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June 14, 2023

Work While You Celebrate (Part 1)

Yesterday I mentioned that I believe this fall marks a pivotal point in our nation. The war for the soul of America will amp up to new levels. We must be ready for this, and I believe we will. For the remainder of this week, I am going to read and discuss a dream given to Gina Gholston, in February of this year, which relates to this. Here is the first part, taken from her incredible new book, Carry On:

Intercessors Summoned

“I dreamed that thousands of people had been summoned by the Lord to gather in a certain place. I am not sure of the location, but we met in a very large colosseum-type building. The seating was sloped downward, with a stage at the bottom. Thousands of people were in the seats, and on the stage, hundreds were sitting in chairs. I knew the people in the auditorium were intercessors from around the nation, and those on the stage were leaders - of businesses, ministries, churches, denominations, colleges and schools, political leaders, etc.

U.S. Map and Geysers

“As we all took our seats, suddenly, a huge overhead screen appeared. On it was a map of the United States. On the map, geyser-type eruptions began popping up in various cities. The first one was near Lexington, Kentucky; we knew this represented what was happening, at the time, at Asbury College.

“Then the other ‘geysers’ began erupting on the map, spewing out fire, water, and oil. This was all happening in real-time. We were literally watching a move of God as it was quickly spreading throughout the nation. Thunderous applause and celebration broke out in the Colosseum as we watched this happening on the map.

“As the celebration broke out, suddenly, the voice of God resounded. It seemed as though His voice came through a P.A. system; it sounded like loud, deep thunder. We could feel the vibration as it shook the floor beneath us.

“He said, very adamantly, ‘Do NOT become distracted by the movement!’ This brought a collective gasp from the crowd as we all wondered, ‘What does that mean?’

“He continued, ‘Celebrate the movement, YES! But do not become distracted by it! Work while you celebrate!’ He repeated this three or four times. That phrase, ‘Work while you celebrate!’ gripped us deeply. It was like a jolt that readjusted our focus. There was great joy for what was beginning to happen, but at that moment, we were all captured by a sense of urgency. It was then that we realized this was not a ‘normal’ gathering; it was an urgent call to attention.”

Dutch’s Comments

The purpose of this gathering of leaders and intercessors was to release significant instructions and strategies to them. The strategies become much more detailed in the latter part of the dream. In this portion, however, God gave us encouragement and a warning.

We were encouraged as we watched the growing outpouring of Holy Spirit in America. This has begun and will intensify. It was right to rejoice and celebrate this! Then, however, the Lord surprised us with a stern warning: “Do not be distracted by the movement! Celebrate…but work while you celebrate!”

Whether it be in athletics, business, or spiritual efforts, our human nature has a tendency to “let up” when we experience breakthroughs, significant progress, or momentum. Coaches can often be heard warning players after they attain a good lead, “Don’t let up!” Why? Comebacks by the opposition are possible. And also, as the profound and eloquent saying goes, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Obviously, America has not yet broken through into a full-blown revival. Until then, we must persevere. And even when revival hits its full stride, there will still be much work to do, including the guarding of what is happening.

The Dream Continues

“The map continued to be seen on the screen, and real-time happenings continued to show on the map. Then, on the stage, two MASSIVE steel cables dropped in front of the leaders seated there. Each cable had a very large steel ring on each end—so, two cables and four rings.

“As soon as the cables hit the stage, four angels appeared and carried the cables out of our location. We then could see the angels—with the cables—on the overhead screen. Two angels carried one cable, each holding a ring in their hands. One angel went north to an anchor that had already been set in place and was attached deep into the ground. The angel placed the ring over the anchor, securing it in place. The other angel took his ring south and secured it to an anchor there. The two angels with the other cable, took their rings east and west, securing them to anchors in those locations.

“Then, on the stage, in front of the leaders, two more cables fell. The four angels returned and did as before, this time taking the cables and securing the rings to anchors located northeast and southwest, northwest and southeast.”

Now, we were looking at the map on the screen through the crisscross of these cables that had been anchored in place. Then the Lord spoke and said, “There is a shaking that is coming, but you must not fear! You must know and be convinced that this nation is anchored and surrounded. KNOW that! Be convinced of that!”

Dutch’s Comments

In this portion of the dream, angels are seen anchoring America with huge cables that extend across the nation - north to south, east to west, northeast to southwest, and southeast to northwest. The cables were connected to previously placed anchors attached deep in the ground. This formed a strong anchoring grid, crisscrossing America.

As we watched this, the Lord delivered yet another warning. Here are His words again: “There is a shaking coming, but you must not fear! You must know and be convinced that this nation is anchored and surrounded. KNOW that! Be convinced of that!”

We will talk more about the anchoring of the nation tomorrow, commenting on another profound statement made by God in the dream. Today, however, I want to comment on the “surrounding” of America. Gina told me that when she heard the word, she was reminded of comments from my brother, Tim Sheets, and Chuck Pierce. Each has had visions of 51 government angels assigned to America. In Chuck’s vision, 4 more angels - ruling angels - were seen. He told me, “The 4 ruling angels were in position, surrounding the U.S. The 51 angels were sent by them to each state; then they were all sent to D.C.”

Tim said, “Three or four years back, I saw one angel for each state capital and one for Washington D.C., all government angels. Then, last year at Thanksgiving, again in December, and two more times in January of this year, I saw these 51 government angels surrounding Washington, D.C., along with four Seraphim. They were using the decrees of the Ekklesia to weave a cocoon around D.C., which they had also done at the state capitals. Our words were being used like thread. I then heard Holy Spirit proclaim one word which I knew was a play on the word ‘reformation.’ He pronounced it ‘re-form-action’!”

These visions are so encouraging and confirm what the Lord spoke in the dream, “America is anchored and surrounded. KNOW that!” I am confident there is a shaking coming, as was also stated in the dream, but we must be confident that our prayers and decrees have been effective. It still works! Regardless of what is implemented by evil forces in their attempt to destroy America, their efforts will fail!

In tomorrow’s portion of the dream, we will hear specific and profound instructions from the Lord regarding our role in His “re-form-action.”

Pray with me:

Father, America’s drift from You has become a chasm. We grieve deeply as we see sin flaunted and celebrated at the White House, though we love and pray for the salvation of every participant. Only the prayers of those standing in the gap, appealing to Your mercy through the blood of Jesus, have preserved our nation. We thank You for Your incredible mercy.

On this Flag Day, we also thank You for this dream, assuring us that America is anchored and surrounded. As we continue to reap the whirlwind of our sins, we also declare our faith that America shall be saved. When the iniquitous cup of the evildoers is full, their hold on the land will be removed. Yet even in this, we pray for their salvation. Your love and mercy are so great!

We will not fear the shaking. We trust You to do what is necessary to save this nation. As unrighteous kingdoms fall, Your Kingdom will stand and expand. Even now, in obedience to Your command, we decree, “Your Kingdom come! Your will be done on earth as in heaven!” Cover the earth with Your glory as the waters cover the seas.

We also commit to persevering, working while we celebrate Your outpourings. We will not let up or lose focus. We will see this process through to its finish, fighting the good fight of faith and laying hold of eternal life. All of this we pray and decree through Christ’s authority, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that America is anchored and surrounded by prayers and angelic activity. She will stand.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Parts of today’s post were taken from Gina Gholston’s new book Carry On. You can find out more about Gina and this book at


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