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July 23, 2021

Exposing the Source of Evil in America

Part 2

I released a post a couple of weeks ago from Exodus 14 about God’s defense of Israel and His judgment of the gods of Egypt. The last god He exposed was Baal-zephon. Yahweh led Israel to the exact location where this god was worshipped and honored, a setting which also effectively trapped the Israelites. With a mountain, the Red Sea, and Pharoah’s army hemming them in, Israel was now unable to flee. Pharoah assumed that his god, considered the lord of the sea, wind, and other facets of nature, had confused and disoriented the Israelites, causing them to wander into this hopeless trap. He believed that although Israel’s God, Yahweh, had overcome all his other gods (through the 10 plagues), his god, Baal-zephon, had now outwitted and overpowered the God of Israel. Yahweh, however, would show who was truly Lord over the wind and seas. You can watch that entire post here or read it here.

When Holy Spirit led me to this passage on July 4th, I felt He was showing me that this is where we as believers currently are in America. Our backs are against the wall, it looks as though we - and our God - have been outsmarted and trapped. It appears that the enemy has won and taken over this nation. God, however, just as He did at the Red Sea, has other plans. Yahweh is doing more than simply restoring this nation; He is also exposing and judging His enemies.

Since Holy Spirit first began speaking to me regarding this passage, I have spent much time thinking and praying about it. Holy Spirit continues to give me revelation; another piece arrived this past Sunday. FINALLY, I saw the relevance of where I was when He gave me the insight about Baal-zephon and its correlation to America. I was in Nashville. It was July 4th, America’s Birthday! Ceci and I were not planning to attend this gathering, Kent Christmas’ July 4th celebration service. We love to enjoy holidays at home with our family. Not until a couple of days before did we sense a strong impetus to attend. But God wanted us in Nashville! To understand why, we must go back 14 years.

Nashville was where God began breaking the hold of Baal over America - or at least began a new phase of it - in 2007. My friend, Lou Engle, initiator of the powerful events he labeled The Call, told me he felt he was to do one in Nashville on 7/7/07. “I don’t know why it is to be on this date,” Lou said, “but I feel strongly Holy Spirit said this is the date. And God has confirmed it prophetically.”

“I believe I know why,” I responded.

I then shared with Lou some of what I included in yesterday’s post regarding the spirit of Baal and its hold over America. I felt the portion regarding baal meaning “marriage,” and Baal-berith, one of Baal’s many names, meaning “the lord of marriage or covenant,” was significant. Another important factor, which I did not share yesterday, saving it for today, was regarding the number 7.

Just as with Baal’s name, the number 7 is associated with covenant and marriage. In ancient times, when two people entered into a covenant, they swore an oath, repeating it 7 times. This is most likely because the number 7 symbolizes “completion,” and the individuals were fully or “completely” giving themselves to the other in covenant. This oath was actually called “sevening oneself.”(1) In fact, the word “seven” and “oath” come from the same Hebrew word! Seven, therefore, symbolizes covenant and marriage. I shared this with Lou.

I also explained to him that this is why, as a symbolic picture, Israel’s judgments for their “marriage” to Baal often involved 7 or 70 years (see Judges 6:1; 2 Kings 89:1-2; Jeremiah 25:11; and there are others). Also, Israel entering into or renewing covenant (“marriage”) with Yahweh, or even experiencing fulfillment of their covenant with Him, as in entering Canaan at Jericho, was sometimes pictured by the number 7 (see Judges 6:25, 28; Joshua 6:4-15; 1 Kings 18;43; and there are others). “I believe,” I said, “God is saying He has brought America to a point - through repentance and other acts of obedience - when we can ‘divorce’ Baal and ‘remarry’/re-covenant with Him.”

This became the theme of The Call Nashville, on 7/7/07. I have seen estimates saying as many as 92,000 people attended. Many fasted 40 days leading up to it. The revelation surrounding it was believed and acted on so strongly that several engaged couples, as a symbolic/prophetic act, had their wedding ceremony in the stadium on that day. The prayers and worship were profound, the presence of God amazing! The blowing of 100 shofars that night, toward the end of the gathering, was one of the most powerful occurrences I’ve ever witnessed and heard. Indescribable!

I shared Jeremiah 51:44 that day: “I will punish Bel [this is Baal] in Babylon. And I will make what he has swallowed come out of his mouth; And the nations will no longer stream to him. Even the wall of Babylon has fallen down!” Then I prophesied it, “I will cause Baal to spew out of his mouth what he has swallowed!” It was a remarkable day in the turning of a nation!

As I stated earlier, this past Sunday I was once again meditating on Exodus 14 and the account of God exposing and judging Baal-zephon and delivering Israel. Holy Spirit had clearly shown me 2 weeks earlier that this was a picture of where America is NOW. But suddenly, the 7/7/07 connection came: God had taken me back to Nashville, two weeks ago, the place of The 7/7/07 Call, to begin speaking to me about this! He did so to show me that what is happening NOW is connected to what occurred THEN. Another battle; the same war. Holy Spirit also wanted to confirm to me that, just as several prophets have said, He is currently doing more than simply saving America; He is exposing and judging His enemies, just as He did Pharaoh and Baal.

Our friend Betty Love, who is also a prophet, sent me a word from the Holy Spirit today: “On 7/7/21 I heard the Lord say, ‘After 14 years you have come again to your Beersheba, America. The prayers offered up on that day [7/7/07] are alive and I AM acting on them! Decree that the vengeance of God and the judgment written will be carried out against Baal. Babylon has fallen!’” (Beersheba means “the well of covenant.”)

Watch and see what God does to the plans of those aligned with this spirit. He will crush His opposition. Watch the demonstration of His mighty strength and how He reveals the foolishness of His enemies’ “wisdom”! The coming outpouring of His Holy Spirit will shatter decades of satan’s planning. His wind will blow and the sea will part. Pharoah’s chariot wheels will come off and God will be honored, just as He was in the Exodus.

Do not doubt this! It is coming...and WILL NOT BE STOPPED!

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for what You are doing in our nation and the nations of the earth. You will win! We thank You for the role You have given America in this season of time. We are humbled and honored, and see our role as one of “serving” You and the nations of the world. We know full well that it is not to lord over them or arrogantly assume we are the most important. It is a holy and humbling calling. We will never allow it to be stolen.

We know You work on earth through Your people. One of those ways is prayer. So we ask You to finish what You started in judging Baal and delivering us from our shameful alliance with him. Many prayers of repentance and divorcement have now been prayed regarding this. Many prayers re-covenanting ourselves to You have also been prayed. And we are confident…this still works!

Make this evil spirit spit out everything he has swallowed! Punish him! And do as You have promised: Save America! In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

Our decree:

Baal’s hold on America is broken! We are re-covenanted to God.

Click on the link below to watch the full prayer.


  1. The Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, New American Standard Bible, The Lockman Foundation, revised 2008, p 2024.


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