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June 16, 2023

Work While You Celebrate (Part 3)

We have been looking at a dream given to Gina Gholston, from her new book, Carry On. I highly recommend this important book. Also, if you have not yet done so, I suggest you read Wednesday’s and yesterday’s posts, in order to have the complete context for today’s post.

In Thursday’s portion of the dream the Lord told us to “command the foreword,” a reference to what was declared over America at our inception. These decrees would provoke the shaking that will bring us back into alignment with His declared purposes. Holy Spirit then released to us a powerful baptism of fire.

Here is the next portion of the dream; I’m also including the last paragraph we shared yesterday:

Final Portion of the Dream

“A paint brush and bucket filled with oil appeared at each person’s feet. The Lord instructed, ‘As you go from here, carry the oil and secure the perimeters of your states. Paint the perimeters with the oil, and they will be secured.’ We knew He was showing us that this, like the cables and anchors, will secure them when the shaking comes.

“Then the attention of each of the leaders was drawn back to the piece of paper in our folders. [Mentioned in yesterday’s post.] We looked at and began discussing each of the 4 bullet points.

  • The first said: ‘Get it anchored! Anchor the nation.’ Beside that point was a red check mark, meaning this had been completed when the angels secured the steel cables to the anchors.

  • The second point said: ‘Secure the perimeters of all fifty states. Paint the perimeters with the oil!’ This was why we had been given the buckets of oil and paint brushes.

  • The third bullet point said: ‘Establish an anchor in each state, and connect it to the guide wire.’ We all understood this to mean each state must be anchored and connected to the cables the angels had secured to the anchors on the outer perimeters of the nation. The Lord was now referring to these cables as ‘guide wires.’

  • The last point said: ‘Establish a prayer grid in each state.’ We understood this to mean that prayer teams were to be established in each state, a grid of prayer teams listening in prayer and ready to move quickly with assignments the Lord would give.

“Throughout the dream, the map remained on the screen, and the geysers (spiritual outpourings) continued to erupt. There were many eruptions—first, in the eastern part of the nation; then, slowly they began springing up throughout the entire nation.


“The Lord then instructed all of us to get into groups, according to the state in which we lived. Each group would be sent back to its state to watch in prayer and carry out assignments regarding the bullet points. Fifty state groups were formed.

“Then, four more groups were formed and assigned to regions. These would watch in prayer, facilitating and assisting assignments given to the state groups in their region.

“Finally, a group was formed and assigned to the entire nation. These individuals would watch in prayer, assisting in the facilitation of assignments given to the regions and states.

“After joining our groups we stood, holding our buckets of oil and paint brushes. We knew our first priority was to get the perimeters ‘painted’ with the oil, and this had to be done quickly.


“Then, on the overhead screen, a calendar was laid over the top of the U.S. map, a one-year calendar showing all the months and days of 2023. September was circled in red ink, then we saw the finger of God tapping this month of September. Upon seeing this, we again felt a rush of urgency, realizing God was showing us there wasn’t a lot of time to get everything done.

“There was excitement over the spiritual ‘eruptions’ that had already taken place, but also a deep knowing that this was only a beginning - much had to be established and accomplished. And we knew we were being ‘sent’ by the Lord to do the work.” End of dream.

Dutch’s Thoughts

As she related the dream, Gina shared some of the thoughts, insights, and “knowings” she experienced when it occurred. She gives more in her book. Other parts of the strategy given by the Lord must be prayed into further and developed carefully. What is symbolic, what is literal? How should the perimeters of the states be “painted” or anointed? The Texas Apostolic Prayer Network, led by Tom Schlueter ( has already been anointing and “branding” the borders of Texas, based on a word from Holy Spirit several months ago. In the past, he and members of his network have literally driven the entire perimeter of Texas, anointing and sealing it with prayer. More than once! I suspect other leaders are already hearing and doing assignments from Holy Spirit similar to those in the dream.

How else are states to be “anchored” to the national “cables” and “anchors”? What, if any, gatherings need to occur around the nation to help facilitate the Lord’s instructions? I and other leaders are processing these things and asking Holy Spirit for insight. It seems clear, and Gina in her book seems to agree, that these preparations need to occur/be in place by September. I, of course, will keep GH15 listeners updated.

Gina’s Thoughts

I want to conclude by reading some final thoughts Gina shares in her book regarding being “anchored” to Christ, the hope of our souls. She begins by quoting from Hebrews:

“Hold tightly to the Hope set before us. This hope [this confident assurance] we have as an anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whatever pressure bears upon it] - a safe and steadfast hope.” (Hebrews 6:18-19; AMP)

“We are anchored in hope, and that Hope has a name: Jesus! He is the secure and steadfast anchor of our souls! As we place our complete trust in Him, we will follow as He leads, not only securing ourselves to Him as our anchor, but we also become a vessel through which Holy Spirit will work to impact our territories.”(1)

Gina then offers an interesting insight about “painting” with the anointing oil of Holy Spirit.

“Jesus declared, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed Me’ (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18). As heirs of salvation, when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon us, we receive the same anointing that was upon Jesus, which enabled Him to release the power of God everywhere He went. It is very interesting that the Hebrew word ‘anointed’ in this scripture is mashach, which means ‘to rub with oil, to anoint,’ and it also means ‘to paint.’(2)

“Jesus has painted us with the oil of his anointing, which enables us to release decrees, prayers, and acts of obedience to God, with His power and authority. We paint and smear our homes, churches, schools, businesses, regions, territories, states and nations with the oil of His Spirit as He flows through us! In one sense, we become His paintbrush! When we allow Him to work through us, the anointing flows and power is released to paint the atmosphere with the transforming glory of God.(3)

“This is the time that we must appeal to heaven, not just to petition for our wants and desires, but for the purpose of hearing God’s desires and instructions for us. Then we can work with Him to fulfill those desires. The days ahead are crucial. We cannot be influenced by what is happening around us; we should be influencing what is happening around us! As we hear the instructions from the Lord and follow those instructions, we will turn the tide of evil.” (4)

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for this dream. Though we are disappointed that a shaking must come to our nation to finish the process of reconnecting us to You and Your purposes, we are confident that we can trust You. And Your Word makes it clear that shakings will come, leaving behind only Your standing Kingdom.

Give understanding and wisdom to leaders and intercessors around the nation as we implement your instructions. Show us how to “paint” our states, with the anointing of Holy Spirit. Show us how to anchor each one and build the prayer grids. And show us how to connect intercessors and leaders for these purposes.

Continue to cleanse our land, so it can be healed and restored. We declare, as You have taught us to, that America exists to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all the world. We exist to proclaim liberty throughout the land. We covenanted to be “under” You, and to be Your evangelist to the world. We decree that this will be fulfilled to Your fullest intent! And we pray these things in the name of Yeshua, amen.

Our Decree:

We decree that by September of this year, preparations for the Ekklesia to cover and protect our land will be in place.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Portions of today’s post were taken from Gina Gholston’s new book, Carry On. You can find this portion of the dream in Chapter 8, “Anchored in Hope,” pp.125-127.

Find out more about Gina and this book at

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