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November 18, 2020

Today’s Give Him 15 is taken from an article by Jane Hamon.

A Time for Prophetic Positioning – Engage! (Part 2)

“We have a saying at our ministry: Don’t doubt in the dark what you heard in the light. It is not unusual to receive a prophetic word, then have all hell break loose against you with the exact opposite of what God declared. In this election, it’s important to believe the report of the Lord and ‘war a warfare with the prophecies that have gone before you,’ (1 Timothy 1:18) until we see the fulfillment of God’s promise. Abraham, Joseph, David, Samuel, Jehoshaphat--all had to do this to see the fulfillment of prophetic words spoken to them.

“Early in 2020, many preached out of 2 Chronicles 20:20, ‘Believe the Lord and you will be established, believe His prophets and you shall prosper.’ We are now living in that moment. Ultimately, we must all put our trust, not in a man or a political party, but in the Lord. Simultaneously, we must trust what has been declared through the prophets. With this being the theme of so many inspired messages, we shouldn’t be surprised that we would find ourselves in the challenging position of actually having to do this. It’s easy to ‘believe the prophets’ when everything falls into place with ease. It’s quite another thing to stay in agreement and alignment with what God said when circumstances are screaming the opposite. Do we believe what we believe we believe? Faith is only tested when circumstances look contrary to what we have believed. Don’t be alarmed by this but rather fight for and with the word of the Lord!

“Show up for the battle. After years of prayers and decrees, don’t allow the declarations by the media to push you off the battlefield and convince you to give up. When David was dying and God had spoken that Solomon was to be king, Solomon’s brother Aonijah arose first, and gathered a crowd to declare himself king. When the prophet heard this, however, in fulfillment of the word of the Lord, he went to Bathsheba and anointed Solomon king instead. Go on the offense through prayer, worship, and rehearsing/speaking/declaring the word of the Lord. Then stand, persistently hold your ground in the spirit until you see what God has said come to pass.

“In August 2020, an Indian prophet, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, said God sent him to America to give a message to the church here. He said we were to pray through November 3rd, then afterward we would need to pray even harder as there was going to come an ‘overturning.’ No one sees how all this will happen right now but God isn’t asking us to figure it out. He is asking us to do what He told Jehoshaphat to do in 2 Chronicles 2:20: believe the Lord and be established in His will and believe his prophets so the nation can prosper.

“In August 2020, I was praying and heard the Lord say, ‘The God of Peace is rising.’ This is a reference to Romans 16:20, ‘And the God of peace will soon crush satan underneath your feet.’ At the time, I felt there would be major chaos breaking out after the election and had people praying about this. We are seeing it now, and it will probably get even more intense before this is over. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for peace is Shalom. Jesus is called ‘the Prince of Peace.’ The word prince means ‘one who contends, wars, governs, and rules.’ Rabbinical scholars say the Hebrew letters which spell Shalom (peace), carry a word picture conveying the deeper meaning of Shalom as ‘peace comes when you destroy the authority of chaos.’ We must continuously decree God’s Shalom over the United States of America, destroying the authority of the spirit of chaos, as the Prince of Peace arises and crushes satan under our feet.

“In other words, Saints, this isn’t over! Show up for battle, position yourself, fast, pray, prophesy and decree, and then see how God brings the victory.”

Give Him 15 Minutes in Prayer:

  • Think about the fact that circumstances do not dictate nor confirm God’s will. Just because there is great opposition does not mean one doesn’t have God’s favor. In fact, the opposite is often true!

  • Remember that God tells us to use His promises and prophecies as weapons in our war. When we speak His words, they become a sword. (Ephesians 6:17)

  • Go on offense--say what God says in His word and through prophetic voices. This is why we decree.

  • Romans 16:20 tells us the God of peace will soon crush satan under our feet. Decree this! Insert Jane’s definition: “Jesus, the One who contends, wars and governs, is giving us peace by destroying the authority of chaos!” Declare this over the election and over America. As you do, you are exalting the Lord over our land.

A Prayer You Can Pray:

Lord, we have chosen to stand in the face of adversity, believing Your words above all else. We will not lose heart; we will not give up. We war with Your words: “Trump will be My trumpet.” “He will serve two terms.”

You have given him the white stone of victory: You acquitted him, cast Your vote for him, and declared him the winner. We stand on this. We ask You and Your angels to work now. Aggressively! Diligently! We ask for exposure of all fraud in the election. We boldly decree that light will overcome darkness and truth will win over deceit. We ask You to dig deeply into the corruption of the American government and agencies, and uproot it all. The Deep State. The FBI. The State Department, Justice Department, Congress, and the Courts. All of it!

We thank You for the RESET You promised us. Now, Lord, we ask for the fruit of that to manifest. In Christ’s name! Amen.


Jesus has destroyed the authority of chaos and is now crushing it under my feet!

Learn more about Jane Hamon here.


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