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May 27, 2016

The Sons of Isachaar

The sons of Isachaar understood the times, so Israel knew what to do. We need to understand the times we are in. We need to know what to do in light of this. “The times” in 1 Chronicles 12:32 is the Hebrew word ‘eth. It means the proper or opportune time for an event to take place. “To know” in the same verse is yada’ and means to gain knowledge by sensing or distinguishing between options. (Tim Sheets)1

“From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” (1 Chronicles 12:32; NLT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. The sons of Isachaar knew it was time to crown David King. The rule of Saul was over. A knew season had come to Israel. Ask the Lord for the spirit of Isachaar that you may also know the times and what to do.

  2. Repent of a spirit of religion that thinks it knows what God is doing. His ways are not ours. He can surprise us!

  3. Ask the Lord for an increasing gift of discernment and an ability to gain knowledge by distinguishing between options, not by the outward appearance, but by the Spirit.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, thank you for telling us about the sons of Isachaar and their unique role in Israel. Please give the Church the mantle of Isachaar at this point in history. We need this mantle to help our nation move forward in Your plans. Our religious nature may choose by outward appearance or by what we think You would want for the nation, Lord. Forgive us. While adhering to the Word of God and not deterring from it, we need to discern what You are doing and what this nation really needs to correct its course! Help us, Jesus! Amen.

Today’s decree:

Mantle the Church with the spirit of Isachaar, Lord!

1 To read more about Tim Sheets, click here.


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