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October 7, 2022

The Angels Are Now Positioned

Hello and thank you so much for joining me today for Give Him 15. We have a really special post planned for today. I have two of my comrades that run with me and work with me - my brother, Tim Sheets, who's just doing amazing things for our nation right now, hearing from God in so many ways and becoming a real trumpet here, and around the world for the Lord during this season. And then, Chuck Pierce, my friend and prophet from Texas who is truly a prophet to the nations. It's a joy to have them on today. We've never tried this before - we're going to go back and forth with our interview - if there's a slight delay don't worry about it, we'll figure this out and we'll get it done. We probably won't stick to the 15-minute time frame, but we won't go terribly long. So without taking any more time from these gentlemen, let me just hand it to Chuck and ask, “Chuck what's on your heart to talk about today?”

Chuck Pierce begins to share:

“Well first of all, it's an honor being with you two and, Dutch, I want to say that yesterday Destiny Image promoted our book, The Prophetic Destiny of a Nation. All of you who do not have that book, I want to encourage you to get it because it's just as important today as it was when we [Dutch and Chuck] wrote it.

“Now, one thing I want to do, especially since Tim is here with us, is go back to something that occurred in December 2017. That was the month God visited me (I've tried to make a couple of slides to show you). I woke up and standing in the place where I seek the Lord was this incredible angelic being. I asked him who he was and he said that he was the angel of war for the harvest. He then showed me the world and timed the harvest ahead. Certain nations and certain states in America would all of a sudden have these incredible harvest sheaths of wheat rise up. Therefore, I could see where harvest was going to take place. Yet it was a war angel for harvest.

“The first time I shared this was at Tim's church in February 2018, because he is so adept in his understanding of angels. The angel and I had a conversation, which I was in fear and trembling, regarding how the Lord of the harvest would begin to train us for these next five years that we are in [2017-2022]. That brings me to this year that we're soon entering into. This upcoming year is a year of divine recovery and the opening up of new supply lines. What a divine recovery means, is that we return to a state of authority where we are in the place of rulership, that we should be in, and especially all of us Kingdom people. We need to understand that.

“Something happened when Dutch and I were in South Carolina at one of the very most important, sovereignly gathered meetings that we have been in, within the past year. We were at the Citadel (Charleston, SC) and it was the first time they had a Christian meeting come in from the outside. It was so important for our nation, for the [spiritual] war ahead. While we were there, Dutch was speaking and the Lord caught me up and showed me something happening in and around America. Now let me show you that [on the screen]. He showed me these four key war angels that had surrounded America. If you'll notice, the one that aligns with Alaska and on the other side of Hawaii - these four angels were ruling angels from North, South, East, and West.

“Then something happened: all of a sudden, 51 angels surrounded America. The Lord began speaking to me and said, ‘I am getting ready to commission change.’ The angels all had their swords in their sheaths, so they were not ready to be sent for war yet. And yet, I knew they had surrounded America. Now I want to encourage each one of you: America is now surrounded by a supernatural angelic force. Then He showed me that in April, things would start changing rapidly. Each one of these angels would be sent to a state and that state would come under a divine choice for the future. If that state didn't choose, it would be harvest - one way or the other - because you're harvested based upon what you've sown. All of a sudden that angel was going to start harvesting that state based upon what had been sown in the past season and what it had been aligned with.

“So I want to encourage you, I know, Dutch, that you and Tim are so focused on America where I have remained focused more on China and Russia and many other nations. But I know when God calls me to America - and he usually calls me to be with you because I need that Apostolic covering. With that, I want to say to all of us: beginning in April, there will start to be great changes in harvesting America. That means, God will begin to make it very clear concerning what is happening in each state regarding how we have sown. Therefore, the prayers that you have been sending up - they have caused America to be surrounded by these angels. Now we are headed into a whole new season where we will be very aware, beginning in April of next year [2023].”

Dutch responds:

“That’s awesome, Chuck, and very encouraging - very encouraging. Tim, I'm going to put you on the spot here. I don't think you've heard this - we didn't talk about what Chuck was going to say or do today, but you have a great revelation regarding angels and you have great insights regarding the nation. Jump in and tell us what you're seeing.”

Tim shares:

“I'll take us back to when you and I as well as others were in Tucson, Arizona. I don't remember what we called that tour, but it was four to five years ago, during the 2017 time frame. While in Tucson, I remember that after I preached, we were getting ready to make decrees. We were in a large sanctuary, it was like a box store they had made into a church, and I saw 51 angels, Chuck. I have talked about this so many times. They were all governmental angels. When they appear to me, they are wearing a purple sash - a ruling and reigning sash - so I can always identify them.

