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April 12, 2023

Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars - Part 2

In yesterday’s post, we began discussing a dream Holy Spirit gave Greg Hood. Though I won’t read the portion we included yesterday, I am including it [in brackets] for those who did not see it. Then I will continue with the second portion.

In review, Greg and I are traveling a dirt road flanked by willow trees, which symbolize loss, yet hope. The second mile-marker includes a number representing worship, with a crown also pictured. We then began to hear the worship of people and angels, mixed with the wind of Holy Spirit, and carrying the weighty glory of God.

Christ then appeared on a white horse, dressed as the Warrior King. He gave us the following instructions: “Keep watching, and you will see all that is ahead of you, and even far off. Keep listening, My voice is guiding you. My voice will navigate you through this complicated and treacherous terrain. Keep moving, and you will take the land. The land ahead of you will look much different than it has before. This is your land.” He then added, “You will not walk from here; you will ride.” Christ then gave us war horses from His kingly supply, we were joined by other believers, and He clothed us in kingly garments. Here is yesterday’s portion, followed by today’s new part:

[“The dream started with Dutch and me (Greg) opening and walking through a gate leading to a long dirt road, canopied with willow trees. We walked for two miles under these willow trees. I knew it was two miles because there were wooden mile markers along the road. However, these markers looked different than those we see on a normal U.S. or State highway. This mile marker had the mile number 2, and underneath it was etched another number, 4352, and a crown.

“As we walked down this narrow dirt road, we could hear a wind blowing through the willow trees. The sound was like angels and people singing together. Somehow we knew this sound, though we could not make out the words. As we walked, we saw in the near distance a man sitting on a completely white horse. The horse was a very bright white. Its feet were moving slightly with the sound moving through the willow trees.

“As we approached the man, we were not sure if we wanted to walk any further, for the atmosphere had become very heavy. We could not make out the man’s face or appearance, but he was emanating an extremely bright light, had a sword on his side and a crown on his head. These two things we could clearly see.

“Dutch turned his head toward me very slowly, as if not wanting to draw attention from the man on the horse. Looking at me, he said, ‘We might die here, but we have to keep moving.’

“I (Greg) responded in a whisper, ‘I agree. We must press into this. I can see the road changes just past the man on the horse.’

“We continued to make our way down this dirt road with its canopy of willow trees. It was very difficult to continue because of the weight of the sound moving through the willow trees. (Yes, the sound had weight to it.) As we approached, the horseman moved his horse to the side of the road and, after we passed him, positioned himself just behind us, traveling down the dirt road with us. The overwhelming fear we once felt had turned into extremely bold confidence.

“As we continued walking, we noticed the road changing under our feet, from dirt to a paved road. Just before the road changed completely, the man on the white horse instructed us to stop and listen. He said, ‘Keep watching, and you will see all that is ahead of you, and even far off. Keep listening; My voice is guiding you. My voice will navigate you through this complicated and treacherous terrain. Keep moving, and you will take the land. The land ahead of you will look much different than it has before. This is your land.’ He then added, ‘You will not walk from here; you will ride.’

“I don’t know where they came from, but he presented each of us with a horse. As he did, we could see many other people approaching us, walking and leading horses. They were not coming from ahead of us but approached from within the willow trees. We knew many of them, as they were friends and co-laborers in ministry and life. There were also many that we did not know. Without hearing any order or command, we took the reins of our horses and mounted them - everyone at once.

“As we did this, the man on the white horse answered a question Dutch and I both had in our minds but were hesitant to ask. He knew our question, even though we hadn’t asked it. He said, ‘You want to know their names, don’t you, the names of your horses? Well, their names are not as important as the troop they come from; they are from Troop Basileus, and they will ride like it! These horses were bred for you.’ He went on to say, ‘They are bred for battle. They were bred for gathering spoil and occupying. They were bred to intimidate your adversaries.’

“As the road was transitioning, so were our clothes! In the dream, we had not been aware of the clothes we were wearing as we walked the road under the willow trees, but we did become aware of the new clothes that appeared on us as we moved ahead. We were now wearing garments of royalty and war…the garments of kings. It’s difficult to describe what we all looked like in these clothes. Everyone was dressed this way, and all looked brilliant!”] End of Part 1.

“At this time, the man on the white horse repositioned himself at the front of this vast gathering of kings. His sword was now drawn and resting across the horn of his saddle. As he moved, the road and the trees completely changed. The road was now a paved road. We knew in the dream that this pavement would give us an advantage in the coming battle. (Horses don’t normally do well on paved surfaces, but this surface was made for our horses. It was a surface for war.) There was now another mile marker on the road. It was mile marker 22. Under the number 22 was written ‘The King’s Highway,’ and a scepter was engraved just under the phrase.

“Then the trees changed. There were now huge cedar trees strategically placed in the field of battle ahead of us. We could see 7 of them in the distance. The first one was very close to us. The man on the white horse said to us, ‘The adversary has encamped around my cedars. Now, I will have my cedars back. I now activate Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars! Your mission is to overtake and occupy the cedars of this land. You will be successful if you watch, hear, and move. When you take the cedars, you will take the land.’” End of Part 2.

