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October 21, 2021

Strike the Target

While speaking in Indiana a few weeks ago, I was interrupted by a strong presence of the Lord. This was not a sweet presence of the Lord, it was a weighty presence, representing His warrior heart and nature. A fear of the Lord came into the room. I then had a vision of Him staring intensely in another direction. As I looked, I saw a principality that I knew was ruling a significant portion of the earth. Then I heard Christ say, “I am now going to deal with this spirit.” I wrote about this in a previous post.

A week and a half ago I was with Chuck Pierce in Tennessee. He, too, had a vision, which I also shared in one of my previous posts. Here is a portion of his word:

“All of a sudden I was able to see into the spirit realm and saw a word of knowledge blazed across the heavenly realms over us. It was the word ‘circuit.’ Suddenly, I saw the Lord reach down inside each of us and pull out a circuit. Then, with His hand He began to re-circuit individuals, followed by re-circuiting this region, and finally, re-circuiting our nation.

“Through Chuck, the Lord said, ‘I’m going to make My people so in line with My purposes, so thinking the way I’m thinking, they will have no choice but to start walking in a new way…’ For this nation, when He was re-circuiting it, I saw a date come in on that circuit. All of a sudden the computer - which had been turned off when he pulled the circuit out - came back up on October the 18th. Beginning October the 18th, get ready.

“The Lord said, ‘You will know, beginning October the 18th, in this nation, that things have come full circle. You will also know that I have pulled the plug on things you’ve been asking me to pull the plug on…’” (Link to that GH15 is here.)

October 18, of course, was Monday of this week. I believe God initiated something on that day that will radically shift our nation. He is answering our prayers. On that same day, our friend Gina Gholston had the following dream:

“I dreamed I was inside a bowling alley, standing just behind the bowling ball return machine, watching a large ball making its way down the lane toward the pins. The ball carried weight, and I could feel the floor trembling beneath me as it rolled down the lane.

“About halfway down the lane, a force came from the left side, trying to push the ball into the gutter on the right. Almost simultaneously, another force came from the right side to keep the ball on track. These two forces were fiercely operating, one trying to push the ball off its course, and the other seeking to keep it on the course. Finally, the ball hit the pins, and made a strike!

“There was a large screen over the lanes, spanning the entire width of the building. When the ball hit the pins, I saw a small white light moving on the screen. The light was growing as it moved forward, then burst into many lights spelling the word “STRIKE!” with lights flashing all around it.

“Then the word “STRIKE!” went away, and this phrase popped up on the screen: ‘The King-pin has fallen!’ and little bursts of light began falling all around these words, resembling fireworks after they have burst in the sky and begin to fall and fade.

“At that time, I noticed two men standing in front of me. There was a strong presence about them, and I remember thinking, ‘these are warring angels.’ They were having a conversation, and I overheard one say to the other, very emphatically, ‘A strike will be made, and the kingpin will fall. It’s time!’

“At that moment on the big screen, the phrase began flashing: ‘America Shall Be Saved.’ Then the words burst into a fireworks display that formed into the American flag.”


Here are a few interpretations:

  • The “weighty” bowling ball represents the glory of God. The Hebrew word for glory means heavy or weighty. The concept includes authority.

  • The forces from the left and right represent the powers of darkness trying to stop God’s glory and authority from accomplishing what He wants them to accomplish in our nation, and the prayers of the church attempting to keep things on target.

  • The strike represents successful intercession. The Hebrew word for intercession, paga, among other things means “to strike the target.” It is used this way in Job 36:32: “He covers His hands with the lightning, And commands it to strike the target.” Our intercession is causing the authority and glory of God to move toward the target. It will strike exactly where He intends for it to hit.

  • This is going to cause a kingpin of satan to fall in this nation. I do not know if this is the principality ruling our nation, or a person satan is using, or both. I do know that God has made it clear recently that giants are about to fall. This is that.

  • The statement “America Shall Be Saved” is self-explanatory!

I believe these visions and dreams are all referring to the same thing. We have reached a point of breakthrough. God is about to act. This is incredibly encouraging but also instructional. Holy Spirit tells us these things not just so we can rejoice or be encouraged, but also to show us how to pray. We must issue our prayers and decrees, allowing them to “strike the target.”

I am sitting in my backyard while writing this post. At the exact moment I was writing the previous sentence, halfway through it, two bald eagles flew directly over me! Not one. TWO! Just now! You may not believe in signs, but I do. Bald eagles are the national emblem of America. I believe Holy Spirit was confirming, even as I write this post, that this is the word of the Lord!

I am also reminded of the dream about Red River Meeting House. This dream was about God re-opening wells of revival from that place, Cane Ridge, Azuza street, and Wales. In the dream, 100 bald eagles flew from there to all parts of the nation releasing arrows that released the fire of God. Holy Spirit said in the dream, “My seers are on the move.” There is just no doubt in my mind: these eagles today, when I was writing this, are another confirmation.

Principalities are coming down. The plug is being pulled on evil in our nation - we are being re-circuited. The kingpin is being taken out. And America shall be saved!

Pray with me:

Thank You, Father, for these encouraging words. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for the confirmations. We believe your verdict has been rendered: America shall be saved. The kingpin is being taken out. You are re-circuiting, resetting, and restoring our nation.

We also understand that these dreams and visions are not just for encouragement. They are showing us how to pray. So, we pray now that Your weight of glory and authority will strike the mark. We ask You to pull the plug on evil in our land. We ask You to re-circuit our nation, the church, individuals. We ask that principalities ruling America be brought down. Cause them to experience Your wrath. Strike them with Your glory and lightning, just as You did when You expelled them from heaven (Luke 10:18).

And as You do this, we ask for a great unveiling to occur in our land, the spirit of revelation being released. Open the eyes of millions, freeing them from deception and darkness. Lord, do this also in the nations of the earth. Cause the light of the gospel to be seen clearly and enlighten the nations of the earth. We ask for this in the name of Christ. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the eagles are on the move, the glory of the Lord will strike the target, and the kingpin has fallen.

Click on the link below watch the full video.


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