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March 18, 2021

The Running of the Sheep

Several weeks ago I posted a portion of a dream regarding Holy Spirit bringing together different streams of the body of Christ. The dream also included an impartation from past leaders of the church to present-day leaders. You can read the February 6th GH15 post entitled The Boardroom. I changed the name of some individuals in the dream, focusing only on what they represent.

Holy Spirit has given another significant dream to the same prophet, this one also addressing the streams coming together, resulting in a great harvest. As with the previous post, I have changed some of the names.

“The dream begins with Dutch, myself, and others at a large, log cabin-type lodge. It was located on the top of a massive plateau overlooking the heart of America. I knew this place - the lodge and plateau - belonged to Dutch. Many leaders close to Dutch were there enjoying fellowship and eating. We were discussing what we felt was coming quickly - a great outpouring of Holy Spirit in our nation. The Great Awakening!

“We all had U.S. Marshal’s type badges inscribed ‘Kingdom Ambassador - U.S. Ekklesia.’ We could see down below us, just at the bottom of the plateau, a large river running very swiftly and powerfully. The current was strong and looked as though impassable; it was a mighty river of power. I said to Dutch, ‘What is that just beyond our river? Is it another river?’

“Dutch grabbed a telescoping spyglass, raised it to his eye, and was able to look across our river. On the other side was a very long island, so long you could barely see the end of it. This island had caused one river to temporarily become two, as it separated to flow on both sides of the island.

“Dutch began describing what he saw, ‘You are right, it’s another river! And I can see across it. There are lots of tents on a vast open plain. I see a fire on the far bank of the river with men sitting around it. I think I recognize them; I believe it’s Joe Thompson sitting around the fire with several other prominent ministers from his stream.’ Turning to all of us, Dutch then said, ‘Let’s go where they are and see them.’

“We all began making our way from the plateau to where they were. When we arrived at the base of the plateau, our river’s edge, we had to board a barge to cross the rivers, like the old barges used during the mid-1800’s. We boarded and began pulling the rope attached to a pulley on the other side of the river. Even though the river was swift and fierce, we had no problem crossing our river. It was as if there was no current.

“When we reached the other side of our river, we arrived at the island separating the rivers. Walking approximately three hundred yards, we were almost to the bank of their river. There, we met Joe and the men who had sat around the fire with him. They had crossed their river, as well, to join us on the island. We were meeting on the land between the two rivers.

“Joe said to Dutch, ‘We saw you coming from the plateau and figured you were headed to our base camp. We decided we would meet you half-way so you wouldn’t have to cross two rivers.’ He then said to us, ‘If you could cross your river, we could cross ours.’

“I noticed that Joe and those with him were carrying large shepherd staffs and wearing vests made of camel hide. I also noticed their river was not as fierce as ours. It was calmer and seemed to be more passable for the large and small vessels moving up and down their river. There were no boats on our river, just a powerful current and our barge used for crossing.

“As we stood on the land between the two rivers, we could hear what sounded like thunder coming up from the land; it was loud and forceful. We could also feel the ground shaking beneath our feet. Dutch looked at Joe, with excitement in his eyes, and said, ‘Do you hear that, Joe? It sounds like a stampede of buffalo coming our way. Can you hear it? I have been praying to see an event like this all my life.’

“Joe replied, ‘They do sound like buffalo, Dutch. This has been approaching for years. Their running is bringing a shaking to the earth like never before. The number could be a billion or more from the sound of it. But it isn’t buffalo, Dutch, it’s sheep; and they’ll be here quicker than you think. This is going to be amazing.’

“When he finished speaking, Dutch said, ‘You and your men should come with us back to my lodge on the plateau. Let’s go there so we can observe this marvelous event about to take place. We’ll have communion, eat, pray and fellowship together. We’ll even assist these sheep on their run!’

“(We began making our way back to the plateau and lodge. It was as if we were translated there. We did not cross our river - we were just there, back at the lodge.)

“Upon arrival at the lodge, we all postured ourselves toward the two rivers, then took communion together. As we did so, Dutch and Joe made a covenant with one another.

“When they did this, the thunder of the approaching sheep became almost deafening. We all turned toward the two rivers, each grabbing a telescoping spyglass. Raising them to our eyes, we saw the most incredible sight. Sheep!

Millions of them running on the island between the two rivers. They ran for what seemed a long time but was actually only minutes. As they did, the land between the two rivers was being beaten into mud; then it was trampled into thinner mud. Soon, the island between the two rivers had been so trampled down that it completely disappeared, and the two rivers merged into one. The sheep were now swimming!

“As the rivers merged into one, the flow of the water changed. For example, the calmness of Joe’s side of the river caused the swiftness and power of Sheets’ side to become passable.

“As the sheep swam down the river, millions of them passing by us, we could see a barge coming from upriver. As it came closer, we could see it was a simple wooden barge. It had no rudder, no motor, not even a sail on it. We wondered how it was navigating the river without these important components. Then we noticed two large angels in the air behind the barge waving their wings. The air generated from their wings was powering and navigating the wooden barge downstream.

“To our amazement, we saw a large lion standing on the bow of the barge, tall and proud with His mane blowing in the wind. He was herding the sheep downriver. We all realized this was the Great Harvest and the lion was the Lion of Judah. As we watched this marvel unfold, we could hear Joe and Dutch speaking of how it happened. They were encouraging one another that each had a missing piece to the running of the sheep and the Great Harvest.

“Dutch then said to Joe, ‘I am glad you came, Joe. You are welcome here anytime my house is your house.’

“We all sat down to eat and fellowship in celebration of the running of the sheep.”

End of dream.

It is normal in life to gravitate toward those with whom we have the most in common. Relationships form, bringing strength and encouragement to those involved. The church is no different in this regard. It would be inappropriate and illogical to suggest this is wrong and needs to change. However, it seems obvious Holy Spirit is saying there does need to be intentionality at the present time for different streams in the body of Christ to work together as much as possible. The dream suggests that when this occurs, it will greatly impact the release of the coming harvest. Let’s pray that this occurs in the body of Christ in whatever ways Holy Spirit intends.

Pray with me:

Father, in John chapter 17, You connect the winning of souls to the unity of the body of Christ. We believe You are highlighting this at the present time, in order to facilitate the great coming revival. We repent for any pride or narrowmindedness that has kept us from walking in harmony and working together with other streams and individuals. We choose to honor the gifts and anointings of other members of the Body. We acknowledge that You give different emphases and callings to your people. You use those distinctives to do different things You desire to do. Again, please forgive us for allowing those distinctives to divide us. And we especially repent for allowing theology to divide us in the way it has. We ask that Holy Spirit would now show us how to work together.

Whatever you are saying to the different streams of Your river, help us to hear You clearly and respond appropriately. I pray for all my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. I pray You would bless them with insight, revelation, and great fruitfulness in this hour. I pray they would experience Your presence in incredible ways, and that all would be part of the coming Great Awakening.

We ask you, Father for this billion sheep harvest coming to the earth. Bring it quickly, we pray. And we ask this in the authority of Christ. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the walls of division are coming down in the body of Christ, and that streams will join forces in the coming harvest.


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