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June 11, 2024

A Healing Summit

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always understand why God does and doesn’t do some things. Yes, He wants us to understand His ways and the guiding principles of His Kingdom. That being said, we will often not know the many details the Lord factors into His decisions - timing, considerations regarding the future, behind-the-scenes actions and motives of people and nations, and a host of other things. God alone is all-knowing and all-wise. And, obviously, He does not feel obligated to always share with us the “why.” Trust will always be required in our walk with Him.

Because of this, I certainly don’t know all the reasons why miracles are more prevalent in some seasons than in others, but they certainly are. In the late 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, miracles of healing were more common in America than they have been since. Toward the end of the 70s, this outpouring began to wane. Healings still occurred here in the U.S., but they typically resulted from intercession or through the faith of the recipient, not from the gifts of the Spirit.

First of all, I should comment on what I mean by these three methods. Intercession is prayer by an individual or individuals on behalf of another. I have seen healings result from this. When I say “the faith of the recipient,” I am referring to a person personally asking in faith for their healing, and standing in that faith until they receive the promise. I have seen healings from this, as well. When referring to “the gifts of the Spirit,” I am referring to healings that occur through some of the gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. This would include the gift of faith, the working of miracles, and gifts of healing, all often accompanied by words of knowledge. 

These gifts of the Spirit operate as Holy Spirit determines or wills (verse 11), not at the will of the person being used to release them or the will of the recipient. When these gifts are in operation, there is often no faith required on the part of the recipient - they are “gifts.” I have seen unbelievers, agnostics, and even atheists healed when the gifts of the Spirit were being released. This is one of the reasons they are called “signs and wonders.” It is also why these gifts are often released when the gospel is preached. 

These gifts of the Spirit associated with healing and miracles were prevalent in America during the time frame mentioned above. Then, God determined this season would end. Why? My guess is that it was due in part to compromise in the church, compromise associated with sin, a watering down of the gospel, and a rejection of truth. I also believe it was due to the church’s failure in discipling the nation (Matthew 28), which allowed an overall turning away from God in our nation. The salvation preaching in an outpouring (Mark 16) must be accompanied by discipleship teaching (Matthew 28) in order to sustain and multiply the occurring change.

When A Nation Turns From God

Scripture clearly reveals that when a nation rejects God, it is also rejecting His mercy and grace. To continue pouring out His gifts and blessings at that time would reinforce sin and compromise rather than truth. Therefore, God is left with no choice but to create another season of cleansing and adjustments, which, when accomplished, allows His blessing once again.

I believe we are coming into another of these seasons when God can bless us with revival. Much prayer, “identificational” repentance offered by many, adjustments in the thinking and lives of many in the church, and the desperation that will be caused by the shaking in our nation will work together to create a season in which God can send another wave of revival to America. That such a time is coming has been declared for several years by prophetic leaders, and I know of no revival in history that has not included the miraculous.

For the past several months, I and a few others have prayed together weekly regarding the healings some of us need. While doing so, we realized God was using those prayer times for something bigger. We became convinced that it was time for this new season of signs and wonders to begin. Therefore, we are holding a Healing Summit in Ohio on August 30; many of you have heard my brother, Tim, speak of it. His church in Ohio will be hosting it. All of us on this prayer call will be participating.

Zechariah 10:1 tells us that when it’s time for rain, we are to ask for it. In obedience, we are going to ask for another season of miracles in America (and the world) as part of the emerging revival. We will ask for healings and miracles to occur that very night, both for those present and those participating online. And we will ask that gifts of healing, along with the other gifts of the Spirit associated with miracles, be released to individuals in the body of Christ. We are suggesting that prayer for healing, miracles, and the release of these gifts also take place in homes and churches around the nation (and world) that evening. In no way do we want the focus to be on us and this gathering, but rather on the church at large. Congregations, house churches, home groups, and prayer groups are already saying they will worship with us, listen to the presentation, and then begin praying for individuals in their own settings. (Worship will continue being streamed for those wanting it; others will provide their own.) Some, especially individuals, will remain tuned in to the prayers for healing taking place in our gathering, asking for the anointing of Holy Spirit to be released to them. Everyone is encouraged to do as Holy Spirit leads them.

We believe miracles will occur on this night, and this service will be part of launching a new season of signs and wonders. I would be remiss if I did not add that there are some churches and individuals who have already been pressing into this and seeing healings take place. To these forerunners, we say thank you - you have no doubt prepared the way for this season. 

Pray with me:

Father, we know that Jesus took lashes and suffered greatly to provide healing for us. We are forever grateful. We are truly sorry that our humanness at times not only blocks Your blessings from flowing to us, but also keeps them from flowing through us. Thank You for correcting and realigning the church, allowing You to use us at greater levels, and for cleansing our nation. You are bringing about the humility and desperation so needed.

Now we ask You for the rain of revival. As part of this, we ask for great signs and wonders, many of them. Bring extraordinary miracles produced at the right time to generate thousands, even millions, of conversions. Do this in America and also around the world, for we know this will be a worldwide revival.

Lord, to the leper who said he knew You could heal him if You were willing, Your response was, “Of course I want you to be healed” (Mark 1:41 TPT); then You healed him. Do this for many in this hour. Release a mighty wave of healing power throughout the earth. Use it not only to end suffering, but to end spiritual blindness. Open the eyes of millions to the truth of the gospel through signs and wonders.

Breathe on this night, August 30. Use it to bless people and glorify Christ, Father. And we ask all of this in Jesus’ name.

Our decree:

We decree that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, and another wave of them is being released to believers worldwide.

I just want to mention that registration is required for the upcoming Healing Summit, and there is a small registration fee. When there is no fee, some register “just in case” they can come. Registration fills up, and many who want to come are told it is now full. Sadly, when some register and then do NOT come, there are empty seats that could have allowed hungry people to attend. When there is a registration fee, it helps produce accurate information regarding who is actually attending.

Know that this Healing Summit will fill quickly, very quickly. But the service will be available online. 

You can register at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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I believe that my husband is one of the forerunners. He has in the last 6 months been going to see people and praying for them, a tumor on the liver was healed, a man with stage 4 brain cancer was healed. There are more, and healing is in the air, thank you Jesus!!

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