“After I was done preaching, we were getting ready to make decrees in this big conference, and I saw them line up along the left side, the back wall, and along the right side. I said, ‘Holy Spirit, I've never seen this many governmental angels!’ I've seen them, but one or two, perhaps even three or four, but not 50. And He said to me, ‘There are 51, if you want to count.’ Well I didn't dare count; I'm going to take His word for it! But I leaned over and said to Dutch, ‘The governmental angels are here.’ I asked Holy Spirit, ‘Why are they here?’ He responded, ‘They're here to get their assignment. There are 51, one for each state plus Washington, DC.’ We began to make decrees over the states and as we listed each state (this must have been a two-hour session of prayers and decrees that afternoon), making the decrees over each one, that particular state-angel would leave, until I finally saw them all depart except for Washington, DC. We then concentrated on that region, decreeing the governmental authority of King Jesus into the government there; then that angel left.

“Chuck, you're saying - 51 angels are surrounding the United States. I believe they are probably the governmental angels that are fueled by the decrees of the King's Ekklesia, His warring saints - His remnant. The angels take that decree as an assignment. If you think about all the assignment decrees the Ekklesias have made just in that the past five years, or the prayers, or even the prophetic words that are now synergizing together under Holy Spirit leadership - the governmental angels are assisting in each state.

“I believe there is a governmental angel assigned to each Ekklesia in each state. We're coming to the point where I believe we can say in all 50 states, there is a functioning Ekklesia. It's not conceptual anymore. In other words, we're not just teaching what the Ekklesia is. I believe a governmental angel is assigned to each of these Ekklesias - maybe even several - so that the intention, calling, and purpose of the Lord for that particular region or state, that the Ekklesia is taking on that identity and cause, and the government angels are beginning to assist in those decrees. All of us together are also focusing our decrees and prayers on Washington DC, which again, these angels can stir and answer.

“Then, there's another level to this, because at the beginning of summer, I began to sense a different level or order of angels that I've never experienced before. I've experienced seeing the governmental angels for 15 years, and also seeing other divisions of angels. But I’ve never experienced this particular order of angels.

“During the beginning of the summer, I began to share regarding this, but I also began to experience the presence of a very powerful angel that I've never seen before. I received a prophetic word about this angel. Long story short, I came to know that it was a seraphim. This is the highest order of angels. They're the most powerful order of angels. Most theologians believe that Michael and Gabriel, although they are archangels and have additional powers and authority, are also in this order. The seraphim are those angels that minister in the throne room and carry the presence of the Lord. The Lord can commission them from the throne room to go and be part of what He's doing in the earth realm, helping the Ekklesias.

“Gabriel is all over the Scriptures and we also see this mentioned in the book of Daniel. The angels were fighting to get the message through as well as the decrees that were made by Daniel. He was praying and decreeing that the prophecy would come to pass. God, from the throne room of heaven, commissioned a seraphim who was in the Throne Room - Gabriel - to go and bring the promise to pass. Gabriel battled, what I believe, is a fallen seraphim, the Prince of Persia. I believe Lucifer promotes the fallen seraphim to positions of rule or thrones in regions. So Gabriel comes and the battle is intense, but stalemated. Father then speaks to another seraphim (Michael) to go and take care of this. Michael and his angels did - similar to what God did when Lucifer fell with one-third of the Angels and some of the seraphim that went with him. God didn't get involved in that. He didn’t, Holy Spirit didn't, Jesus didn't. It wasn't as if they were overly concerned. They turned to the seraphim, Michael, and said, ‘Michael, you and your angels - take care of this.’

“Regarding the governmental angels that have been assisting us for five or six years now, I feel that there is coming another level of high-ranking angels who are coming to assist them. Now regarding the functioning decrees of an Ekklesia, to some of these governing Ekklesias, I believe God's going to release seraphim to help them as needed, and I believe DC is part of that target. I sense that the governmental angels and the seraphim are going to begin to take out the principalities over that city. I feel that's the goal.

“So I'm just saying, about that same time, we saw the 51 governmental angels (as Chuck mentioned), and God is saying, ‘Now I'm going to put the highest ranking angels I have and commission them on assignments with my governmental angels and other angels, as well as with my Ekklesia. I believe we are going to win some awesome victories, preparing the way for an awesome harvest.”

Dutch responds:

“Chuck, do you want to jump back in?”

Chuck replies:

“I just want to say a couple of things. First of all, I've got that ‘Holy Spirit shake thing’ going on in me. What we're doing right here is so important for all to hear because it's something that is confirmed by the mouth of two witnesses. Tim saw the angels being sent. I saw them positioned around America, and they're carrying the decrees of the saints. They're coming to war over the harvest of America. If you're listening from another nation, you will begin to see the same thing I saw in December 2017 where I saw that the nations would actually start shifting into their harvest realm. This is one of the most amazing things I've seen.

