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November 7, 2023

“As I Uncover, You Must Stand”

The shaking that has begun will intensify and could shake your faith if you are not anchored in what God has said - both in His Word and through the prophets. God’s heart is to use this season to cleanse, restore, and reset America, not destroy us. Do not fear; instead, partner with Him during the shaking, calling forth His purposes and binding all demonic attempts to steal, kill, and destroy. Hold fast to the fact that our states and nation are anchored, surrounded by angels, anointed with the oil of Holy Spirit, and connected to our destiny/foreword. Resist unbelief.

Our Need

Today, I listened as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas related some of his experiences with Border Patrol agents at our Southern border. It was hard to listen to some of what he said. He spoke of seeing terrified young girls (14-15 years old) being brought across the border by men claiming to be the girls’ fathers or uncles. These children were obviously being trafficked.

When this same scenario occurred under Trump‘s presidency, Border Patrol would immediately perform a DNA test to see if the man was truly related to the child. According to Senator Cruz, Biden and his open border administration stopped this testing immediately upon taking office. The agents are frustrated and angry, knowing there is nothing they can do to stop the trafficking of these girls. Biden (those who control him) and Mayorkas do not look for ways to close the border, which they could do immediately if they so desired; they look for ways to keep it open. The evil at our borders is not because those in charge are not stupid; they are intentional in their actions.

According to Cruz, the Democrats in Congress know this is happening, just as they know the Fentanyl allowed in with illegals is killing over 100,000 Americans each year. Just as a point of reference, that’s over thirty 9/11s, in terms of the number being killed. (Just under 3000 people were killed on 9/11). But, hey, those future votes are what matter most. That, and for all those polite “Never Trumpers”, the fact that Biden doesn’t send mean tweets.

The Border Patrol agents aren’t the only ones angry over the actions of this corrupt administration; many Americans are. Count me as one of them. Love, at times, demands anger. If what this administration is doing - at the border, to babies, to kids, to divide us, and to weaken our nation in many other ways - doesn’t anger you, then your indifference and hardened heart is most certainly part of the problem.

The fact that millions of Americans, including many in the church, do not allow facts such as these to concern them; the fact that many still vote for those who perpetrate these things; the fact that those who don’t vote for them remain uninvolved and voiceless; the fact that even many pastors still won’t make a stand are all signs of America’s moral weakness and its disease of self-centeredness. Not one pastor in ten will take time in their service this weekend to pray concerning these things, let alone preach a message exposing it in order to awaken the body of Christ. Many other things will doubtlessly be more important.

The level of America’s sin, rebellion from God, evil in government, complacency, and apathy in the church have all combined to make the coming shaking necessary. Yahweh intends to honor His covenant with America and the prayers offered for her restoration. That covenant mandates discipline and correction when we become so deceived and corrupted that nothing else can turn us back to God and our calling. God is not behind the evil taking place in the Middle East - it is caused by satan and his prince of Persia (Iran) - but He is going to use it to shake down evil there and in America. In the midst of it, remember that God isn’t the author of destruction and violence, but He will use it to accomplish good (Romans 8:28).

A Prophecy

Prayer leader Dr. Kathryn Holcombe released the following prophecy regarding this shaking and God’s plan to use it redemptively:

“I am uncovering the evils that have permeated throughout your land, evils that rule and are trying to overthrow My rule. As I uncover, there will be things that surprise you, but know that I am aware of the hidden, under-the-surface network trying to hold onto this land. As I uncover, you must stand, assured that I know more than you; and in My knowledge, I will pull cords that are holding the underground structure in place. Stand in those moments; I will move quickly. The evil has to be revealed.

“And do not lose faith. Disappointment will attempt to reattach, but as you trust Me, I will dismantle, untie, that which is holding great wickedness within your nation. I will have this land, My land. And as My people stand with Me, I will not disappoint.

“There are those masking their real motives, some you cannot and do not see. But I see and will pick them off, removing their voices and power. I know you have identified many whose actions are evident to you, but some have masked their true hearts - for years. I will allow it no longer.

“In the days ahead, I am shifting many nations; this nation will lead the move, but this is for MY glory. It is the hour that a greater portion of My glory must be seen. It will draw many who are standing in the balance. Gates of deep darkness are being unlocked throughout the earth. The work at hand is so much deeper than can be seen. As you trust Me, I will make clear My work, and it will never be voided. This work in your nation is at hand, for I am lining up the nations. The days ahead will be days of My power and presence.

“Now, stand and collaborate with Me, even when you wonder and question. Be careful not to misinterpret, speaking as if all the events are from the hand of your enemy. But attach your faith, even in your questioning. Some things that I am about to do will look strange at the moment, but I am performing what must be done to reveal and break the stronghold of satan in your land.

“Have faith and stand with Me. Praise Me in the midst of these days, for great victory is about to break forth before your very eyes.”(1)

The shaking is coming; the shaking is necessary; and the shaking will be used to save us! Stay in faith! Stay engaged! And stay focused on Him! Let’s pray.

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for Your heart to cleanse, heal, and restore America. We thank You for Your heart to save people here and around the world. You will reap this great harvest; You will not be stopped. We will trust You throughout the cleansing process and will be ready to launch fully into the reaping process.

We thank You for exposing the evil in our nation, especially in our government and its agencies. The depravity is astounding. We are glad You said You were going to go deep and expose that which we had no idea was even there. Shake down all that is not pure, and enable us to rebuild appropriately. We thank You that while You are cleansing, You are also preparing for this harvest here in America and among the nations. And You told us to ask for the rain of revival when we discern it is the opportune time for it. (Zechariah 10:1). We are asking.

We ask for the tearing down of the principality of Persia’s hold over Iran and billions of people in the Middle East. End his reign. We bind his influence in the name of Jesus. We declare that his attempt to thwart the harvest in that region through this war and his attempt to wipe out Israel and America will both fail. We also declare that all unrest and violence he has caused there and throughout the world will be used to bring about God‘s purposes, not satan’s. We pray and decree these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the cleansing of the Father will go deep into the heart of America, exposing and shaking all that must be shaken down.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


  1. Dr. Kathryn Holcomb, Breakthrough Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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