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  • April 5, 2024

    Do Not Underestimate the Love of God Today’s post is not from Tim and Rachel's book Come Home, but is one final teaching regarding praying for prodigals or any who are unsaved. After sharing a few posts a while back regarding praying for prodigals, I received a letter from a person agonizing over a loved one who had died. They felt that this person died before receiving Christ, in spite of their faithful prayers. I want to say to everyone listening to or reading this post, never assume a person you were praying for did not make it to heaven. We do not know what occurred in the last moment before they crossed into eternity, as the following two stories will illustrate. The Scriptures tell us God is "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9 KJV). We don't have to wonder about God’s desire or willingness regarding the lost; He could not make His will any clearer. The Lord wants every person to believe in Christ and be born again. "Behold, the Lord’s hand is not so short that it cannot save" (Isaiah 59:1). Not only is God willing to save the lost, but He is fully capable of doing so. He has sufficient power and knows how to bend, shape, and change the perspective of unbelievers, bringing them to a revelation of the truth. Holy Spirit can break off of every satanic stronghold and bring them to a knowledge of the truth. Story Number One “While hitchhiking home, Roger Simms was picked up by an older gentleman in an expensive car. They talked about many things, including Mr. Hanover's business in Chicago. Roger felt a strong compulsion to share his faith but was apprehensive about witnessing to a wealthy businessman. Finally, nearing his destination, Roger spoke up. “‘Mr. Hanover,’ began Roger, ‘I want to share something very important with you.’ He explained the way of salvation and asked if Mr. Hanover would like to receive Christ as his Savior. To Roger's astonishment, the businessman pulled over to the side of the road, bowed his head, wept, and prayed the prayer of salvation. He thanked Roger, saying, ‘This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.’ “Five years later, while in Chicago on a business trip, Roger went to Hanover Enterprises. The receptionist told him it would be impossible to see Mr. Hanover, but Mrs. Hanover was available. A little disappointed, he followed her into an office. “After exchanging greetings, Roger explained how Mr. Hanover had kindly given him a ride years ago. Suddenly interested, Mrs. Hanover asked when this had happened. When Roger told her it was on May 7, five years earlier, she asked if anything unusual had happened during his ride. “Roger hesitated, wondering if giving his witness had been a source of contention. But, feeling the prompting of the Lord, he told her that he had shared the gospel message and that her husband had accepted the Lord into his heart. “She began to sob uncontrollably. After a few minutes, she explained that she had thought her prayers for her husband's salvation had not been answered. After leaving Roger at his destination, Mr. Hanover had died that day in a horrible head-on collision.”(1) God is faithful. He knows how to unlock people’s hearts, convince them of their need and Christ’s provision, and when the time is right for them to be presented with the opportunity. And this certainly does not have to occur in a house of worship. God knows when to have hitchhikers travel home; He knows how to ensure unbelievers are driving the right road, at the right time, and how to motivate them to pick up the “evangelist.” God knows what He is doing! Don't miss the fact that Mrs. Hanover had been praying for her husband’s salvation. Our prayers release God’s power; never forget this. Don’t assume, just because you are not aware of a person’s conversion before their death, that it did not occur. If they were in an accident, they may have cried out to the Lord the moment they were dying. Even while unconscious or comatose, people can cry out in their hearts for salvation. Would the Lord cause a person’s spirit to linger in their body long enough for this to occur, in order to answer a prayer and get someone to heaven? Absolutely. Do not underestimate God’s love and grace. Story Number Two In my book, Intercessory Prayer, I tell the story of praying for a young girl in a coma, whom the Lord eventually healed. What I did not relate was the testimony of an elderly lady who, for a short time, shared her room in the nursing home. This lady was very old, and also in an unconscious state. In the 60 or 70 times I visited this young girl in the nursing home, this was the only person that ever shared a room with her; on all other occasions, she was in a room by herself. God placed the elderly lady there for a couple of weeks in order to get her to heaven. The young girl’s family had placed a radio in her room. (This will be meaningful in a moment.) At times, comatose individuals can hear what is going on around them; they just are not able to respond in any way. So, in case she could hear, they wanted music to be playing so she would not be lying there in silence all the time. The workers in the nursing home would often turn it to a country or a rock ‘n’ roll station. I, on the other hand, would turn it to soft music - not singing, just music - which was more peaceful and conducive to prayer. It was not a Christian station that played Christian music; just soft, peaceful music. On one visit, after praying for the young girl for an hour, I felt Holy Spirit leading me to share the gospel/good news of salvation with the unconscious elderly lady. I stepped next to her bed and said, “Ma’am, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I am going to assume that you can. And I don’t know if you have received Christ, but I’m going to assume you haven’t. I feel that I am to share with you how to be born again and then pray with you.” No response. I did so, then said aloud, “If you are hearing me and do not know the Lord, just pray these words with me in your heart.” I then prayed a prayer of salvation. The instant I said, “Amen” – not 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 20 seconds after, and not before I said amen - the song, Amazing Grace, began playing on the radio. The entire song, all the verses. I stood there between the two beds and began to weep. I raised my hands and worshiped as I listened to the entire song. I knew that the amazing grace of God had kept this lady alive, put her in this room, and led me to pray this prayer with her before she died, even while she was in this unconscious state. I then felt led to pray that her suffering would end, and she would go on to heaven. And I did so. A week later, when I returned, she was gone. Upon asking the workers where she was, they simply said, “She passed away.” Never underestimate the love and grace of God. Pray with me: Father, Your mercy is endless, enduring forever. You delight in releasing it. It is difficult for us to believe, at times, that You love someone more than we do; but You do. We anchor ourselves to this and choose to believe it. Use these two testimonies to assure individuals that You will do anything and everything to answer their prayer for someone’s salvation. We believe that, regardless of how far someone is from You in their heart, You are not far from them. Your love is endless and relentless. We ask for the salvation of every family member represented by those listening to or reading this today and agreeing with me. We ask You to do whatever is necessary to save or restore them, and one day take them to heaven. We bind every attack satan has launched against them through deception, addiction, pain, or any demonic influence. We declare his hold over them is broken, the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened, and they will come to their senses. They will believe in Christ and His redemption for them. We ask You for millions of salvations to occur around the world, a billion or more. We are thoroughly convinced the great harvest You have planned is coming, and we declare it: Your kingdom influence and dominion, come! Your will be created and done, in the name of Jesus! And we rejoice with You over the inevitability of this billion-soul harvest. Amen. Our decree: We decree that the Lord of the harvest WILL have His harvest! Click on the link below to watch the full video. Alice Gray, Stories for the Heart (Sisters, OR: Multnomah Publishers, 1996), pp. 225-257.

  • May 31, 2024

    Stay Focused; God Will Have The Last Word (Response to Trump Verdict) Since the Give Him 15 devotionals are posted very early each weekday morning, I have to write and record them the day before. Today’s was completed before I heard the news that the jury in Trump’s trial had reached a verdict. Of course, I knew I would have to save that one and write another. For the past three hours, I have spoken with several friends and revisited what I have been hearing from Holy Spirit during the past several months. Before I share, I want to say that earlier today, I began feeling heavy sadness and grief for the nation. As I was praying and writing the earlier post, the one I’m now saving, a friend called to talk about an unrelated matter, but during the conversation, mentioned the sad condition of America. The floodgates opened, and I began to weep to the point of being unable to speak. I couldn’t finish our conversation. He, knowing this was travail from Holy Spirit, graciously ended the call. I walked and prayed for a while, then continued writing. I tell you this to point out that the sadness many are feeling over the depth of corruption in our nation was already coming on me - for the purpose of prayer. Like many, it wasn’t as much anger I felt, but a deep wave of sadness. I want to state clearly that my sadness is not from a feeling of defeat—I wasn’t surprised at the verdict—but instead, is intense grief over the shocking depths to which America has fallen. I am still confident that revival is coming—America shall be saved—but the cost of our sin has been great. And it is not yet over; the shaking will continue for a season. Tonight [Thursday], as I have been seeking the Lord, Holy Spirit reminded me of these things: 1) Chris Reed’s dream on March 9, 2024. He saw a 16-17 month period of time symbolizing the rebirth of America. It began around the time of the eclipse in April and ended in July 2025. The season was very chaotic, difficult, and alarming. At times, it looked like the “baby” (a reborn America) might not make it. But it did. At one point in the dream, July 11 stood out to him, though at the time, he didn’t know if it was in 2024 or 2025. We found out today that July 11 is Trump’s sentencing date. 2) A pastor friend of mine had a dream in June 2022. I don’t feel it is time to share all of it, but some I can. In the dream, he found himself standing next to Trump; it was now 2024. Trump said, “I’ll be a political martyr in the next few years. Not because of my goodness but because God has put the tools in me to tear down, root up, and confront the system. It’ll be an eight-year process and will take two men - me, then another - for the full sweep of power.” I’ve watched as the leftists, globalists, and Dems have tried to destroy Trump. Truly, he is a political “martyr.” And yet, in the dream, he prevailed and served his second term, beginning the tearing down of the evil system, which was finished by another. 3) Gina Gholston’s dream, “Work While You Celebrate,” the dream in which intercessors were instructed to paint the borders and anchor the nation, told us that a great shaking was coming. But the dream also said not to fear; America would survive if we obeyed the Lord. Revival came along with the shaking. (Links to these three GH15s sharing the dream: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) For the Lord to emphasize over and over not to fear, told me the shaking and difficulties would be severe. This is why I have said multiple times in the GH15 posts, that things will get worse before they get better. I don’t want you to be caught off guard and waver in your faith. We are not yet through the shaking, but what is coming will shake down evil, awaken the nation, and end in revival. Stay in the secret place of Psalm 91, don’t forget to pray over the waterways, water supplies, dams, and ports (terrorists are here), pray for Trump and other God-fearing leaders, and DO NOT FEAR. Stay in a place of faith. 4) This evening [Thursday], Pat McManus, a friend who pastors in Illinois, shared a word with me. A few nights ago, the Lord awakened him with a prophetic word. Holy Spirit said, “The fierceness of My throne is coming. Guard your heart, stay focused on Me. I am releasing a fire that will strengthen those that are willing to hear the sound. “I am going to purge the land with the fire of My glory. Stand, and stay focused on Me. You are entering My glory. Rest assured that I am strengthening your heart. “I am about to come in power. Don’t lose sight of that which I’m about to release on the land, an unquenchable fire. Stand strong, and don’t lose sight of what I am about to do. Again, stay focused, persistently pursuing and pressing into all that I am. “I’m igniting the fire; it will blaze with My glory, and nothing will stop the dismantling, re-ordering, and repositioning.” The fire and glory of God is coming to America. It will cleanse, and it will empower. We must stay focused on Him, not the shaking, and refuse to be shaken. It will tear down that which is evil, not us; we will emerge on the other side with renewed strength and purpose, and a renewed nation. Evil will not prevail. Yes, the kingdom of darkness believes it is winning, but God will have the last word. Pray with me: Father, though we grieve with You over this prodigal nation and the price of our rebellion, we are steadfast in our faith for revival and recovery. There will be a rebirth of America. We will wear the new robe and new ring, and we will eat the fatted calf (Luke 15:11-24). We ask once again for the dismantling of evil in America - from the top down. Free the nation from wicked leaders, evil systems, and deception. Expose the evil one and his partners. And save millions. Strengthen President Trump. He is being martyred politically, but You will raise him up again. Strengthen the God-honoring leaders in our nation, giving them boldness and backbones of steel. Protect them and their families, and protect our great land. We ask this in Yeshua’s name, Amen. Our decree: We decree that darkness will scatter in the light, evil will be shaken down, and truth will prevail in America. Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • May 30, 2024

