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November 8, 2022

A Day of Reckoning

Today is an important day in the life of America, a day many around the world never experience. It is Election Day. Most definitely, it will be one of our most important ever.

The war for America’s soul has intensified. Much has come into clearer focus.

Had we not experienced the corruption of 2 years ago, leading to the unprecedented ineptitude and mismanagement America now endures, many things would have remained hidden. I urged people at that time to stand firm and stated that God was allowing it in order to expose, expose, expose. And has He ever!

  • We have seen just how deep the swamp really is.

  • We have experienced the utter abhorrence of the left for those who disagree with them - the President calls us “idiots,”(1) the media calls us “cockroaches;”(2) the DOJ calls us “terrorists.”(3)

  • Our government has deemed churches as nonessential (as opposed to strip clubs and liquor stores).

  • Our children now belong to the state - not their parents.(4)

  • Many said those who don’t accept the government’s mandates should be locked up and/or not allowed to travel, buy food or venture outdoors.(5)

  • The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are despised and attacked. The censorship of conservatives is rampant, abhorrent, and totally accepted by the left.

  • Parents are visited by the Feds if they complain at a school board meeting.(6)

  • If conservatives win a battle, efforts to reverse this by adding to the number of Senators and packing the Supreme Court is considered legitimate, as is demonstrating in front of the Justices’ homes - existing laws that forbid it be damned.(7)

  • Crime has skyrocketed(8) - innocents are shoved onto subway lines,(9) pro-life counseling centers are bombed and burned,(10) candidates are threatened and attacked, while police are demonized and defunded.

  • Our government has lost all self-control, spending TRILLIONS of dollars, much of it on foolish and needless endeavors.

  • We have become energy dependent (depending on our enemies!) while we were energy INDEPENDENT only 22 months ago.

  • Inflation is at record highs.

  • Many in our government seek to divide us for personal gain.

  • Our military is more “woke” than prepared. China, Russia, Iran, and N. Korea now feel emboldened.

  • While mercy and care for cognitively handicapped individuals is always appropriate, they can also now be Presidents and Senators - IF they serve the correct party, of course.

  • Some pro-abortion leaders in our government revealed they want the right to kill babies OUTSIDE the womb.(11)

  • Many in our government are okay with selling aborted babies’ body parts.

  • We’re being told it’s acceptable to mutilate and castrate children, give them drugs that alter their genetic makeup, and tell them their God-given body parts are a horrible mistake and mean nothing, all being done in some states without parental consent. (Heck, men can even have babies.)

  • It’s now acceptable for drag queens to dance in front of kindergartners while rubbing their private parts. Regarding drag queens, Speaker Pelosi said, “this is what America is all about.”(12)

  • Unvaccinated people can’t visit America, while MILLIONS of unvaccinated can cross our southern border - no double standard there - along with terrorists, human traffickers, and drug dealers.

  • We were forced to watch through windows as family members died alone, required to hug the dying through plastic partitions, and not allowed to pay our last respects to family and friends with memorial services.

  • Organ recipients who wouldn’t submit were removed from donor lists and allowed to die, and others were denied treatment in hospitals and clinics - while shamed and ridiculed, nonetheless.

  • Children were needlessly required to wear masks needlessly for 2 years in classrooms, their development was stalled, and their learning was severely delayed through extended closings.

These things, and much more, are no longer hidden. God, using their arrogance and deceived belief that they have won, has skillfully coaxed the America-hating, control-crazed, and Bible-rejecting left out of hiding. Having become completely drunk on success, they staggered into the open. Now, the entire world has seen their positions…and their lunacy.

Psalm 2 has been unfolding before our eyes. After listening to the left’s delusional, conspiratorial discussions and observing their perverse actions (verses 1-3), God is now progressing to the rest of the chapter: His mocking laugh (verse 4), assurance to His beloved Son that all is well (verses 7-9), and the picking up of His iron rod of judgment (verse 9). Mercifully, to those who oppose Him, the Creator and King offers them a final way out: Kiss the Son (verse 12).

This exposure Yahweh allowed has now clearly defined the battle for the soul of America. If you haven’t already, vote today! Vote with biblical values; vote for the babies; vote for your children and grandchildren; vote for religious freedom; and vote for America's God-given destiny.

And pray!

Some will claim that a post of this nature is inappropriate, that we Christians should not speak about government and/or moral values, but only work to see people saved - Mark 16’s Great Commission. I would simply remind them that the second half of Christ’s Great Commission to the church, in Matthew 28:18-20, commands us to disciple nations - not just individuals - with His teachings. Our failure to do so in the great outpouring of the 60s and 70s helped create the mess we are now experiencing. Our ignorance and negligence have been destroying us (Hosea 4:6).

No more!

In His mercy, Holy Spirit has begun a movement of prayer and action that is reversing this. A Mark 16 awakening/revival has begun, which will be accompanied by a Matthew 28 reformation. We won’t be intimidated by false accusations that we are intolerant of others or that we are dictatorial bigots. We know love is our motivation, serving others is our assignment, and that our lives are not our own. Our efforts are all about Christ’s noble and magnificent cause, and we will not relent.

Stay the course.

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for Your mercy. In order to awaken us, You have turned us over to our own desires and incredibly foolish ways. Truth no longer matters, integrity matters even less, and evil is celebrated. America has sown the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind. We are lost, very lost. We have watched the demise of greatness in one generation.

And yet. In Your mercy, You are coming to save us. The heavens are being rent, deception is being removed, evil is being exposed, and our hearts are being lanced. We stand before You with nothing other than the blood of Jesus Christ. Our faith is that this blood cleanses us from ALL sin and unrighteousness. Send a movement now to accomplish this, we pray. Let it be spiritual power at levels never before seen. Come with overwhelming force and love, lift the veil of darkness, and restore us.

Give great victories for the cause of life in our elections this day. Give great victory for truth, decency, and righteousness. Further the complete turning of our government. Let the exposing continue, even while our deliverance takes place. Spare us from ourselves and rescue us from sin. We pray these things in the incomparable name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that America shall be saved, and the billion-plus harvest of people around the world will not be stopped.

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