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October 17, 2017

Dismantling Leviathan

God is saying to the Church, “I have given you victory over the serpent, Leviathan.” This is a serpent of pride who tears and devours. We believe that this particular spirit affects the media realm of authority, causing a twisting of truth leading people to form opinions on false presumptions. God has given us air superiority over this spirit. I believe God is saying to us as the Ekklesia that it is time to arise and move into the very fullest expression of spiritual warfare. It is time for the releasing of spiritual weaponry in the heavenlies. It has to be the highest level we have ever moved in. Then, we will see this enemy dismantled over America.

“On that day the LORD will use his fierce and powerful sword to punish Leviathan, that slippery snake, Leviathan, that twisting snake. He will kill that monster which lives in the sea.” (Isaiah 27:1; GWT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Prepare yourself for war with this spirit, Leviathan, by repenting of any falsehood in you. Repent of any twisting of the truth. Repent if you have recently said anything casually that may have changed a person’s opinion of another. Repent of any gossip. Make sure you clean in this area.

  2. Command Leviathan to be silent. Command him to be still.

  3. Declare that the media realm will begin to speak forth the truth and that the truth will uncover darkness, releasing those long held captive by Leviathan.

  4. Find as many scriptures about Truth in the Word as you can find and proclaim them over America, knowing that these proclamations will be the undoing of this spirit.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, forgive me for any falsehood in me. I want to have Your truth in my inward parts. Forgive me for casual words of gossip, even slander, I have spoken. I forget that words like that may change the hearer’s opinion of another person. You have called us to love and forgive, not back-bite and harm with our words. My words must be straightened out, if my prayers will help straighten out Leviathan. I command Leviathan to be still! Be silent! I say that you may not twist truthful words to your advantage! I say that Truth will be seen and light will shine in the darkness, uncovering years of old trauma and lies. I say this especially over our media and government. Thank you for the power of Your Word, Jesus. (Find scriptures on truth and proclaim them against the enemy or use them to exalt the Lord’s Truth.) Amen.

Today’s decree:

I decree that the time has come for God to punish the twisting serpent Leviathan, and to straighten out the communication in this nation, so Truth can be fully known!

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