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September 27, 2023

The New Wine Dream (Part 2)

Yesterday we began looking at a dream Holy Spirit gave Greg Hood a couple of months ago. It is a long dream, too long to read here, and filled with great detail. If you did not see yesterday’s post, you may want to take a look at it for the sake of continuity. As with yesterday's post, I will not read the dream but will include the portion I discuss today at the end of the post.

As a brief review, Greg and I were running on a battlefield in the shape of America, being fired at from many directions. An angel was sent to help and protect us. We were carrying the “recipe” for winning the war for America’s survival, trying to get it to the right people. We sought protection and help from a church, which refused us. We then decided to take the recipe to an old well on the church property, Oinos Well House, if we could find it. The angel knew where it was and led us to it. And that’s where we stopped.

Today’s Portion

As I stated yesterday, oinos(1) is the Greek word for wine. We were searching for the “Wine” Well House and found it on the “corner” of the church property. As we dug where the angel directed us, we came to the stone cover for this well; it had the numbers 5850 and 6438 on the top. The first number is the Hebrew word for “crown” (atarah)(2), and the second is the word for a “cornerstone” (pinnah)(3). This is obviously a reference to Christ, the “chief cornerstone” of the church (Psalm 118:22; Luke 20:17; Ephesians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:6-7). He is the entrance, the door! (John 10:9). The stone cover did not actually “open”; speaking a code caused it to transform into a substance we could pass through. Clearly, this pictures us having to go “through Christ” to find safety and the recipe for victory.

The code we declared in order to go through Christ was John 17:13-19, a portion of His powerful prayer for the church just before His crucifixion.

“But now I am coming to You, and these things I speak in the world so that they may have My joy made full in themselves. I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I am not asking You to take them out of the world, but to keep them away from the evil one. Just as You sent Me into the world, I also sent them into the world. Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. And for their sakes, I sanctify Myself, so that they themselves also may be sanctified in truth.” (NASB)

As we prepared to enter the cellar, the angel told us to hurry. “Time is very short,” he said, “and the Ekklesia must get this right.” This was certainly not to create panic in us, nor to generate fear that we may fail in this season. It was to let us know that the sense of urgency and sobriety we have been feeling is accurate. We are warring for the soul of America and the harvest of the ages!

When we arrived in the room, the “well” was actually a wine cellar, as the name indicated; an old wine cellar with an ancient table and a large, empty vat. On the table were “new” bottles, waiting to be filled. Could it be that the recipe for victory was actually for wine? Would the battle for America be won with wine?

Two individuals were removing the cover from the vat. One was my spiritual father, Jim Hodges; the other was my brother, Tim Sheets. They had been waiting for us to arrive with “the recipe.” Tim’s comment to me when we arrived let me know for certain this was a dream from Holy Spirit! I could actually hear him saying it when Greg related the dream to me. “What took you so long?” he said. “Do you have the recipe?” Hilarious!

The Box

Greg pulled a box containing the recipe from our backpack. Two words, “mishpat” and “anapsuxis,” along with a Scripture reference, Romans 5:17, were on the lid of the box: Mishpat(4) means “a verdict or sentence.”(5) God’s “verdict” was in the box. This immediately reminded me of Gina Gholston’s dream in which the angel of the Lord announced that “America shall be saved.” In her dream, that announcement was preceded by, “The verdict has been rendered!” The “recipe” for producing this “verdict” of salvation was in the box!

The second word, “anapsuxis,” is translated as “refreshing”(6) in Acts 3:19: “Times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” An expanded and literal definition of this word would be “the blowing of breath or wind again intensely” (my definition). This verse was spoken by Peter after the healing of the lame man in Acts chapter 3, resulting in 5000 conversions. It speaks of revival. This is also the verse from a vision God gave me several years ago, showing the great revival coming to America, beginning with young people. In this vision, the fires of revival swept across America, especially on the campuses of colleges and universities. It was intense and unstoppable. The “recipe” that will produce the “verdict” - America’s salvation - will be anapsuxis - God’s breath/wind of revival blowing again!

The verse on the lid, Romans 5:17, says: “For if by the offense of the one, death reigned through the one, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ” (NASB). Abundant grace and the gift of righteousness through Christ is the recipe!

Apostolic Wisdom

My spiritual father, Jim Hodges, pictures seasoned apostolic wisdom. He took the parchment out of the box and said, “Gentlemen, we have a recipe.” Jim oversaw the mixing of this recipe. Tim, Greg, others, and I assisted him. The coming revival that saves America must be led by apostolic wisdom. This will cause it to produce Kingdom principles and influence, not just large churches. The revival will impact not only the church, but all seven mountains of society: Religion, government, media, education, arts and entertainment, business, and family. The coming revival will not only produce salvations; it will disciple nations.

