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May 12, 2022

DSM has been blessed with a wonderful, hard-working, and loyal team. Ceci and I are going to do a staff retreat with them, then she and I will take a much-needed vacation. I have asked some of my close friends and associates - many being regular contributors to the Give Him 15 posts - to fill in during this time. You will recognize most of the names; and I’ve thrown in one or two whom perhaps you haven’t heard from. You’re going to love the insights from all of them - this will be a wonderful smorgasbord! Enjoy!


The Pathway To Triumph - Brian Gibbs

It’s a great honor for me to be with you all today as Dutch and Ceci are getting some much-needed time away for rest and refreshing.

I thought it would be most appropriate to pray and speak a blessing over them together:

Father God, together, we speak and release fresh oil from the Holy Spirit over Dutch and Ceci today. Envelop them and love them. May their time together be beautiful in every way. May it be refreshing—spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and financially—we speak abundance over their ministry! LORD, may this time together be filled with new experiences and filled with joy and romance. Thank you for their lives, their marriage, and for this ministry bringing revival, awakening, and reformation in this urgent hour. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen!

Our Word Today: The Pathway To Triumph

The Apostle Paul writes: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” —Romans 8:14

The Holy Spirit is the greatest leader on planet earth. God’s anointed and called leaders are the most powerful force on the planet. Leaders have the opportunity, if they are wise, to shape the course of history and generations for good and for God’s glory. What if your consecration and courage as a leader could shape the course of history? What if God is dreaming of using you and your partnerships with other kingdom leaders for the expansion of His dominion? He is.

When you study leadership, it’s not long before you discover that some of the greatest leaders have emerged from the midst of extraordinary challenges, adversity, struggle, pain, and conflict. My friend, Bishop Joseph Garlington says, “Leaders are not born, they’re just cornered.” Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved Captain America since I was a boy. The key element of every notable leader is their uncommon commitment, passion, and burning heart to overcome. Their lion-hearts will find the path to triumph.

It is no secret that the world is in a mess and upside down right now. White is Black. Black is White. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Evil is good and good is called evil. You could say that the world is in a famine of real leaders. Has there ever been a time when the contradictions were so glaring?

The conflicts and epic battles of this hour are unprecedented and inescapable. The battlefields for spiritual, moral, political, educational, and governmental landscapes are ours for the taking. Leaders understand that we are called and appointed to bring God’s wisdom, anointing, and solutions into the trouble of this dark world. The kingdom of God was always meant to shape culture, never to retreat from it.

Anointed and courageous leaders will hear what others do not hear. They see what others do not see. They will say what others do not want to say. They will go where others are afraid to go. A courageous leader will not give people what they want but provide them with what they truly need. How does this happen? Their best friend and partner is the Holy Spirit who keeps them from the snare and bondage of the fear of man.

The world is presently in dire need of anointed and courageous leaders to step onto the local, national and global scenes. The Church desperately needs uncompromising leaders that are bold as lions. The governments of nations and global structures are reeling with uncertainty. The answer lies within God’s leaders. We need leaders that will carry heaven’s heart and authority, know the agenda of the Father, and refuse to compromise for the things of this earth.

We are in a very special season at an appointed time. The winds of change are blowing across the earth. We can, and we must discover the pathway into the future now. The Spirit of God will prepare the way, and He’s calling many to follow Him into a new anointing and a new strategic place of courageous leadership.

This is an hour of transcendence, a time of limitless possibilities. Perhaps, no generation of leaders, at every level of society and across the globe, has had such an opportunity to solve our greatest problems and bring to the nations the unshakeable kingdom of God. You can stand up and be counted as a leader who will shine. You can establish a pathway of faith — a highway of holiness — forming a path to a better world for all the generations that follow.

As I have studied reformation, I have learned that at its core, reformation means to align, reconstitute, level and balance. To reform is to repair and restore what has been broken and corrupted. Reformation is divine order and alignment with The King’s purpose, His design, and original intent.

A picture of divine alignment is found in the Greek word, katartizo. This means to adjust and put something back into its appropriate position. The word is used in Matthew 4:21 concerning the disciple’s mending nets. In 1 Corinthians 1:10, it’s referred to as repairing schisms or relational breaks. In Galatians 6:1, this word is used in restoring broken lives. The word is also used to describe the restoration of a dislocated joint or broken bone. Our friend Dutch Sheets says, “Katartizo is God’s special work as the Holy Chiropractor.”

God is grooming and anointing leaders who will carry a divine katartizo shift to restore and mend cities, states, and nations back to their God-appointed purpose and destiny.

Now is the time to ask for the pure wisdom that comes down from above (see James 3:17). We cannot attempt to solve the world’s issues with a secular mindset. Our leadership must come from the fresh breath of the life-giving Word and Spirit of God. True leaders lead from the heart of loving the truth and serving the truth by sacrificial love and honor.

I believe the global prayer movement, which has been freshly energized by the Spirit of God in the last decade, will see a release of emerging leaders born out of burning prayer communities of intercessors, watchmen, gatekeepers, and five-fold ministries.

Isaiah 58:12 says: “Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

Isaiah 61:4 “And they shall rebuild the old ruins, They shall raise up the former desolations, And they shall repair the ruined cities, The desolations of many generations.”

Leaders are God’s keys to the future. They will unlock the answers and solutions for societal transformation. Anointed leaders will arise in this hour from among us. They have been uniquely trained and forged by the Spirit of God to rebuild, raise up, repair, and restore the foundations.

Reformers are the restorers who reconstitute, level, and set into alignment that which has been torn apart and desolated. They have been set apart and consecrated. They have refused to be conformed to the spirit of the age, and God has anointed them with heavenly wisdom, innovation, creativity, and authority to bring an increase of His government.

Down through history, God has raised up and positioned reformational leaders, as the times demanded, for the healing of breaches and broken places to bring nations back into alignment with His heart. God has always worked through these consecrated vessels, as they are His agents of change for human history.

Right now, the Spirit of God seeks men and women who are willing to stand up valiantly against the forces of darkness invading our society. Deep in the reformer’s spirit is the standard that they cannot accept the status quo, business as usual, and things as they are. They refuse to let the trends of the world around them shape and define them. They are non-conformists, and they refuse to play the games of their lukewarm generation. Reformers are not afraid to be the passionate and different ones. They have chosen the holy burnings of Heaven’s agenda.

Pray With Me:

Father, we thank You, Your Holy Spirit is igniting hearts with Your holy burnings, fresh vision, revelation, and fire today! Spirit of God, You are raising up leaders that love Your heart, love Your Bride, love the nations, and will carry Heaven’s agenda. Raise up shepherds after Your own heart, who will restore the foundations, repair the breaches, restore our cities and nations. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen!

Our Decree:

We decree the famine of leadership is breaking now. And we are being led by the Spirit of God to discover and create the pathways to triumph.

Until I see you next time on GH15, I’m BRIAN GIBBS, and remember this my friends—the future doesn’t belong to the God-haters nor to the God-mockers. The future belongs to the righteous—and the righteous are bold as lions.

Be blessed and keep the fire burning!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Most of today’s post was taken from Brian’s book: BOLD AS LIONS -The Future Belongs To The Righteous. Get yours today by clicking here ( or (


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