    The Appeal to Heaven Flag As I stated yesterday, I was out of the office for a week, so am only now able to comment on the news of Justice Alito’s “egregious” behavior in flying the Appeal To Heaven flag. What was he thinking? Never mind that our first President, George Washington, commissioned the flag and flew it on our naval vessels. Doesn’t he know the flag is about prayer? The Justice should know that Judges must have nothing to do with prayer! And the most egregious of all, the flag was seen at the Capitol on January 6th! Every flag taken there should be banned from America! (Well, with the exception of Old Glory, which was also there.) If Justice Alito doesn’t resign, he should recuse himself from any future Supreme Court cases regarding prayer, patriotism, free speech, and evergreen trees! Forgive my sarcasm and attempt at humor, but this controversy is so ridiculous it begs for it. It is now considered treasonous to fly one of the flags under which America was born. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has now been revealed as actually “Christians and Patriots Derangement Syndrome.” It turns out he was right when he said it’s us the left is coming after, he’s just standing in the way. Because of my promotion of the flag, Ceci and I began receiving phone calls and texts from reporters immediately after the news broke. They wanted to know if I knew the Justice, his wife, if I gave him the flag, and more. The answer to these questions was “No.” I have never met any of the Supreme Court Justices or any of their family members. And I have no idea where or how Justice Alito procured his flag. (In full disclosure, my office DOES sell them, as do Amazon and others.) I received my Appeal To Heaven flag from an America-loving wounded warrior who is actually fighting for his life from an illness he contracted while serving in Afghanistan. I’m told that Speaker Johnson has the flag outside his office and that Senator Cotton is now flying one outside his, as well. I have never met these leaders either, and don’t know how they got their flags. Although I did find out from a leftist reporter recently that I am Speaker Johnson’s mentor! It’s amazing what you can learn from the mainstream media. I recently learned from a Christian watchdog, who partners with the mainstream media, that I caused January 6! (No, I wasn’t even there.) Here is a brief summary of my introduction to the ATH flag and an explanation of its beginning, taken from my small book, An Appeal To Heaven: "’Before I give you this gift,’ he said, ‘I need to explain the history behind it. It's a replica of the flag displayed by George Washington and America's founding fathers. This flag was actually used before the Stars and Stripes existed. In many ways, it is the banner under which America was born,’ he explained. "‘This banner has the phrase “An Appeal To Heaven” across the top,’ he continued, ‘a phrase our Founders took from the writings of John Locke, an influential English philosopher from the mid-1600s. Locke wrote a series of papers on “Natural Laws,” stating that human rights originate with God, not government.’ “Locke made the case that when people have done everything humanly possible to experience those God-given rights and have failed to do so, there remains but one option: ‘And where the body of the people or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven...’(1) “Major Ostan continued, ‘Locke's phrase, “appeal to heaven,” connotes that when all resources and the ability to attain justice on earth are exhausted, an appeal to earth's ultimate Judge is the final recourse. This concept would become a foundational philosophy in American society, used even in the Declaration of Independence.’ “Will went on to explain that George Washington and his contemporaries grabbed hold of this phrase in America's cause for freedom from Britain's tyranny. Having exhausted all peaceful possibilities of experiencing the liberty they so desired, the colonists realized their only hope for freedom was through war. Yet with Britain's great military, weaponry, and wealth - contrasted by the colonist's dire lack of these resources -  any military attempt to break free from British rule was preposterous, even laughable. Laughable, that is, unless Almighty God intervened. “The stance of the colonists was simple. Their right to freedom came from God: He would help them. ‘We will appeal to heaven!’ they declared. “And a flag was born. “From the days of the pilgrims, godly men and women have believed the Almighty was involved in the birth of our nation. They also felt that if a nation chose to partner with and honor God, it would experience His favor and blessing in extraordinary ways. Washington and the colonial dreamers agreed. But they decided to take it a step further and find out if the Sovereign was, indeed, birthing ‘A city [nation] set on a hill that can't be hidden...a light to the world’ (Matthew 5:14). They no doubt knew of John Winthrop, a leader of the puritan's Massachusetts Bay Colony, using this verse in his 1630 speech on board the Arbella to describe what he believed God wanted to build in America.(2) “General George Washington, leader of the American Revolution, obviously believed in this divine plan. He commissioned several ships for the Revolutionary War efforts and, highlighting their dependence on providential help; each vessel was to fly under the Appeal to Heaven banner, also known as the Pine Tree Flag.(3) The popularity of the flag spread and was soon flying throughout the colonies, as well as being adopted as the flag for the Massachusetts State Navy.(4) It became the symbol of these colonists' unwavering spirit of liberty, as well as a clear statement of where they placed their faith.”(5) Don’t be distracted by the accusations of the left. They want to intimidate us into silence. It’s a good thing to love America. My advice to all patriots, regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof: fly and salute your American flag EVERY DAY! Say the Pledge of Allegiance to Old Glory; stand for the anthem with your hand over your heart, and sing along LOUDLY. To believers, my advice is: Fly BOTH flags! Salute one and pray under the other. Love God unashamedly; believe and honor the Bible - all of it; attend a church that isn’t afraid to preach truth, including the truth regarding America’s birth by God, and the purpose for which He did so. And by all means, attend one which teaches and encourages its congregants to vote biblical values. Pray with me: Father, thank You for giving us praying leaders in Washington. Strengthen their resolve to seek You for wisdom, and to ask for Your blessing on our nation. Give us many more who unashamedly fly the ATH flag, both Democrats and Republicans. No leader in America  - especially America - needs to be intimidated regarding mentioning You or embarrassed when doing so. Overrule the evil attacks against them, including President Trump. Encourage him, and may his heart be turned always to You. Restore justice to America’s defiled judicial system - from the DOJ down. We ask You to overturn every effort to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian roots. We boldly declare that we ARE a “city on a hill,” as our Founders and Presidents have called us. We also acknowledge that this does not make us loved by You more than other people throughout the world. It is a calling to SERVE the nations by delivering the gospel of the Kingdom to them. We boldly declare that we will see this calling reemerge from its root system, though the tree has been damaged and its fruit spoiled. Your discipline will bring forth the peaceable fruit of righteousness once again. We appeal to You for these things and do so through the risen King, Jesus. Our decree: We decree that appealing to heaven is the believer’s right and America’s heritage. Click on the link below to watch the full video. John Locke, The Second Treatise of Civil Government. “Chapter XIV, Of Prerogative, Section 168.” 1690. John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity,” 1630. American Memory. “Col. Joseph Reed to Col. John Glover and Stephen Moylan.” October 20, 1775. The Library of Congress. Naval History and Heritage Command. “The U.S. Navy’s First Jack.” U.S. Navy. Published December 17, 2014. Dutch Sheets, An Appeal To Heaven, (Dutch Sheets Ministries, 2015).