New Wineskins

“New” wine bottles were on the table, ready to receive this “new wine.” When Jesus spoke of putting new wine into new bottles (Luke 5:37-38), He actually used two different Greek words for “new.” The new wine is neos, meaning “fresh, quantitatively new.”(7) In other words, it is simply a new or fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit.

The new bottles in Christ’s example, however, are kainos (8) bottles, meaning “qualitatively new; different.” The “bottles” used in Christ’s day were actually wineskins. When empty, the leather dried out and hardened, becoming inflexible. The wineskins then had to be put through a renewing process to soften them. If not, they would break during the stretching caused by the fermenting of the new wine.

Simply stated, Holy Spirit is poured out repeatedly, but He does not change; we, however, must be changed or renewed between outpourings, in order to receive Holy Spirit’s new wine. Those who reject this process, remaining rigid in the shapes and forms (ways, methods, fruit, etc.) of what Holy Spirit poured out in the last revival, cannot receive the next outpouring. Usually, they don’t even want it. Like the church on this property in the dream, they have no interest in the new “recipe”; the former outpouring was enough.

We must prepare ourselves for what is coming. Ask Holy Spirit to do so by making you pliable and flexible. The new wine will stretch all of us.

Tomorrow we will begin looking at the details of the recipe. They are amazing.

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for Christ, our cornerstone. He is the foundation and measuring point for all that You do. Everything must align with Him. Every outpouring of Your Spirit, every gift You give, each time You show mercy - it all flows through Christ. Of Him, to Him, and through Him are all things. He is the “code,” the Word we speak, that allows us to find the recipe for salvation. We ask You now for a fresh outpouring of Your grace, enabling us to receive Your new wine.

We thank You, Jesus, for Your verdict that America shall be saved through a great revival. We ask now for the new wine, the wind, Your breath that will produce this. Let the winds of revival blow. Let the fire burn. Come to the youth of America, the campuses and schools, with holy fire. Let it go from here to the nations.

And then cause this revival to invade the entirety of our culture and society. Invade our government, media, businesses, and families. Reset America! We pray this in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the verdict has been rendered: America shall be saved through the new wine!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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The New Wine Dream, Part 2 - Greg Hood (9/2023)

Greg replied, “There is a hidden Oinos Well House on the property. When we locate it, we can secure the recipe there.”

The angel with us said, “Follow me.” He took us to the northeast corner of the property and said, “Start digging here. The top of the well is just under the surface.” We began to dig in the dirt with our hands, and just under the surface found a bright stone. Stamped on the top was, “5850,” and under that was stamped “6438.” The angel then said to Dutch, “Declare the Stone Code. He knows your voice and will respond.”

Dutch then declared the Stone Code from John 17:13-19, and as he did, the stone began transforming from its solid form into a translucent substance that we could pass through. As we looked through the now transparent stone, we saw a staircase spiraling down into a large room. The angel said to us, “Make haste! Move! Time is very short, and the Ekklesia must get this right.” Without hesitation, we made our way down the spiral staircase into this room.

Arriving in the room, we knew we were standing in an old wine cellar. A large lab-type table, made of ancient wood, was in the middle of the room. Many new-looking wine bottles, needing to be filled and corked, were lined up on this table. Next to the table, on a large elevated platform, was a large machine we knew was an empty vat.

Dutch noticed two men on the other side of the machine, one on a ladder and the other standing, holding the ladder to give it stability. The man standing on the ladder was removing the top of the machine/vat. Dutch asked, “Dad, Jim, is that you? Tim, is that you?”

We heard Jim Hodges’ voice from the other side of the vat, replying, “Yes, son, it’s me.

Tim, Dutch’s brother, said, “What took you so long, and do you have the recipe?”

Dutch replied, “Well, yes, we do!” He looked at me in the dream and said, “Hood, give me the recipe.” I reached into a backpack I was wearing and pulled out a wooden box. This box contained the recipe. As I handed the box to Dutch, I could see the words “mishpat” and “anapsuxis” written on the top. It also had the Scripture Romans 5:17 written on it. Dutch received the box, opened it, and pulled out what looked like old, rolled-up parchment paper.

He handed it to Jim, who rolled it out on the table, and began looking at it intently. Jim then said, “Gentlemen, we have a recipe.”


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