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June 30, 2023

The Difficult Made Easy

As more and more people awaken to the power of prayer, God is training and connecting them. Our personal times of prayer are critically important, but we should also pray with others, activating the power of agreement and the synergy it produces. As Tom Schlueter has told us this week, it takes an army. I can assure you that our need for this will increase, not diminish, in the days ahead.

For the past two days, Tom and I have shared several principles necessary to develop and function as an army. Here is a brief recap:

  • Grassroots - We are ALL priests, representing Christ, the High Priest. No “big me’s, little you’s.” All the blades of grass form the grassroots movement; all the knots comprise the net.

  • Position - All have a “position,” a sphere of influence, they are assigned to pray into, as well as a position in the army.

  • Obedience - The Texas prayer network under Tom began through his act of obedience, driving and praying around the entire circumference of the state.

  • Inclusion - Leaders must recognize all the “knots,” allowing them to take their places in the net.

  • Connect - Leaders must work to connect the army, and also to train them.

In today’s post, Tom and I want to share a few more principles regarding building a prayer army. In 2003-04, obeying a clear word from Holy Spirit, Chuck Pierce and I traveled to all 50 states, gathering leaders and intercessors. Our purpose was to help unite the intercessors, and release prophetic words of purpose and strategy to each state. Summaries of what Holy Spirit said to them are given in our book, The Prophetic Destiny of a Nation. Tom shares two words Holy Spirit released over Texas:

“Dutch declared: ‘There is a mantle on Texas to bring forth change in America. I say there is a governmental anointing on the State of Texas – on the church of Texas – to rise up in her position in heavenly places and begin to legislate, to release the government of God, that changes the government of man.’

“Chuck released this word. ‘There is a nation in your loins, and you will birth a nation. God is giving you the authority to address giants who are stopping it. There will be a grassroots movement from Texas, that will be seen throughout the nation, and the giant will be addressed. It will be known that from Texas a nation was birthed, a nation went to war, and a nation had the victory.’”

Now you know why the concept of a grassroots movement is so important to Tom! One of the things I have appreciated so much about him and TXAPN is their determination to hear and obey what Holy Spirit says. HE gives them their strategies and assignments. Without exception, the most significant breakthroughs and transformation around the nation are occurring in states that follow this pattern. That should not surprise us: “Put your trust in the Lord your God, and you will endure. Put your trust in His prophets, and succeed” (2 Chronicles 20:20, NASV; also see Ezra 5:1-2; 6:14). Yes, prophecy must be judged (through Scripture and the ways of God) and must be carefully interpreted. But, if and when it is deemed to be a word from Holy Spirit, prayer and faith must then be released, action and obedience implemented.

As a prayer army, a united company, Tom and TXAPN have honored the Lord’s instructions in many ways. As examples, Tom says:

“When I started forming a network in my own city of Arlington, Texas, I would simply reach out to people in my own congregation. They then reached out to people in other congregations. We met more people as we started gathering in small prayer groups and carrying out prayer initiatives for the city. Before we knew it, we had over 25 congregations or ministries represented in the network and over a hundred people praying together for our city. We were committing ourselves to each other for a common purpose and goal. Assignments from the Lord that are difficult for one or two people become easy when many are doing them.

“For instance, at the Lord’s prompting, I easily drove my car the forty-four miles around the circumference of our city. But when the Lord said to prayer walk it, this was no longer a task for one! It had to be an army - and we had one. We walked it seven times!

“Later, the Lord instructed me to drive the circumference of the state, which I did. But as the army formed, He asked us to pray at all the rivers, all 254 counties, all the courthouses, and all the entry points in and out of the state! It takes an army! And it requires obedience!”

Another word from the Lord which TXAPN obeyed required humility and some soul-searching. Tom tells us:

“The first prophetic word I gave as this network formed, was in 2007. After Chuck Pierce commissioned me, he surprised me by handing me the microphone. The Lord immediately declared through me, ‘I will use this state to help change a nation, if you’ll deal with your two major sins as a state - pride and independence.’

“These words define two of the greatest obstacles the Ekklesia faces in arising to its destiny as a grassroots army. We must remind ourselves that the world does not revolve around us - our ministry, our network, or our ideas. Too many people are competing for the limelight, seeking to be the most important leader or ministry. Most would deny this motivation, but the fruit reveals otherwise.

“Here in Texas, we’ve had to deal with both of these sins on a regular basis. Even throughout our nation, many would say that Texas is filled with pride. Texans often consider themselves the greatest, most important, and biggest (at least until they visit Alaska).

“They also consider themselves to be independent ‘cusses,’ people who can do it by themselves, regardless of what the rest of the world says or does. The antidote to this is covenant. The Lord has driven this revelation deep into our network. A desire for covenant drives us. The numbers, our leadership style, strategies - these don’t define our network. Covenant relationships and connections define us!

“To deal with the roots of pride and independence in Texas, the Lord had us conduct a ‘pride and independence’ initiative. He led us to go and pray in Independence, Texas (yes, there is!), where we declared our dependence on Him, and then to Pride, Texas (yes, there was!). Fittingly, at Pride, Texas, the only thing left of the town was Pride Cemetery. In these places, we repented and asked for those roots to be uprooted from Texas. We believe this was done, and the fruits of humility and cooperation will now prevail.”

Pray with me:

Father, we are not looking to build more organizations or institutions. We do want to build life-giving relationships, connecting with other believers to advance Your cause. We are asking You today to enact a sovereign, highly effective movement to unite believers for Your causes. In Yeshua’s name, we denounce and bind the religious, sectarian spirits that divide us. Forgive us for the pride and religiosity behind our man-made walls, and do a work to unite us. May inclusion replace division, cooperation replace isolationism.

As we expand existing prayer networks and build others, we ask You to create many opportunities for people to connect. Show leaders how to be found, and seekers how to find. And as we work together, “paint” every state and national border with Holy Spirit’s presence and power. Anchor every state to the secure anchors You have placed in the nation. As individuals and teams “command the foreword,” release the resurrection power of Holy Spirit into the roots You gave our nation.

We decree over America once again that You formed us, You will resurrect us, and You will preserve us. You are exposing and judging evil in America, and will continue to do so - in government, media, education, and elsewhere. You will shake down every antichrist kingdom and eradicate every wicked scheme. And You will prevail.

Our decree:

We decree that the prayer movement is expanding, the Ekklesia is growing, and a glorious church is emerging.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

You can find out more about Tom Schlueter and the TXAPN and see books he has written at


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