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October 24, 2023

We Will Reap, Not Retreat

“One night a fierce desert storm struck with rain, hail, and a high wind. At daybreak, feeling sick and fearing what he might find, Samuel went to survey their loss.

“The hail had beaten the garden into the ground; the house was partially unroofed; the henhouse had blown away and dead chickens were scattered about. Destruction and devastation were everywhere.

“While standing dazed, evaluating the mess and wondering about the future, he heard a stirring in the lumber pile that was the remains of the henhouse. A rooster was climbing up, and continued until he had mounted the highest board in the pile. That old rooster was dripping wet, and most of his feathers were blown away. But as the sun came over the eastern horizon, he flapped his bony wings and proudly crowed.”(1)

The rooster couldn’t help it - he was created to crow, announcing a new day, and he just had to do so. This is one of my all-time favorite stories regarding victory over adversity. I have placed it at the beginning of today’s post to assure you of my belief that, in spite of what occurs in this season, we will rise above all adversity and respond to the God-given DNA in us. Though the turmoil in the world will intensify for a time, we will overcome.

War through Weakness

The present turmoil in the earth would not be occurring had Trump been in the White House. Peace through strength has become war through weakness. As expected, an emboldened axis of evil - China, Russia, Iran, perhaps North Korea and others - saw in a mumbling, confused U.S. President and his foolish, leftist controllers the window they needed. Many warned of this, and, sadly, it has arrived. The weak and woke Biden administration, and those running things behind the scenes, bear responsibility for the death and destruction. Thousands of people in Ukraine and the Middle East have died as a result of their policies and decisions. This will get worse before it gets better.

Of course, those who put them in power also share the responsibility, including many in the church. I don’t know who to give credit for the following statement seen on the sign of a local church, but it is apropos: “Too much sugar preaching leads to truth decay.” How true. It also sometimes leads to war, death and destruction.

The gross deception of believing that addressing government policy and elections in the church is unbiblical and inappropriate, opened the door to ignorance and complacency in many believers. They were then susceptible to a dishonest media and corrupt politicians, resulting in many of them foolishly choosing personality over policy in the recent elections. Shockingly, they sided with abortionists and moral reprobates against Scripture, crossing the unfathomable line of actually voting for the propagators of evil. Surprisingly, many leaders still remain silent and their churches prayer-less. Ignorance, however, can no longer be pled; repentance and a change of direction is all that is left if they are to regain credibility.

The Middle East War

Meanwhile, it will take a miracle of major proportions to keep what is happening in the Middle East from becoming a world war. Speaking from my prayerful opinion, not inside information, the fighting will almost certainly become a much bloodier regional war, and the Middle East will look very different when it is over. After destroying Hamas, Israel will then destroy Hezbollah - if they are not forced to engage them sooner. Then they will seek to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities and their funding of terrorism - now being done with U.S. funds, by the way. All of this will be seen by Israel as their only possible way of survival. Somewhere in this process, it will almost certainly draw America, China, and Russia into the fighting.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I mourn the fact that many innocent people will suffer, and others will die. I hastily add that I desperately hope I am wrong about this. But those behind the violence, the religious radicals in Iran and elsewhere, have no regard for innocent life. Nor do their proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah. The destruction of Israel and America is their stated goal, and the loss of millions of other lives is not a deterrent. We must pray for the eyes of millions in that region to be opened, and for their salvation. Ultimately, satan and his demonic princes are behind the violence, and stopping the coming harvest is their ultimate aim. Hate the evil, but love and pray for the people.


We were told a great shaking is coming to America; this war is the beginning. We have already lost American lives; sadly, more will be lost. As I stated, we will likely be drawn into this war. At the very least, violence here in the U.S. is inevitable; it has, in fact, already begun and will escalate. Thousands of terrorists are already here, thanks to the Biden Administration’s asinine border policies, waiting for orders. No one with any credibility doubts this. Stay in faith, but fasten your seatbelts - this will be a turbulent season.

When the recent prophetic warnings told us not to fear, I realized this meant the shaking in America would be significant. I had already felt this in my spirit and stated as much. BUT, please remember that Holy Spirit also assured us that if we obeyed His instructions, this would protect and anchor our nation. He also said the shaking would produce a reset of America, not our destruction. We did as He instructed, and God will do as He said. America shall be saved!

Be strong, keep praying, and believe the Word of the Lord. We are not at the mercy of evil. We were born for this time, well able to possess the land. We will overcome, see revival, turn this nation around, and see the greatest worldwide harvest in history. God will intervene supernaturally here in America, and in the Middle East - He wants to see this harvest more than we do!

This will be the church’s finest hour. Get ready to reap, not retreat!

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for preparing us to overcome in this season, causing an incredible movement of prayer to take place. Thank You for a willing people that volunteered freely to cover the borders of America with prayer, decreeing again and again Your pre-planned purpose for America, Your Foreword. We know we are anchored securely - by Your angels, Your power and Your mercy.

As war takes place now in the Middle East, and the shaking here in America unfolds, we declare that not only is our nation anchored, our faith is, as well. We are anchored to You, and we will be reset by You. We’ll partner with You in this season, praying and warring for Your purposes to be established throughout the earth. Through the church, Christ will see the great harvest He has planned and Holy Spirit has spoken of. It will not be stolen by satan and his kingdom. We are confident that, as You always do, You will turn the tables on hell and bring forth Your purposes.

We pray now for the body of Christ, here in America and around the world. We pray for strength, protection, endurance, discernment, and bold fearlessness. Our trust is in You, and it will remain there. Your kingdom will expand, Your desires will be done, and we will participate in this outcome with faith and victory. This will be the finest hour of the glorious church Jesus is building. The gates of hell will not prevail.

Our decree:

We decree that Jesus has full authority on planet earth, rules an unshakable Kingdom, and is releasing this authority through His body, the church.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


As related in Craig Brian Larson, ed., 750 Engaging Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2007), pp. 411- 412.


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