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The Full Storyline

Pray. Share. Connect.

There is a grassroots army responding to the call of God to pray over the borders of each state from now until September 2023. Welcome to the place created for you. Here you can share about your prayer journey and connect with others in your state as you work together to #paintyourstate.  

1 - Find your state. 
2 - Create a "post".
3 - Begin your post with the format:

             LOCATION - DATE 
             ex: NORTHERN BORDER OF AZ - JUNE 29

4 - Attach any photos, maps, etc.
5 - Click "post" to make your post public to the group.
Note: All information shared on this forum is public.
Please only share information you are comfortable being viewed by the public.
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Use #paintyourstate when sharing on social media!


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