  • May 29, 2024

    Introduction As I stated yesterday, I was out of the office for a week and am only now able to comment on the controversy regarding Supreme Court Justice Alito and the Appeal To Heaven flag. First, I want to focus on the related subject of Christian nationalism, for critics are now lumping the two together. Tomorrow I will address Justice Alito and the flag. The phrase - Christian nationalism - is being used by the mainstream media, and even ignorant believers, to label we who believe in America’s Christian roots, and want to see them restored. I’m being called a Christian nationalist, as is Alito, Speaker Michael Johnson, and millions of other patriotic Americans. If you’re reading this you probably fall in that category; this post will help you understand the accusations and how to respond to the lies. To accomplish this, the remainder of today’s GH15 will be taken from an outstanding article by William Federer, used with permission. It’s the best exposé I’ve seen on Christian nationalism. I wish I had time/space on today’s post to include it in its entirety, but do not. We are providing a link, however, to the entire MUST READ article. Federer is also the author/compiler of the unrivaled resource: America’s God and Country - Encyclopedia of Quotations. He has authored several great books, his latest being Silence Equals Consent - The Sin of Omission: Speak Now or Forever Lose Your Freedom. Here are portions of Federer’s article: What Is Christian Nationalism? There is a controversial new label the mainstream media is using: Christian nationalism. What is it? To answer that, there are three points to consider. The first is: nationalism is the opposite of globalism. Did you know there are people called “globalists” who want to do away with nations and set up a one-world government, which, of course, they will control? Brock Chisholm, the first director-general of the World Health Organization, stated: “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum produced an Agenda 2030 video, which had the line: “You will own nothing and be happy.” This sounds a lot like Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto: “The theory of the communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” “Abolition of private property” means “you will own nothing”! How do globalists plan on getting you to give up your property and freedom? —The Great Reset. Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily, stated on OAN, November 24, 2022: “The Great Reset is very much like communism … They'll tell you it is about diversity … equality … climate … But … what they want is ... total government.” People will not give up their property and freedom if everything is fine, but if there is a crisis, they will trade freedom for security. The Great Reset is an orchestrated global crisis to produce dependency on international government. The second point is: nationalism depends on the nation. Most nations have an “honor-shame” culture, where an individual's worth is based on what group they belong to, for example: European classes with royalty divided from peasantry; Islamic ummah communities with men worth more than women, who are worth more than infidels; Communism with party members worth more than common people; The latest rendition of this is “intersectionality,” where a person's worth is based on how many minority groups they belong to, with “trans” being superior to all others, resulting in those on the left wanting to impose a “transgender nationalism.” Whereas nationalism is bad in totalitarian nations as they deny individual rights, in America, nationalism has been preserving a nation where you have worth regardless of what group you belong to. President Truman said in his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1949: “The American people … believe that all men are created equal because they are created in the image of God.” Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg Address, 1863: “Our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Nationalism is bad in socialist and Islamist nations where governments do not guarantee individuals inalienable rights, but in America, “nationalism” is supporting a nation whose very purpose is to guarantee each individual their God-given rights. These rights include freedom of conscience, religion, speech, press, assembly, self-defense, impartial trial, no cruel and unusual punishment — the freedom to determine your own destiny. The third point to consider is: Christian nationalism used to be called Christian patriotism. It was as American as football and apple pie. The word “nationalism” was not even in use in America when Noah Webster compiled his 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, yet the word “patriotism” was. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gave the definition: “Patriotism is the characteristic of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in the character of a citizen ... Love of one's country; the passion which aims to serve one's country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity.” Past Presidents, Democrat and Republican, encouraged Christian patriotism. George Washington referred to both “Christian” and “patriot” in his order to troops at Valley Forge, May 2, 1778: “To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest Glory to laud the more distinguished Character of Christian.” Republican President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and pushed through the 13th Amendment, freeing four million slaves. He stated in his Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861: “Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him … are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.” Lincoln mentioned the words “patriotism” and “Christianity” right next to each other in his Inaugural Address! Democrat President Woodrow Wilson warned in 1923: “We call ours a Christian civilization, a Christian conception of justice ... Our civilization … can be saved only by becoming permeated with the spirit of Christ and being made free and happy by the practices which spring out of that spirit.” [Democrat President Franklin Rosevelt] stated on November 1, 1940: “Those forces hate democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization … They oppose democracy because it is Christian. They oppose Christianity because it preaches democracy.” He stated on May 27, 1941: “The whole world is divided between pagan brutality and the Christian ideal. We choose human freedom, which is the Christian ideal.” In a fireside chat April 28, 1942, FDR shared: “This great war effort … shall not be imperiled by the handful of noisy traitors — betrayers of America, betrayers of Christianity itself.” And on August 22, 1942, Roosevelt wrote: “The action taken today by your Government has hastened the coming of the inevitable victory of freedom over oppression, of Christian religion over the forces of evil and darkness." Would today’s mainstream media label Roosevelt a "Christian nationalist”? Democrat President Truman said, August 28, 1947: “This is a Christian Nation ... As a Christian Nation our earnest desire is to work with men of good will everywhere to banish war.” Truman lit the National Christmas Tree, December 24, 1952, saying: “Through Jesus Christ the world will yet be a better and a fairer place.” Would today’s mainstream media label Truman a “Christian Nationalist”? Republican President Dwight Eisenhower said November 9, 1954: “This relationship between a spiritual faith ... and our form of government is ... obvious ... ‘Man is endowed by his Creator’ ...  When you come back to it, there is just one thing ... man is worthwhile because he was born in the image of his God ... Any group that ... awaken[s] all of us to these simple things ... is … a dedicated, patriotic group that can well take the Bible in one hand and the Flag in the other, and march ahead.” Americans have historically been patriotic and a majority Christian. Patricia U. Bonomi, professor emeritus of New York University, wrote: “The colonists were about 98 percent Protestant.” Why does the mainstream media insist on calling Christian patriots “Christian nationalists”? For the same reason they call Pro-Life supporters “anti-abortion.” No Pro-Life group labels itself “anti-abortion.” Yet every mainstream news article that covers the subject labels Pro-Life people “anti-abortion.” Why? Negative word association. They want to align public opinion against them. What is happening is called psychological projection. Intolerant activists accuse Christians of being intolerant when, in reality, they are the ones who are intolerant of Christians. It is a narcissistic response called blame-shifting, where the attacker blames the victim. They accuse the innocent of what they are guilty of. Left-wing activists use DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] and ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] to force an irreligious nationalism; an unprecedented satanist theocracy; a transgender-dominionism, to censor and cancel Bible–believing Christians and Pro-Life Catholics. They employ critical race theory, a socialist tactic, to divide those opposing their agenda, in this case Christians, into various groups which fight among themselves. They employ a “fear mongering” technique. The Telegraph’s article, December 12, 2023, exposed a Hollywood producer using fear-mongering: "Rob Reiner is deluded about 'Christian nationalism’—The God and Country movie trailer presents ordinary religious Americans as nationalist boogeymen: Reiner’s ... examples of Christian Nationalism ... are so broad that even the late Queen Elizabeth had a brush with it ... [and] ... Billy Graham ...  The inescapable conclusion is that average Christian beliefs and average Christian engagement in the public sphere are exactly what Reiner and his abettors [collaborators] hope to target. They want to shame followers of Jesus from taking part in the very same political activities their secular counterparts do.” reported February 23, 2024: “Heidi Przybyla, a reporter for Politico, appeared on MSNBC this week and fretted as she explained that Christian Nationalists believe that Americans’ rights are granted by God and not Congress or the Supreme Court … The rights of Americans DO come from God and not the government, which anyone knows if they have read the country’s founding documents.” Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, responded on March 1, 2024: “Heidi Przybyla … isn’t railing against ‘Christian Nationalism,’ she’s railing against the American Founding.” Mainstream media accuses Christian patriots of wanting to “force” their beliefs on others, but how can you force freedom on people? Instead of "dominionism," patriots want “freedomism.” Patriots don’t want to force their beliefs on anyone; they just don’t want government forcing its progressive beliefs on them. They want the government to stop legislating immorality. Pray with me: Father, we ask You for the continued exposing of progressive, Marxist, and globalist agendas. Their hatred of truth, Scripture, America, and the church, combined with their arrogance, has moved them out of the closet, causing them to reveal their own lies and evil plans. Amplify this. We ask that You cause all their plans to fail. Deliver President Trump from trumped up charges, the kangaroo courts, and corrupt judges. Continue to give Alito, Johnson, and other patriots in government, backbones of steel. May they share our Founders’ “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” Insulate them and their families from the lies and attempts at character assassination. We pray that You will remove deception off of those in the church who have bought into, and even partner with, the left’s propaganda. And we ask You to break all intimidation off of the church. Give pastors and spiritual leaders the boldness to speak out against these deceptions and teach truth regarding government, America’s founding and purpose, and attempts by demonically motivated people to hinder this purpose. In Yeshua’s name we pray. Our decree: We decree that no weapon against the church will prosper, including the weapon of deception. You can find out more about William Federer at and read this article in its entirety here. (Used with permission) Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • May 27, 2024

