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November 20, 2023

War Eagles Rising

It should be clear to all believers that spiritual warfare around the world has intensified. Satan is making an all-out attempt to maintain his position and stop God’s plans. In today’s post, my brother, Tim, speaks of this warfare, comparing some of satan’s assaults to sieges. We, the church, must break the power of these sieges, rising to our assignment of partnering with Christ as His voices of freedom. His liberators. In sharing this, Tim uses a powerful analogy given to him by Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, and history. He shares:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the passionate warriors of King Jesus must now rise. It is time to reset a nation and world according to God’s principles and ways. Hell has initiated a siege against the Lord’s plans on earth, including here in America, and that siege must be broken.

“There was a siege in Biblical history that, in many ways, parallels and prophesies into our times. It pictures a seemingly impossible situation and demonic principalities behind wicked human regimes. However, history also shows us that from the shaking, hope rose, victory came, and led to a great reset.

“A while back, I received a prophetic word about this event that led me to a study on ‘war eagles.’ The first mention of ‘war eagles’ in history occurs at a time when Jerusalem was under siege by a ruthless army. These invaders came from one of the most vicious kingdoms on earth, the Assyrians, led by King Sennacherib. They were heartless, cruel, and bloodthirsty, known for using horrific torture tactics and spreading great fear.

“The overall Assyrian campaign for regional dominance lasted for 17 years. They took nation after nation, many aligning with them simply because they didn’t want to experience their brutality. Eventually, King Sennacherib set his sights on Israel. He first defeated northern Israel, then moved his attention to Judah. The king of Judah was Hezekiah, a man who loved God and regularly consulted with the prophet Isaiah (2 Kings 18:1-3, 5-7).

“2 Chronicles 32:10-20 informs us that King Sennacherib sent a proclamation to the people of Judah telling them to give up, citing their conquests of other countries. Hezekiah responded by paying a ransom, but that did not stop the Assyrians. Sennacherib took the money and began amassing his forces. The army advanced and surrounded the walls of Jerusalem, beginning a siege that would ultimately last two years. The people of God were in a desperate position. During that time, the Assyrian army captured 46 surrounding cities, taking many lives. This is the context that leads us to ‘war eagles.’

“Toward the end of the second year of the siege, Hezekiah began to doubt that they would survive. The facts were staring him in the face, and he became discouraged. When he was at that low point, history tells us Sennacherib released three new war tactics.(1) The first came when Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem began to hear the loud, screeching of eagles. The Assyrian army had been training eagles for warfare!

“An Assyrian warrior would tie weights to a trained eagle’s legs, then release the eagle to look for an enemy. The eagle would descend on an enemy soldier at speeds up to 60 miles an hour, the weights becoming vicious weapons. Eagles are relentless, and when they tire, they simply mount up, forcing air into their lungs to restrengthen and keep going. The sight and sound of the ‘war eagles’ incited much fear and terror in the people of Jerusalem.

“At this point, God spoke to Isaiah, telling him to prophesy to King Hezekiah. ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint’ (Isaiah 40:31 KJV).

“One meaning for the word ‘wait’ in Hebrew (qavah) is “braid,” or ‘be entwined with.’(2) The Lord was saying to Hezekiah, ‘Those who braid themselves to Me will run and not get weary. Join yourself with me and become one of MY war eagles. Those who tie themselves to Me will soar and rise above the enemy.’

“These powerful words encouraged King Hezekiah, and he was renewed in trust and strength. However, his faith was soon tested again. Looking over the walls of Jerusalem, history tells us he saw more new Assyrian weapons of war: catapults and towers, which proved to be very effective in sieges. Sennacherib sent Hezekiah another message telling him, ‘Surrender and die. God sent me to destroy you’ (2 Kings 18:23).

“This obviously caused great despair in Hezekiah. However, God instructed Isaiah to prophesy to him again, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me, says the Lord” (Isaiah 54:17 NKJV).

“Everything accelerated after this, and one of the fiercest judgments in history took place. In fact, a reset occurred almost overnight. When the sun came up, 185,000 Assyrian soldiers lay dead. No one knows exactly how, but “the angel of the Lord” killed them (2 Kings 19:35). Perhaps the angel led a host of angels; Jewish historians say the seraphim were behind it. The siege was broken, and history was reset as Sennacherib and his army retreated.

“Hear the word of the Lord I received for this hour:

“‘An incredible spiritual force is being released into the earth realm: My Kingdom warriors. My “eagle force” will partner with My angel force; they will partner with My seraphim. They will be led by Lord Sabaoth. My “war eagles” will ride the waves of My glory, the currents of My winds, the rays of My presence. They will manifest the works of My Kingdom, demonstrating My power and accomplishing My will. Know that the coming generation of “war eagles” have been groomed and reserved to overcome hell’s siege of earth. They will now be loosed.

“‘This Kingdom force will braid themselves to Me, and I will mount up, carrying them. We will soar. They will run with Me at speeds the enemy can’t match, leaping barriers and walls, breaking demonic blockades to pieces. They will shatter the gates of hell, using their spiritual weapons to battle vicious, cruel regimes, bringing deliverance to the tortured captives. They will tear down the altars of Baal. They will not surrender in fear even when surrounded; overwhelming odds will not rattle them. They will not relent to new weapons or tactics of war. These things will only strengthen their resolve.

“‘My eagles will fly with My weight of glory tied to them. They will circle, dive, and devastate the thrones of hell. Demonic adversaries of My Kingdom will be the prey. My unique eagle force will be terrifying splendor, terrorizing hell’s regimes. They will run and not grow weary, walk, and not faint. My Spirit will renew and re-strengthen them, reoxygenating them in My presence. They will mount up with wings like eagles, and no weapon formed against them will prosper. This is the heritage of My sons and daughters, says the Lord.’

“Yes, the war is fierce, but a reset is coming!”

Pray with me:

Father, we are Your rescue team, Your liberators. You have called us to enforce Christ’s victory, declare His truth, and release His light. In this prophetic word, You compare us to eagles. Release Your “war eagles” across this nation and throughout the world. Cause us to rise with You, riding the glorious rays of Your presence, accomplishing Your plans and purposes. Use us to break strongholds and bind principalities. Our lives are braided and tied to You; therefore, we will run and not grow weary, walk, and not faint. We decree that no weapon formed against us will prosper; this is our heritage.

And we once again wield the sword of Your word over the Middle East. We declare over Israel, “God is able to graft you into His family again! Your eyes will be opened to the Messiah!” (see Romans 11:23). And we declare over the sons of Ishmael, “‘God hears’ your cry. Your eyes, too, will be opened, and you will see a great light - God’s light of salvation and glory! (Genesis 16:11; Isaiah 60:1-2; John 12:46; Acts 13:47). We decree that the powers of darkness in that region will fail. Their hold is broken, light is overcoming darkness, and the oppressed will go free. We bind every demonic attempt to maintain control there and stop God’s harvest. In Jesus’ name, so be it.

Our decree:

We decree that strong spiritual warriors of Christ are rising, mounting up like eagles over this nation and the world, guided by the Spirit of God to accomplish His will.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim. You can learn more about him at


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