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April 20, 2022

The Journey of Awakening (Part 1)

I did four posts a few months back unpacking a powerful dream given to my friend, Greg Hood. The dream dealt with Holy Spirit re-opening 4 past wells of revival. The 4 wells had to do with prayer, spiritual leaders being renewed with holy fire, world missions and great harvest. (Here are links to those 4 posts:

Greg has now had an incredible sequel to the dream, revealing four more wells that Holy Spirit intends to re-open. Some wells from the past are not wells of revival, however, but are filled with polluted water that must be cleansed. The first well of this second dream is one of these, filled with both good and bad water. Here is the first portion of the dream:


“The dream started with Dutch and me walking through a field containing many wells, just as we did in the first dream. We were commenting about how there were a lot of wells that looked abandoned. As we were talking I said to Dutch, ‘Do you hear that? I hear the sound of metal grinding against metal. It sounds like gears grinding.’

“Dutch said, ‘I hear it.’

“We began walking towards the sound and as we did, Gabriel, the Archangel, appeared walking beside us. He said, ‘It’s time to re-open other wells in America. She has reached another milestone within the journey of awakening.’

“Dutch replied, ‘Journey?’

“Gabriel said, ‘Yes! She has been in the process of this awakening since late 2000.’

“We were approaching the well making the loud grinding noise. Upon arrival, we saw that it was sitting in a field with other wells, which were all fenced in by an old, rusted, iron fence. We knew immediately that we were in some sort of graveyard. Gabriel spoke again, ‘Gentlemen, these wells will live again. Resurrection power is here! The time was set and is now for these wells to begin to function at full capacity. They will give you the insight and strategies you’ll need for the advancement of awakening, in a way that darkness will not be able to hold back.’ He went on to say, ‘You are in a great time of war, in the seen, and the unseen. Go to work!’


“As we approached the first well, the one making the loud grinding noise, we began to realize that it was not a grinding, but a groaning. This well, like those we had seen in the previous field (in the previous dream), had a bronze, engraved plate on it. Dutch took his hand and wiped away a tarnished film on the bronze plate, just as he had done with the previous wells. He said, ‘I can read it. It says, “Rappahannock River Well - No Rank Needed - Not an Old Light but a New Light.” Underneath that is written, ‘Romans 5:17.’

“As Dutch finished reading, Gabriel touched the well and it opened up. We could see inside, and when looking into it saw a scene, a vision. What we saw was shocking: people of many different ethnicities, ages, and walks of life, traipsing around a battlefield. I said to Dutch, ‘These people are in hope deferred. They’re dazed!’ We could see in the vision within the dream, that there were thousands of crowns laying on the ground around the people. No one knew whose crown was whose. This was causing them to just wander around, slumped over, as if they were defeated. They didn’t know it, but they were not truly defeated! We could also see that each of them had a bronze key attached to and hanging from their shoulders.

“Dutch said, ‘Hood, give me the horn from your bag.’ I reached into a bag slung over my shoulder and pulled out a bronze battlefield bugle, which I handed to Dutch. He stuck his head into the well where the open vision was being seen, placed the bronze battle bugle to his lips. But instead of blowing into it, he used it as a microphone. Pointing it into the open well he began to declare loudly, ‘KINGS, HUMBLE YOURSELVES AND RETURN TO YOUR CROWNS! TAKE UP THE CAUSE! ALIGN WITH COURAGE AND DISCIPLINE! IT MAY BE BLOODY BUT YOU WILL REIGN!’

“Dutch then pulled his head and the bronze battle bugle from the opening of the well and, as he did, we could again clearly see into the vision. Some individuals were kneeling down on both knees, picking up their crown and placing it on their heads. They began to stand upright and a straightening of their backs occurred. Some then began bending down and picking up the crowns of others, placing them on the rightful owners’ heads. All of this was happening quickly. We then heard a roar from the vision within this well. Gabriel quickly reached with his arm and pulled Dutch and me to his side.

“Immediately, crowned LIONS began jumping from the well into the graveyard, landing so forcibly that they shook the ground. The people had become lions! They immediately placed their noses to the ground and began smelling. They laid on their bellies and roared mightily. Many lions were sniffing and roaring, and doing so in different directions. They would then stand for a moment, with noses in the air, run forward a good ways and drop to their bellies again, roaring forcefully.

