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September 26, 2023

The New Wine Dream, Part 1

Today I want to start unpacking a dream Holy Spirit gave to Dr. Greg Hood a couple of months ago. It is an incredibly detailed and very long dream. I spoke on the dream recently at Chuck Pierce’s conference, but I will cover more details here on the GH15 posts. I will not read the dream - it is simply too long - but will include/attach the portion I cover each day at the end of the posts.

The dream is about spiritual new wine being prepared, followed by the wine being poured out. It begins with Greg and me running on a battlefield, which was in the shape of the United States. The battle taking place was very intense. We were not running out of fear, but to deliver something that, at this point in the dream, was simply described as “very precious” and that needed to be “activated.” He and I were being fired at by enemies, both natural and spiritual, and an angel appeared to help us. With a wave of his hand, he created a trench deep enough to provide protection as we ran. He also stayed with us for the remainder of the dream.

The first enemy specifically identified was a group of men dressed like pharaohs, pursuing us in the trench. I was told by Greg to simply decree that the sides of the trench would fall in on them, destroying them. I made this decree, and the cave-in occurred, destroying these enemies.

The similarity of this to the account of Moses, Pharaoh, and the Red Sea crossing is obvious. I believe the pharaohs represent Baal-zephon, the god/spirit Pharaoh was expecting to deliver Israel into his hand (Exodus 14). In the dream, our victory was quick and decisive, just as it was for Israel. I feel that this portion of the dream is telling us we have established victory over Baal’s stronghold in America, yet this victory must be maintained.

The angel, Greg, and I continued running toward a large building inside a walled compound, which had very faint light coming from it. The building was not being fired upon and seemed to offer a place of protection. Upon arriving, we went through a tunnel under the wall and, once inside the compound, discovered it was a church with its windows painted black, in order to hide from the battle. The small amount of light we had seen was coming through tiny scratches in the paint, allowing a small amount of light to trickle out. We knocked and said, “Open the door! Let us in! We have the recipe for winning this battle.”

The contents of the “precious” package we were carrying was the recipe to winning this battle. Yet, surprisingly, the church wasn’t interested. Without opening the door, someone from inside shouted, “Go away! There is no room in here for you! Go before you put us all in danger!! You are not welcome here!!!”

This no doubt refers to the portion of the American church refusing to enter the spiritual battle for revival and the saving of our nation. Being offered the opportunity to join us, they refused, preferring to remain quietly hidden rather than challenging those trying to destroy the nation. Safe behind the walls, their primary concern was survival, not the recipe for victory. Their light was dim, and they had only criticism for those who had chosen to enter this spiritual war; we were not welcome there.

These Christians were like the Austrian people of Hitler’s day who refused to challenge him, voting 98% to 2% to join the Third Reich, believing appeasement toward tyrants and corrupt leaders would work. Hitler said of them, “How fortunate for us that the people choose to remain ignorant.”(1) Like the British politician, Neville Chamberlain, who “served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940,” these Christians just wanted to get along. Chamberlain is “best known for his foreign policy of appeasement, and in particular, for his signing of the Munich Agreement on 30 September 1938, ceding the German-speaking Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler.”(2)

Many Americans, including Christians, believe if we’re nice and kind, the bad guys will change or just go away. They will not. They want to destroy the America we have been, and then rule over us. The danger of complacency is that it’s a subtle and gradual killer, allowing us to sleep through the change and carnage until it’s too late. If a 9/11 occurred in America again, our nation would arise in anger and be willing to fight. But over 30 of them occur EVERY YEAR in the form of illegal drugs being brought across our open borders, killing over 100,000 Americans! How fortunate for the cartels, traffickers, and lying politicians that many Americans choose to remain ignorant. In the dream, those inside the church grabbed a can of spray paint and covered the scratches.

At this point in the dream, I asked Greg, “Where to now? We must protect this recipe! It has taken too long to recover it. We can’t lose it now!” I find this statement very gripping. The recipe had taken a long time to recover, and we knew we absolutely must not lose it now! The desperation and intensity of the words are clear and impactful. God is telling us we must persevere; we must NOT lose this battle!

Greg replied, “There is a hidden Oinos Well House on the property. When we locate it, we can secure the recipe there.” Oinos is the Greek word for “wine.”(3) It is interesting that Greg, in his natural mind, did not know this; he simply remembered the name he had spoken in the dream, along with numerous other names, dates, Scripture references, Greek and Hebrew words, etc. I asked him recently if it was difficult to remember all of these numbers, names, dates, etc., when he awakened. He told me that when he wakes up from a dream such as this, the details are indelibly printed in his mind, and he can see/recall every name, date, number, etc., as clearly as if it were in print.

The Oinos/Wine Well House was “hidden.” I find it interesting that it was still on the church property, buried and hidden from sight, but theirs to find had they so desired.

The angel knew where it was and said, “Follow me.” Taking us to the northeast corner of the property, he said, “Start digging here. The top of the well is just under the surface.” The well, though hidden, was not deep; it was just below the surface and covered by a stone. We had to get on our hands and knees, digging with only our hands, but were able to find the stone cover; it had two numbers stamped on it, and could only be opened by declaring a code.

