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November 28, 2018

God’s Transformation for Fulfillment of Promises Made

God plans everything from the end to the beginning. Before the Fall ever took place, He had prepared the cross and the Lamb. Isn’t that awesome? He’s never trying to figure out how He can outsmart the devil. He already outsmarted the devil before the devil made his move. You know, Abraham went through 25 years of waiting for Isaac, because God said He would give him a son. He had said that through that son a nation would be formed. Abraham was a man of great faith who didn’t waver, at least once he got past the time he and Sarah laughed at God. God didn’t waver when He replied to their laughter, “You are going to have a son. Age means nothing. Nothing will stop it.” Their conniving along the way didn’t stop His plan. God didn’t start describing Abraham as the covenant breaker or the liar or the unfaithful one or waverer. Because God knew Abraham would mess up. He saw the end and He knew His plan. He knew He could clean all that up and transform Abram to Abraham, and put what He needed to put in him. In the end, God did not see a covenant breaker. He saw His friend, the covenant keeper, the father of faith.

“Israel, you are my servant. I chose you, the family of my friend Abraham.” (Isaiah 41:8; CEV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Do you see yourself the same way God sees you? Be brave and ask Him to show you yourself through His eyes.

  2. Let Him touch your heart and mind, and align your view of yourself with His view. He needs you for this major move of God that is coming.

  3. Spiritually put on the boxing glove of faith. Hold it up to Him and ask Him to teach You how to use it in intercession to help take the nation’s giants down.

  4. Say, “You knew there would be giants in this land and You knew we would welcome them in – giants of covenant breaking with the Native Americans, slavery and the abortion of 60+ million babies! None of this affects Your ultimate plan for America!”

A prayer you can pray:

God, You are outside of time. You can cleanse my path and get me to the future You have planned for me, just as You did with Abraham. Despite all of my failures, You can navigate me through anything. I will stand and wonder, “How did You do that for me?” Like Abraham, I will call on the God who can heal the past, deal with the present, and guarantee the future. If the Church is going to take out this nation’s giants, we are going to need to wear the glove of faith that says that You are bigger than our failures. This nation was called to be the largest stronghold beachhead on the planet for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God, You knew there would be covenants broken with the Native Americans. You knew there would be slavery. You knew 60 million babies would be aborted. But, You also knew that the blood of Jesus would cleanse us from all of that. You looked ahead and said, “I can get this done through this nation.” May we rise up, repent, and fulfill that covenant You struck with those early brave men and women who covenanted with You to share the Gospel from these shores. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s decree:

Nothing can stop God from fulfilling the plans God has for America. Nothing!


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