    Total Sacrifice Though not accepted by the religious spirit, patriotism can be truly spiritual. Given the fact that God raised up America for His purposes, a love for our nation should not only be acceptable, but appropriate. My love for America transcends my natural roots; it is rooted also in my love for the gospel, America’s primary reason for existence. And as one who loves our nation, I love those who have fought for her freedom and destiny, especially those who have paid the ultimate price. Today, I honor them, their families, and the sacrifices they made. The cause of freedom, both naturally and spiritually, requires commitment and sacrifice. When choosing His disciples, Jesus told them, “Follow me.” “Follow you where?” would have been an obvious and fair question. Perhaps one of them asked it. But we know Jesus didn’t elaborate. Much like Yahweh’s dealings with our spiritual father, Abraham, who was told to leave home but not where that would lead him, Christ demanded the same of His disciples, “I don’t want you picking and choosing how and where you’re willing to follow Me. I want carte blanche access to your will. Total commitment. Follow Me...period.” In serving freedom’s cause and the cause of Christ, the rules haven’t changed. Ronald Reagan was a secular leader who modeled commitment. Though serving in government, he was also a spiritual man, combining spirituality, patriotism, passion, and commitment. Only a person with radical commitment would stand on the world stage and, against the advice of all his advisors, forcefully decree, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”(1) Although he made this audacious statement while President in 1987, the seeds of passion and commitment were growing in Mr. Reagan much earlier. On October 27, 1964, he issued the following poignant decree: “They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong. There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is right.”(2) May God give America more Ronald Reagans! His words remind me of those in 2 Corinthians 11:3, “But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” Simple devotion. Simple answers. Doing the right thing isn’t usually complicated - sometimes costly, but not complicated. Winston Churchill led Great Britain and helped save the world from Hitler’s Third Reich. What a passionate, committed leader he was. Led by his passion, determination, and amazing communication skills, England fought the good fight against Hitler when it looked like the Nazis were unstoppable. One of Churchill’s many poignant quotes from that time was about duty: “The destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits - not animals. There is something going on... which, whether we like it or not, spells duty” (italics mine).(3) Indeed! Likewise, whether we like it or not, there are challenges in America today that spell “duty.” Abortion spells duty. A spiritually lost generation spells duty. Sexual grooming of children, gender confusion, human trafficking, an open border, an anti-Christ spirit and attitude, an attack on traditional marriage, a compromising church - all of these, and many more problems in the world are issuing duty’s call. God is asking us to respond. A while back, I read the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. It is the story of the greatest loss ever suffered, up to that point in time, by the US Navy SEALs. The warriors in all of our special forces model total commitment, courage, and duty. I spent much time quietly and solitarily thinking about what I was reading. Among other things, I analyzed my level of commitment to Christ’s cause. Do I demonstrate the same level of commitment to Him that our brave soldiers do to one another and their cause? Just like the king in Scripture, I felt I was “weighed in the balances and found wanting” (see Daniel 5:27). Most of us will never have to endure the physical pain and suffering the brave men and women of our special forces endure, nor could we. But at a heart level, we should possess the same degree of commitment to Christ and His cause. As I read portions of the SEALs’ creed, I couldn’t help but think parts of it should be the Christian’s creed. Here is their creed, appropriate for us to read on this important day. “In times of war or uncertainty, there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life. I am that man. “My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Bestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident, I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day. “My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach. I humbly serve as a guardian to my fellow Americans, always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of my profession, placing the welfare and security of others before my own. “I serve with Honor on and off the battlefield. The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of the circumstance, sets me apart from other men. Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honor are steadfast. My word is my bond. “We expect to lead and be led. In the absence of orders, I will take charge, lead my teammates, and accomplish the mission. I lead by example in all situations. “I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity. My Nation expects me to be physically harder, and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight. “We demand discipline. We expect innovation. The lives of my teammates and the success of our mission depend on me - my technical skill, tactical proficiency, and attention to detail. My training is never complete. “We train for war and fight to win. I stand ready to bring the full spectrum of combat power to bear in order to achieve my mission and the goals established by my country. The execution of my duties will be swift and violent when required yet guided by the very principles that I serve to defend. “Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my teammate steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed. “I will not fail.”(4) Committed hearts like this in the church would quickly change the world! Committed believers in America must rise up with their spiritual weapons at this time. America is in critical condition, on life-support. Having denied our Godly roots and the anchor they provided, America is now adrift in the mooring-less ideologies of humanism, relativism, and Marxism. The same idiocy that shuts down industries and food sources in order to save frogs, also fights to kill babies. Marriage between one man and one woman is mocked, while “marriage” between two men or two women is praised. The Constitution and its true intent are ignored. Americans now acknowledge dozens of gender options. We’ve lost our way. God is calling for committed followers to arise and lead us out of this maze of mindless ideas. If not, we will perish in the wilderness. I believe, however, that these warriors are being raised up. And like the SEALs and our other brave warriors, they will NEVER quit! They will NEVER be out of the fight! Their training is NEVER complete! They will NOT fail! Pray with me: Father, as You move us into this great worldwide awakening, we pledge a new commitment to Your cause, a total commitment to You, Your kingdom, and the commission You gave us. Raise up committed spiritual warriors in every realm of society. Just as natural soldiers must have discipline and a commitment to their cause, put hearts in us that will demonstrate these same qualities. We pledge to You that we will follow You without conditions. We will go where You send us, say what You tell us, and do as You command us. And we won’t be silenced. Unqualified commitment - that is what we will demonstrate. Lead us back to the old road of truth and duty. Lead America back to her righteous roots, her destiny. Thank You for those who have given all for us. Comfort their families. We pledge to not forget these sacrifices. Give us hearts to honor them, and the strength to follow their examples of sacrificial love. And as President Lincoln said at Gettysburg, we declare that “these dead shall not have died in vain.”(5) Our decree: We decree that we will never quit, we are never out of the fight, and we will not fail! Portions of today’s post were taken from my book The Way Back. Click on the link below to watch the full video. Reagan, Ronald. Address at the Brandenburg Gate. 12 June, 1987. Coffey, Major T., Jr. Patriot hearts: An Anthology of American patriotism. (Colorado Springs, CO: Purple Mountain Publishing, 2000). 68. Ibid., 68. Naval Special Warfare Command. “SEAL Ethos? Creed.” (November 15, 2010).

  • May 28, 2024

    Introduction Some may wonder why I haven’t yet commented on the recent news regarding the Appeal to Heaven flag. The reason is that Ceci and I were out of the office last week (and I recorded the posts in advance). I will release a post regarding this iconic flag and the ridiculous controversy tomorrow. Today’s post is very important and time-sensitive. Had I not been out of town, I would have released it sooner. It is from my brother, Tim, and concerns the release of signs and wonders many prophets have spoken of. We believe this outpouring is beginning! Listen as Tim shares. The title of today’s post is: It Is Time For Miracles On Friday, May 3, 2024, The Oasis, the church I pastor, held a meeting with prophet Hank Kunneman. He released a powerful word that included an assignment of prayer and fasting. We have been asking Holy Spirit for the right time to fulfill this and believe tomorrow, May 29th through June 5th, is that time. Before reading part of the prophetic word, I want to share a health update. Some already know that I have been dealing with a stage four cancer diagnosis and attack on my health for over a year. I have completed radiation and am in the process of regaining strength while still in an ongoing treatment plan. I am doing well and receiving positive test results, for which we give God the glory. Hank did not know of this on May 3rd. As you hear this word, keep in mind that it applies not just to The Oasis or me, but also to the corporate body of Christ in our nation and world. The prophetic word concerns a healing movement Holy Spirit now wants to initiate, a new level of healings and miracles. Listen closely as I share a portion of this prophetic word. “There is something stirring over this house. I can see a whirlwind in the spirit over this church. It’s a stirring by the angelic. There’s an angel sent to this house. I can see it. God says to this house, you have been standing, decreeing, and believing for the healing of families, homes and prodigals. And this is what I am doing. However, I’m not just healing families; I’m also healing this nation, for this nation has been like a prodigal to Me. And I’m calling it back, so continue your decrees. Continue your prayers and you will begin to see something manifest over this house. You will see loved ones and family members come; they’ll return not only to Me, but to this house. They’ll be discipled, and you’ll see a wave of growth that will begin to increase like you saw during a former period in this house. There is a revisitation of that because you have aligned yourself with the kiss of the Father as He kissed the prodigal. I have kissed this house to bring family members back to this house. Household salvations. Return of prodigals. But also, God says, that anointing shall also be sent and released over this country to bring it back to Me and bring it back into divine order. “There have been incantations and witchcraft spoken to bring infirmity to this house, to touch individuals of this house with infirmity. But God says there is something swirling now that is countering it, and it is an angel that has been sent, as it was in the days when the man was at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. God says, listen to Me; there is an anointing that I’m going to revisit in this house of a healing movement from generations prior, those that operated in divine healing, and those that operated in signs, wonders, and miracles. And it was part of a bloodline, a legacy. It was part of that which I visited in past generations. This angel has now been sent to revisit the bloodline and the inheritance upon this pastor and those who are of his blood. And it has come now to this house to stir the waters of healing. “For there is a time that I will call this house to pray and fast specifically for this stirring. It will be a short fast, but will be powerful. It is a call to specifically ask for the angel and pray for the pastor I set over this house. God says, what can be done in seven days? What can happen in seven days when you will seek My face? Fast and pray. Watch what I do with this angel and this leader. Watch what this angel shall release over this house and even to you, Pastor Tim, and for this house. There will be a stirring of waters, of signs, wonders, and healing that will happen during this time, because part of that inheritance is through you (pointing to Rachel, Pastor Tim’s daughter), and it’s going to come stronger, and it’s going to come through the instruments.” Hank did not know that a part of my history goes back to the Voice of Healing Movement of the 1950s and 60s. Great healing evangelists - Gordon Lindsay,  A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, and so many others - were used to release great miracles. Though not well-known, my dad was one of those healing evangelists. Healing is part of my family legacy. We are now being asked to fast and pray for a restoration of the healing movement that I was raised in. Prophet Hank was also unaware that I had been talking and praying weekly with a group of apostles and prophets for the past several months, asking for the restoration of the healing movement… about which he was prophesying. Holy Spirit said through Hank that it’s time to fast and pray for the sending of an angel to assist in this breakout of healings and miracles. While part of this word was to pray for me, I know I represent the church in general. I am asking - and invite you to join me - that not only will I be totally healed, but that this fresh mantle of signs and wonders will now be released to many, resulting in thousands being healed around the world. It is time! We have our assignment. Please ask the Lord how you can participate and engage with us. Some will fast all food, drinking only water or juice. Others will do a Daniel fast, some will fast a meal a day, and still others will fast pleasures such as TV, sweets, etc. Use wisdom and fast only as He leads you. But please set these seven days aside to fast and pray Holy Spirit’s strategy. Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29th, I [Tim] will provide a daily decree for you. You can go to our website or our social media pages to see the decree of that day and release it with thousands of others. I know that many of you will participate, and I thank you in advance. Let’s set our faith to begin the activation and release of this fresh healing movement. Pray with me: Father, move among us as we commit ourselves to this time of fasting and prayer. We will obey as best we can. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for the prophetic and for strategy. We pray, as You instructed us, that the angel of healing that You are sending will help us activate this movement. We pray that our decrees and prayers will align with heaven in such a way that angels are released to participate and help bring it to pass. We pray for entire families to be saved and come to houses of worship. We pray for millions of prodigals to come home. We ask for healings and miracles to accelerate under Holy Spirit's leadership, assisted by angel armies. Resurrect the healing movement. Re-mantle Your people with gifts of healing, the working of miracles,  the gift of faith, and words of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8-10). Activate healings and miracles as we set ourselves to seek Your face, pray, and fast. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Our decree: We decree that a fresh healing movement will now begin throughout the world, bringing freedom to many, and great glory to Christ. Details and daily decrees for prayer and fasting: Link to Hank Kunneman’s prophetic word: Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim. You can learn more about him at Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • May 24, 2024

