted them - everyone at once.

“As we did this, the man on the white horse answered a question Dutch and I both had in our minds but were hesitant to ask. He knew our question, even though we hadn’t asked it. He said, ‘You want to know their names, don’t you, the names of your horses? Well, their names are not as important as the troop they come from; they are from Troop Basileus, and they will ride like it! These horses were bred for you.’ He went on to say, ‘They are bred for battle. They were bred for gathering spoil and occupying. They were bred to intimidate your adversaries.’

“As the road was transitioning, so were our clothes! In the dream, we had not been aware of the clothes we were wearing as we walked the road under the willow trees, but we did become aware of the new clothes that appeared on us as we moved ahead. We were now wearing garments of royalty and war…the garments of kings. It’s difficult to describe what we all looked like in these clothes. Everyone was dressed this way, and all looked brilliant!”]

More of the Dream

“The Lord began speaking to us again, ‘The realms over America are in sync, and the time is now for the redeeming of the nation. I will go before you in the unseen realm, and you will go forth in your realm. The realms are aligned, and my spoil is sure.’

“He looked at Dutch and me (Greg) and said, ‘Remember, keep watching, keep hearing, and keep moving forward. This battle will bring the land back to me.’ Then he turned, and with a commanding voice, addressed all the kings there, ‘REPEAT IT TO ME!’


Yeshua then said to us, again in a commanding voice, ‘DUTCH, GIVE THE FORWARD ORDER!’

“Dutch stood, stretched himself high in the stirrups of his saddle and boldly decreed, ‘KINGS, READY YOURSELVES!’ When he did this, all our horses threw their ears back and leaned back on their hind legs as if they were rockets ready to be launched. We could see their muscles tighten, and we could see their great strength and purpose. Dutch then commanded, ‘KINGS, READY YOUR SWORDS!!’ Every king drew his sword, sat forward in his saddle with knees tightly gripping the ribs of his horse. We were now ready to launch forward and take the land with the cedars.

“As Dutch commanded this, we all saw the sky become extremely bright. We knew the brightness was caused by many angels gathering for battle. We could not see into their brightness well, but we could see that they were all armed with bows and three arrows loaded into their bows.

“Dutch commanded, ‘KINGS, FORWARD!!’ A launching, a fierce movement began into the land of the cedars. We launched toward the first cedar, which looked firmly fortified by the adversary, knowing this battle would be intense.

“As we approached the cedar, we were able to see something meticulously carved into the tree. It was not put there by the adversary but had always been in the tree. It was the number 1025. We fought hard. Some of us grew tired, but our strength was quickly and supernaturally restored, and we continued to fight. We watched, heard, and moved according to the commands of Yeshua. We took back this cedar and set forces there to build Kingdom fortifications so the cedar would never be lost again.

“We shifted our focus toward the next cedar. Hearing the Lord’s voice, we moved. As we approached, we could see that this cedar had what appeared to be great fortifications around it. This tree also had a number carved into it, also done long before the adversary encamped around it. It was the number 1060.

“As we approached this cedar, we could see that the adversary’s fortification was not as strong as it appeared to be from far off. It was comprised of stick men, dressed up like men of war, not real men. We broke through their gates easily and made our way to the base of this great cedar. As we did, we noticed that the stick men had a black substance flowing from their feet into the ground. It was tainting the ground around this cedar and killing the tree.

“We began warring with the stick men that occupied this great cedar, using our swords. The decrees coming from our mouths took control of the battle, and we won.

“I (Greg) then nailed a decree to the cedar, which was given to me by an angel just under the number 1060 engraved into it. After I had nailed the decree to the tree, Dutch read it aloud, setting it into law. It read, ‘THE KING’S DECREE, AND THE DECREES OF THE KINGS, ARE HEREBY LAW IN THIS LAND, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. THIS CEDAR IS HEALED, ALONG WITH THE LAND AROUND IT! ITS ROOTS ARE HEALED, AND THE FRUIT OF ITS BRANCHES SHALL BRING GREAT FRUITFULNESS AND JOY INTO THIS LAND AGAIN. THIS CEDAR SHALL NEVER BE DEFILED AGAIN!’ Everyone knew this law was now established and would never be overturned.”

My Comments

Christ began by assuring us that the natural and spiritual realms are now aligned in a way that makes possible the redeeming of America. He would go before us, operating in the unseen realm, we would do so here on Earth.

