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January 15, 2024

New Assignment: Protect America’s Waterways

Recently, Holy Spirit gave Gina Gholston a dream regarding another prayer assignment for America. You may recall that it was Gina who released the “Painting the Borders” dream. This word has to do with America’s waterways. I have consulted with several leaders regarding this warning; all have felt it is accurate. As you can see by the date, she had the dream a few weeks ago; we’ve been waiting until we felt it was the right time to release it. Here’s the portion of the dream relevant to this assignment:

“On November 24, 2023, I dreamed I was with a group of fifty people, a representative from each state. We had been called to an urgent meeting and were gathered in what appeared to be a military strategy room. On the walls were fifty maps, one of each state, highlighting the waterways and dams located in that state.

“A four-star general and an admiral entered. They told us this was a confidential intelligence briefing, and the admiral began, ‘We have called you here because we need your help.’

“The general then pointed to the maps on the walls and said, ‘We need you to pray over the waterways in America, including two specific things regarding the dams.’

“The admiral said, ‘For the dams in your state:

1) Pray diligently against domestic and foreign terrorist attacks.

2) Pray diligently against any attempt to intentionally restrict the water flow in an effort to restrict and hinder the supply lines to America.’

“The general said, ‘There are other reasons why they are attempting to restrict the water supply, but primarily it is to restrict the supply lines that operate by way of the water. They want to restrict the ability of boats and barges to be able to deliver supplies via the waterways.’ They then rolled up the maps of each state and gave each of the 50 representatives the map of their state.

“As we were exiting, they shook our hands and gave us each a gold coin and a lanyard containing a badge. On one side of both the coin and the badge was the United States Seal; on the other side of each was an arrowhead with a cross in the middle. At the top of both were the words ‘Official Pass.’

“I (Gina) was also given a message containing an address and the time I was to arrive there. I drove to the address, finding eleven others from the previous meeting also present. It was a small diner. There, we were given further instructions, including the admonition, ‘In your assignment, don’t forget the Plains and the Northwest.’

“The twelve of us sat down and wrote decrees, prayers, and Scriptures to be used as we fulfilled the assignment for the waterways and dams. We based them on the two things the officers had asked us to pray. The last thing we wrote was the complete text of Psalm 91. Someone said, ‘This must be declared!’

“We were also all given hand-carved staffs and were told, ‘You will need these as you go on your journey, and it’s time for you to go.’

“‘Strategy rooms were set up in each state. In them were hanging the maps we had been given, along with maps of each county, showing all of the waterways and dams. Meetings were being held in each state’s strategy room, with people being assigned specific areas in which to pray. Each person was given a copy of the decrees, prayers, and Scriptures the twelve leaders had previously written. Throughout the nation, we would all be praying and declaring the same things, along with other prayers, decrees, and prophetic acts Holy Spirit would give individuals for their specific state assignment.

“For example, I saw one man use an old canteen to get water from the lake at the top of a dam, take that water and pour it into the river at the bottom of the dam, and declare that the water supply would remain consistent and could not be restricted or tampered with.

“In another location, I saw a lady throw an arrowhead into the base of a dam, declaring that the dam and waterway were surrounded and guarded by the ‘warriors of Heaven.’ There were so many prophetic acts and Spirit-led prayers and decrees being made!

“I knew that every state was significant and carried great importance in this assignment, but for some purpose, the Northwest and Plains states had been specifically highlighted.

“At one point in the dream, I was with a team on one of the dams. I had the carved staff, the coin, and the lanyard containing the badge - all the items I had been given. These things had given us access to walk out onto the dam (I think it may have been the Hoover Dam). We walked onto it and made the decrees, offered the prayers, read the Scriptures, and declared Psalm 91, just as every other team was doing elsewhere. Then we began to do prophetic acts and make declarations as Holy Spirit was leading us.

“As we did this, three aircraft arrived and began flying in a circular pattern overhead; at times, they just hovered over us. (Though they looked like airplanes, they flew like helicopters, with rotary blades on the tops.) They were white, with U.S. flags painted on the sides, but we knew they were not truly American. It seemed they were trying to intimidate and frighten us away, but we were not afraid! At one point, as they hovered over us. I took the carved staff, held it over my head, and looked right at one of the pilots. When I did this, all three of the planes flew away, and we completed our assignment.” End of Dream.

My Comments

This is obviously a very important dream. Numerous others have received warnings about America’s dams and waterways, as well as our water supply/water treatment plants. Knowing that terrorists - most likely many - have no doubt entered our open borders, we must take this assignment seriously. Others have felt that not only foreign terrorists, but also individuals from within our nation may be planning attacks.

After prayer and consulting with various prayer leaders, all of us felt we should not try to organize this effort from a specific headquarters but allow it to be grassroots, just as the “Paint Your Borders” effort was. Nor would we coordinate the establishment of “strategy rooms” in each state. We feel these rooms communicate to us the need to be thorough, not necessarily that we need literal locations as existed in the dream, just as there hasn’t been a literal meeting of 50 representatives with military officers, or a meeting in a diner. These portions of the dream give us the assignment, its goals, and other details, not a model that must be followed. Having said this, the strategy rooms and maps are a good strategy, and I have no doubt that some states with well-organized prayer networks will do something similar. Be led by Holy Spirit.

We do feel, however, that the prayers, decrees, and Scriptures written in the dream by leaders for all states to use were to be taken literally. The agreement it affords is important. We have done this, and you can find them on both our and websites. Look for the heading: PROTECT AMERICA’S WATERWAYS.

As you release prayers and decrees given to you specifically for your state, the staffs given each state representative in the dream are no doubt significant. In Old Testament times, a man’s staff had his history carved on it in the form of symbols and pictures. Consider using some of your state’s godly history and constitution. I believe all of the state constitution preambles mention the Lord. Holy Spirit will lead you in this.

Just as with the “Paint Your State” assignment, you can go to and find your state. There, you can add where you have prayed, so others will know which waterways, dams, water treatment plants, etc., have already had prayer. Our goal is for the waterways in each state to be covered. God has not yet given us an end date for this to take place. 

Let’s get this done, just as we did the “painting” of our borders and “anchoring” of the nation. Use caution when traveling and when near water and dams. Obey all laws and don’t go into restricted areas. Remember, access to prohibited areas given in the dream (from the lanyard badge, etc.) was obviously symbolic. 

Finally, “Be firm, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for raising up watchmen to guard and protect our nation. We have allowed the enemy into our camp, and now find ourselves in need of Your miraculous protection. You told us in Psalm 127:1 that unless You keep or protect a city, the watchman wakes in vain. We need Your supernatural help to protect our cities and nation. Move on the hearts of men and women in every state to pray over their water supply, waterways, and dams. We ask You to coordinate this effort, to lead us as we pray and decree, and to protect all who participate.

We also ask you to coordinate the timing of the efforts so that none of the prayer visits will be late. We commit this to You and Your sovereign directing of it.

And Father, as we move into this hinge year, a critical year in the history of America and the world, we command Your Kingdom authority into every region and continent, and the establishing of Your will, according to Matthew 6:10. We decree that nothing will stop the great harvest You have planned - no shaking, no war, no unrest, nothing. It will all be used by You for Your purposes in the earth. We release this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the protection of the Lord will be upon our dams, supply lines, and water supplies in America.

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Ezekiel 47:9." Where the river flows. Everything shall live." We see it. We Decree it. We agree. In Jesus mighty name.So Be It!!!Bro.Mark A Shelley

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