    Calebs At Heart “But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed Me fully, I will bring him into the land where he went, and his descendants shall inherit it.” (Numbers 14:24 NKJV) Caleb, one of the 12 spies Moses sent to spy out the land promised by God to Israel, was a bit different. He went against the grain and made it into God’s “Hall of Difference Makers.” In fact, God used this very word to describe him. “Caleb,” He said, “has a different spirit” (Numbers 14:24). Indeed! By describing Caleb as different, the Lord was comparing him to 10 of the other spies who were conformists, weak in their faith, and sadly, preferred a life of slavery over fighting for freedom. These faithless cowards affirmed that the Promised Land truly was as wonderful as God had said. Unfortunately, they also pointed out, it was ruled by giants, protected by strong armies, and filled with fortified cities. God forgot to tell us about giants - 9 feet plus in height, they opined. And as cowards often do, these 10 spies infected Israel with their fear and unbelief. To fear-controlled believers, “giants” are bigger than God. Ironically, the 10 fearful spies were actually leaders in Israel (Numbers 13:2), yet they didn’t possess the faith needed to advance into the land of promise and challenge the evil, demonized giants controlling it. They were leaders who wouldn’t lead, fathers who wouldn’t fight. Though now free physically, they were still slaves mentally; they were cowards, not warriors; settlers, not pioneers. Settlers fear the dangers of pioneering. Fearful and faithless people build walls to keep giants out; pioneers and warriors dispossess them. Shockingly, these 10 spies actually preferred going back to slavery in Egypt, where their masters fed and clothed them - and they didn’t have to fight - than risking their lives for the cause of freedom. Their wills had been broken. And when the will has been broken by the cruel hammer of slavery or fear, freedom’s call is silenced. “Give me my mountain” is drowned out by “The giants are too big”; “Give me liberty or give me death” is shouted down by “The British are too powerful.” And when this occurs, we become conformists, safety-seekers. In a speech to the Second Continental Congress on August 1, 1776, American patriot and Founder Samuel Adams, said to the fearful, “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”(1) I wonder if Adams’ middle name was Caleb?! The cause of freedom has always needed bravehearted warriors like Adams and Caleb. Not only was Caleb willing to fight the evil giants in Canaan, but he offered to tackle the biggest. He requested the town of Kiriath-Arba as his battle assignment. Why is this significant? Kiriath-Arba means “the city of Arba,” and Arba was “The greatest of all the giants” (Joshua 14:15). The biggest and baddest of these anti-God behemoths ruling the region had chosen a city high on a mountain from which to rule - the highest city in all the territory - and renamed it after himself. This is even more infuriating when we realize it was formerly named Hebron, meaning “covenant friendship,” referring to friendship with God. (In keeping with this symbolism, Abraham, “the friend of God,” is actually buried there.) Caleb’s attitude toward the desecrating, evil giants and their fortified cities was simple: Let’s go kill these evil giants and possess the land. I’ll take the biggest! God required Israel to wait 40 more years to do so until the unbelieving generation died. He refuses to reward cowardice and unbelief. Years later when Caleb was finally allowed to conquer Kiriath-Arba, he changed the city’s name to Hebron once again. There, this warrior enjoyed his covenantal friendship with God, as did many others. Warriors like Caleb, who face fears and conquer giants, prepare the way for others to find and enjoy friendship with God. Spiritual warriors also pass on their overcoming nature to the next generation. After Caleb defeated Kiriath-Arba, his nephew Othniel also conquered a giant-controlled city, Kiriath-Sepher. Like his uncle, he renamed this city, calling it Debir, which means “the innermost sanctuary.” Israel’s actual innermost sanctuary was the Holy of Holies, found in the Tabernacle of Moses. This was where God’s presence and glory dwelled. Othniel, however, wanted to live in a city where God’s presence and glory dwelled, so he named it Debir. Calebs reproduce those like themselves: God-seekers, presence-lovers, hungry for Him. Many generations later, Hebron would take on even more significance. David was crowned King over Judah and established his first throne there; seven years later, he became king over all of Israel and moved it to Jerusalem. When Caleb conquered Hebron, little did he know he was preparing a place for David to reign over Judah. Pioneers - forerunners of change - don’t always see the fullness of that for which they prepare the way. Their pioneering nature, however, just keeps building roads and blazing trails. America was built on the backs of different-spirited warriors and pioneers. Somewhere on the Continental Divide are the bleached bones of a nameless, faceless pathfinder who died blazing a trail for you and me. Arlington Cemetery houses the graves of unknown soldiers who died, preparing the way for our freedom. America now needs another generation of selfless, no-compromising pioneer-patriots: prayer warriors, government leaders, businessmen and women, media people, educators, and certainly leaders in the church. The frontier these 21st-century pioneers must conquer is one of mindsets and beliefs, not a mountain range; the minefield we face is one of ideas and ideologies, not a beach at Normandy. But the need for different-spirited pioneers is every bit as great. The church, like America, was built by warrior pioneers. The soil under the Roman Coliseum is stained with the blood of pioneering martyrs - our brothers and sisters - who died to advance the cause of our pioneering Leader. They’re watching us from the balcony of heaven and their blood is crying out for a generation to emerge that hasn’t lowered the standard. This great “cloud of witnesses” is waiting for a generation of spiritual warriors to arise in America who will once again be willing to give their all for heaven’s holy cause. Buck the system and rock the proverbial boat. May your commitment to the cause make the complacent nervous! Pray with me: Father, we ask You to break off indifference, intimidation and fear from the American church and replace it with courage. Convict us of apathy and complacency, and for becoming conformists. Let the fire and commitment of the early church be found in us. Give us hearts like that of Caleb. Forgive us for allowing satan to take over so much of America. Forgive us for turning our government, education, and much of our nation over to those who oppose You. We have lost much ground - all by default. Please forgive us for this. Yet we know You are building a glorious Ekklesia the gates of hell will no longer prevail against. We will rise up in the authority You have given us and enforce Your victory over demonic forces. According to Matthew 16:19, we will bind and loose, forbid and allow; we will open and close. We will represent You, the glorious King, in all of Your majesty and authority. And we will release Your loving and serving heart, healing the hurting, releasing those bound, and taking hope to the hopeless. In Jesus’ name, we pray and decree this. Amen. Decree: We decree that the same heart possessed by Caleb, the anointing of our King Jesus, is rising up in the Ekklesia of America. Portions of today’s post were taken from my book The Way Back. Click on the link below to watch the full video.