And that’s where I will pick up this amazing dream tomorrow.

Pray with me:

Father, we certainly find ourselves on a battlefield shaped like America. The war for the soul of our nation rages on. Yet You have won the war in the spirit realm, and we will experience the full manifestation of this victory. Though bullets fly around us and Baal attempts to ambush us, You and Your Angel armies protect us. Though many in America choose to appease our enemies, and many in the church refuse to get involved, You are determined to guard the recipe for our recovery. We thank You.

We pray for an awakening in our nation, including the church. It is only by Your grace that any of us can see through the fog of war, and none of us do so perfectly. We thank You that this awakening is beginning, with more and more Americans seeing what is truly happening. As You showed us in this dream, the recipe to win the battle for America is in the hands of the church. We ask for grace and help to find the well and not lose the recipe.

Thank You for the beginnings of revival we now see taking place, especially among the campuses of America. Yet, as the old hymn says, “Mercy drops ‘round us are falling, but for the showers we plead.”(4) We know a deluge is coming, and we ask for this, along with the shaking down of the evil that has entrenched itself in key positions of our nation. We pray, once again, “Send the fire.”

Our decree:

We declare that we will persevere on the battlefield of America until the new wine is poured out, and the river of life flows abundantly.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


  1. Simpson, Douglas, Looking for America, (Whole Person Associates Publishing, 2012), p. 40.


  3. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 3631.



The New Wine Dream, Part 1 - Greg Hood (9/2023)

The dream started with Dutch and me (Greg) running through a place called “No Man’s Land” on a raging war zone/battlefield. This battlefield was in the shape of the United States, and we knew we were running through the hill country of Texas. We also knew that the place we were running TO was the hill country of Franklin, Tennessee.

There was enemy fire all around us, from both the seen (natural) and unseen (spiritual) realms. As we ran, we could see the bullets fired from the enemy’s weapons flying by us, some barely missing us. As artillery exploded around us, we could smell the gunpowder and smoke from the battlefield. This scene was very intense. There was no sense that we would die, but we wondered if we would make it without losing some body parts.

As we ran, we could see a building with very dim light shining through minor scratches in spray-painted, blacked-out windows. Continuing to run through enemy fire towards this light, we realized we were also running INTO “friendly” fire. As we ran with all our might, a man came out of nowhere, running beside us. He was running effortlessly compared to Dutch and me. Pushing slightly ahead of us, he said, “Where do you want to go?”

Dutch replied, “To the building with the small light. It looks safer than here. We are carrying something very precious that we have to activate.”

Hearing Dutch’s words, he said, “Follow me and stay close. Don’t grow weary in your running or fret. I will run at your pace.” Somehow, we knew from his tone of command that this was an angel. He, the angel, stretched out his hand toward the ground, and a trench, like a streambed, just large enough for us to run in single file, opened up. The stream had some clear water in it, about knee-deep. The angel went in first, then Dutch and I followed.

The trench was just deep enough for our heads to stay below the surface and avoid all the artillery fire onto the battlefield. Like us, many other things on the field were targets. We continued running toward the building with the small light.

As we made our way, we noticed others in the trench a short distance behind us, chasing us. They were dressed like pharaohs. We did not have a good feeling about them. I shouted to Dutch over the incredible noise of the battle, “THERE ARE OTHERS IN THE TRENCH. THEY ARE FAST APPROACHING! IF YOU COMMAND THE STREAM/TRENCH TO CLOSE BEHIND US, THESE PHARAOHS AND THEIR GODS WILL BE BURIED HERE!”

Dutch declared, “THOSE THAT DESCEND ON THE HOUSE OF THE LORD WILL RECEIVE THEIR REWARD!” At that declaration, we could feel the trench closing in and covering those chasing after us.

As we approached what we had thought was a “small” building with the light, we realized it was not small, but was a new, large “church” in the middle of this war zone. This building had not been affected by gunfire and looked unoccupied.

The trench we had been running in became a tunnel, burrowed under a concrete wall, that surfaced right at the front steps of this building. As we drew closer to this church building, we could hear whispering and arguing inside. We ran to the front door, hoping to go inside for safety, but the door was locked. Dutch repeatedly shook the door hard and shouted, not out of fear but urgency, “OPEN THE DOOR! LET US IN. WE HAVE THE RECIPE FOR WINNING THIS BATTLE! OPEN UP NOW!”

From inside the building, someone replied, “GO AWAY! THERE IS NO ROOM IN HERE FOR YOU! GO BEFORE YOU PUT US ALL IN DANGER!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!” (The war zone was intensifying by the second.) We then saw someone through the scratches on the blacked-out windows. He took a can of black spray paint and painted over the scratches in the window, beside the front door, where we stood.

Dutch turned to me and calmly said, “Hood, where to now? We must protect this recipe! It’s taken us too long to recover it. We can’t lose it now.”

I (Greg) replied, “There is a hidden Oinos Well House on the property. When we locate it, we can secure the recipe there.”

The angel with us said, “Follow me.” He took us to the northeast corner of the property and said, “Start digging here. The top of the well is just under the surface.” We began to dig in the dirt with our hands, and just under the surface found a bright stone.

(End of part 1)


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