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September 28, 2020

Valuable and Accountable

[Beginning 9/25, and continuing through Election Day, November 3rd, GiveHim15 is joining forces with many other national prayer ministries in 40 Days of Prayer for America. Kathy Branzell of the National Day of Prayer Task Force provides today’s prayer focus.]

“Romans 14:11-12 makes it clear that each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

“We are blessed to be multipliers and magnifiers of the love and glory of Jesus. We are given valuable wisdom, talents, resources, and opportunities not to be squanderers, but to be stewards of God’s gifts. It is vital to remember that one day we will all give an account to our Lord for all the ways we stewarded the blessings and opportunities He gave us during our time on earth.

“Many people do not like the word ‘accountable’ much less like to be held accountable unless they are working or living in alignment and obedience to what is expected of them. Our voice and our lives are to be used in response to God’s great love for us. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to be like the servants in Luke 19 who multiplied the Master’s talents and were eager to delight and give an account for what they had done while the Master was away. To not vote is to be like the servant that hid his talent and did nothing with what he had been given charge over.

“Voting is a privilege to be stewarded; it is a voice and a choice into who governs over us that many people do not have around the world. Each of us gets the chance to voice our preference for the people who will have authority over us, the type of person who will govern us and our nation. We pray that we can say that we voted for people who blessed our Lord and guided America in godly ways and not for people who cursed God and moved America away from Him and His ways. We will give an account. Pray that each of us will be a Christ-centered voter.”

“‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’” (Romans 14:11-12; NIV)

Points for Prayer (By, Kathy Branzell):

Pray that each of us will be a voter who votes for candidates who speak and act in ways that:

Value what God values including, faith, justice, and life from the first heartbeat to the last breath.

Obey the Word, will, and ways of God.

Truth pours from the overflow of their hearts; that honesty, humility and integrity are reflected in their walks with God, love for their neighbors, and service in office.

Extol the Almighty Name and Supremacy of our Lord Jesus Christ, giving Him much praise and thanks.

Rely deeply on the Spirit in a lifestyle of prayer and listening to Him to guard and guide them.

A Prayer You Can Pray:

God, thank You for the privilege of being able to vote for those that will represent us in the area of government. We stand amazed at the wisdom You bestowed on our forefathers as they planned the way our government would work. They provided so many checks and balances at so many levels from city to county to state to federal. There are so many safeguards in place due to the way our Constitution is written. It would be hard for any one person or any one group who would wish to harm us to be able to. We must secure that protection once again. Voting is our right, but it is our civic responsibility! If we don’t engage the system, some other group will.

So, Lord, we pledge to vote. We pledge to learn about the candidates, pray over our choices, and see if any adhere to biblical standards. We will check their record and their character and we will vote accordingly. We will vote for those that stand for Life, Liberty, and limited government. We will vote for those that would protect our freedom of religion in the fullest sense of the word. We must be able to gather and worship, and to worship in the public square. God, there is so much that is influenced with our vote! We ask You to move on the hearts of those we vote for. Lead , guide, and direct our leaders. We pray, above all, that You would be glorified in the results of the choices we make on November 3rd, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Decree:

The Church will be an army of Christ-centered voters by November 3rd!

Learn more about Kathy Branzell and the National Day of Prayer Task Force here.


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