  • May 23, 2024

    Do Not Fear the Lion! At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington instructed his troops: “The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die” (italics mine).(1) A warrior’s spirit was essential in order to win America’s freedom. This kind of warrior’s heart is also necessary spiritually. The kingdom of God is full of paradoxes - seeming contradictions. This is one of them: though called to possess the quality of love more than any other, even to the point of laying down our lives (2 Corinthians 13), and to pursue peace with all men (Hebrews 12:14), we believers are also called to war spiritually (Ephesians 6:12-20). We must war against the kingdom and powers of darkness, false ideologies, and the strategies spawned by both. Also, though “We wrestle not against flesh and blood” (Ephesians 6:12 KJV), we must boldly oppose laws, ideologies, and spiritual forces that war against Christ’s cause. Old Testament Warriors In the Old Testament, God gives us examples of warrior hearts. They are our examples, NOT because we are called to force His will on people, but in order for their internal traits to be applied to our lives and spiritual battles. David was one such warrior. This brave fighter killed a lion and a bear to protect his father’s sheep, and was ever ready to fight the enemies of God when they attempted to destroy Israel. David possessed such a strong warrior’s heart that he actually ran to face Goliath! (see 1 Samuel 17:48) Then there was Benaiah, one of David’s “mighty men” (see 1 Chronicles 11:22-24). Like David, this heroic and bold warrior also killed a lion. It seems the marauding lion was threatening a village in Israel, which motivated the villagers to set a trap by digging a pit and then baiting the lion into it. OK, so now what? How would they deal with the lion? Cage it and move it to another region? Kill it using spears, arrows, even stones? Several options were possible - none of which included jumping into the pit! Then, there are the Benaiahs of the world. For some reason, inexplicable except to a warrior’s heart, Benaiah didn’t want to kill the lion from above. “Out of my way,” he shouted. Before anyone could stop him, Benaiah jumped into the pit—“On a snowy day,” Scripture adds for good measure—and killed the lion (see 2 Samuel 23:20). Warrior? I believe so. Benaiah once killed “A man of great stature five cubits tall [seven and one-half feet]. Now in the Egyptian’s hand was a spear like a weaver’s beam, but he went down to him with a club and snatched the spear from the Egyptian’s hand and killed him with his own spear” (1 Chronicles 11:23). Warrior times two! Warriors Reproduce Warriors Incidentally, from whom do you think Benaiah acquired his warrior nature? He was obviously inspired by the heart of his leader David, who also killed a lion and a giant. Warriors reproduce warriors. I’m praying God will raise up a generation of spiritual Davids and Benaiahs that will challenge satan, the roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8), who is devouring many in our day. Eleazer was another David-inspired warrior. “He arose and struck the Philistines until his hand was weary and clung to the sword, and the Lord brought about a great victory that day” (2 Samuel 23:10). What determination! In defending the nation of Israel, Eleazer fought through his weariness, and when he no longer possessed the necessary strength in his hand to hold the sword, he held on with his heart! When the battle was over, his comrades waded through the bodies and peeled Eleazer’s hand from his sword! Warrior! We Need Warriors Today How does this warrior spirit translate into action today against the spiritual giants of our land? Obviously, it begins with prayer - spiritual warfare. But there is more. Standing for truth through speaking up, voting out of office individuals with unbiblical and unwise ideals, giving to righteous causes, speaking out against all that oppose the rule of God - all are ways by which we war. To turn America back to the ancient path, we must tenaciously resist evil and tyranny, let our voices be heard, and pray until revival is seen in our land. Can we really see a reformation of America? Absolutely! If pioneer warriors with hearts like David, Benaiah, and Eleazer arise, with a determination to find and walk the old road, we can transform America. America is filled with spiritual pacifists. I am asking God to instead raise up spiritual warriors in our nation. We desperately need men and women with hearts strong enough to face whatever firepower satan and his allies can throw at them and, in spite of it all, turn this nation back to Christ. We need 21st-century burning-heart revivalists in the mold of John and Charles Wesley. We are desperate for Jonathan Edwards’s level anointings, causing such Holy Spirit unction that sinners cry out for forgiveness and salvation. We must have modern-day Finneys whose preaching births such conviction that men run to altars weeping and mourning. And Peter Cartwrights - Circuit Riders - who will brave wilderness paths and freezing winters on horseback to preach the gospel. We desperately need “praying Hydes,” Rees Howells and Jeremiah Lanphiers, who will shape history and birth awakenings in regions of the earth through prayer. Perhaps you were never taught about these heroes of the faith and are wondering who some of them are. That is part of the problem. America’s heroes today are athletes, movie stars, and singers. Many are good people, but heroes? I don’t think so. And frankly, some are not good. Many Americans emulate losers - perverts, adulterers, foul-mouthed rebels, irresponsible fathers, and lying politicians. May God give us holy, selfless warriors who will fight for truth and honor. May He raise up and mantle a generation that does not fear the lion! Pray with me: Father, in Your Word, You use warfare words like wrestle, warfare, fight, and soldier to describe our spiritual activities. Even though Christ defeated our enemy and took from him his authority, it is still our responsibility to enforce that victory on the earth. We must use Your name, power, and the sword of the Spirit to bind and loose, open and close. We ARE Your Ekklesia on the earth. We pray that warrior hearts will be found and awakened in Your church, and that people of faith and passion will be raised up who run to face Goliaths. Give us Davids, Benaiahs, Eleazars. May we fight until our hands cleave to the sword, holding on with impassioned hearts that refuse to yield to demonic forces on the earth. May the zeal of the Lord of Hosts consume us! We ask for this in faith, and in the name of Jesus, we believe it is done! Amen. Our decree: We decree that a fresh generation of spiritual warriors is arising on the earth and will enforce the victory of Calvary throughout the world. Click on the link below to watch the full video. 1. Coffey. Patriot Hearts. 118.

  • May 22, 2024

    Have You Been Found? When Christ was preparing His original 12 world-changing pioneers, He made the cost clear to them: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues.” (Matthew 10:16-17) “Then Jesus said to His disciples, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.’” (Matthew 16:24 -25) What price did these first disciples eventually pay to partner with Christ? Were Christ’s words simply symbolic, not to be taken literally? Surely, He wouldn’t actually ask His followers to lay down their lives, would He? History answers these questions: ● Andrew was crucified. ● Bartholomew was crucified. ● James, the son of Alphaeus, was stoned to death. ● James, the son of Zebedee, was beheaded. ● John, the son of Zebedee, was tortured and banished to the uninhabited island of Patmos. ● Peter was crucified upside down. ● Philip was crucified upside down. ● Thomas was martyred in India. ● The Apostle Paul and John the Baptist, not part of the original 12 disciples but two of Christ’s early leaders, were beheaded. To be a true disciple of Christ - and nation-changers - we must be willing to lay down our lives. This mindset should permeate and influence all we do and live for. And if we are to see America saved, it is one of the non-negotiables: no cost is too great. William Wilberforce, who led the efforts to eradicate slavery from Great Britain, understood and demonstrated this. In the great movie about his life, Amazing Grace, based on the great book by Eric Metaxas bearing the same name, Wilberforce’s butler surprised him in a moment of private prayer. When asked if he had found God, Wilberforce’s poignant reply was, “I think He found me.” Indeed, God “found” Wilberforce, who became so joined to His heart and desires that no price was too great for the cause. This reformer’s passion to see the ending of slavery caused him stomach ailments, nightmares, ridicule, and four decades of tireless work. Days before his death, however, the decisive vote came to eliminate slavery from England. Amazingly, when the law became formal three days after the vote, Wilberforce’s spirit left this world! Thomas Buxton, a personal friend and member of the House of Commons at the time, said of him, “The day which was the termination of his labors was the termination of his life.”(1) Have you been found? Does the cause of Christ possess you? When God led the early colonists to this land - He was obviously involved in the process - they came with hearts willing to pay whatever price the dream would cost them. A part of their stated cause was, “For the Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith...”(2) The colonists arrived on a cramped and dirty ship in sloshing water filled with human waste and vomit. And ill-prepared for the trials of this new land, including a brutal winter, more than half would perish before the end of their first summer. These colonists weren’t failures, however. Planting a cross on the beach at Cape Henry and dedicating this land to the gospel and the glory of God, they created a holy and enduring legacy. Heaven still honors the trail they blazed and the prayers they prayed. Buried in the soil of freedom, they became a vital part of the heritage we now enjoy. Pioneers all, their legacies live. The price they paid to create an outpost for the gospel created a debt for those who followed, including us today. The debt we Americans owe is not only to preserve freedom, but also to preserve this land as a light of truth - a beacon, a city on a hill - to all other nations. If we pay our debt today, the difficult trail we blaze back to our destiny will become the glorious path our children walk tomorrow. America was formed with the blood, sweat, and tears of many price-paying pioneers. When John Adams was elected as a Boston delegate in 1770, he knew it was considered treason to the King of England; Adams believed the decision would cost him everything. He informed his wife Abigail, “I have accepted a seat in the House of Representatives, and thereby have consented to my own ruin...”(3) How many today would accept a seat in Congress if they knew it could cost them everything? Adams wasn’t finished with his declaration, however. After informing Abigail that he had consented to his own ruin, this patriot pioneer continued, “ your ruin, and the ruin of our children. I give you this warning, that you may prepare your mind for your fate.”(4) Incredible. But Adams had been found! His love of liberty and belief that God was raising up the United States of America meant that, to him, no price was too great to pay. How did Abigail feel about this? Betrayed? Horrified? Did she threaten to leave him? Not even close. She too, like Wilberforce, had been found. According to Adams, Abigail burst into tears and cried out, “Well, I am willing in this cause to run all risks with you, and be ruined with you, if you are ruined.”(5) At the signing of the Declaration of Independence a few years later, Adams, along with his fellow signers, again accepted the potential and probable cost of freedom: “For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”(6) Adams would later state to Abigail, “I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration and support and defend these states. Yet through all the gloom, I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is more than worth all the means.”(7) Some accuse me of inappropriately marrying the love of God and country, but it is my love for God and His cause on the earth that fuels my passion for seeing America restored. Like Adams and our other founding fathers, I realize God chose to raise up this nation as part of His plan to redeem the human race. America wasn’t established solely for Americans. And it certainly wasn’t born for the enjoyment of the narcissistic “American Dream” we’ve allowed our desires to devolve into. Partnering with God in His great dream was to be our privilege and destiny. For this, no cost is too great. Let’s cry out for another generation that will lose their lives to find His; believers who will accept their debt to the cross and pay any price necessary to lead America back to the old road. “Go stand at the crossroads and look around. Ask for directions to the old road, the tried-and-true road. Then take it” (Jeremiah 6:16, The Message). Pray with me: Father, we are grateful for those in the great cloud of witnesses who have paid such high prices for our freedom and Your cause. We are humbled by the sacrifices so many of them have made. We ask You to forgive us in the American church for watering down, even abandoning our commitment to You and Your cause. Forgive us for preaching watered-down messages, a human-centered gospel, and an absent-from-the-culture theology. We agree in intercession today that hearts in the church will be awakened. Passion for You and Your kingdom will outweigh our devotion to self. Revival has begun, and millions will give their hearts to You; millions more will have their first love restored, and the church will rediscover her voice. You are worth our full devotion. Heal our broken nation. Lead us back to the old road of truth, integrity, righteousness, and common sense. Lead us back to servanthood, loving our neighbors, and the golden rule. Give us leaders who love and honor You and Your ways. Deliver us from evil rulers. We ask You for this in Christ’s name. Amen. Our decree: We decree that the purpose of God for America will not be lost - the recovery has begun! Portions of today’s post were taken from my book The Way Back. Click on the link below to watch the full. 1. Dyer, Steven G., Transforming a Nation: How England turned back to God in the eighteenth century. Can it happen in America? (Oklahoma, OK: Steven J. Dyer, 2010). 54. 2. Mayflower Compact 1620. 3. Bennett, William J. Our sacred honor: Words of advice from the Founders in stories, letters, poems, and speeches. (New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1997), p. 40. 4. Ibid. 5. Ibid. 6. Ibid., p. 64. 7. Ibid.

