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September 6, 2016

Even as Esther

Esther, the bride of the king, was instrumental in bringing an override to an evil decree that would destroy the people of God. Her decree was an override that led to a landslide victory of what God wanted to accomplish to put His people in power. God is waking His Church up so that, as we decree and shift things in the spirit realm today, there is a natural action that will be taken. The Church will rise up and will go to the voting booth and into the city council meetings and will stand in the gap and will say, “The righteous will rule this nation by the stewarding of their vote and by finding their voice at the exact right time.”

“The king extended his gold scepter to Esther. She got to her feet and stood before the king. She said, ‘If it please the king and he regards me with favor and thinks this is right, and if he has any affection for me at all, let an order be written that cancels the bulletins authorizing the plan of Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite to annihilate the Jews in all the king’s provinces. How can I stand to see this catastrophe wipe out my people? How can I bear to stand by and watch the massacre of my own relatives?’ King Xerxes said to Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew: ‘I’ve given Haman’s estate to Esther and he’s been hanged on the gallows because he attacked the Jews. So go ahead now and write whatever you decide on behalf of the Jews; then seal it with the signet ring.’” (Esther 8:4-8; MSG)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Did you know that the Church has authority to overthrow evil decrees? I wonder if some of what we are dealing with as cities, states and a nation is because we don’t know to do this? Acknowledge to God that if Esther could overthrow an evil decree on behalf of her people, you can too!

  2. Ask Holy Spirit to tell you what evil law you can overthrow with your biblical decree. Decree it now!

  3. Worship the Lord for hearing your decree and know that He will do it at the exact right time!

  4. If you are not registered to vote – do it now! Find out how to register in your state here.

  5. Ask your pastor if you can do everything possible to get the congregation 100% registered and voting. Learn how here. Ask those who are registered to pledge to vote here for those aligned with biblical principles.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, Esther was a very brave woman. She faced death before an earthly king in order to ask for a reversal of an evil decree in order to save her people. Save me and save my people, Lord! The enemy has altered things governmentally in this nation in order to keep You and your people silent and impotent in education, in government in media and many other spheres of society. It is time for a reversal of these evil laws, so I make decrees to reserve them, Lord! (Make some!) Also, I will vote and will get as many others registered and pledged to vote, as I can. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s decree:

My decrees based on the promises of God to the Church will be answered by God, so I will decree decrees! I will also vote and get others to vote, as well!

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