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November 19, 2021

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

Holy Spirit is stirring intercessors to pray regarding the December 1st abortion case coming before the Supreme Court. This is an incredibly important case that could reverse Roe vs Wade. My friend Ken Malone contacted me a week ago, saying:

“The Spirit moved on me very strongly this morning (November 11th) to pray for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. I experienced an intense, travailing, birthing prayer. As it occurred, I remembered the dream I had last year [which we will share]. I believe that with concerted prayer, Holy Spirit can shift his views. I feel something huge is about to be birthed out of the court. We have to continue praying, making sure this case is decided correctly.”

Here is the dream Ken mentioned:

“I awakened from a dream on 7/22/20, around 3:00 A.M., to the sound of a thunderstorm just offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

“In the dream, one of my spiritual daughters was working in the U.S. Supreme Court cafeteria. Chief Justice John Roberts came to her and said, ‘Tell Ken Malone our positions are being overrun, I need his help.’

“My spiritual daughter then relayed his message to me.

“I replied ‘Damn the Torpedoes. Tell him we’re coming.’” End of Dream.

Ken and I believe the dream has renewed significance. “Damn the torpedoes” was a phrase used by David Farragut, a Rear Admiral aboard a Union ship during the battle of Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864. [The actual quote Farragut used is, "Damn the torpedoes! Four bells. Captain Drayton, go ahead! Jouett, full speed!"(1)]

The ensuing important Union victory, together with the capture of Atlanta, was extensively covered by Union newspapers and, 3 months later, was a significant boost for Abraham Lincoln's bid for re-election.

In response to the dream, Ken, I, and several other intercessors, immediately planned a prayer journey to D.C. We decided to go on August 4-5, 2020, the anniversary of Farragut’s declaration. Holy Spirit gave us more important insights leading up to the prayer times:

  • While I was en route to D.C., one of my spiritual sons sent me a text, saying, “It is no coincidence that you are arriving in D.C. the same day as hurricane Isaias. The name means, ‘Yahweh is our salvation.’ You will release Yahweh’s salvation in D.C.”

  • Just before my plane departed for D.C., the arrival time into D.C. was adjusted back, from 2:29 p.m. to 2:22 p.m. God has used the number “22” for twenty-five years, hundreds of times, to remind me of Isaiah 22:22. It often happens when I’m on a strategic assignment. This verse speaks of possessing spiritual keys, which symbolize governmental authority with which to permanently open and close doors. I was already confident God had instructed us to go on this prayer journey, but after these two occurrences, I began to feel the significance increase in my heart.

  • Holy Spirit wasn’t finished preparing us, however. As I entered my hotel room a trusted prophetic friend - whom I hadn’t spoken to in several months and who did not know I was in D.C. - phoned me. He, too, referenced the hurricane’s name as significant (“Yahweh is salvation”) and then connected the name to Isaiah 22:22! God had already used the arrival time as a reminder of this verse, now He was using the hurricane’s name to do so. My friend said, “You must decree Yahweh’s salvation (Isaias) over America, the Supreme Court and White House, opening and closing doors as Holy Spirit leads” (see Isaiah 22:22).

The following morning, August 5, the anniversary of Farragut’s decree, we went to the Supreme Court to pray. While sitting on the steps, my friend, Matt Lockett, leader of the Justice House of Prayer, approached us. He had no idea we were even there! Matt’s calling for over a decade has been to lead daily prayer for the Supreme Court, and because of his obedience and thousands of hours of prayer, Matt walks in great spiritual authority regarding the Court.

We prayed much for God’s strong hand to shift the ideology of the Court—both by replacing left-leaning Justices, and/or by changing the legal philosophies and paradigms of the members.

Holy Spirit then revealed a double meaning associated with Farragut’s phrase, “Damn the torpedoes.” As we were praying, someone said, “Maybe God wants to literally damn ‘torpedoes’ [‘hidden weapons, under the surface’], which have been employed by satanic forces against the Court.”

We looked up the meaning of the Greek word translated “damn” in Scripture, (for example, “he that believeth not shall be damned” - Mark 16:16), and found that it is a legal, judicial term meaning “to judge, condemn or sentence!” Is this why Holy Spirit used it in the dream? Because the biblical concept is judicial?! We felt it was. With this understanding and with our prayers, we damned - “judged and condemned” - the “torpedoing” of the Supreme Court, binding the plans, schemes, and influences of satan.

As we prayed, Holy Spirit then reminded us of my arrival time into D.C. being rolled back to 2:22 p.m. We began to feel this was more than simply another reminder of our Isaiah 22:22 authority. We believed it was also a prophetic picture stating that Holy Spirit intended to “roll back” wrong decisions made by the Court - “rolling back time,” as it were. We felt that He was saying we would now see unrighteous, unbiblical, and unconstitutional decisions by the Court reversed through Isaiah 22:22 prayers and authority.

Now to today. In this upcoming case, America is poised to receive one of her greatest judicial breakthroughs ever. Far left, activist judges have controlled the Supreme Court for 60 years. And, as I said yesterday, no entity has opened the door to more devastation and destruction in America than the Supreme Court: sixty million aborted babies (let that sink in - 60 million!); the removal of God from government and schools; the redefining of God’s most sacred institution, marriage; transgenderism - girls now share showers with males at school; and so much more. If the insanity isn’t stopped soon, polygamy will be next, followed by people marrying animals. The violence, crime, poverty, disease, family decay, addiction, and other wages we have reaped from the Court’s rulings are devastating beyond belief.

However, no issue surpasses the hideous aspects of abortion. One governor recently announced that it’s ok to kill babies that survive abortions - after making them comfortable, of course. Yours and my tax dollars still fund an organization that sells murdered babies’ body parts! Members of Congress defend, laud and support these heinous behaviors. Much of America has gone mad! The Supreme Court opened the door to this hellish behavior.

We have finally reached a point where the Court can be turned and reversals begin! Holy Spirit spoke to us very clearly while in D.C. that day in 2020 that this is the season when we can “roll back time,” reversing gains and “damning torpedoes” fired by satan. I am appealing to you, please pray faithfully, fervently, and boldly regarding this case, and for the continued shifting of the Supreme Court.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for reminding us of this dream. Millions of people have prayed and repented over the last 50 years for the reversing of this evil decree. We know it has grieved Your heart tremendously. Once again, we ask for Your mercy. Forgive us and heal our land.

We ask You to move on the members of the court, guiding their thought processes as they deliberate regarding this case. Prick their consciences. Break their hearts. Awaken them to the evil of this law. And give us a ruling that honors life. We pray especially for Justice Roberts. He has drifted to the left, but we believe You can turn him back. Please do this.

And we ask You to turn the hearts of those in America who favor this evil called abortion. We know this will take a great revival, one that changes the hearts of people. Only when You write Your laws and nature on our hearts can we think as You do. Please give us this revival and awaken us once again. We ask this in Christ’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that Roe versus Wade will be overturned, and babies in the womb will once again be protected in America.



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