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July 12, 2023

A Beautiful Mural

The reports of people praying for America, “Painting the Borders” (Paint Your State), and “Commanding the Foreword” are absolutely amazing. These intercessors are serious! I have cried more than once while reading them, thinking of the commitment, dedication, and determination being demonstrated. Holy Spirit has truly built a national Ekklesia of committed warriors. I hope you take the time to visit our website and read some of the reports. The remainder of today’s post is sharing portions of a few of them - to encourage you and give examples of what can be done, but also to show that Holy Spirit has been orchestrating this endeavor way in advance of Give Him 15 first mentioning it. Enjoy!


“My husband and I read Give Him 15 every morning, and we have read Gina Gholston’s book, Carry On. We felt led to take our tiny Teardrop Camper and drive 1550 miles around the border of Kansas. We stopped and anointed each border county in Kansas and felt led to leave a stalk of wheat. We decreed and prayed to the Lord of the Harvest for a tremendous harvest of souls in Kansas and more workers for the harvest (Matthew 9:37-39). We spent time praying in each corner and at the geographic center of the lower 48 states.

“Our goals were to:

1. Anchor Kansas in Hope

2. Appeal to Heaven

3. Apply the Oil

4. Activate the Harvest of Souls.

“…As I prayed about what we could leave in each county and at the geographic center, I first thought about seeds. But as retired farmers, we love the season of harvest, and I felt the Lord say, ‘This is the season of harvest, not planting.’ So I gathered stalks of wheat, which we took with us, leaving one in each county after we prayed and decreed. It is the time to call in the workers for the harvest because it is harvest time (Matthew 9:37-38). So, using our Appeal to Heaven flag, we asked the Lord of the Harvest for more workers to bring in the great harvest of souls.

“…We spent time praying at Mt. Sunflower and were joined by friends. The warfare there was intense but rewarding.

“…We were met with a bald eagle outside Baxter Springs; he sat in a tree and waited for us to get his picture. (We had to turn around and change camera lenses in order to get nice photos.) His head was held high. What a beautiful sign from God!

“We prayed at the Mine Battlefield museum and were particularly touched while contemplating the battle that took place there in the Civil War. We are in a battle now - not physical, but spiritual. The Union forces won this battle in one hour, even though they were outnumbered 8000 to 1200. We read the ‘Gettysburg Address’ and sang all the verses of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic.’ This was a very moving experience. My husband said the Union troops had the advantage of being on the higher ground. May we battle this fight with the full armor of God from the ‘higher ground’!

“In several counties, we used the words of Abigail Adams in the letter she wrote to her husband [John Adams] on June 20, 1776. These words seemed to be very fitting. She wrote, ‘I feel no anxiety at the large armament designed against us. The remarkable interpositions of heaven in our favor, cannot be too gratefully acknowledged. He who fed the Israelites in the wilderness, who clothes the lilies of the field, and who feeds the young ravens, when they cry, will not forsake a people engaged in so right a cause, if we remember His lovingkindness.'(1)

“In White Cloud, Kansas, the Northeast corner of the state, a beautiful zebra-striped swallowtail butterfly landed at my feet and flew in between my legs several times, while three hawks soared high above our heads.

“At the geographic center of the United States, we soaked several stalks of wheat in oil of frankincense and left them there. As we were leaving, I felt the song ‘Spring Up Oh Well’ in my spirit. We prayed and decreed in The Tiny Chapel, another key spot. Our God is so faithful.

“We came home exhausted but also thrilled that the Lord had given us safety, protection, and many prayer warriors to help us complete this journey…”


This report demonstrates how Holy Spirit has been orchestrating this prayer assignment for quite some time.

“…My wife and I attend Vision Church in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, [led by Tom and Jane Hamon]…

“We completed our own 4-day, 1850-mile Perimeter Prayer Drive of Florida in August of 2021.

“We recently commenced a national, 3-phase effort to plant Appeal To Heaven flags in all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. The purpose is to see the rise of the Ekklesia, the Third Great Awakening, and the Restoration of America.

“Phase 1 is already complete, an effort which took 21 days, April 19 through May 9, and covered 10,116 miles. Each day we…interceded, declared, and decreed, using the founding documents of America…and planted "Appeal To Heaven" flags in the 37 perimeter and adjacent states of FL, AL, MS, TN, AR, LA, TX, OK, NM, AZ, NV, CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, ND, MN, WI, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, SC, and GA…

“Phase 2 will soon commence, will take an estimated ten days, cover 4690 miles, and will include the remaining inner states of the Lower 48: MS, KS, CO, UT, WY, SD, NE, IA, IL, IN, and KY.

“Phase 3 will require about 24 flight hours, plus layovers, and take up to 10 days. It will include the outlier states of HI and AK.”

Signed, The Wiley's

Double Eagle Operations

I told you these people were serious!

Our friends Cindy Jacobs and Timmerle Kelly lead Reformation Prayer Network and are all over this assignment. Here is a report from their RPN leader in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire

“New Hampshire is amazing! Intercessors from all over NH have hit the ground running with this assignment. Locations all over New Hampshire are being covered. One couple alone ‘painted’ 23 border locations in 2 days!

“…A group…is creating a map of New Hampshire and pinning each location that has been painted. Additionally, a list is being generated to coincide with the map. Most importantly, as we have gone out to paint, we have experienced the presence of God and the needed miracles to accomplish the work. God is amazing and so good.”

She ends her report by saying, “May His Kingdom Come.”

I am reminded of two verses as I conclude today:

“Your people will volunteer freely on the day of Your power; In holy splendor, from the womb of the dawn, Your youth are to You as the dew.” (Psalm 110:3 NASB)

“So we built the wall…for the people had a mind to work.” (Nehemiah 4:6 NASB)

Keep painting.

Pray with me:

Father, You said when we meditated on and obeyed Your words, we would prosper and have success (Joshua 1:8). You also said, through Jehoshaphat, that if we believed and trusted Your words through prophets, we would prosper (2 Chronicles 20:20). We are confident You have given strategy to the Ekklesia through prophetic voices, and confident that we are succeeding.

We thank You, Father, for leading us through this challenging season. We thank You for loving our nation enough to orchestrate deliverance and restoration. You have told us America will be saved, that nothing will stop Your plans, and You have now led us to this phase of the process. As we seal our borders with prayer and the anointing of Holy Spirit, we are confident this is effective, accomplishing all You said it would.

We pray Your blessings on those who are doing so. We pray that You bless them spiritually, physically, and financially. We pray that You bless their families and all their possessions. We pray that strength and encouragement be given them, and for unity as they go. We also ask for hearing ears, in order to hear clearly what Holy Spirit leads them to do. We pronounce blessings over them! We pronounce favor over them! We pronounce health and healing over them! We pronounce abundance over them!

Kingdom, come! Will of God, be done! On earth as in heaven! Yours is the kingdom, power, and glory we release. And we do so in Christ’s hallowed name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Holy Spirit is painting a mural, picturing protection and salvation over America. And NOTHING will stop this!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


  1. Abigail Adams. June 20, 1776, in a letter to her husband John in Philadelphia. Adams Family Correspondence, Vol II, p. 16. Peter Marshall and David Manuel, The Glory of America (Bloomington, MN: Garborg’s Heart N Home, Inc., 1991), 6.20.


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