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September 1, 2023

Identifying the Five Giants, Part 2

Before we continue with the dream from yesterday, I want to mention that

the Paint Your State/Command the Foreword assignment has now been completed. Thousands participated in this assignment, including many of you - THANK YOU! We continue to agree with the prayers that have been prayed that our individual state borders have all been covered. The reports have been amazing. We will continue to pray for our borders and our nation, as I sense that September and the following months are critical. We must do our part through prayer and spiritual warfare.


Yesterday, I began discussing a dream given several months ago, in which the Ekklesia fought five giants in America (Part 1). We used the boxing gloves given to me in a dream several years ago with the words Everlast and Evergreen printed on them. You can read a post regarding this here. Everlast is actually a name of God; evergreen represents covenant.

The boxing team from the Ekklesia trained and fought in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America’s birthplace. The battlefield where the 5-round fight would ultimately take place was in the shape of America and surrounded by evergreen trees. Our record as a team was 22 wins and no losses, representing the authority spoken of in Isaiah 22:22 and Matthew 16:18-19. The upcoming 23rd fight represented this year, 2023, and if we won the fight, it would also give us victory the next year, 2024.

Our adversaries had tried to stop the fight through legal efforts, but were unsuccessful. This is certainly happening now. God had actually sped/moved up the date for the fight. The other details can be seen by reading yesterday’s post.

The remaining portion of the dream is long and detailed. I do not feel it is necessary to share those details, and will simply summarize portions of it. It includes descriptions of the five giants, five scenes representing five rounds, Scriptures for biblical insight and the strategies needed to defeat them. In each scene, the giant was trying to kill a wounded eagle, which represented America.

Each boxer/warrior from the Ekklesia wore the two gloves, which transformed into different types of gloves suitable for their needs when they put them on. Each round became warfare battles, instead of boxing rounds. They were also given bows, arrows, and a battle ax, each with different Scriptures written on them. Every arrow contained the word radah, which is the Hebrew word for dominion or authority.(1)

Each giant was assisted by a different type of large animal. I said in yesterday's post I would identify these five giants today. After praying throughout the evening, however, I don’t believe this is wise. I feel that I should wait to identify the last two. I apologize for being presumptuous regarding this.


The first giant was the spirit of religion. Though this was somewhat surprising to me, it should not have been. This spirit works to produce one of the greatest deceptions possible - replacing a true relationship with God, provided through Christ, with religion: works, rituals, mindsets, rules, and idolatry/false gods. It emphasizes form over power, and works over grace. It specializes in creating deception, legalism, and wrong concepts of God. It negates the true ways and power of God through traditions and the teachings of men. It ultimately leads people farther from God, rather than drawing them to God. In the dream, this spirit was assisted by a large cheetah, picturing stealth, subtlety, and camouflage (many different spots or markings).

I believe the battle pictured with this spirit has been occurring for some time. I also believe a major blow was delivered to this spiritual stronghold several months ago through a series of prayer efforts orchestrated by Holy Spirit. Obviously, demonic spirits are not killed when they are defeated, which means the ability for them to continue their efforts will not end. But I believe the root that gave this giant the ability to successfully operate in America has been severed. I also believe this had to occur before the coming revival could take place. The key passage for this battle was Revelation 12:10-11.


The second giant in the dream was the spirit of witchcraft and sorcery, empowered by Roe, the legal, governmental decree allowing the shedding of innocent blood in our land. He was assisted by a large monkey, which, according to various sources I have looked at symbolizes mockery, lust, freedom, greed, the devil, and more. Before the battle, the giant went to the middle of the field and began chanting, calling on his gods to help him.

The back of this spirit was broken last June when Roe was overturned. Although, the ruling did not end abortion in America, it did end the national governmental decree. God can now deal with this sin on an individual and state level, not through the curse it created over our entire nation. The key passage for this battle was Psalm 82.


The third giant and battle represents corrupt government, including globalism, and is the battle we are now engaged in. He was assisted by a dragon, one of the biblical pictures of demons, and of satan himself. In the dream, this giant was very large, and the battle was very intense. The Scriptures needed to win this round were Daniel 6:4, Luke 18:4-8, and Psalm 149:5-9.

In this portion of the dream, the eagle was blindfolded, meaning it was deceived and could not see clearly. At one point, it was actually trying to attack those fighting to save it. Again, this is happening now - our government is attacking those endeavoring to save America.

I feel it is incredibly important that we pray much for those now being attacked by this spirit operating through our corrupt government, and for those representing them legally. It would be easy to allow all these processes to simply play out and see what happens. But in the dream, we were to attack and battle this spirit. Do not allow the defendants and their attorneys to fight these battles on their own. The enemy is trying to wear them down, break them financially, produce fear, and silence all opposition to the injustice in our land. Pray against this daily, using these verses from the dream. Holy Spirit will give you others. Decree that truth and justice will prevail, and that all injustice will be exposed and defeated. Holy Spirit will show you how to pray but please do so.

When the giant was defeated, the eagle could again see clearly and began to partner with those warring against the giant. God wants and needs a righteous government in America. The coming shaking must expose and tear down these evil strongholds. That is why we have been commanding the foreword and fulfilling the other prayer assignments. Please continue to bathe these efforts we have made in prayer daily. And remain strong in faith!


I feel I am to wait before revealing and discussing the fourth and fifth giants. When the time is right and I have confirmation, I will do so.

Pray with me:

Father, we are very grateful for the victories we have experienced through our prayers to restore America. Thank You for the restoration You have done in the church, restoring our understanding of the gifts Christ gave us and the authority we have been given as Your Ekklesia. Thank You for the spirit of revelation regarding worship that now permeates much of the body of Christ. Thank You for the emphasis/movement of prayer we have experienced over the last three decades. The religious spirit has indeed been pushed back, his hold broken. Thank You also for the reversing of Roe. This national curse has been broken!

And we thank You in advance for shaking down the evil structures and systems in our government that oppose You, our freedoms, and the constitutional republic You gave us. Though the coming shaking will not be pleasant, it is necessary, and will be fruitful. It will not destroy us; it is part of Your divine reset, and will preserve us as a nation. We are ready, we are protected, and we will overcome.

Now, we pray for those on the front lines of this battle against the giant of unrighteous government. Our government is out of control, ruled by such evil that we now mutilate children and sell them, which is promoted and celebrated by those at the highest levels of government. Lies abound, injustice is rampant, unrighteous laws are enacted, and our government is now weaponized against its citizens. Bring these evils down. Expose them. Continue to awaken the American people to these evils. Give financial support to those spending millions to fight this battle; give them great endurance and faith. Work miracle after miracle to turn the tables on the darkness ruling our land. And we pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the King and Judge over all the earth will have His way, and His purposes will be fulfilled in this hour.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


  1. James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 7287.


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