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April 21, 2022

The Journey of Awakening (Part 2)

Yesterday we began discussing a very encouraging and revelatory dream Holy Spirit gave to my friend, Greg Hood. It was the second dream he has been given regarding repairing and re-opening wells - often used by Holy Spirit to symbolize revival - from past seasons in America. However, the first well in this dream not only represents a well of revival, but disoriented, disillusioned, and hopeless people. The well was called Rappahannock River Well. Under that name was written, “No Rank Needed; Not an Old Light but a New Light; Romans 5:17.”

I began discussing this well yesterday and will finish it today. This is quite a long dream, with MUCH information to consider. We won’t be able to cover it all in this series of posts. And for the sake of time, I will not reread the first portion of the dream. If you did not see or hear it yesterday, you can do so now by using this link to yesterday’s post.

In review, Archangel Gabriel told Greg and me that we were entering a new phase of America’s awakening journey, a journey that he said began in 2000. He then led us to a well that contained a multitude of disillusioned and confused people, of various ethnicities, and from various walks of life. These people had lost their crowns, which represented authority, and could not find them. They were restored through a word from the Lord, found their crowns, and were transformed into powerful lions. There is so much more to yesterday’s post; again, if you didn’t see or hear it, you may want to push pause and do so. Continuing where we left off yesterday…

“The terms Old Lights and New Lights were used in Protestant Christian circles to distinguish between two groups who were initially the same but have come to a disagreement. The terms were first used during the First Great Awakening (1730s–40s). In that day, Old Lights and New Lights generally referred to Congregationalists and Baptists in New England who took different positions on the First Great Awakening from the traditional branches of their denominations. New Lights embraced the revivals that spread through the colonies, while Old Lights were suspicious of the revivals.”1 When God put the phrase on the name-plate of the well (No Rank Needed; Not an Old Light but a New Light) He was not taking sides in a 300-year-old argument. He was reminding us that we must be open to the change created by revival, to new revelation and insight - we are ever changing from glory to glory. None of us have arrived at full understanding or maturity - our wineskins must be continually changed and renewed.

Although the Rappahannock River has some painful history due to numerous battles, much bloodshed, slavery, and land taken from the Rappahannock First Nations people after whom it was named, it has positive history, as well. During and after the first battle at Fredericksburg in late December 1862 (the Civil War), about 10,000 enslaved African Americans from area plantations crossed the river to gain freedom behind Union lines. This exodus and its "Trail of Freedom" was commemorated in 2010 by the installation of historical markers on both sides of the river, in Fredericksburg and in Stafford County, Virginia. The exodus to freedom is now celebrated in an annual re-enactment starting in Fredericksburg. There is freedom in this well!

Another incredible picture of restoration regarding the Rappahannock region occurred on April 1st of this year, one week after this dream was received by Greg. The Rappahannock Tribe in Virginia reestablished ownership of more than 460 acres of sacred, ancestral homeland along the river that bears its name. The acquisition returns a section of river frontage known as Fones Cliffs to the tribe.

There is absolutely no way it is a coincidence that this incredible dream occurred one week before the Rappahannock land was restored. Its restoration to the First Nations people is an incredible sign of restoration and turnaround in our nation. Crowns are being restored.

I have known since the late 90s that the First Nations people will be an important part of the next Great Awakening coming to America. I have also known that black Americans will also have a significant role in this great outpouring. Satan‘s attempt to divide our nation will not succeed in the future - he is the author of all injustice, prejudice, hatred, and strife. God is the healer. There will be a great coming together through the coming outpouring of Holy Spirit. Love, forgiveness, unity, and justice will flow from His nature and heart. He can do this!

SECOND WELL (The dream continued)

“We then heard an alarm sound. It was like a steam whistle attached to a time clock at a factory in bygone days, signaling the beginning or end of shift work. We turned our attention to this sound. It was coming from another well in this fenced-in, graveyard-like area. As we approached this well, we could see that it was in the shape of a steeple, and had what looked like stained glass windows along the bottom.

“Dutch located the engraved plate on this well; it had moss growing on it. He pulled the moss from it and we could see the plate was made of pure silver. He read the writing on the plate: ‘Frelinghuysen Well of His Rising Heat - Set Temperature at 600° - Stand With Courage In A House Full of the Lost. John 15:25-27.’

