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November 12, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

All Election Fraud Will Be Found Out

“What is happening in this election is no longer just about a presidency. It is about the very bedrock of our Constitutional Republic and the democratic process. You cannot have a free country if you cannot trust the electoral process of that country. President Donald Trump is now fighting for the democratic process, the electoral process, and the integrity of the process. If we don’t eliminate these voter fraud issues, we can never again guarantee a safe election.” (Leigh Dundas, Civil Rights Attorney)

In a video released on BitChute, 11/8/20, Leigh shared concerns by the Trump Campaign over credible instances of voter fraud. We are attempting to track the litigation and keep you up to date on these accusations and any others as they unfold. We want to secure the democratic process and the covenant purposes of God for America as we intercede through this season.

These are three of the states where voter fraud is being reported. We will look at three more tomorrow:

Arizona: It was widely reported that some people voting on election day were asked to mark their ballots with a sharpie marker versus a pen. One woman even had her personal pen removed from her hand and replaced with a Sharpie marker. Supposedly, the ballots could not be read and were placed in a bin for provisional ballots, which would be hand-counted later. Arizona was “called” for Joe Biden by media networks on Saturday, 11/7, while he was leading, even though ballots were still being counted and that lead was diminishing. CNN has “uncalled” Arizona at this time. If the results come within 1%, there could be a recount.

Georgia: The margin between President Trump and former V.P. Biden is within the margin for a recount at this time, although there are still military ballots yet to be counted. There have been multiple accusations of ballot harvesting across multiple counties in Georgia. The state also had statistically impossible voter turnout which has been reported for investigation. There are additional reports of “curing ballots,” which means adding addresses and even signatures, during the count, which is illegal. A recount will bring that to the surface.

Michigan: There are allegations of ballot dumps in the middle of the night in Detroit, MI. All of the tens of thousands of ballots purportedly were marked for Joe Biden only. Witnesses have come forward saying they were also told to backdate ballots and not to check signatures on them. Complaints that Republican poll watchers were prevented from entering ballot counting locations or were not allowed to observe the processing of the ballots have additionally been made. All of this is being investigated.

You can report election fraud or potential fraud that you personally experienced or have heard of first-hand by calling 1-800-895-4152.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.” (Luke 8:17; BSB)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Continue to ask the Lord to fully expose all of the voter fraud across the United States, especially in the six states where rampant fraud has been reported: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

  • Intercede for President Trump’s Campaign legal team. Their filings must be accurate and swift. The witnesses must be reputable, and their complaints must be specific and verifiable.

  • Pray protection over the evidence and the witnesses!

  • Declare, “The media does not determine election results in the United States of America! The valid, registered voters will be the only ones to determine who our President and other elected officials are.”

  • Intercede for the continuing count in Arizona. Pray that every legal vote will be counted.

  • Pray for the recount in Georgia. Say, “Let all statistical anomalies be discovered and brought into the light!”

  • Command the details of the alleged ballot dump in Detroit, MI, to get in the light! Let all of the witnesses come forward. Call for those who counted the votes in the early morning of November 4th and witnessed the situation to have their consciences pricked. Pray they come forward quickly and tell the truth. Bind a spirit of fear over them and ask the Lord to protect the truth-tellers.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we will not stop praying for the full exposure of voter fraud in the 2020 elections, especially in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Let many reputable witnesses come forward with complaints so specific and verifiable that the need for investigations is clear. Let the Trump Campaign’s attorneys move swiftly, but carefully, to file suits to give the America people and our democratic process victory! Let the witnesses and all evidence be guarded and protected by Your holy angels.

Lord, the media has far overstepped its boundaries in this elections process. They had already set a narrative causing people to believe that this election would eventually be won by Joe Biden after looking like President Trump would win. They had also been saying for months that President Trump would dispute the results and not step down. This could have led us into a very dangerous, even violent, national situation. Now, here we are watching their exact scenario take place. However, the reason is all the fraudulent activity taking place! They have now prematurely called the election for Joe Biden and are having to backtrack their own declarations as the count goes on and more evidence of election fraud comes into the light. The Ekklesia declares, “The media does not determine election results in the United States of America! The valid, registered voters will be the only ones to determine who our President and other elected officials are.”

For Arizona, we say, “Every legal vote will be counted, and the voters will be heard!” For Georgia, we say, “Let all statistical anomalies be discovered and brought into the light!”

For Michigan, we decree that every detail of the ballot dumps will be made known. Those that witnessed it, regardless of party affiliation will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and tell what they have seen.” We pray for protection over every witness, Lord. Let truth prevail in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

All election fraud will be uncovered and brought to justice!


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