  • May 21, 2024

    People of Passion God loves wholeheartedness. Divided and lukewarm hearts, on the other hand, nauseate Him (see Revelation 3:15-16). He refuses to tolerate indifference. Yahweh epitomizes passion and offers to share with us His passionate heart. If we are going to turn America back to Him, we must be a people of passion. King David was a man of passion. When listening to Goliath mock the Lord, he quickly reached his threshold. “Who is this guy to curse the living God in the name of his false gods?” David asked. Then he asked the poignant and loaded question, “Is there not a cause?” (1 Samuel 17:29 KJV). Through this rhetorical question, David declared, “The ramifications of this threat are bigger than just our nation, Israel; they’re more important than our land, and even our lives. God’s reputation is at stake!” Perhaps this is why David actually ran to face the 9½-foot-tall giant. Death was possible, yes, but David’s passion for God was stronger than his fear of death. God is raising up Davids in our day who will run to face today’s spiritual giants – the forces of evil opposing Him and His purposes. They are willing to lay their lives down for His cause. I believe passionate warriors such as this are on the increase. Though they will never be in the majority, there will be enough. God will empower them, just as He did David, and they will prevail. David refused to outgrow his youthful passion. Years later, He was still passionate about God. As the Ark of God’s presence (abandoned and ignored during Saul’s reign) was being brought to Jerusalem, David threw off his kingly robes, laid aside his royal pomp and dignity, and danced wildly (see 2 Samuel 6:14 and 1 Chronicles 15:29). He was celebrating the fact that God’s presence was coming home where it belonged. I love it! His wife Michal, however, like her father, Saul, was not a worshiper and certainly wasn’t passionate about God; she liked neither his passion nor his humility. Michal actually mocked David’s zeal and lack of dignity. Dignity over passion is still quite appropriate in most worship services. What was David’s response to Michal? “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he stated. “I will be much more undignified than this!” Passion for Christ must outweigh our pride and overcome our dignity. He and His cause must outweigh love of self. Incidentally, God’s response to Michal’s spiritual indifference and disdain for David’s passion was much stronger than David’s response. The Lord sentenced her to barrenness - He didn’t want her nature passed on. That’s pretty serious. Assuredly, God loves passion and loathes apathetic indifference. A Prisoner of Love The Apostle Paul demonstrated great passion. “The love of God controls us,” he said, in describing his commitment to the cause of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:14). “Controls” (Greek: sunecho) is a word actually meaning “to be a prisoner.”(1) God’s passionate love had possessed Paul to the point that its hold was inescapable. Bound by love, he faced hunger, thirst, numerous beatings, imprisonment, and much more in his quest to preach the gospel. The need for pleasure and comfort didn’t control Paul; passion for Christ’s cause had enslaved him. The Founders of America had extreme passion and were willing to die for the cause of freedom. “Give me liberty or give me death” was more than a slick campaign speech. When Patrick Henry made this now-famous statement he was stating unequivocally, “I am willing to die for this cause.” Look up his entire speech and you’ll see his unwavering passion for God and this nation. Passionate Until Death! I have mentioned John Adams in other posts, but it is appropriate to include him here, as well. Adams was such a passionate pioneer of liberty that Thomas Jefferson referred to him as a “colossus of independence.”(2) Though the two of them didn’t always see eye-to-eye, their passion for America enabled them to put aside their differences, and they died as close friends – on the same day! Independence Day! Most people aren’t aware that both Adams and Jefferson died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1826!(3) Incredibly, it was as though both men willed themselves to live until that landmark day. Their passion to see the survival of this “holy experiment” - as many described America at that time - kept them alive until this milestone was reached. Adams, too weak to attend the national Fourth of July celebration, asked to be sat in a chair by his window in order to watch the festivities. While there, he drifted into unconsciousness and died later that night. Two of Adams’ last words before he graduated to heaven: “Independence forever.”(4) Passionate in life; passionate in death. Adams and our other Founders were God-honoring pioneer-patriots with the steel of mind and heart to face perhaps the greatest empire in all of history. Like David, they asked the profound question, “Is there not a cause?” And answered it with their lives. That is the question we must ask today. Is Christ’s purpose for America - preaching the gospel to all the earth - important enough to live and die for? There are now millions of young people in the United States who have had their opportunity to know Him stolen by ungodly educators, liberal politicians, legislating judges, and lukewarm preachers. Are not these young people worth our prayers and passion? How many more of them must die in gangs, school shootings, suicides, overdoses, drunken car accidents, and sex trafficking before the church of America has the courage and passion to stand up and shout, “Enough!” How many more babies must be murdered in the womb of their mothers? How many more children will be raised in fatherless homes? When will enough be enough? Many are familiar with the movie Braveheart. At the end of this stirring film, the great warrior, William Wallace, is being tortured to death. He is offered mercy, however, if he will renounce his quest for freedom from England’s tyranny. Wallace’s answer to their offer was a thunderous roar that rang from the depths of his passionate, warrior heart: “Freedom!!!” Wallace’s passion and commitment, even in death, inspired a nation to fight and gain their freedom. Like him, I hope my shout is still heard when my mouth is silenced by the grave. And I, too, would like it to provoke passion and action. Ask God for passion! Pray with me: Father, You love passion, hunger, and wholeheartedness. You’ve made it clear that You despise lukewarmness and indifference. We want to be a people of passion, walking in the greatest possible degree of intensity regarding You and Your cause. With passionate hearts, we cry out for revival. With passionate hearts we cry out for a presence movement to sweep the earth. With passionate hearts we ask You for the greatest harvest ever - by far - of people coming out of death into life. With passionate hearts, we ask You to set captives free, open prison doors, and heal the brokenhearted. With passionate hearts, we declare that America shall be saved, the earth will hear the gospel of the kingdom, and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea! Our decree: We declare that the “burning ones,” those with hearts aflame, are arising in the earth. Click on the link below to watch the full video. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. No. 4912. Ibid.

  • May 20, 2024

    Intimidation Is A Trap Proverbs 29:25 warns us regarding “the fear of man,” referring to it as a snare. The Passion Translation says, “Intimidation is a trap that holds you back”; The Message Bible reads, “The fear of human opinion disables.” Indeed, the fear of human opinion leads to people-pleasing, compromised values, yielding to peer pressure, and bowing to political correctness, all of which “disables” the church. A desire in the church to be viewed by the world as progressive and tolerant is a snare satan has used to conform people to his way of thinking. The need to be liked and/or accepted outweighs the Word of God to many believers, causing compromise, lukewarmness, and a lack of fruit. The damage has been catastrophic to our nation, causing the spiritual decay of three generations. Today, I’m going to share three references that give us pictures and insights into this trap called: “the fear of man.” AARON The first is in Exodus 32. In Moses’ day, many of the Israelites had bought into polytheism. They believed in Yahweh, but also in the existence of other gods. After their deliverance from Egypt, Moses had been on Mount Sinai for several weeks, receiving God’s laws and ordinances for Israel. He was gone longer than expected, and many of the people began to think he might never return (verse 1). Perhaps we need another god to help us, since Moses, who represented Yahweh, is evidently not coming back, they reasoned. Pathetic! Aaron, whom Moses had left in charge, was then persuaded to fashion a golden calf for the people to worship (verses 2-6). Pathetic times two! God was understandably angry and sent Moses back down the mountain to deal with it. Upon arrival, Moses’ choice of words to Aaron made it clear that God was holding Aaron responsible for this sin: “Moses said to Aaron, ‘What on Earth did these people ever do to you that you involved them in this huge sin?’ Aaron said, ‘Master, don’t be angry. You know this people and how set on evil they are. They said to me, “Make us gods who will lead us. This Moses, the man who brought us out of Egypt, we don’t know what’s happened to him.”’” (Verses 21-23 The Message) God’s summary statement in verse 25 is VERY telling: “…Aaron had let them run wild disgracing themselves before their enemies” (The Message Bible). Another translation says, “…Aaron had let them get out of control to be a derision among their enemies” (NASB). Aaron was intimidated by the uprising of the people, which caused him to compromise. The language of verse 25 - “Aaron let them get out of control” - makes clear that had he stood his ground, God would’ve backed him up. Leaders in the church must refuse to be intimidated by the whims or unbiblical desires of people; giving them what they want will never be an acceptable excuse to God. KING SAUL Another example of an Israelite leader yielding to the fear of man is in First Samuel 13. King Saul had been instructed to wait seven days for Samuel, a prophet and priest of Yahweh, to arrive and offer the necessary sacrifices for securing a military victory (1 Samuel 10:8). God permitted only priests to offer these sacrifices in Israel, not kings. But Israel’s enemies, the Philistines, had made their move, amassing a great army with which to attack them (1 Samuel 13:5). Without God’s help, things weren’t looking good, and without the sacrifices, they wouldn’t have this help. Saul waited almost the entire seven days for Samuel to arrive, but toward the end of the 7th day, with his army “scattering from him,” disobeyed God and “offered the burnt offering” himself (verses 8-9). Who showed up just as he was finishing the sacrifice? The prophet and priest, Samuel. The delay had been a test from God, and Saul, snared by fear of the Philistines and the scattering of his people, had failed it. God's response to him through the prophet was essentially, “I need someone to rule as king who will obey Me, regardless of what circumstances, enemies, and the people dictate. I need a man after My heart” (Verses 13-14). A couple of chapters later, God said to Saul through Samuel: “Has the Lord as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of Rams… Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has also rejected you from being King.” (1 Samuel 15:22-23 NASB) How many leaders in the church have compromised, “rejected” God’s Word in attempts to prevent people from scattering? THE JEWISH LEADERS There is one final passage which gives a dire warning regarding the fear of man. At the end of Christ’s ministry, He had been teaching and performing miracles; many people - including Jewish leaders - now believed He was the Messiah. Yet, because of their fear of man, they would not acknowledge their belief in Him: “These things Isaiah said because he saw His glory, and he spoke about Him. Nevertheless, many, even of the rulers, believed in Him, but because of the Pharisees, they were not confessing Him, so that they would not be excommunicated from the synagogue; for they loved the approval of people rather than the approval of God.” (John 12:41-43 NASB) What an indictment - loving the approval of men more than the approval of God! Interestingly, the Greek word translated “approval” (doxa)(1) is also the New Testament word for “glory” and is translated as such in this very passage (verse 41): “Isaiah…saw His glory.” Therefore, the indictment against these leaders should be translated as the Passion Translation words it: “For they loved the glory that men could give them rather than the glory that came from God.” What a striking contrast! John tells us Isaiah saw God’s glory and prophecied of His greatness. But to these leaders, he tells us the glory they were receiving from man outweighed the glory of God. Sadly, this could be said of many leaders in the church today: popularity, approval from people, large crowds - these mean more to them than the glory of God. And because of this, Holy Spirit has had to declare “Ichabod” (“the glory has departed”) over many churches in our land. I believe God is about to change this. Many leaders are discovering that the praise of men no longer satisfies. They’re also realizing that “powerless Christianity” is a contradiction of the Bible. They are awakening to the fact that we have lowered the standard and watered down the wine. We traded the glory of God for men’s applause, sound doctrine for storytelling, the power of Holy Spirit for personal comfort, and prayer for innovative ideas. Three lost generations and an apostate nation later, they have realized this isn’t working. And God is calling them back to the pattern found in the book of Acts. Our prayer comes from there today. Pray with me: “And now, Lord, look at their threats, and enable Your bond-servants to speak Your word with all confidence, while You extend Your hand to heal, and signs and wonders take place through the name of Your holy servant Jesus.” And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness. And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them. And with great [megas/mega](2) power, the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant  [megas/mega](3) grace was upon them all.” (Acts 4:29-33 NASB) Our decree: We decree that Jesus is building a bold church the gates of hell cannot overcome. Click on the link below to watch the full video. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 1391. Ibid., ref no. 3173. Ibid.