“As Dutch finished reading from the silver plate, Gabriel said to us, ‘The heat from the furnace in the belly of the preachers will burn at 600°, then God’s house will return to a house of birthing and fathering.’

“Dutch turned to me, pointed his finger with a great intensity, and shouted ‘PROPHESY!’

“It was as if a lightning bolt shot from his finger, hit me in the chest, and I began to prophesy, ‘The Spirit of the Lord says unto His called, His gifts - turn again your face to Mine that I may ignite you to burn again! For My passion I will impart into your eyes. Your eyes will burn as my eyes burn, says the Lord. My passion will consume you and you’ll begin to see as I see. I am opening the unseen to you as I have not opened it to My sons and daughters thus far. Open your mouth, says the Lord of hosts, I am releasing through you the sword of My word. Your words are forming into My words. And My words will become a sword that I use to sculpt My Body, so that I may release her into the deep flow of My awakening.’


“Immediately when Dutch finished decreeing, what seemed like thousands of angels flew into this well through the stained glass windows. (They broke the windows out as they did this.) We could see through the broken windows that angels were standing beside many ministers from many congregations. The ministers began igniting the people with a very bright fire, which came from a light piercing through the broken stained glass windows.

“The top of this steeple-shaped well caught on fire and was consumed, reconnecting these congregations to an open Heaven…” (End of Part 2)

My Thoughts

Neither Greg nor I had heard the name Frelinghuysen before. But Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen came from The Netherlands to the Province of New Jersey in 1720. He was an evangelizing Dutch-Reformed minister during the First Great Awakening, one of the fearless missionaries of the First Great Awakening in America. He trained young men for the clergy, often ordaining them without permission.

Frelinghuysen actually served as a precursor to the First Great Awakening, where his evangelistic contributions culminated in a regional awakening within the Middle Colonies. His ministry was greatly assisted by the efforts of Gilbert Tennent and George Whitefield.

Notably, none other than Jonathan Edwards credited Frelinghuysen with the beginning of the awakening in New Jersey:

"But this shower of Divine blessing has been yet more extensive. There was no small degree of divine blessing in some parts of the Jerseys…under the ministry of a very pious young gentleman, a Dutch minister, whose name as I remember, was Frelinghuysan.”2 Frelinghuysen’s efforts led to the charter in 1766 of Queen's College in New Brunswick, now Rutgers University. Frelinghuysen Hall on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University is named after him.

One need only reread the prophecy of Greg and my decree (in the dream) to see that Holy Spirit is saying the fire of the First Great Awakening, symbolized by Frelinghuysen, is coming to churches and leaders again today. The same thing was mentioned through Tennant’s Well in Greg’s first dream. In this dream, ministers were on fire, churches were ablaze, and the body of Christ was sculpted by the sword of the Spirit of God.

(From the dream:) “The heat from the furnace in the belly of the preachers will burn at 600°, then God’s house will return to a house of birthing and fathering,” Gabriel said. WOW! What an incredible statement.

I am not positive what the number “600” represents, but it is Strongs’ number for the Greek word meaning “restoration.” The heat from the furnace in the belly of the preachers will burn “at restoration level.” Profound! The top of the steeple-shaped well, symbolizing churches, caught fire and was consumed, “reconnecting congregations to an open heaven.”

This will be profound.

Pray and decree with me:

Father, we pray the words You gave in this dream. As we turn our faces to Yours, cause our hearts to burn again with holy fire. Re-baptize leaders with Holy Spirit and fire! Turn up the heat to restoration level. Consume us with passion and cause us to see what You see. Open the unseen to us in new ways. Give leaders Your words, that they may sculpt Your body in the way You would have it sculpted, so You can release her into the deep flow of awakening.

And we decree once again the words You gave us in the dream: We stoke the furnace and command the coals to receive the breath of God! Father is blowing on us! From our bellies will be brought the fire of courage to stand. We will not be moved by faces or threats. We will restore, recharge and release the Ekklesia into her firebrand assignments. Fire of God, consume! We pray and decree these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.



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