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October 10, 2023

The War in Israel

Before I comment on the situation in Israel, I first want to share just a few thoughts from Dave Kubal from Intercessors For America regarding the Speaker of the House situation. As tragic and significant as the situation in Israel is, we must also remain focused on America, difficult though that may be.

Supernatural Divide in D.C. (by Dave Kubal)

“The battle we are watching in Washington, D.C., is a visual representation of what is happening in the supernatural. At this moment, there are forces attempting to retain control, and forces attempting to gain control.

“Let me describe what’s happening in the natural. The nation was given an opportunity with this session of Congress to fight against the government’s woke agenda, its weaponization against private citizens, and bankrupt spending. The January fight for speaker was the obvious outworking of the political establishment. Congressman Kevin McCarthy was recognized as part of the establishment but wielded power because of his ability to raise and distribute $100 million. His popularity pushed him to the front. He made very specific promises to fight the woke agenda and pass a responsible budget.

“Rep. McCarthy did not do what he promised.

“He lost the support of many in his party. Most no longer trust him. This week there was a vote to vacate his position. It prevailed with nine Republican votes. Many more Republicans no longer wanted McCarthy to remain speaker, but they did not believe that this was the time to remove him.

“When we deal with the spiritual realm, the natural will work out. This is an opportunity — a critical moment in our nation’s history.

“Will we continue to allow our government to express and legislate values contrary to kingdom values? Will we allow our government to limit our freedoms? Will we empower a government with no control on spending — political spirits of control, spirits of excess loosing immorality, manipulative spirits using printed money — to dominate our lives?

“Next week [this week], we will see our options to lead Congress from here. The candidates will represent the spiritual battle at hand. Likely candidates include:

Congressman Steve Scalise: a huge ally to Speaker McCarthy, and one entrenched in the political establishment.

“Congressman Jim Jordan: a relentless defender of our freedom.

“Others may surface, and we must look for what agenda drives these representatives and for who is behind them.

“Most of all, we must pray. The battle on Capitol Hill in D.C. is the outworking of the spiritual battle in our nation. When we take care of the spiritual realm, the natural realm will work out.”(1)


There is no need to recap the horrific details of what is occurring in Israel; most of us have seen information regarding little else for the past few days. It has been heartbreaking to see the animalistic cruelty of demonized terrorists as they rape, torture, and mutilate women and children. I speak not of Palestinians and Muslims in general, but of the Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iranian terrorists responsible for this inhuman barbarism. They are savage butchers. I want to focus, not on their actions, but on the bigger picture: how we got here, what it means regarding the future, how we should pray, etc.

How We Got Here

Elections, as they say, have consequences. I would add that naively, ignorantly, and foolishly electing antichrist, anti-Bible, globalist, woke, lying, leftist, and Marxist leaders, bent on transforming America into the same, has disastrous but predictable consequences. (Though the term “electing” is probably not completely accurate in this case.) One can only hope that pious, undiscerning Christians - who simply could not tolerate mean tweets and an immoral past, preferring instead, abortionists and leftists - are having second thoughts.

What we have seen over the past three years was predictable. Why would a Biden administration, run by Obama and other globalist America haters, want a revived and strong America? Reversing most, if not all, of Trump’s sound policies on their first day in office, they picked up where they had left off, and even increased the pace of transforming America from being the greatest nation on earth into a weak and disrespected mess. A nation, by the way, which now needs a miracle to be restored.

The Attack on Israel

Tragically, the violence and bloodshed in Israel will continue. They have no choice but to eliminate once and for all the terrorist threats of Hamas, Hezbollah to the North, and perhaps Iran’s ability to fund and facilitate them. Iran and the terrorist leaders knew their provocation would demand this war. To Iran, the Palestinians, in general, are expendable pawns - always have been; they couldn’t care less about them. They want to force Israel to fight, hoping to destroy them, or at the very least, cause more of the world to turn against them. And unfortunately, multitudes of Palestinians, many of whom do not even support Hamas (some of them Christians!), will be sacrificed.

What This Means in America

Satan and those he controls hate not only Israel, but America. Thousands of terrorists are no doubt here now, due to Biden and the Dems’ open borders, waiting for the command to attack. They would be fools not to have come in, and we would be fools to think they’re not here. And those I listen to believe that they are, indeed, here. Many are especially concerned about cities with large numbers of those who have entered our country illegally, especially single young men. Terrorism could very well be the shaking we have been warned of, as could our involvement in a regional or world war.

Yes, we have obeyed the Lord’s instructions for preserving our nation, and we will be preserved. But the words from the Lord did not say there would not be attacks or suffering. We were warned of a great shaking, but that our prayers would ensure America’s survival, salvation, and reset. Be convinced of this - I am. And do not yield to fear! Continue to pray for protection over your home and family daily; claim Psalm 91 for you and yours. Be vigilant.

Beyond prayer for protection, stay focused on God’s plan to use this evil to prepare people and nations for harvest. He is always far ahead of satan and his plans. Continue to call forth the exposing of evil and the reaping of harvest. Do not allow your heart to become hardened to Muslim people in general, or Iranians and Palestinians in particular. Millions of them do not want these wars and the terrorism. Pray that they find out the truth of what is occurring - they hear only propaganda - and that they become more open to Christ and the gospel. I believe millions of them will be saved. Don’t forget that Paul, in his deception, martyred Stephen, but he later became one of the greatest followers of Christ in all of history. Pray for a great harvest in the Muslim world!

And finally, pray for Israel! Pray that this evil attack be overcome quickly and supernaturally, that there will be a minimal loss of life, and that the plans of darkness backfire. Pray that their eyes will be opened to Yeshua. They, too, will experience a great great revival.

Pray with me:

Father, we come to You today with hearts that hurt, just as Yours no doubt does. The horrible grief and suffering taking place in Israel is heartbreaking. We ask You to help Israel overthrow these evil terrorists, and bring the suffering of all to a quick end.

We also ask for the veil of deception to be broken off of millions of people in that part of the world, freeing them from spiritual darkness. Open their eyes to the light of the gospel of Yeshua. Let a powerful revival sweep through the Middle East. Continue to give dreams and visions to those in the Muslim world, showing them that Jesus is, indeed, the Son of God and their Savior. Show the Jews that He is their Messiah.

And Lord, we pray for our nation. Thank You for so clearly warning us that we needed to pray prayers of covering, protection, and anchoring. We continue to ask for Your protection and declare that Psalm 91 will be our portion. We pray also for our government, that You would remove those who need to be removed in order for us to be safe and restored. Give us the leader we need in the House, but may Your changes go much deeper and broader. Give us once again a righteous government. We pray these things in Christ’s holy name, Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that where sin abounds, grace does much more abound and is being released throughout the earth.

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