“I want to end by saying, ‘Tim, I’ve been reading in Isaiah right now, and I think of Isaiah's visitation with the seraphim. It said, ‘In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord’ because the seraphim caught him up and showed him a dimension of what would happen. There's another passage in Isaiah 6 where it talks about how the stump would come alive. One of the Hebrew meanings of this year, is the stump begins to come alive again. So what these angels are going to do is find the stump in each place [state] so they can start attempting to bring life from it. If life will not come forth, then I think everybody in that state will recognize there's something greatly wrong in their state. Dutch I want to encourage you and say that Jerusalem, our America, is being surrounded now, and we are in a time of great change. It's just like what Isaiah said and you can interpret this yourself. ‘In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.’ So get ready - there's going to be visible reckoning that we will fully recognize, and there will not be confusion over it.”

Dutch shares:

“Let me just jump in for a minute and and then I'll ask both of you to pray and release anything prophetically you might have. But in this season, I keep coming back to the dream about the baseball game - World Seers Series - that showed us the four quarters of 2022. Of course, the last quarter is when the Lord revealed the enemy who was pitching for the team as Baal-zephon. In the dream, we eliminated the voice of that spirit and his ability to rule America. Of course, there's been a 15-year a battle by the praying Church - repentance, decrees, prayer assignments, and of course, the ending of Roe versus Wade - to disempower that spirit over America. But in the dream, what is significant to me that relates to this conversation is the umpires were aligned with the adversary. They were cheating in order to help the powers of darkness defeat the church. At a certain point in this last quarter, the umpire was expelled from the game. The home plate umpire and Michael the Archangel replaced him. I feel this is all saying - it's all similar in the sense that God is saying we're moving into a season now where He's releasing these high-level angelic beings - probably led by Michael - to war on our behalf and enter the game - to call the game, to release justice and help turn the nation. That was the end goal and result of the series. I believe these two encounters, what God's been saying to you both, is encouraging us that we are on schedule and our prayers and decrees are working. God is listening and they are being used to release this angelic activity. As Chuck says, it's not just for America. It's about the nations of the earth.

“I was very impacted by your statement, Chuck, about divine recovery, this being a time of divine recovery. Maybe we should pray into that, maybe we should just ask the Lord for that. Feel free to share before we pray regarding what that might mean, or prophesy into it. When he's finished, Tim, if you would, also jump in.”

Chuck begins to share, then prays:

“I think I'll just prophesy, because regarding 51, that means there's going to be a testimony of the grace that has been developing. This will create a staking of the claim for each state and territory. That's what that number means. I decree right now that we are in agreement with what we saw, and some of you are wondering, what will become of me? I'll tell you what will happen: you will see angelic movement, because they are now positioned. Tim saw them. I had no idea about that, but knew that all of a sudden, that word burned as a word of knowledge. There were 51 of the angels that would be sent and now I believe there's seraphim, based upon what you said, and they will be timed like you said - in quarters starting in April. We need to watch how our nation focuses beginning in April. We'll have four quarters that will lead us back to the greatest change we have ever known.

“So Lord, we come into agreement. Father, I know that when You reveal, You also conceal, and You also establish. Father, You have revealed this by the mouth of two witnesses, and we say, ‘Let it begin!” Time it as You have shown us through the baseball game dream. Now, Father, we loose this into motion and come into agreement with You.”

Tim prays:

“Amen. Our hearts and faith cry out and we say, ‘Welcome Lord Sabaoth, the Lord of angel armies, to orchestrate the plans of heaven on the earth, energizing the Ekklesias and adding the assistance of Your armies - government angels, seraphim the the mighty fiery ones that strike with power. And even as a seraphim in years gone by, took out the voice of Zechariah for a time, we declare that the angels are taking out the communication systems of the adversary, and that system will be replaced by a system of truth declared into this world by the functioning Ekklesia led by Lord Sabaoth. Holy Spirit, in the greatest outpouring that we've ever seen, is leading us into the greatest harvest we have ever seen. So we, the Ekklesia, say, ‘Welcome Lord Sabaoth, welcome, angel armies. Welcome from the Throne Room, commissioned one, assisting us in great victory. We declare this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Dutch prays:

“Amen. And Lord, I agree, we all agree - all of those joining us on this post today agree this shall be so. We've moved into this new season. We release it now by faith, all around this nation and the nations of the earth. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

“Anything else, Chuck? You want to jump in?”


“I'm just amazed. I think that would be the word.”


“Thank you both. What a great post. I know we rushed through these things quickly but that's okay.

“Friends, thank all of you for joining us. It's a joy to have you with us every day and we look forward to seeing you again.”

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