My Comments

As Christ led us down the road, we came to mile marker 22. For 25 years, this has been a significant number for me, representing Isaiah 22:22. The verse speaks of being given spiritual keys with which to permanently open and close doors. This was fulfilled for all the church when Christ gave the Ekklesia His keys of authority in Matthew 16:18-19. The mile marker also read “The Kings Highway,” under which was etched a scepter. All of this points to our kingly authority, flowing to us from Christ.

Then we saw the battlefield, consisting of 7 cedar trees spaced sequentially, separated by some distance. Evergreen trees represent covenant in scripture. Abraham planted an evergreen tree in Genesis 21:33, symbolizing his covenant with Yahweh, and called on Everlasting God. In using this name of God, Abraham was declaring Yahweh as Lord of his past, present, and future. I speak extensively of this in my book, An Appeal To Heaven. The evergreen tree and this name of God have great significance in my journey and calling to America. The evergreen was also very significant to our Founders and is on the Appeal To Heaven flag.

The number 7 in Scripture also represents covenant (not just completion and rest), which is definitely the case in the dream. The Lord said to us, “The enemy has encamped around my cedars. Now, I will have my cedars back. I now activate Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars. Your mission is to overtake and occupy the Cedars of this land. You will be successful if you watch, hear, and move. When you take the Cedars, you will take the land.”

I have known for 25 years or more that the war for the soul of America is about covenant. Don’t think of America’s covenant with God in the same sense as His covenant with Abraham or the New Covenant through the blood of Christ. There are different levels and types of covenant. Technically, the biblical word for covenant simply means an agreement, contract, promise, etc. Covenants in Scripture were not all blood covenants, but were nonetheless sacred and binding. For example, David and Jonathan entered into a covenant together (1 Samuel 18:3), which David honored as a very sacred agreement. Joshua and Israel entered into a covenant with the Gibeonites, and though it was not on the level of the Abrahamic covenant or the New Covenant through Christ, it was still binding. Joshua actually defended them in war to honor this covenant (Joshua 9). King Saul was later judged for breaking this same covenant (2 Samuel 21).

When nations enter into a covenant with God, making promises and agreements with Him, as our Founders did, He takes them very seriously. God honors covenant and expects us to, as well. Fidelity to these covenants brings His blessing, protection, and prosperity; breaking them opens the nation to curses. America’s covenant agreement with God was to be a light to the nations, a city on a hill, taking the gospel of his kingdom to all the nations of the Earth. When Robert Hunt planted the Cross at Cape Henry in 1607 and dedicated this land to the glory of God and the spreading of the gospel to all the world, he actually used the word covenant. He and our later Founders knew God birthed America, not just for our freedom, but for His cause, as well.

Establishing America for this purpose does not mean God intended for the land to be taken from Native Americans and given to the Europeans. This was wrong. I believe God’s plan could have been enacted without this occurring, just as William Penn attempted to do by purchasing the land and walking in covenant with the Native Americans. It also does not excuse slavery and other sins. God did not orchestrate the bringing of slaves to America, but He DOES want all races now in America to participate in this covenant plan, working together for His cause. If He has His way, we will all participate in this coming great awakening, His church will become united in this purpose, and fulfill this holy calling together. No wonder satan and his followers war so fiercely against America! And it is no wonder he and those aligned with him make such heinous and despicable attempts to divide us. The devil desperately needs America to remain estranged from God, living under the curses of her broken covenant with Him, and thereby forfeiting her destiny.

Our rejection of and broken covenant with Yahweh has helped destroy the once-greatest nation on earth. The curses of demonic control, evil leaders, death, violence, moral decay, abandoning the family unit, financial devastation, destruction of our children, loss of power and protection, and more, have been astronomical. As I stated yesterday, we are on life support; only a spiritual awakening and miracle from God can save us.

HOWEVER, in this dream, Christ said He was coming, through the church, to take back the cedars! “You will be successful if you watch, hear, and move. When you take the cedars [restore Covenant], you will take the land,“ He declared. I have said many times and will continue to do so, this restoration will not be accomplished through the entire church, but by a remnant. We must not become discouraged by the complacency and lack of involvement of many. God is willing to heal our land through the intercession and actions of a few. Also, we must not become prideful about this, nor judgmental. My purpose in emphasizing it is to ward off discouragement: God can work through a remnant.

Though it does not appear that America can be restored at this time, in tomorrow’s post we will see Christ’s declaration that it IS time for this to occur. The necessary alignment of heaven and earth has taken place, and victory can occur.

Pray with me:

Father, we know this nation has broken covenant with You in very egregious ways. We have abandoned our purpose and our alignment with You, turning to wickedness and gross sin. We know that our restoration could never be “earned,” but will be accomplished only through the blood of Jesus and the mercy it provides. We also know that America’s restoration is not only for our salvation, but for Your eternal purposes - not just for the American Dream, but Your Dream for America.

You have restored much revelation to the church over the past several decades. We have much to learn, but You have taught us much. We know we are Your family, and as such, are Your ambassadors, representatives, and Christ’s Ekklesia on earth. We know that Holy Spirit has been sent to help us fully accomplish this. We know that Your Father-heart is to redeem, and that You intend to reap the greatest harvest in the earth’s history.

You have told us this is now beginning. We align ourselves with your words and will. We ask for increased revelation, endurance, and wisdom to carry out this assignment. And we bind every attempt of Satan’s kingdom to stop it. We pray all of this in Christ’s name, He who has all authority in heaven and on earth. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Christ’s “Operation Overtake and Occupy the Cedars” will be successful.

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