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January 24, 2024

Walking Trails, Sailing Oceans

Many of you are praying over the ports, dams, waterways, and water reservoirs in your states, as I knew you would. This is very important, as it is certain that our enemies intend to make every effort to exploit Biden’s open borders. America’s enemies have no doubt entered and plan to attack us. This could well be one of their planned actions. We are not to live in fear, but neither should we be naive.

I’ve been sent other dreams besides Gina Gholston’s, warning of attacks against dams. One trusted friend said, “I had a dream about an attack on the power grids. I saw hydroelectric dams being destroyed, causing terrible flooding and destruction to the cities below the dam.” Dreams such as this are not saying these tragedies WILL occur; they are warnings to pray against them so they WON’T occur.

Many thanks to those who are praying. Some are telling me they had already been praying, some for months, having received warnings from Holy Spirit. This is so encouraging. Here are just a few comments I’ve received from intercessors:

“Dutch, Ceci, and Gina, thank you for this assignment on the waterways and dams. We have SPAN teams busy on this assignment throughout many states. So interesting that in Elbert County, CO, where we live there are 60 dams! We spent significant time in intercession concerning this two weeks ago in our regional prayer gathering. And now many of our SPAN teams are getting strategies and praying onsite!” (Becca Greenwood, Colorado)

“Excited to pray over the waterways. We decree there will be no agreement between destructive forces and the spirit of leviathan.” (Regina Shank, Missouri)

“Praying over Florida’s waterways. And also for all things to be fully seen and revealed.” (Brian Gibbs, Sarasota pastor)

“Starting to organize the Texas teams to go to the thousand or so dams in the state.” (Tom Schlueter, TXAPN)

But it seems America’s water and structures are not the only water-related prayer assignments taking place. If you have followed GH15 for a while, you’ve heard me speak of John and Sandy Halvorsen. John and Sandy have a unique prayer assignment on their lives. It started with an assignment to walk across America, praying for our nation. It has now transitioned to prayer journeys throughout the world. These combination prophetic acts/prayer assignments have been blessed with much favor from the Lord. Here are some excerpts from their home congregation, Great Lakes Church, in Duluth, MN, describing their journeys, as well as this current assignment.

“After church planting in Europe for the better part of the 1990s, God called the Halvorsen’s in 1998 to walk across America from north to south and west to east…

“After completing that assignment, John and Sandy were privileged to pastor Great Lakes Church for many years until 2008, when God called them to walk again, this time from Portugal to China! The message of that trip was God wants His world back, and that God would break through in areas previously hostile towards the Gospel.

“After ‘Prayer Walk Eurasia,’ John and Sandy again pastored Great Lakes Church until 2018, when they were called to more prayer walks across America. One was from LA to NYC, and the other was from Miami to Seattle. The prophetic focus of those trips was one and the same: crying out to God for awakening for America.

“In recent years, John’s calling got even stranger when God sent him to the North and South Poles. [He has also been to the equator.] These two trips were similar to his previous adventures in the sense that they were prophetic acts. At each pole, John unraveled the Appeal to Heaven flag and prayed that God would get the glory on the earth that He duly deserves. Through this experience, John believes the Lord is saying the Gospel is about to reach every tribe, tongue, and nation…

“In 2023, God is sending John and Sandy out again, this time by water!”(1)

John says of this assignment: “God has just called Sandy and me to travel around the world by water. His desire is for the entire planet to be filled with the

‘knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’” (More here)

They were led to make the trip - not once - but twice. Their first journey began in Southampton, England, on January 3, 2023, stopping in many ports and “end of the earth” islands before returning to Southampton from the Pacific Ocean on April 13, 2023. They are now on the second leg of the assignment. When hearing of the prayer assignment we released on January 15th, Sandy Halvorsen sent the following message to a mutual friend:

“Becky! It’s so strange that we are often on the same page as Dutch’s posts on GH15. The Lord has us again traveling around the world by water this January through April, as we did last year, to pray for a free flow of the Holy Spirit to the nations of the world! Last year, the trip was not hindered, but this year, there are droughts, wars, and military threats over the earth's major waterways, and we find ourselves contending for FREE FLOW globally. It was SO ENCOURAGING to read of the prayer initiative over America’s waterways that Dutch is leading; it is a great confirmation to us in this global prayer assignment by water! GOD RULED AS KING OVER THE DELUGE, AND HE RULES AS KING FOREVER!! AMEN!!

“It is such a confirmation that praying over our waterways right now is totally a God thing! Gina’s dream was in November, and that’s also when the Lord confirmed that He wanted us to take this global waterway trip again! I think He is speaking loud and clear!”


Pray for the dams, waterways, reservoirs, and ports in your state. And pray for the Halvorsens!!! Check out their Facebook page (FB page), where they post daily updates on their journey. And consider doing what Ceci and I intend to do - sow a seed into their assignment! (Click to give)

Pray with me:

Father, as I said in yesterday‘s post, we thank You for the “goers” and the “doers”: Those who drive many miles to pray over borders, rivers, ports, dams, and reservoirs, others who hike through woods and mountain trails, anointing the land with Holy Spirit’s oil, and still others, too old to do those things but determined to be in the fight, anointing maps with oil and praying. And, of course, thank You for those who walk nations and sail the oceans, interceding for revival.

It is the faithful work of the “secret place” laborers that empower the preaching on the stages, the travail in the hidden place that opens the eyes of the masses in the crusades, the prayers of the few that protect the many. They’re the unsung heroes, the nameless warriors that protect lives, rescue prodigals, ripening earth’s harvest, and saving America. Encourage them today - their labors are not in vain!

We pray in agreement today that though America will be shaken, she will survive because of prayer, repentance, and mercy. We agree in prayer that our water supply, dams, and ports will be protected from destruction. We agree that the shaking and accompanying work of Holy Spirit, will do what is needed to turn our nation back to God and bring forth our greatest revival ever. And we agree that our government will be cleansed from its filth and perversion and be given righteous rulers, for only righteousness exalts a nation. As always, we pray this in Yeshua’s name, our only access to You.

Our decree:

We decree that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.



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