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September 15, 2021

Stay The Course

In this unsettling time, it is imperative that we stay the course. We are on a holy mission and we must not be distracted by the chaos. We are writing our history and diligence is required to ensure it is the history Holy Spirit wants. We’re an “Esther” people, called for this time. If we persevere, Haman will fail. Our friend and prophet Gina Gholston, received a strong word regarding staying the course.

“On February 2, 2020, during a Sunday morning gathering, we experienced a

powerful moment as the Spirit of God hovered heavily in our midst. After several

moments of standing reverently in the presence of the Lord, the Senior Leader Randy Lopshire looked at me and said, ‘Do you have something to say?’ I did, but there was such awe and fear of the Lord present in the room, I wasn’t sure I should say anything. Then I felt the strong urging of Holy Spirit prompting me to release what I had seen and heard. God had something to reveal concerning the time we were about to enter as a people and nation.

“So, I reluctantly left my seat and made my way onto the platform. I took the microphone and, while literally trembling, said, ‘I feel this word has to do with our nation, as well as for us individually. I hear the Lord saying: “In the days ahead, I’m going to remove the covering where evil has been hiding. Up from that will rise a stench. But I say to My church, stay the course, for I am giving beauty for the ashes. This is MY time. I will come, and I will make things right again, but you must stay the course.’” This word had come after I had seen a vision during the beginning of the gathering.

“In the vision, I saw a fighter pilot in his jet and he had his helmet on. From directly ahead, a missile was flying toward him. He could see it and everything in him wanted to abort his path. But through the radio in his helmet, a voice was saying, ‘Don’t abort. Don’t you dare abort!’

“Suddenly, I saw the missile hit an invisible force that had been set into place. It wasn’t a physical structure, but more like some type of movement that the missile couldn’t penetrate. When the missile hit this movement, there was an explosion in front of the pilot. He would now have to fly through the debris. And the voice spoke again, saying, ‘Don’t abort. Don’t abort!’

“I continued to release more of the word of the Lord I was hearing: ‘What is coming in the days ahead, will cause a great temptation to abort the mission. But the Lord says, believe the love I have for you. My love will carry you through unscathed if you STAY THE COURSE. The danger is when you get off the course, says the Lord. My peace is on the course. My mercy is on the course. My grace is on the course. Do not focus on what you see in front of you in these days.

“I cried out, ‘Near . . . NEAR!’ (I was declaring that this was not something way out in the future. This was something right in front of us.)

“‘Stay the course! Don’t look at what you see. Some of you—in your own lives— it will seem that things explode in front of you, and everything inside of you will be saying, ‘Run away! Abort! It’s not worth it!’ But God says,Press through because just on the other side, you will find the large place that I AM making for My Body to rise up into with My authority and My power to make things right again.’

“In this vision, the movement the missile hit wasn’t a sudden reaction from God to the devil’s plans. He was showing us His movement had already been set in place, and the attempt of evil to stop what God had already begun would be obliterated as it encountered His move. There would be an explosion. God was saying to us, ‘Don’t get focused on what the enemy launches in the days ahead. To focus on that will bring you to the point of veering off the course I have set for you. Focus on Me. Hear My voice. Stay the course! When it seems that you can’t see your way forward, and it seems that the attempts of hell have prevailed, do not focus on that. Don’t abort! Submit your mind, body, and spirit to My peace, and you will emerge as My Glory carriers, and I will bring things back into alignment with My original intentions.’

“Notice the words He spoke that morning to the church: ‘Believe the love I have for you. My love will carry you through unscathed.’ Believing the love God has for us was the basis of this vision and revelation. His love is the ‘jet’ that will encompass us and carry us through to the other side of the unfolding chaos. To believe the love He has for us is to fully trust Him as Father and Almighty.

“Yes, God was showing that an explosion was coming, but He was emphasizing something more; He was revealing that on the other side of the explosion there is a ‘large place’ - a new dimension of authority and power - we will come into. If we stay the course, we will emerge from this chaos with an undeniable testimony that will have a great impact on the world around us.

“Little did we know how relevant and timely these words were, for it was only a matter of days until the massive shutdown occurred and chaos swept our nation and world. But God knew and, ahead of time, was assuring us, ‘My plan is secured. Don’t allow fear to deter you. Follow My Spirit, and you will come out on the other side of this moment as vessels through whom I work to make things right again!’”

What a great word. Stay the course!

Pray with me:

Father, You have prepared us for this moment. You have positioned us ahead of

time with Your divine purpose. As Your governing Body, Your Ekklesia, we take our place to legislate Your intentions for this nation. We declare Your verdict that “America shall be saved!” You have set us on this course with a mission to turn our nation back to its Godly roots and heritage. And regardless of what seems to be exploding around us, we will not allow fear to dictate our trajectory. There is a purpose, this is our time, and in our time we will do our part!

We keep our eyes focused on You. We hear and obey Your voice, and we will stay the course! We believe in the love You have for us. We believe Your love encompasses and enables us to come out on the other side of this moment as Your vessels through whom You will work to make things right again! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Our decree:

We are securely placed within the powerful love of Christ. We will confidently

stay the course of His intentions and do great exploits for His righteous cause in this nation and our world.

Today’s post was contributed by Gina Gholston and taken from her book Awaken the Church to Awaken a Nation. You can find out more about Gina here.

Click the link below to watch the full video.


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