  • May 17, 2024

    Releasing God’s Nature This week we have been agreeing with and decreeing statements made by many of America’s past leaders. Their prayers and declarations are not dead, and as we agree with them, power from our past is released into our “now.” Today, I want to give an overview of God’s plan regarding government, one of the most important topics in the Bible. Government’s Origin The concept of government is first introduced to us in Genesis 1:26-28, when Yahweh assigned the responsibility of managing, ruling, or governing (Hebrew: radah(1-7287) and mashal(2-4910) the earth and all it contains to Adam and his offspring. However, the concept of government did not originate when God created the earth; He didn’t just imagine or dream up the notion for this new endeavor. God is, and always has been, Lord or Ruler over all - HE IS GOVERNMENT. The concept flows from who He is. Obviously then, this makes Him earth’s “Judge, Lawgiver, and King” (Isaiah 33:22), and all government on earth was to flow from Him. The fact that God is government and rules from who He is, is why “righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne” (Psalm 89:14). God is also truth and love (John 14:6; 1 John 4:16). His laws, precepts, guidelines, etc., are based on love and truth, righteousness and justice, and flow from His nature. Again, God governs from who He is! God Releases His Government Through Family The Bible is the story of God and his family. He wanted a family, so He began by creating their home, then He created them. God then delegated His governmental rule of this small portion of His Kingdom, earth, to His family (Genesis 1:26-28). This dominion or authority was to be exercised over all the earth and in all elements of society: personal, home and family, cities, and nations. It was intended to release and function according to His nature. God’s intent was that ALL earthly government be a conduit of Him; He would release His will, ways, truth, righteousness, and love on earth through government - at every level - delegated to humans. That God would delegate this governing authority to Adam shouldn’t be surprising; He had created His family! Every aspect of Adam’s nature was to reflect God’s image and likeness: procreating more eternal beings bearing God’s image; dreaming, imagining, and through this mining earth’s treasure and potential; loving; leading and managing this portion of God’s creation. We know this plan was temporarily interrupted at the Fall. Satan stole God’s family, and along with it came the dominion/government of their home. The story of Scripture then became how God would redeem and restore these two things: His family and their dominion. The war on earth is over family and government: Who will own the people? Who will rule the earth? God’s Solution Jesus, of course, was God’s solution. He made it possible for all people to become part of God’s family again, and He recovered Adam’s lost authority. Matthew 28:18 tells us all authority on earth is now His, and Colossians 1:13 says He delivered us from the authority of darkness and aligned us once again with Christ and His Kingdom. Matthew 16.18-19 and other passages tell us Christ delegates His authority to us once again. As Christ’s family, and having been delegated His authority, we are also called and privileged to extend His redemption and freedom to others. We do so not by demanding or dictating, but by proclaiming His gospel, declaring His truth, and binding satanic/demonic schemes, plans, and actions. This opens people’s eyes to the gospel and God’s truth, causing them to believe in Christ. This allows even their land, possessions, livelihoods, cities, and nations to also be freed from satan’s government/authority/rule (see Deuteronomy 28). The Scriptures Are All About Government With government being one of the two primary issues on earth, it seems logical that it would be one of Scripture’s dominant themes. It is mentioned extensively throughout the Bible. Earthly “kingdoms” are spoken of 36 times, earthly “kings” are spoken of 108 times, and the words “rule” or “ruler” are mentioned 155 times. God is mentioned by the governmental term “Lord” 1000s of times, and His “kingdom” is referenced more than 80 times. We could give numbers for other governmental terms, such as dominion, authority, govern, leader, etc., which are used dozens of times. Suffice it to say, the issue of government is paramount in Scripture. AND YET…through the deception of conflating politics and government, many in the church think government should be ignored. “Get people saved,” they say, “but issues of government don’t belong in the church. Well, we should pray for it [which most don’t], but don’t talk about it, make a stand regarding it, or try to influence it.” Persuading a church to take time in a service for more than a perfunctory prayer or mention of government, elections, laws, etc., is like trying to raise the dead. Getting pastors to make a public stand on BIBLICAL issues being ruled on by the government, such as the termination of life, marriage, gender issues, and more, is even harder. The church doesn’t acknowledge the overwhelming amount of Scripture involving government, preferring to ignore it. And it conveniently hides behind manmade laws designed to silence us. Rather than honoring God, many leaders are ruled by the fear of man. Combine that with the fact that many pastors actually disagree with portions of God’s Word, and the result is that most believers are ignorant of God’s Word. The church need not be mean-spirited or condemning to preach and teach truth from Scripture. It can and should be done with grace, mercy, and love. But truth must be taught; it is God’s Word. America In Crisis As a result of the church not doing so, America hangs in the balance of life or death. In a March 2023 Fox News interview, Newt Gingrich issued a wake-up call. Referencing meetings between Putin and Xi - while the Biden administration, which he compared to a “situation comedy,” ignored them and downplayed any significance - Gingrich said that, in his opinion, “This is the most dangerous time in our history since Washington crossed the Delaware Christmas night in 1776…This is not a game. The threat to our civilization is so great that we really need a dramatic change.”(1) In the same interview, Mr. Gingrich also said, “Xi gave four different speeches to his people [the previous] week on preparing for war. People should take him seriously and understand how determined, how aggressive, and how competent Xi is.” He compared Xi and Putin to “The Axis powers of Italy, Germany, and Japan in the 1930s that wanted to take on Democracies. Unlike in the 30s, we have a President who is dedicated to weakness, dedicated to confusion…America is in an enormous crisis, with a news media that doesn’t want to cover the truth. This is the moment when America truly is what Mao called America ‘a paper tiger.’ It’s a very sobering and very frightening moment in American history.”(2) The church might want to rediscover government and find its voice. I’ve said before that regardless of the overall church’s abdication, God will save America through a remnant. I still believe this. But I also believe our salvation and turnaround could have occurred much more quickly - and without the coming shaking - had a larger percentage of the church been speaking out, praying, and taking action. The pain we are experiencing and which will increase could have been avoided. To those of you who are praying - thank you, and please persevere. Your prayers WILL save America. Pray with me: Father, in Christ’s name, on behalf of the church of America, we ask You to forgive us for not representing You and Your ways as we should. We have been deceived, complacent, willfully ignorant, and fearful of speaking out against the promotion of sin and evil. Thankfully, an awakening is occurring; please breathe on this and cause it to increase. Awaken the church to the fact that we are Your voice, the speakers of Your Word and truth, on the earth. Revive this truth in us. Send Your fire to the pulpits of America again. Send repentance to preachers in America for watering down Your truth, for ignoring portions of Your Word and for operating under the fear of man. We should have fearless hearts like Joshua, Caleb, Paul, Finney, Wesley, Whitefield, and other warriors from the past. Again, we pray, send Your fire! And Father, as the dragon and bear [China and Russia] align, led by principalities and world rulers of darkness, thwart their evil plans to rule the world. We must and will reap a great harvest for You. You once told me You HAD to have America in order to reap this harvest. You said in Your Word that we could close the doors to demonic forces, not with human effort, but with the authority of our words. So, in the name of Jesus, we call America back to You. We release Your Kingdom authority and bind demonic, evil plans, releasing the power of Holy Spirit to oppose them. We release Your will for revival and awakening. We call forth Your fire. All that You have promised, we will see and experience. In Jesus’ name, amen. Our decree: We decree that lethargy and complacency in the church are being broken and replaced with revival fire! Click on the link below to watch the full video. As seen on Fox News’ Hannity Show, March 20, 2023. Ibid.

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