It is important to point out the importance of discerning the times spiritually, not by what is seen. When revivals in history have occurred, the natural conditions were never positive. The word revival means “restore to life.” In other words, spiritual death is prevalent, creating the need for a “reviving.” It is a contradiction of terms to state that there is too much sin or corruption for God to send revival. That’s when we need it and why He does it!

What must “align,” as the dream states, between heaven and earth is the timing of God, the ripeness of the harvest (usually created by desperation and a recognition of our need), and the preparedness of God’s people, through whom He must work. This alignment, creating the right time, is NOT produced by a lack of sin in those that don’t know God.

We were then instructed to keep watching, keep hearing and keep moving forward. Christ kept emphasizing this, even making us declare that we would do so. We must follow the instructions of Holy Spirit carefully at this time, and KEEP MOVING AHEAD!

The command was then given to ready ourselves and our spiritual weapons. Angels joined us, each with a bow and 3 arrows. We then rode toward the first of the 7 cedars, which was heavily defended by adversaries.

Remember that the cedar trees represented America’s covenant and partnership with God. Carved into the tree was the number 1025, which is the number of the Greek word brephos, meaning a newborn child, an infant. I believe this is referring to the birth of our nation - we were born through our covenant with God. In the dream, we were recapturing this truth. Though the battle was wearying, as we watched, listened to, and moved according to the King’s commands, we prevailed. We then left forces there to strengthen the tree (covenant) with “Kingdom fortifications,” so it wouldn’t be lost again. This would most likely refer to biblical discipleship.

The Second Cedar

Christ then directed us to the next cedar, which had the number 1060 carved into it. This is the number of the Greek word gameo, “to marry.” Marriage, of course, is a covenant. The explanation of this cedar is that it compares America’s covenant with God as a “marriage” to Him. The use of this word is God’s way of saying America’s covenant with Him produced a union, a joining together, a partnership. I also believe it was His idea, that He raised up America and bestowed on us the greatest privilege ever given to a nation, apart from Israel: taking the gospel of Christ to all the world. Though all believers share this honor, I know of no other nation created specifically for this purpose.

We have since been unfaithful to Him and aligned with the spirit of Baal, who actually refers to himself as “the lord of covenant” (Baal-berith; Judges 8:33; Strongs 1170). This spirit causes individuals and nations to break covenant with God and align with (“marry”) him through idolatry, immorality, the shedding of innocent blood, and other sins. In the dream, he and his demons’ ability to destroy the tree (covenant) was a black substance on the ground, which had flowed from their feet. Admittedly this is subjective, but blood turns dark, even black, when it dries. I believe in the dream, it represents the shedding of innocent blood; that is what has empowered Baal.

We began warring with those who occupied this great cedar, using decrees (the sword of our mouth), and prevailed. Greg nailed a decree under the number engraved into the tree, 1060, which I read, setting it into law. I will read the decree again in the prayer. Everyone knew this law was now established and would never be overturned.

Pray with me:

Father, in this dream, You told us repeatedly to watch, listen and move at Your command. We are determined to do so.

You also told us that heaven and earth are now aligned in a way that allows You to redeem our nation. We are listening to You, not judging by what we see. Like Elijah on Mount Carmel, who heard the sound of rain when there was not a cloud in the sky - not one - we are listening for Your commands and instructions, not looking at circumstances.

You showed us in the dream that the marriage, partnership, and union our nation had with You has been lost but can be restored. There have been many prayers of divorcement from Baal - in every state of this nation. Also, the evil decree of Roe, which perhaps became our marriage vows to Baal, has been reversed. Because of these prayers of repentance, and the nullification of this evil decree, we ask You to free us completely from this stronghold. And we use the sword of our mouths, just as You instructed us, and decree: THE KING’S DECREE, AND THE DECREES OF THE KINGS, ARE HEREBY LAW IN THIS LAND, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. THIS CEDAR IS HEALED, ALONG WITH THE LAND AROUND IT! ITS ROOTS ARE HEALED, AND THE FRUIT OF ITS BRANCHES SHALL BRING GREAT FRUITFULNESS AND JOY INTO THIS LAND AGAIN. THIS CEDAR SHALL NEVER BE DEFILED AGAIN!’

We pray this and make this decree in the name of our King, Jesus. Amen

(I have written several times in Give Him 15, about Baal, the “strongman” or principality that has ruled America for decades. Here are links to two of the most important teachings concerning this. They will give you an even greater understanding of this dream. You can find these posts HERE and HERE)

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