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November 29, 2021

Just How Important is Wednesday’s Supreme Court Hearing?

Wednesday, December 1, 2021, is a day of monumental significance. I have shared with you over the last few weeks about Mississippi’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. This is the case that could reverse Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. If this occurs, it will not end all abortion in America, but rather end the law that says it is legal in the entire nation. Thus, each individual state will have the right to decide what they allow. I am going to Washington, D.C., this week to worship and pray outside the Supreme Court.

During a prayer over this trip by several leaders, my friend, Greg Hood, released a prophetic declaration over me, which I’ll share with you in a moment. The prayers of the saints are prevailing against the darkness in America. The Lord has heard our cries. When I go to Washington, D.C., I will be carrying in my heart every prayer I know has been prayed over decades toward the ending of this national abomination—abortion. Many of you have prayed as much or more than I have to end this evil in America. I am simply a representative of those prayers, being sent by God to present them before Him. I pray the bowls are tipped, the hearts of the justices are moved, and we see abortion begin to end in America.

Here is the prophetic decree Greg spoke over me while in Mississippi:

“Lord, You have backed this nation up against the Red Sea. Pharaoh has been breathing down our neck for decades now. But, God, You are bringing a parting of the Red Sea. And You’re tearing down some altars that have been built up. Father, as Dutch goes into D.C., there’s going to be a new altar built and a fire rekindled in this nation. This altar will be built on the other side of victory. You’re swallowing up Pharaoh's army. You’re swallowing up the army of death. You’re swallowing up the army that’s been sent to enslave a generation. We decree over Dutch, He is carrying Mississippi with him. He’s carrying a rod of authority. He’s carrying the Word and Scriptures that have been inscribed on that staff of authority concerning relationship with You. He’s carrying the keys of Isaiah 22:22. We say he will lock and unlock the hearts of the justices. We believe it’s shifted, Lord, because the prayers of the saints have breathed on the bones over this nation. You are pouring out justice for the unborn and for this nation. You are going to release Heaven’s justice through these Supreme Court Justices.”

Let me share some current information on the Dobbs case from those involved. Then, I will share some of the ways we are being asked to pray leading up to and on December 1st. The Heritage Foundation has written a paper explaining the significant pro-life arguments of this case. You will need to go here and read the entire explanation and see their sources and footnotes. It’s excellently written. Here is a summary:

“Two features of the law are central to this litigation. First, it is a ban, rather than a regulation, on the performance of abortions. Second, this ban operates well before viability, which the Supreme Court established in Roe, and reaffirmed in Casey, as the ‘critical fact.’ The Act asserts that the state has an interest in protecting maternal health because the maternal risks from abortion increase proportionately relative to gestational age. In addition, the abortion method used after 15 weeks, known as dilation and evacuation, is ‘a barbaric procedure, dangerous for the maternal patient, and demeaning to the medical profession.’ Echoing emphasis by 19th-century physicians on current medical knowledge, the Act highlights facts about fetal development that were unavailable to the Supreme Court in Roe or even in Casey. Modern medicine reveals, for example, that a 15-week-old unborn child has all major organs, moves all fingers separately, exhibits a preference for right or left-handedness, and is responsive to pain.”1

One wonders in light of these statements, how abortion can possibly continue? How could any of the 9 justices consider the description of a 15-week baby in the womb and rule according to “precedence” - decisions they’ve made in the past.

Allan Parker is the President of The Justice Foundation. He was lead counsel for Norma McCorvey (formerly “Roe” of Roe v. Wade, from 2000 to 2012) and Sandra Cano (the “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton, until 2014) in their efforts to overturn the two landmark cases that brought legalized abortion on demand to America. Both of these women changed their minds about abortion and wanted their cases reversed by the Court. Neither of them lived long enough to see their desire become reality. Allan has not stopped fighting for justice, however. He helps state senators and representatives write pro-life legislation, and has produced 4 of the 80 briefs filed in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case.

The four briefs Allan has filed include one representing 539,108 Americans asking the Court to end abortion in America, including 2,249 women directly hurt by abortion. A second brief represents 375 women hurt by second and third trimester abortions, together with some of those working to help women recover physically, spiritually, and emotionally from their abortion procedures. We are going to need much more of this type of work. A third brief is specific to the jewish community and their statement supporting Dobbs, and focusses on the immorality of abortion.2

The fourth brief is the most touching. It is filed on behalf of a woman, Hannah S., and her adoptive parents. Hannah was a frozen embryo, adopted and grown to full fetal maturity within the womb of her adoptive mother. She is an adult woman now, living for Christ. Hannah’s adoption is called a “Snowflake Adoption” and we are going to see more and more of them. Her testimony will show the justices in a very real and powerful way that life begins at conception. Every currently frozen embryo is a baby waiting on its parents, natural or adoptive, to receive them, so they can grow fully into the person God created them to be.3

There are 76 other similar briefs filed on behalf of the Mississippi law, and they are likewise impactful. Eighteen states filed a brief in favor of the Mississippi law, as well. These states have Heartbeat Bills, similar legislation and laws waiting to be enacted when the Supreme Court rules to overturn Roe v. Wade in full or in part.4 We are going to see a floodgate of Life actions wash across America when it happens!

Here are a few ways we can pray:

  • “Mississippi has a right to protect life—all life—including the life of the unborn. MS has the obligation to protect these innocent lives, and they have the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s being taken away from them currently without due process and it needs to stop.” ~MS Governor Phil Bryant 5

  • “Evil always attacks the most innocent. The Egyptians looked at Israel and became concerned that they were multiplying and prospering. Their response was to kill all the young up to the age of 2. They killed the most vulnerable. We must pray for all the states desiring, like MS, to have the opportunity to protect our most innocent—our babies in the womb.” ~MS Governor Phil Bryant 6

  • “This case confronts viability. Ask the Lord to have the justices look at viability from the point of Hannah S., formerly a frozen embryo. She was a life in suspended animation. She was a life from conception that had not yet been able to fully develop.” ~Allan Parker 7

Pray with me:

Father, we bring before You the multitudes of prayers that have risen before Your throne, asking You to end abortion in America. You have created each and every unborn life. You love them and desire to protect them, so they can fulfill all You created them to be and do. You have raised up warriors to fight on our knees for these precious lives. You have raised up governmental warriors in Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and many other states, to write legislation and enact laws to protect life. Now, Lord, breathe on Mississippi’s law. Highlight the 80 compelling briefs. Move on the hearts of our nine Supreme Court Justices. Weigh heavily on their consciences, Holy Spirit. Give them dreams in the night. Show them the reality of life in the womb. Protect the babies!

Roll this curse off America, Lord. Swallow up Pharaoh's armies—those pursuing our unborn. End the barbarism and the bloodshed. Cause our nation to honor life as You do. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God will hover over the Supreme Court on December 1, 2021, giving favor to the unborn in America.


Click the link to watch the full video:

3 Ibid.

5 Excerpted from Intercessors for America’s Dave Kubal’s interview with MS Governor Phil Bryant:

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