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September 16, 2022

Interview with Chuck Pierce: Going Up Higher

Thank you for joining me today for Give Him 15. We are especially blessed to have a dear friend of mine with us and a person whom I consider to be one of the most accurate and trustworthy prophets in the world - a man whom I greatly believe in, my friend, Chuck Pierce. I’ve asked him here to share with us what he feels the church needs to hear, or even a word for the nation. I tell my friends who join me for these Friday posts, to go wherever they feel Holy Spirit leads them. So, Chuck, I’d like for you to share with us what you’re hearing.

But before Chuck begins, I want to start today by commenting on the prayer movement. Chuck and I have been walking together in the prayer movement for 25-30 years. It began as a prayer ministry/movement led by intercessors and people who were called to pray (intercessors), and now it has moved into more of an apostolic movement. Now it’s apostolic intercession. Chuck has tremendous insight into that and has walked through all of it. Share with us about this today, Chuck.

Chuck begins to share:

“Thank you, Dutch - what an honor to be here with you. I realized that we have co-labored through the world and especially across this nation together for 33 years - of course, you’re getting much older than I. We have a long history together. I’d like to share that we are watching God bring a new authority to His people. I believe your ministry has been such a key in that. I believe you serve apostolically for what God wants to do in the nation right now. Dutch, I listen to you first when I pray for this nation. We have moved from the prayer ministry as we began, now into an apostolic watchman ministry. I believe we are watching over the words that have been spoken through the years. We are interceding; a watchman is a prophet who intercedes. I really believe that we have come into a new apostolic realm, even a new authority. Dutch, I believe it’s not a hierarchy thing. I see all of our gifts functioning at a greater level. I believe we are on the verge of seeing our nation coming into an awakening. You have been such a leader in that.

“We are heading into a year that is so, so important for us to understand. We are in a season where the voice (what we listen to) is very important. I remember when we used to only pray. Now we also decree and declare, and when we decree a thing, we see it begin to happen. I believe our authority is increasing. It is a picture of this whole historical era we are in right now. We shifted in September 2019, at Rosh Hashanah. Of course, all of you remember March 2020, when God pulled us all aside and said, ‘I need a divine pause to get My people moving in a new way.’ And I believe we are now moving into this in this new way. I thank God for ministries such as yours that keep us doing just that.

“But I believe this year ahead is going to be our supernatural year. When I look at Scripture regarding the year ahead, we all need to know that we are coming into a supernatural confrontation. We don’t need to think humanistically, and humanistic religion can wear you down. We need to know that we are coming into a time when it is not just about right versus left, male versus female, culture versus race, but kingdom versus kingdom. We are moving into a supernatural dimension. We have to ask Holy Spirit for a new level of the baptism of His Spirit so we can see beyond, and maneuver with His angelic help as we go into this spiritual war ahead. This whole era of 10 years is about war, and you’ll remember I’ve written several books regarding what God showed me in 1986 of where we would be in 2026. I consider this year a key transitional year for us in the spirit realm, and that is very important. With that, I see that when it comes to kingdom versus kingdom, it also becomes government versus government. We will see the ruling demons behind those governments or the ruling force of the Spirit of God behind government. That summarizes what we’re talking about - the government of God has matured (the Ekklesia), and I believe we now have the backing of angelic hosts.

“Dutch, when we were speaking together last time, I saw how God was circling this nation with those angelic hosts. It’s a year of divine recovery. When you look at it in Hebrew, it is a rising up together. We are coming into a new unity in the body of Christ. We are understanding each other’s gifts, rising up together. We must understand how to open up and recover the fortunes that have been taken from us and open up new supply lines.”

Dutch shares:

“Chuck, that’s incredible, and I believe that. My mind is going in different directions as I listen, and I believe every bit of what you’re saying. I appreciate your insights so much. One of the things I think of almost every time we are together is how God uses the prophetic and apostolic anointings together, and how important it is for us all to listen and hear. Some think of it as being mystical, but it’s becoming as it should be, normal in the supernatural and in the natural - to realize we can receive impressions from the Lord - He actually speaks to us. So when we pray, we desire to say what He is saying. In the higher level of intercession, as far as its scope and realm of authority and warfare we deal with, we know we are praying according to the times and seasons He has us in. We know that if we pray according to His will, He hears us (1 John 5:14-15). There’s no point in making decrees if we are just decreeing what we want - no reason to make declarations just because we are fired up or excited; we have to know what He is saying. So it seems to me that the prophetic is also going to a higher level. You’ve said before that when we are in service together and when I’m speaking, it awakens the anointing in you prophetically, but when you speak, it awakens the anointing in me - it’s the agreement in the spirit, the coming together of what God does when He mingles these anointings. He takes them to a new level! And I think that happens not only for people who have corporate leadership, but also in prayer meetings and intercession groups - the more we come into agreement at a heart level, our anointings mingle, our authority increases, and God does just what He says. I love what you said - that as we work together in unity, we bring out the anointings and gifts of God in each other.”