“This was occurring with every lion that jumped from the well - there were thousands of them! Their roars were so forcible and loud that we could literally feel the ground and the heavens shaking.

“Gabriel began to laugh with joy!

“He then said, ‘You will teach them to keep their crowns on and straight. You will teach them to amplify their roar so that darkness will always be in a state of shaking. This is a key to continual kingdom advancement.’ He went on to say to us in a matter-of-fact voice, ‘Teach them to keep the keys on their shoulders from tarnishing. The tarnishing will hinder their ability to lock and unlock the supernatural.’

“Dutch then looked at Gabriel and said, ‘Let me make sure I understand this correctly. We are not enlisting Christians; we are enlisting kings!’

“Gabriel replied, ‘King is the only order in the Kingdom.’

“As he was speaking with us, we could see that these lions had made their way off into the far distance. Dutch said, ‘That’s the Ekklesia!’” (End of Part One)

My Thoughts

Gabriel first said to us that America had reached another phase of her awakening, a journey that began in 2000. This is incredibly fascinating to me, for a couple of reasons. This is the year I had a dramatic encounter with the Lord, during which He mantled me for my calling to America. I am certainly not suggesting that what happened to me caused or initiated the awakening process in America. God no doubt moved upon many people at that time, launching them into their role as He began the process. But the journey began in 2000.

I also found it fascinating that Holy Spirit referred to America's awakening as a “journey.” I have known America was on a journey toward revival, that it was a process, but for God to reference it in this way was a great faith builder in me. We are not late! He is not late! Much has been happening in the spiritual realm to prepare America and the earth for what God is about to do.

Gabriel then led us to the first well, which was the Rappahannock River well. The Rappahannock River is a river in eastern Virginia. It traverses the entire northern part of the state. An important river in American history, the Rappahannock was long an area of occupation by indigenous peoples. Sadly, as often occurred in America’s history, the First Nations people, some of whom actually bear this name, were displaced by the Europeans. During the colonial era, early settlements in the Virginia Colony were formed along the river.

During the War of 1812, the Battle of Rappahannock River was fought on the river. During the American Civil War, due to the river's acting as a barrier to north-south troop movements, it effectively functioned as the boundary of the eastern theater of the war between the "North" and the "South.” It was at the center of a major theater of battle where tens of thousands of troops fought against each other. Significant battles fought along the river include the Battle of Fredericksburg and the Battle of Rappahannock Station.

It is easy to see how this well, filled with a great diversity of people, represents thousands of disoriented, disillusioned, and hopeless people. God created them to walk with Him as kings and priests, but evil had knocked the crown from their heads. First Nations people who had been displaced; slaves, represented by the Civil War; and thousands of soldiers who perished in the Civil War - all are pictured by this well.

However, the word of the Lord was released, enabling them to pick up their crowns. They began assisting one another in doing so, and were quickly transformed into strong lions, leaping from the well. They were strong, healed and fully restored, ready to demonstrate their great strength and prowess.

Gabriel was ecstatic. He then instructed us to teach the lions how to wear their crowns and to roar with even more ferocity. He said they would be a key to continual Kingdom advancement. We were then instructed to show them how to keep their keys from tarnishing, which would enable them to lock and unlock the supernatural. Crowns and keys speak of authority. They were called “the Ekklesia” which, according to Matthew 16, has the keys of the Kingdom, with authority to lock and unlock.

When I said to Gabriel, “Let me make sure I understand. We aren’t enlisting Christians, but rather Kings, right?” his answer was profound.

“King is the only order in the Kingdom,” he replied! We are not simply called to be Christians, on our way to heaven. We are called to reign as Kings in life, through Christ. This is what the verse that was written on the nameplate, Romans 5:17 says: “For if by the transgression of the one, death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.”

What a strong word. And there is much more to understand from this first well. We will look at that, along with the second well, in tomorrow’s post.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for the journey of awakening. Thank You for working in our nation and the nations to prepare us for the coming revival. America is well pictured by the disoriented people in this well. We have most certainly misplaced our crowns.

But we are not defeated. You are restoring us, commanding us to pick up our crowns. You are transforming us into the Ekklesia Christ assured us He would build.

We are not just Christians waiting to get to heaven. We have been given the nature of our King, Jesus, who is the Lion of Judah. And You are teaching us how to roar, as was intended.

We ask You to teach us to wear our crowns properly and to keep our keys polished and ready. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Holy Spirit is helping us find our crowns and our roar.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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