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March 28, 2023

Prayer Will Save America

Today, I want to encourage you regarding the movement of prayer occurring here and around the world. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of American believers, are praying daily for our nation. Many more around the world also pray for America, knowing that we are the most powerful nation on earth, and that we stand for freedom and goodness. If America falls to tyranny, it’s the end of freedom for all. They also see the deterioration and loss of our strength, character, and wisdom - and they are concerned.

God is raising up many good people in our land to fight in practical ways for our recovery, to reverse the progress of the leftists and progressives, awakening our nation from her slumber and delivering us from deception. HOWEVER, America moved from serious to critical condition some time ago, and is now on life support. She can no longer sustain or heal herself. No human effort, no amount of good laws, programs, or appropriate education can save us - we are too far gone. Only God can save America.

President Trump’s tenure as President is an example of this. The vast majority of his ideas, policies, and ideas were sound. Because of this, great progress was made in a short amount of time. However, an evil political system, corrupt politicized agencies, dishonest media, and power-hungry globalists opposed him ruthlessly and incessantly. He and his policies were and are such a threat to them that they hate Trump with virulent hatred. And their level of entrenchment and control is such that they were able to remove him and install a cognitively challenged puppet, allowing them to rule behind the scenes. The result: all of the progress made under Trump was lost. Our borders are open, drugs and criminals are pouring in with millions of other people. We are weak on the world stage, and our military is under-supplied. Our economy is in shambles. We went from being energy independent to being dependent on our enemies. We promote godless perversion over morality and parental rights. And we could go on.

The point? Only God, through a spiritual awakening, can bring sustained healing and recovery to America. And Yahweh’s salvation of a nation doesn’t result from Him simply choosing to suppress evil and send blessings. It occurs as hearts turn to Him, which brings a return to His Word and ways. This disempowers darkness and its control, releasing heaven’s blessing and wisdom, and delivers a nation from its insanity and deception. Only then will the good ideas work, and good people succeed.

Prayer births these spiritual changes. Nothing else. That is why we must continue to pray. And we will! Numerous ministries and organizations have organized prayer efforts of their own, and much cross-pollination occurs. This prayer is saving America. Today, I’m highlighting one such ministry’s efforts, those of Clay and Susan Nash.

Ceci and I have walked closely with Clay and Susan for several years and consider them not only colleagues, but friends. Clay has filled in for me here on GH15, and we minister together several times a year throughout the nation. Five years ago Holy Spirit instructed him to begin a daily prayer call, which has grown to thousands and has become very powerful. He, along with several other leaders regularly on the call, will be hosting a gathering in a few weeks to pray for America. I will be there, as well. Here is Clay’s summary of the prayer calls and information regarding this upcoming gathering:

“In May of 2018, when I became aware of Justice Kennedy’s announcement to retire, I was flooded with the reality that we must have a conservative Justice to replace him. In prayer, God instructed me to start a weekly prayer call, and I did so. Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for this Supreme Court seat, and an intense battle began, which we were able to cover in prayer. During those prayer calls, we often had 4000 participants!

“After that assignment, God instructed me to continue the prayer call DAILY - for the nation, for President Trump, and for the 2020 Election. During that season, the number of participants increased to between 6-7000 thousand a day, with more listening to the recordings. We named this call ‘The Josiah Company.’

“After the 2020 elections, it became clear that Holy Spirit was telling us - confirmed by many requests - to continue the daily calls, which we have done to this day. They are also recorded and transcribed. Hundreds join us live, and thousands of people listen to it or read the transcript later. The number needed to join the calls is 719.718.6038. The times when they take place are:

• Mondays at 2:22pm ET

• Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET

• Wednesdays through Fridays at 2:22pm ET.

“Over these five years, we have had well over 10,000 people join us on the calls. We’ve heard from thousands how they have grown in their understanding of prayer and authority. As we frequently add prophetic decrees to our prayers, many have learned from this and transitioned in their praying from priestly petitions only, to kingly decrees as well. An 83-year-old, who had functioned as an intercessor for many years, told me that after doing so she experienced more answers to prayer in 9 months than she had in several years. Others have referred to the calls as a ‘lifeline of hope.’

“In the fall of 2022, I received instructions to pray on the daily calls for all 50 states, one state per day for 50 days. We began doing so on February 20th and will finish on April 28th. This assignment has enjoyed great favor from Holy Spirit. From February 20th through March, we have experienced a minimum of 850 people a day on the call, some days increasing to almost 2000. Another 35,000 have listened to the recordings later to agree with us in prayer.

“Over the past five years, many participants have asked me to host a national gathering through which many of them can come together for extended prayer, meet the hosts, and to also meet others from their state. I feel Holy Spirit is saying it is now time for this. We have scheduled the Josiah Company Convocation for April 20-22, 2023, in Conway, Arkansas, where we will pray over all 50 states, along with our nation in general. We will also operate prophetically and follow Holy Spirit’s leading. This gathering is NOT limited only to those who have participated on the calls. However, you MUST register in order to attend, as we can only accommodate 1000 people.”

Registration for the gathering, along with all necessary information, is on Clay’s website If you have other questions, you can contact his assistant at

Join us if you can. And jump on the calls!

Pray with me:

Father, You have awakened many in Your church to the power of prayer. We have grown in our understanding of how to partner with You in releasing Your will and purposes on the earth. We have much to learn, but we are growing. Please continue fanning these flames. Stir a passion in many more to become involved, to invest more of their time in Kingdom causes.

We pray for the various groups and networks of people involved in prayer. Give them understanding and wisdom, not only in how to pray, but also regarding what to pray. Encourage them. Remove all weariness or discouragement from the intercessors. Give them the funds and resources they need. Cause the right people to align with each group. Give all of us a heart to work together. Bless and prosper this convocation You have called Clay Nash to convene. Send those whom You want to be a part of it. Help us to be very strategic while there.

And Father, we never want to miss an opportunity to call forth awakening, revival, and breakthrough in our land. Save us from evil, deliver us from evil people, strategies, and activities. We declare that evil will not prosper in our land. Send the fire of revival. Release power, signs and wonders. Encourage Your people, especially Your leaders, in this difficult time. We ask for these things in the name of Jesus.

Our decree:

We decree that prayer and intercession will rise to higher and higher levels in America and around the world.

Again, the Prayer Call number is 719.718.6038. The times of the calls are listed above.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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