Chuck replies:

“See - you just described where we are headed. In the last season, we thought we could do unity. Well, that’s not unity. I think you and I are a great example of unity. I submit to your apostolic gift as well as your teaching gift. We are all learning to submit to the gifts, learning to submit to the highest anointing in the room or in the meeting, or in a strategic gathering where we are dialoguing over how to advance. Submission means we are standing under. I stand under your gift when I’m there with you. But we are also resisting. Resisting means we are standing against. If we didn’t have an alignment of our giftings, I personally could not resist the enemy at the level that I do. But because of submitting to God’s order of giftings, we gain great resistance, and then the devil has to flee.

“I believe it’s been one of the problems we have not understood, and the Lord says this, “No greater faith have I seen in all of Israel than those who understand authority” (Matthew 8:10). The centurion soldier understood authority. But faith works by love, and I believe as we start to walk in unity, we will love and honor each other's gifts in a way we haven’t done before. True unity will give us a power we hadn’t had before. We must have it in this supernatural season that we are in.”

Dutch responds:

“That’s so good, Chuck. I appreciate your insights.

“When I minister at your church, I have no explanation for what I experience. I know I step under a prophetic portal there, and it’s a mingling of our gifts. I move into such a stronger prophetic anointing in my delivery of the message God has given me when I’m at Glory of Zion. There are 2-3 other places where I also sense this, but nowhere at the level of it happening as at GOZ. But it’s an example of what you just said. I bring myself under that authority that you walk in prophetically, and it opens something up in me. We pray, decree, and resist the enemy, and things start breaking open. It’s remarkable. It’s exciting to hear you say that God is going to do this at new levels. When I honor more leaders - my brothers and sisters in Christ and bless them - the more God opens things up for me. It’s just a spiritual principle, and there’s no way to get around it.”

Chuck shares:

“That’s what David did. Samuel anointed him, but it wasn’t until years later, when Ziglag happened - which you teach on - that he recovered everything. David honored those who helped him get to the place where he was. When he did that, and he gave to all of those people, the next level of anointing came. Then 7 years later, the next level came.

“We are in the process - people get ready - we are about to get our next level of anointing, and it’s going to bring us into a supernatural realm where we can take territory, where we can increase and move forward. One day, I’d love for us to talk about the spiritual warfare that’s going to happen at a new level this year. When I say that, I’m referring to the victory end of how we are going to walk in spiritual warfare and overcome the things we have dealt with.

“Dutch, I prayed for you today regarding when you addressed the spirit of Baal so many years ago. But this year, we are going to be dissecting Baal’s throne. See, you had to address it in one season, and we have to now mobilize and dissect that throne. It’s not just divorcing ourselves from Baal (for more on this, see GH15 July 22 2021 and GH15 July 23, 2021). We have to dissect how Baal is ruling in a territory, and that is going to be so key as we approach this year and move into things. You are going to get revelation like you’ve never gotten before, and I’m now prophesying that to you. You’re going to go back to things you’ve decreed and dissect them, getting strategy for the assignment this year. We will have supernatural, angelic help in it. Dutch, when we were speaking recently at the gathering in Charleston, one of the greatest strongholds in America where the civil war began, we realized things happened there that tried to set this nation on a wrong course. God is going to begin dissecting things like this, and reversing them. And we are going to see divine recovery and a new path of supply begin to be opened.”

Dutch responds:

“This is incredible, Chuck. If you would, pray that over all of us. Let’s tap into that right now.”

Chuck begins to pray:

“Father, I thank You for everyone who is hearing these words and giving a portion of their best to You, Lord, on this Give Him 15 - they are giving a portion of their lives.

“I decree right now, that as they listen today, they will have a new supernatural opening of their gifts within them. I decree a new alignment of the gifts within them. I decree that we will see what we have prophesied in the past will manifest, and we will begin to see it moving into place and materializing before our very eyes. I say faith will become sight this year. In Jesus' name, Amen.”

Dutch ends by saying:

“Chuck, thank you for joining us today. Friends, I’m putting a link to Chuck’s website at the end of today’s post - he has some great books you should check out. We will see you on Monday.”

To find out more about Chuck Pierce, go to his website:

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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