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May 3, 2021

A Win for All Americans

I have said many times that God supports the concept of government. He endorses, honors, and works through government. His plan is that justice, peace, and righteousness flow into the earth realm through government, at every level: the individual, the family, cities, and nations. This is why I take such an interest in government.

However, God hates the political spirit. This spirit craves power and control. It divides, oppresses, serves self and is controlled by pride. We should pray against this spirit, and for pure and righteous government.

For this reason, we are staying in touch with people on site at the Arizona Senate audit of the 2020 elections. The audit taking place in Arizona’s largest county is on pace to be done by next month’s deadline, though there continue to be efforts to stop or delay it.

As we mentioned in our previous post regarding this audit (GH15 4/20/21), legislators in 47 states are working to pass election integrity bills. Here at Give Him 15, our role is not to choose a political side, but to pray that righteousness and truth prevail. Transparent and fair elections are the backbone of American freedom - “we the people” choose our leaders - and America’s freedom is necessary for worldwide evangelism. The current lack of trust in our election process is a great threat to this. Over half of voters say cheating likely impacted the 2020 presidential election. This lack of trust can be eradicated by honest and transparent investigations into what occurred. When this happens, all Americans - of both parties - win.

The audit will include:

  • Scanning all 2.1 million paper ballots

  • Doing a full manual recount

  • Investigating the registration rules and votes cast to verify that only legal, registered voters participated

  • Checking the vote counts

  • Performing a cyber forensic audit on the electronic voting machines and systems used

The attempts to stop the audit are somewhat puzzling. Both parties and all Americans want fair elections and must have confidence in the system. This audit is not an attempt to overturn the 2020 results, only to reassure voters by determining if flaws exist, enabling them to be fixed, if they do. Lawyers for the Senate have thus far prevailed in all legal attempts to delay or stop the process. They argued that delaying the audit would result in slowing the state Legislature’s weighing of election reform bills, since the audit results will directly inform the legislation.

The Senate also argued that there need be no fear of the audit, as the ballots and machines are being secured well, by armed guards, and that voter privacy is being protected. In a recent court challenge, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin, a Democrat-appointed judge, said plaintiffs didn’t provide “substantive evidence of any breaches or threatened breaches of voter privacy.”

Our contacts there tell us that even though the legal challenges have failed, those opposed to the audit are still working hard to interfere:

“[a major international news network] has been harassing workers before they go through security. One woman said they pushed a microphone through her car window, took pictures of her and her license plate. Workers are scared.”

Another “on the ground” person told us:

“Please pray for my physical security. The opposition is out of legal options, so they are now demanding entrance to the building. [There are already independent observers there from both parties.] We need the radicals to stay away. It is getting nasty. We’re hearing they may try to organize/bring in antifa.”

Again, it is puzzling why anyone would oppose this audit. Both parties, I would think, would want to put to rest, once and for all, accusations of cheating. What better way to begin healing the nation than by proving the election was fair. We must pray that the opposition fails in their attempts to stop the audit. We don’t want to be divided.

We also need to pray for the necessary funding to come for this. It is costing in the neighborhood of $3 million. The Arizona Senate only has funding for a small percentage of this - I believe in the 10% range. The rest is being raised by private citizens. Please pray that the finances come in quickly.

Again, America is critical to the great harvest coming to the nations. Without a healthy America, despots, dictators, and evil people will bring unimaginable devastation. And America can only remain healthy if the American people are confident in the God-given freedoms they enjoy, and in the people they truly elect. This audit is worthy of our prayers.

Pray with me:

Father, we pray for our friends in Arizona, fellow citizens as well as brothers and sisters. We thank You for the stand they are making to serve our nation through this audit. We all need to have renewed reassurance of our nation’s election integrity. You are a God of integrity and justice. You have always demanded honesty from Your people in order to secure Your blessings.

We pray for those involved in this audit. We pray it is done with the utmost skill and accuracy. We ask You to ensure that no mistakes are made, nothing is lost, and that when it is finished, all Americans can be confident it was completely fair and accurate. We also pray for more workers and observers so the work can go on around the clock.

We pray against all opposition. We ask You to protect all of the workers and observers. In the name of Jesus, we bind the spirit of violence and destruction. Please protect the equipment, the people, the building, the Senators, the intercessors who are praying for them, and the attorneys and legal team. We ask You to bring peace to the workers - keep them from being overcome by fear and stress.

And we ask You to provide the necessary funds for this. Please bring in the money needed to accomplish this well and fully. We ask for all of this in the name of Christ, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that righteousness and justice will prevail in Arizona.


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