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November 10, 2017

Determining Your Preappointed Boundaries

“The Apostle Paul stood up in front of a group of philosophers in a pagan city and preached this amazing message found in Acts 17:26, “God has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings so that they should seek the Lord…” You were chosen and appointed to live in a particular time and place; the boundaries of your nation were set from before the beginning of time in order that man might seek and find the Lord! Your attitude and in fact your involvement as an intercessor and Spirit-filled Christian in and toward the purposes of God in your nation is a major part of your own spiritual destiny and inheritance.”1 (Sid Roth)

God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause Your face to shine upon us, that Your way may be known on earth, and Your salvation among all nations. Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You. Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy! For You shall judge the people righteously, and govern the nations on earth.” (Psalm 67:1-4)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Pray Psalm 67:1-4.

  2. Thank the Lord that He has “preappointed your boundaries.” This means it is no accident that you live where you live. Thank Him for the city you live in, the state, the region (the part of America you identify with—Northeast, South, Eastern Seaboard, Midwest, West, Mountain States, Southwest, West Coast, Northwest, etc.) Thank Him that you have an assignment in that region. Ask Him what it is!

  3. Ask the Lord to connect you with others that pray in your city, state and region. Think beyond your local church. Do a little research and find a group you can join that is praying in the area of your assignment as you understand it from the Lord. You might get on their email list or find they have a conference call you can jump in on. Or, make you own and start building your prayer tribe.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, as I pray Psalm 67:1-4, I praise You and thank You that You are the Judge over all and You govern the nations with righteousness! As Your child, I get to govern together with You by interceding together with others and setting the spiritual atmosphere over my city, state, region and nation. You have set the boundaries of that governance by positioning me in the place that I live. Help me to find those who are praying for my areas of influence, so that I can join them and we can together make a difference in our part of the nation. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Today’s decree:

My spiritual boundaries were preappointed by the Lord and I will accept the assignment given by Him to intercede for the area He has placed me in!

1 Sid Roth, “Effective Prayer For A Nation,” Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, 2016., 2/28/2008. 8/1/16.

(Reposted from Aug. 4, 2016)

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