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March 25, 2024


I don’t need to tell you how much I love and respect today’s guest. His passion, integrity, wisdom, and revelation are unsurpassed. No one lives the messages he preaches more than my brother, Tim Sheets. A man after God’s heart, his pursuit of the Lord has given him a very weighty mantle. You will be inspired, encouraged, and enriched by Tim’s word today. Thanks, Tim, for sharing with us.


The Covenant Healing Room

Recently, Holy Spirit has given me several words, visions and dreams that will help us discern our times. We are moving into a supernatural, transformational and reformational era where the glory and power of the Lord is being amped up at much higher levels. Prophetic dreams, visions, prophecies and scriptures we have been decreeing are now accelerating.  

The Holy Spirit has consistently emphasized that healings and notable miracles are to be part of this era. They are coming in greater measure than at any other time in church history. 

This has occupied my spirit because the divine healing ministry is a part of my personal heritage. My roots go back to what is called “The Voice of Healing Movement,” a time when healing evangelists held healing and miracle meetings across our nation and many other nations. It was an amazing time, an inspirational time. All manner of sicknesses and diseases were healed, even incurable diseases where man is concerned, were healed by the power of God. Well-known ministers of that time were A.A. Allen, William Branham, Jack Coe, Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, and many, many others. 

When I was a boy, my dad also began to be used greatly in the healing ministry, conducting healing services. My brother Dutch and I regularly worked at the altars, and we saw the power of God manifest time after time. I have seen many miracles happen with my own eyes, including incurable diseases healed, blind eyes opened, and deaf ears restored. I have also seen a man, crippled and twisted in a wheelchair, unwind and his body completely realigned and restored.

Over the years, I have received many prophetic words about releasing the healing and miracle heritage from my childhood, and I believe Holy Spirit is now accelerating this assignment. It is time for supernatural events to happen on the earth as was seen throughout the Scriptures. Notable miracles will now help change history as was seen in the Book of Acts. It is God’s will to heal.

We are moving into days when notable miracles will accelerate through Kingdom Ekklesias. They will flow into towns, cities, regions, states and nations. It is time to believe for supernatural power of the living God to come into our churches. Believe for God possibilities. Believe for God action to start being released all around us. Believe for God manifestations. Believe for signs, wonders, miracles, and thousands and thousands of healings.

In light of these recent words and visions that I have received, Holy Spirit has prompted me to pray for healings and miracles quite often. I asked the Lord one day to give me prophetic understanding concerning these dreams and visions and He gave me a very unique dream and a word that connects to notable miracles.  

In the dream 

I was in a very large room with what looked to be around a hundred people. All age groups were represented from young children to the elderly. I could see each individual very clearly. I looked over to one side, and I saw a blind man standing, holding a white cane. I looked around the room and saw people who were obviously deaf because they were using sign language. I saw other people with sores all over their bodies. The sores looked infected, and I knew it was some kind of skin disease or cancer. I saw others who were extremely sick and in the last stages of a deadly disease. I saw some who appeared to be stroke victims. They were paralyzed and dragging their leg or couldn’t use an arm. I saw a few others in wheelchairs.  

It was as if I was in a sick ward with people experiencing all sorts of sickness and diseases. I could see the hollow look in their eyes, the fear and the hopelessness that was written on their faces. I remember in the dream, I was feeling so bad and sad for them that I wanted to get out of the room because I didn’t want them to see me cry. I didn’t want to make it about me. 

At this point in the dream, I knew I was to walk across the hall to a room on the other side. When I walked into this room, it also had a hundred people or so inside of it. However, these people were completely different from the others. They were happy, they were joyous, laughing, and the absolute picture of health. They were energetic, filled with life, and interacting with one another. I obviously noticed the contrast between the two rooms. I stood there for a moment and a man walked up to me that I’ve never met before, but I instantly recognized him.  

(It was T.L. Osborn, who is now in heaven. He was one of the famous healing evangelists who moved in the healing and miracle ministry during the days of “The Voice of Healing Movement.” I’ve seen videos of his healing crusades where dozens of wheelchairs and crutches were left behind at the altar. Notable miracles happened through this great man.)

The dream continued: He and another person walked up to me. T.L. Osborn asked me if I recognized the other man. I replied, “No sir, I don’t think I do.” Then, he brought someone else over to me and asked if I recognized him. Again I said, “No, Dr. Osborn, I don’t think I know him.” He continued bringing people to me and asking if I knew them, and I continued to reply that I did not. Then, Dr. Osborn beamed at me with his broad smile and asked me to look very closely at each person. So I did, but again, I said that I did not recognize them. He then said to me, “You were just in the room across the hall with these very same people.” He pointed to one person and said, “This is the one who had sores all over their body, and a part of their face was disfigured.

He gestured to another person and said, “This person was the one in the wheelchair over against the wall.” He continued pointing out others, “This one was the stroke victim who could not move her arm. These people were the ones in the last stages of cancer who could barely stand. And remember this man? He said, he was the blind man with the white cane. Here are the children that you saw that were so sick and in such pain they could hardly move, let alone try to play.”  

One after the other he began to introduce me to these people so healthy and transformed that I did not recognize they were the same ones I had seen across the hall in desperate conditions. Then Dr. Osborn asked me if I knew what room I was in. To which I replied, “No, I just wanted out of the other room, so I came into this one.” He smiled broadly again and said, “This is the covenant healing room.” He pointed to a sign on the wall that read, “By Whose stripes we were healed.” (1 Peter 2:24) End of Dream.

We are now in a season of great, notable miracles. King Jesus is stepping to center stage, with His Ekklesia by His side, to magnify His magnificent healing covenant. He went to the whipping post, took stripes upon His back, and purchased a covenant right to our healing. Holy Spirit is clearly saying it is time to press into the miraculous healing realm and believe for notable miracles. 

Pray with me:


Father God, activate the gift of the workings of miracles and the gift of healing across this world in Jesus’ Name. We decree the King is rising to release notable miracles. Loose healings and miracles throughout all 50 states and around the earth. Loose them in our homes. Loose them in our families. Show us how big and how great You are. Holy Spirit, pour out power from heaven to activate miracles in our midst. We agree with heaven’s plan. We believe whatever the need, You can take care of it. Release Your healing power in Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Our decree:  

All of the words, visions, dreams, and prophecies will accomplish their assignment concerning God’s healing power in the earth realm! The breaker anointing is rising and we will see notable miracles, signs, and wonders manifested.

Today’s post was contributed by Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim at

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