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October 4, 2023

What About September?

Much has been said in the last few months about a shaking coming to America. We have referenced this, as have several prophets. Many of them believe, as do I, that a difficult time is coming to America in order to turn us back to God. This is to save us, not destroy us. I do not know, nor does anyone I have spoken with, what this will be. It could be war, terrorism, a cyber attack, economic/financial, civil unrest, or something to do with our government - I do not know. Today, I want to try and eliminate some confusion regarding the timing of this.

The Strategy

Prophetic voices I know and trust began hearing from the Lord regarding this shaking in the last half of 2022. They were also hearing of the Lord’s mercy; two of them had visions of angels surrounding the nation, in each state capital, and in Washington, D.C. Earlier this year, at least three prophetic voices admonished me, one of them as far back as April, that we must have a prayer strategy in place by September - in order to protect our nation. They believed God would give me this strategy. None of them prophesied that the shaking would come by September, but rather that the strategy to protect us needed to be in place by then. Some believed it could possibly begin in September or soon thereafter, and that we must prepare, but still emphasized that they did not know the timing.

Then, you may recall, the Lord gave Gina Gholston her dream regarding painting the borders, commanding the foreword, and anchoring our states and nation by September. I felt, and still do, that this dream provided much of the strategy. And, the body of Christ responded wonderfully to implement that strategy. Though we cannot stop praying, I am confident the instructions given in the dream to cover America during this season, and begin a great reset, have been fulfilled.

Conversations and assumptions about September being the time of shaking began to circulate. I can easily see how this occurred. As information is shared, it takes on different nuances, depending on how it is passed on, and how the many listeners hear and process it. In the minds of many, September became the time of the shaking. And, of course, it is certainly possible that I and others delivering the strategy and warning should have stated more frequently and emphatically that we were not saying the shaking would occur in September. If not doing so created confusion, I regret that. Nevertheless, it is certainly true that September was being given as the timing when the prayer strategy needed to be in place, not of the shaking itself.

I especially want to point out in covering Gina Gholston that she was VERY adamant, each time we spoke about the dream, that she was NOT saying the shaking would occur in September. She believed, rather, that the finger of God in the dream, pointing at that month, was indicating we must have the strategies in place by then. Chuck Pierce said essentially the same thing to me: that the strategy had to be in place, never that the shaking - whatever it might be - would occur then.

Why September

So, why did we need to have this strategy enacted by September? No one I know has been given clear answers regarding this. However, it is encouraging to me that we have finally reached a point in our prophetic discernment that we can be proactive, not reactive. In the past, we haven’t prayed until after national crises occur or demonic strategies are implemented - the day after our 9/11s. It is certainly conceivable, if not likely, that whatever may be coming is already being planned by America’s enemies, be they natural or spiritual. Also, it seems logical that the earlier we pray ahead of any attacks, the more beneficial it will be. The prayers could lessen the severity of what may be planned, or perhaps even stop it. It would not hurt my feelings in the least if America experienced a Ninevah moment - repenting of her sins at such a level that it allowed revival to take place without judgment.

I also believe September marked a change of seasons for America. I feel that Rosh Hashanah began a new chapter in what God is doing on the earth, including the process of turning America and bringing revival, and that the timing of our prayers was connected to this shift.

No Prayer Is Wasted

Any who may be tempted by the thought that time or efforts spent praying were wasted, PLEASE never accept such a ridiculous thought from the enemy of prayer. Every prayer offered for our nation is now in the bowls before the altar of heaven, waiting to be poured out on earth. And America is more connected to our God-given destiny/foreword now than we have been in decades - perhaps generations. Some mistakenly felt our prayers in 2020, asking for the exposure of corruption in America, were wasted. They were not. Though we did not see an immediate turnaround, our prayers are what Holy Spirit has used - and continues to use - to expose the incredible depths of evil that exist in our government. This must be exposed before it can be dealt with. NOT ONE PRAYER HAS BEEN WASTED.

I continue to be encouraged by what I see Holy Spirit doing in our nation. I was part of a very strategic prayer gathering just this past Monday night in Washington, D.C., which was very encouraging. I will comment on it soon in a post. The bottom line for all of us is that we must persevere in our prayers for the cleansing of our nation, for the “new wine” revival that is coming, and for the divine reset this will produce. Don’t lose focus, and keep filling the bowls of heaven (Revelation 5:8).

Pray with me:

Father, once again, we thank You for the army of intercessors and faithful warriors You have raised up here and around the world. Thank you, Holy Spirit for teaching us regarding our partnership with You, our authority, and the power of prayer. We want to be faithful in this regard and, like David, serve Your purpose in our generation.

We thank You for speaking to us prophetically, alerting us to the times and seasons. Thank You for the dreams and prophetic words You have given. Give us the wisdom to steward them well, and please encourage Your people that what they have prayed and declared for You has been effective. We must continue these efforts.

Now, we declare that new wine is coming. We declare that suddenlies will indeed begin taking place and will occur more and more. What You have planned, but not yet revealed, will unfold. We ask for this. We ask for sudden revivals, sudden miracles, sudden conversions, and for prodigals to suddenly come to their senses. We bind every demonic plan and strategy to stop what You want for us. We declare that the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit will not be stopped; the new wine will flow. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we will not lose our focus in this season; we will persevere in our assignments.

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