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August 31, 2023

Identifying the Five Giants, Part 1

Several years ago, a person had a dream about me in which I boxed five giants. I have spoken of this dream often, and you can read about it here. I knocked out all five giants in five rounds, and did so wearing gloves that read “Everlast” and “Evergreen.” I knew the dream was about America and the spiritual strongholds ruling her, and I knew I represented the Ekklesia, not myself alone.

I did not know exactly what the giants represented. Though I had guesses, I knew I needed to wait until Holy Spirit identified them. I now believe He has done so in the dream I will share with you today and tomorrow. This current dream depicts the Ekklesia fighting five giants, wearing the 2 gloves I wore in the original dream.

The Recent Dream

“The dream began with [several leaders of the Ekklesia] walking down a sidewalk, past shops, until we came to a door at the side of one of the shops. Inside were stairs leading up into an old boxing gym in the old town of Philadelphia, PA.”

My Comments

The dream began with leaders in the church headed to a boxing gym in Philadelphia, the place of our nation's birth. Obviously, other cities played a significant role in America’s beginning, but ultimately, Philadelphia became the birthing room. I have often said that Washington, D.C., is not the root; it is the fruit. The root determines what type of fruit a tree or plant bears. The ungodly in Washington, D.C., do not have the God-given right to determine the fruit of this nation. God determined the fruit long ago, and it is found in our roots: the Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Bible upon which these documents were founded.

The Dream

“In the dream, we knew we had been coming to this gym for years to train and fight. On that day, we were there to prepare for a soon-coming series of scheduled fights. We were stablemates (part of the same group/team), and I (the person who had the dream) knew I was a “chief second” (the person in command of a boxer's corner during a bout]; and there were other “seconds” with me. We had all fought in several fights as professional fighters, and had been part of this team for a very long time.

“As we approached the door to the gym, Gabriel, the archangel, met us saying, ‘You will not go to the gym today to train. The training for the fight ahead of you is over. Your request for the fight date to be moved up was granted, and you are going straight into a championship fight now.’"

My Comments

Do not be afraid of the battle ahead of us. We, the Ekklesia have been trained for this, and are well prepared to defeat the giants opposing God’s purposes and plan in our land. We will continue to love our human enemies, but we will oppose the spiritual forces behind the evil and defeat the plans they orchestrate in America. As an answer to our prayers, God has sped up the timing of this battle.

The Dream

“We all were stunned because the opponent had filed a lawsuit to void the fight. Gabriel said, ‘[Ekklesia], they have billed you as an upstart and the underdog. The media has labeled you as one who has never fought a serious fight. They say you are a trial horse, a journeyman who has gotten lucky a few times, but not a champion.’ He looked at one of the leaders of the team with a very stern look and, laying his hands on his shoulders, said, ‘Your record is 22-0. You are going into the ring for the 23rd win. As a matter of fact, this fight will constitute two wins for the one who emerges victorious. So your record should be 24-0 when the battle is over. You will be a World Champion in this 23rd fight if you can stay on your feet and not give up. You have a strong chin and can take a punch. You have taken some seriously devastating punches and been knocked down, but you have never been knocked out. Focus, and your ring generalship will be the day's order. There will be no going to the cards.’”

My Comments

The number 22 represents Isaiah 22:22, keys of authority to open and close, bind and loose (also Matthew 16:18-19). I believe the number 23 represents the year we are in. This is the time, the year, in which we absolutely must win. If we fight as we have been taught and trained, we will win, not only this year, but in ‘24. I speak not primarily of the elections, but of much more. I am referring to God’s divine reset of our nation, which includes the elections. As the dream states, we have taken some serious punches and have even been knocked down, but we still stand. And heaven says we can win this fight, if we remain focused. There will be no “going to the cards,” a decision based on points; there will be a knockout.

The Dream

“Gabriel then turned and spoke to all the boxers, ‘You will all fight on the same card.’

“A team member said, ‘You mean we are on the undercard?’

“The Angel replied, ‘Make no mistake, there is no undercard. All of these offensives will be billed as one championship fight. You will get one round each and have to share the same gloves and “seconds” (teammates) to win this fight.’”

My Comments

The Ekklesia must fight together, as one, in this battle - no “big MEs, little YOUs.” No superstars, no personal agendas. The praying church must work together, fulfilling the assignments given to them by Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately - just as we have been doing. There will, of course, be leaders and generals giving direction and strategy. But all will receive personal instructions, as well. We will war together, just as we have done recently painting the borders of our nation, commanding the foreword, and burying the arrowheads. Gabriel said, “You will…share the same gloves and teammates to win this fight.”

The Dream

“Another teammate spoke up and said, ‘I have the gloves right here in your gym bag, Dutch. They are ready to lace up. Everything is ready!’

“Gabriel said, ‘Control your emotions and beware the feint of the enemy!’”

My Comments

Do not fear. And do not be taken advantage of by the distractions, the feints - lies, false reports, threats, character attacks, unjust lawsuits, evil rulings from evil judges, and more. Control your emotions and stay focused on the word of the Lord! This is exactly what God told Joshua in the first chapter of the book of Joshua: “Listen to Me, Joshua, not your enemies! Act; don’t react! Yes, you will have to fight, but listen to and obey Me, and you will win!”

The Dream

“As Gabriel finished speaking, the scene in the dream changed, and we were standing on a large plateau overlooking a vast field of battle shaped like the United States. It was outlined with very tall and old evergreen trees. We knew this field was ours, and we would fight on it soon. We no longer wore gym attire, but were now dressed in military battle attire. Each of those in the dream who were to engage in this soon-coming fight wore a crown, had a bow with arrows, and a battle ax.”

My Comments

What more needs to be said? The battlefield was America, and it belonged to us. It was outlined with old evergreen trees, which symbolize covenant and prayer - the appeal to heaven. We have spoken and written much regarding this. We were no longer in boxing clothes, but military attire - it was time to fight. We each wore a crown, symbolizing the authority of King Jesus, had a bow and arrows, which should remind you of recent activities, and a battle ax.

As the dream continued, we fought five giants. I will share that with you tomorrow.

Pray with me:

Father, we have obeyed Your directions in every way we know how. When You have told us to go, we have gone; when You have instructed us to decree, we have decreed; and when You have said to stand, we have done our best to stand. None of us have done these things perfectly, but You have never required perfection, only our best efforts at obedience.

We know the battle for America’s turnaround and revival is not over, but we also know that You are about to act. You have drawn Your sword and met us outside Jericho. You, the Captain, are in charge and prepared to once again enforce Your victory and authority over this land. Psalm 2 is next on Your agenda. Evil leaders are about to be offered the final conditions: kiss the Son or experience His wrath. We pray that many humble themselves and repent, turning to You.

We pray now for the Ekklesia. Give us courage, focus, resolve, endurance, wisdom, humility, servant hearts, unity, and discernment. As we lace up the Everlast and Evergreen gloves once again, we accept Your Word that we are ready and prepared for the battle. We pledge not to make this battle about us, our desires, our churches and ministries, but about Your great cause - Thine is the Kingdom, power, and glory. As we do these things, we ask You to act - decisively, strongly, and mercifully, all rolled into one. In Christ’s all-authority we pray, amen.

Our decree:

We declare that He to whom the nations have been given is coming to claim His harvest.

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