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May 28, 2024


Some may wonder why I haven’t yet commented on the recent news regarding the Appeal to Heaven flag. The reason is that Ceci and I were out of the office last week (and I recorded the posts in advance). I will release a post regarding this iconic flag and the ridiculous controversy tomorrow.

Today’s post is very important and time-sensitive. Had I not been out of town, I would have released it sooner. It is from my brother, Tim, and concerns the release of signs and wonders many prophets have spoken of. We believe this outpouring is beginning! Listen as Tim shares. The title of today’s post is: 

It Is Time For Miracles

On Friday, May 3, 2024, The Oasis, the church I pastor, held a meeting with prophet Hank Kunneman. He released a powerful word that included an assignment of prayer and fasting. We have been asking Holy Spirit for the right time to fulfill this and believe tomorrow, May 29th through June 5th, is that time.

Before reading part of the prophetic word, I want to share a health update. Some already know that I have been dealing with a stage four cancer diagnosis and attack on my health for over a year. I have completed radiation and am in the process of regaining strength while still in an ongoing treatment plan. I am doing well and receiving positive test results, for which we give God the glory. Hank did not know of this on May 3rd. 

As you hear this word, keep in mind that it applies not just to The Oasis or me, but also to the corporate body of Christ in our nation and world. The prophetic word concerns a healing movement Holy Spirit now wants to initiate, a new level of healings and miracles. Listen closely as I share a portion of this prophetic word.

“There is something stirring over this house. I can see a whirlwind in the spirit over this church. It’s a stirring by the angelic. There’s an angel sent to this house. I can see it. God says to this house, you have been standing, decreeing, and believing for the healing of families, homes and prodigals. And this is what I am doing. However, I’m not just healing families; I’m also healing this nation, for this nation has been like a prodigal to Me. And I’m calling it back, so continue your decrees. Continue your prayers and you will begin to see something manifest over this house. You will see loved ones and family members come; they’ll return not only to Me, but to this house. They’ll be discipled, and you’ll see a wave of growth that will begin to increase like you saw during a former period in this house. There is a revisitation of that because you have aligned yourself with the kiss of the Father as He kissed the prodigal. I have kissed this house to bring family members back to this house. Household salvations. Return of prodigals. But also, God says, that anointing shall also be sent and released over this country to bring it back to Me and bring it back into divine order. 

“There have been incantations and witchcraft spoken to bring infirmity to this house, to touch individuals of this house with infirmity. But God says there is something swirling now that is countering it, and it is an angel that has been sent, as it was in the days when the man was at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. God says, listen to Me; there is an anointing that I’m going to revisit in this house of a healing movement from generations prior, those that operated in divine healing, and those that operated in signs, wonders, and miracles. And it was part of a bloodline, a legacy. It was part of that which I visited in past generations. This angel has now been sent to revisit the bloodline and the inheritance upon this pastor and those who are of his blood. And it has come now to this house to stir the waters of healing. 

“For there is a time that I will call this house to pray and fast specifically for this stirring. It will be a short fast, but will be powerful. It is a call to specifically ask for the angel and pray for the pastor I set over this house. God says, what can be done in seven days? What can happen in seven days when you will seek My face? Fast and pray. Watch what I do with this angel and this leader. Watch what this angel shall release over this house and even to you, Pastor Tim, and for this house. There will be a stirring of waters, of signs, wonders, and healing that will happen during this time, because part of that inheritance is through you (pointing to Rachel, Pastor Tim’s daughter), and it’s going to come stronger, and it’s going to come through the instruments.” 

Hank did not know that a part of my history goes back to the Voice of Healing Movement of the 1950s and 60s. Great healing evangelists - Gordon Lindsay,  A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, and so many others - were used to release great miracles. Though not well-known, my dad was one of those healing evangelists. Healing is part of my family legacy. We are now being asked to fast and pray for a restoration of the healing movement that I was raised in. Prophet Hank was also unaware that I had been talking and praying weekly with a group of apostles and prophets for the past several months, asking for the restoration of the healing movement… about which he was prophesying.  

Holy Spirit said through Hank that it’s time to fast and pray for the sending of an angel to assist in this breakout of healings and miracles. 

While part of this word was to pray for me, I know I represent the church in general. I am asking - and invite you to join me - that not only will I be totally healed, but that this fresh mantle of signs and wonders will now be released to many, resulting in thousands being healed around the world. It is time!

We have our assignment. Please ask the Lord how you can participate and engage with us. Some will fast all food, drinking only water or juice. Others will do a Daniel fast, some will fast a meal a day, and still others will fast pleasures such as TV, sweets, etc. Use wisdom and fast only as He leads you. But please set these seven days aside to fast and pray Holy Spirit’s strategy. 

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29th, I [Tim] will provide a daily decree for you. You can go to our website or our social media pages to see the decree of that day and release it with thousands of others.

I know that many of you will participate, and I thank you in advance. Let’s set our faith to begin the activation and release of this fresh healing movement. 

Pray with me:  

Father, move among us as we commit ourselves to this time of fasting and prayer. We will obey as best we can. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for the prophetic and for strategy. We pray, as You instructed us, that the angel of healing that You are sending will help us activate this movement. We pray that our decrees and prayers will align with heaven in such a way that angels are released to participate and help bring it to pass. 

We pray for entire families to be saved and come to houses of worship. We pray for millions of prodigals to come home. We ask for healings and miracles to accelerate under Holy Spirit's leadership, assisted by angel armies. Resurrect the healing movement. Re-mantle Your people with gifts of healing, the working of miracles,  the gift of faith, and words of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8-10). Activate healings and miracles as we set ourselves to seek Your face, pray, and fast. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that a fresh healing movement will now begin throughout the world, bringing freedom to many, and great glory to Christ.

Details and daily decrees for prayer and fasting:

Link to Hank Kunneman’s prophetic word: 

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim. You can learn more about him at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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We will be joining in

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What is the news regarding the flag? I work on base, and have a flag sticker on my car, so may be relevant.

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Antwort an

Yes and Amen to all that is on God's Heart to release a new movement of Healing in our land. Amen to God's release of Angels in carrying out His purposes in our land. I declare part of that Healing is Restoring Broken Relationships in Families.

He is just recently Restoring the relationship of my brother and now grown son. They hadn't seen each other since his son, Brandon was about 12 and is now soon to turn 40. I am still in shock and awe of what God is doing. We are believing for many prodigals and broken relationships in our Family!!

So, I say Amen to the Word from Hank H. and am grateful to God for His…

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28. Mai

I'm in! Will fast and pray, decree and believe.

Gefällt mir
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