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September 17, 2021

The Showdown

I like to sprinkle in encouraging prophetic words and encounters on the GH15 posts. When I do so, please allow them to do more than just encourage you, however. Use them! Holy Spirit releases these words and promises so we can pray and decree them. Also, as we do, strategies are birthed in our hearts and minds. The following word is from my brother, Tim Sheets, and is very powerful.

“Holy Spirit gave me a vision on August 11, 2021, four days before the impending collapse of Afghanistan started being revealed to the world. On that day, I suddenly became very alert in my spirit and had the feeling I was missing something. I pondered this prayerfully and asked Holy Spirit to reveal to me what it was. After a few moments, I began hearing from Holy Spirit, ‘It’s time for the showdown.’

“I knew Holy Spirit was referencing Elijah’s showdown with the 450 prophets of Baal and the wicked government of Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 18). An altar was built with a sacrifice placed upon it and the deity who answered by fire - Yahweh or Baal - would be proven as the true God. What a showdown!

“The prophets of Baal started the contest pleading with their god all day to answer by fire. They danced, cut themselves to offer blood sacrifices, and begged. No fire was released.

“Then came Elijah’s turn. First, he repaired the altar and, just to make a point, filled the trench around the altar with water. Then he prayed, ‘Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant, and that I have done all these things at Your word. Answer me, Lord, answer me, so that these people may know that You, Lord, are God, and that You have turned their heart back,’ (1 Kings 18:36-37). When he prayed, fire came from heaven and consumed not only the sacrifice, but also the water, dirt, and altar made of rocks!

“Yahweh was declared the only God and the prophets of Baal were killed. Though it was not immediate, the destruction of Ahab’s (and Jezebel’s) wicked government was set in motion. A new government eventually came into the land, as Ahab and Jezebel lost their lives.

“Holy Spirit reminded me of 1 Kings 16:33 (MSG), ‘Ahab made God angrier than all the previous kings put together.’ We see from this scripture God was paying attention. Ahab and Jezebel’s evil government was declared the worst in the nation’s history. The Message Bible calls them ‘Champions of evil.’ The mocking of God, persecution of His people, abuse of power, and breaking of His covenants made Him angry.

“In the analogy Holy Spirit began giving me, Elijah pictures the apostolic and prophetic in our times. At one point in the struggle, God told him He had preserved 7,000 people that hadn’t bowed to Baal, declaring that Yahweh was their God. These faithful ones picture millions in today’s Ekklesia who will not bow to wicked governments or fake gods. They confess that there’s only one King - Jesus.

“As I prayed into this, I began to see other similarities to today: the current showdown is about government changing and God returning to His rightful position. It’s also about the apostolic, the prophetic, and the King’s Ekklesia engaging to bring that to pass. Holy Spirit is anointing His Ekklesia with favor and people from across the nation will follow them in re-establishing God’s rightful place in the land.

“I saw a consuming fire falling in answer to our prayers. Ahab and Jezebel-type governments are going to experience the fire of God.

“Then God showed me a vast army of angel warriors I hadn’t seen before. [Because of his calling and assignments, God often allows Tim to see angels. His book on angels is THE best.] They appeared in long lines, arrayed for battle, wearing shiny breastplates and holding golden bows with bronze arrows. Their countenance was stern and fierce, determined and confident - their eyes were fixed in a stare that could look right through you. The lines of angels stretched as far as I could see in all directions.

“At this point, the vision became more like a visitation. I told the Lord I had never seen these angels and He said, ‘They’ve rarely been seen on the earth, but I’m now releasing them in great numbers, in all the nations.

“I asked the Lord what these particular angels do and He answered, ‘They guard My glory and honor. They are coming to defend My honor, and prepare the way for My Ekklesia to expand My Kingdom. Those who honor Me, I will honor. They will rise in governing authority to reign with Me. I will increase My Kingdom favor to them and My glory will rise upon them. Words of wisdom, words of knowledge, prophetic unction, My supernatural faith, spiritual discernment, healings, and miracles will increase through My joint-heirs. These angels will assist them in protecting My honor and glory on the earth, and in bringing Me the honor My Father promised Me from the nations.

“‘You will now see the strong arm of the Lord. The aggression of heaven’s warriors will move on My behalf. You will experience the presence of My glory that advances My might to protect, save and strengthen. For I declare My people will now rise in My mightiness and strength. My power will be seen, My wind will be felt. You will feel the “breath wind” of Holy Spirit, the “breath wind” of My Kingdom.

“‘My passion will now infuse My remnant with passion for My cause. I am calling forth My passionate warriors. They will stand and not be shaken. They will display a hope, a confidence, and a faith that does not shake. Passionate warriors of valor are mustering to their battle stations. They have heard My call, along with My angel armies, and are rising in the darkness to push against hell until it literally quakes under My power.

“‘It is the season for demons to tremble, not My heirs. Arise and shine in My greatest glory hour. Arise and stand strong in the perilous time. Arise and challenge - with My authority - the abominations of the forever loser. Arise, and with My mightiness reinforcing you, destroy defilement. Dominate defilement and dominate evil. Hear My word, hear My prophetic word, listen to the message I’ve sent in resounding waves. Hear the prophetic assignments I’ve given that are now intersecting their moment.

“‘Arise with Me to reign, says the Lord, for I am rising in this world as never before. I will not be an indifferent bystander. I will rise and thunder against iniquitous roots that mock Me, torching them. I will rise against sin and its destruction. I will rise against idolatry, shaking and removing it. I will rise against governments that disdain My words. I will not close My eyes but will look, see, and judge in fairness. I will not stand down. I won’t relent. I will torch evil. I will not be mocked and I will not be stopped.

“‘My Kingdom’s army will now rise to march with confident valor. Prepared, armed, and backed by My wisdom, might, and resources. They will shift into covenant promises and inherit new territories. They won’t be stymied or stopped. For I will shake down that which blocks, freeing them. My Kingdom will NOT be shaken. Arise, pursue and recover all. For I have promised and I will keep My word. In the midst of turmoil, shakings, and perilous times, My grace will abound. My Kingdom will abound and will win this showdown, says the Lord.’

“In this time of shaking, good is happening. I was impacted by Yahweh’s interesting phrase, ‘breath wind.’ It’s time for the ‘breath wind’ of Holy Spirit to come to you. If you are feeling disjointed or perhaps broken, He knows how to put you back together, how to put you on your feet and make you a strong warrior again. A ‘breath wind’ is blowing all across the nations to revive.”

Pray with me:

“Father, we pray that Your fresh wind would come on Your Ekklesia around the world. Send revival winds, causing us to live again, to fight again. Make us strong, mighty warriors for Your Kingdom. We will stand - fierce, determined, and confident in the authority of our King Jesus.

“We ask for the ‘breath wind.’ Come and breathe into Your people. Breathe life, anointing, and courage into them. Lord, give supernatural strength to rise up, overcome and dominate. We declare that the wind of the Holy Ghost will dominate our adversaries, the forces of hell that come against us. ‘Breath wind,’ come! Come to the boneyard, the graveyards. Breathe life into them. And activate a massive angel force to defend the glory and honor of our King. We ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Our decree:

“There is a shift occurring and a fresh wind of Holy Spirit is beginning to forcefully blow. Wind of God, come, in Jesus’ name!”

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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