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November 2, 2023

From Revolt to Revival

I sense a very strong anointing on today’s post. Please focus with me.

In August of 2019, our friend Steven Springer released a prophetic word, which we posted on Give Him 15. The word proved to be very accurate. I believe it pertained to the season we were moving into, not just that year. He saw the young generation rioting due to racial conflicts, both here in America and in other nations, which certainly occurred. Here is Steven’s word:

“In a vision, I saw an increase of rioting across the earth. A generation is trying to find its voice and identity.

“Our young people are in internal turmoil, confused and being tossed to and fro by many winds. They really don’t know what to think because it seems everyone - from educators to the media to celebrities - is telling them what to think and how to feel.

“Our ancient foe, the devil, the dragon, is behind all of this. Things are about to come to a violent tipping point. The young want to see societal injustices righted but don’t always know how to generate this. Therefore, they are going to attempt to bring change in their own strength and might.

“Racial conflicts are not over yet, but I see HOPE on the horizon! Hope in the midst of the struggle. Some kind of war is going to bring unity to our nation again. The revelation of 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 will be understood by the majority of believers in Christ, not just leaders and intercessors!” (End of Steven’s word.)

The unrest and rioting are indeed amping up again, and we are probably seeing the beginning of the war Steven spoke of. He said at the time that he believed the war could even be on our soil. We may very well find ourselves fighting a “war” of sorts with terrorists in America. Many are certainly here. If we are drug into the war in the Middle East, which Iran seems at times to be goading us into, they will give the go-ahead to their terrorist allies here. If this occurs, remember that we are anchored.

I sense that today, however, Holy Spirit wants us to focus specifically on the young generation. They truly are currently engaging in world events, some teetering on violence. Satan will stoke this, as Steven said. He did the same thing in the 1960s and 70s. Riots occurred all over the country, especially on college campuses, due to the Vietnam War, but also a disillusionment over the government in general, racism, and what they perceived as hypocrisy in their parents’ generation. In their youthful zeal, often with a lack of wisdom, they fought for what they perceived as justice. Many of them also threw out many babies with the bath water, rejecting past standards of morality, Christian and biblical roots, other societal norms, capitalism, and more. Rebellion ruled, lives were lost, campuses and government buildings were destroyed, drugs were prevalent, and the sexual revolution was born, resulting in millions of abortions, the destruction of the family unit, and a plague of sexual diseases.

God had an answer for this disillusionment and unrest in the Jesus People Movement. Millions were saved. The entire nation was impacted. Had the church understood the following two things at a higher level, we could likely have sustained and increased the momentum of this revival/awakening, rather than eventually losing it altogether:

  1. Christ’s command for the Ekklesia to disciple nations in Matthew 28:18-20 including the importance of influencing all the pillars/mountains of culture with His Kingdom principles. At that time, the church focused only on Christ’s great commission of Mark 16:15-18, seeing people saved and delivered.

  2. The danger of being so convinced Christ was returning within the next few years that there was no need to plan for the future. Many, myself included, were taught that we didn’t need to attend college or even concern ourselves with societal institutions such as government or the education system because Jesus was coming any day, and none of this would matter. We majored on the “Blessed hope” (Titus 2:13) but overlooked the “Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13). Jesus didn’t come when we expected, and tragically, we had given control of the nation to the kingdom of spiritual darkness. The cost has been immeasurable.

We’re about to get a second chance. Disillusionment and a search for identity among the young generation have come again, as has the unrest. We must now pray diligently for them, calling for God’s answer. He is going to send another great revival to rescue another angry, broken, and disillusioned generation. We are the conduit He will use, and it starts with our prayers. Let’s do so now.

Pray with me:

Father, let the spirit of adoption overtake the spirit of anarchy! You are the One with the answers. You are our Savior and our God. You’re for us, and You are the God who saves us! You’re also He who ties the dragon up in knots - He is no match for You. We know this, so we call for Your intervention! We call for You to right the wrongs in our nation and the world by Your Spirit and Your Word. We bind the demonic influence on the young generation in our world today and release the strategy of heaven to reverse the effects of this influence.

We ask that You would drop strategies from heaven into believers throughout the earth, enabling us to see violence, hatred, injustice, and division reversed. Show us the strategies needed to defeat the dragon. We want to join YOUR justice movement.

We pray that You open the windows of heaven, releasing all elements of revival into the earth: an empowered gospel, bold and anointed evangelists, conviction of sin, dreams, visions, salvations, signs and wonders, deliverances, renewal of hearts, passion for You, love for Your Word, and love for our fellow man. Awaken the church to the revelation that the anointing for this revival is here NOW! Jolt pastors and leaders everywhere with this enlightenment; open their eyes! Give them the boldness to announce and decree it, to commission their followers into it.

And WE decree it NOW into the earth: Revival is here! Revival is now! Miracles are here! Freedom is here! Fire is here! The wind is here! The shaking has begun, as has the reset! The wells are open! The new wine is ready! The eagles are flying! The arrows have fallen! We will no longer wait, saying that revival is coming. We have moved into the fullness of time - now we reap! We prophesy to the winds Ezekiel saw: COME! Blow on the dry bones! Heal them! Restore them! Breathe life into them! We prophesy to the dry, dead bones: Live! Breathe again! Be healed of confusion! Be healed of your identity crisis! Be healed of disillusionment! Hope again! Be healed of addictions! Be healed of sexual diseases! Be healed of rejection, the wounds of fatherlessness!

We prophesy to the church: Awaken! Be stirred! Be hungry! Be thirsty! Drink! Be filled with Holy Spirit! Be on fire! Be passionate! Move in power! Heal the sick! Raise the dead! Cast out demons! Be the church!!!!!

All this we ask and declare in Jesus’ name!

Our decree:

We decree that revival is here and will not be stopped!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

You can find out more about Steven Springer at


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