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October 13, 2018

Give Him 15 is joining a 40-day national call to prayer before the 2018 Midterm Elections. Here is today’s Focus:

Day 16 – Midterm Elections for the Senate

“He loves righteousness and justice.” (Psalm 33:5; ESV)

After three days of seeking God’s wisdom in prayer, our Founding Fathers determined that each state should have two senators as well as a number of representatives based on that state’s population. Thus, we have the House of Representatives and the Senate. Every two years, each of the Representatives must run for reelection, while only one-third of the Senate must run for reelection. This creates two-year terms for Representatives and six-year terms for Senators.

The 2018 midterm election is a bit unique in that there were originally 34 Senators up for reelection but now, because of the resignation of Senator Franken, we have 35 Senatorial races. Today’s politics have played out so that the Democrats are defending 26 of these 35 seats. In order for the Republican party to lose its majority in the Senate, the Democrats would have to win all 26 races and the Republicans would have to lose three of the nine.

The Senate plays many important roles in our government, none more important than filling the federal judicial openings. In other words, the Senate approves the lifetime appointment of judges that rule within the appellate system and, of course, on our Supreme Court.

Points for Prayer:

  1. Pray that candidates’ positions on issues would be evident and that voters would seek to know what those positions are.

  2. Pray that candidates with conservative values would have at least 51 seats in the Senate.

  3. Pray that the outcome of this election would be a majority that chooses just judges.

By, Dave Kubal President, Intercessors for America


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